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My Student Sister

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

Dear friennds i am regular fane of ur stories i today told u my story. Ist i told u abuot me I am young boy having brown color smart and live in LAHORE I give tutuion a student in model town lahore. Hina was my student and she was not beautifull we teach her in her house dialy.her dad is out of country her mom a brother and elder sister was total member of family, her mom is nice lady she never sit wtih us when i teach the Hina,my student was not beautifull but her sister huma is to beautifull .but she never talk me she kooks proud , i tried to cotact with her but fail because she never lift me and also not talk but i try to call her when i get chance,her color is white sexy boobs and full hips. I had discharged my self when she came in my mind.

One day i reach at Hina home i bell and sweetlHuma opened the gate i went in i stand my bick and ask about Hina, she told me that hina is not home today she is going with mom in birth day party.I st time she talk with me I say ok i am goingnow back, suddenly heavy rain start she say wait for rain stopage i si t in veranda and thinks now huma is alone in home i must try some thing but i could do it because i afraid. Rain was speedly and i as enjoy the rain,Huma came with cup of tea for me and give me , where is Asad i ask , he also with mom and hina . H uma ask me can i help her in computer , i told her i dont know well but i can try.She took me in her room and i sit in front of computer and start it ,now she sit near me i on the system i fell her smell of body due to this my blood and heartbeat come fast,her black bra was seen in her kameez.I ask her i wana washroom she offer me her bath room i go in and when closed the door her 36 bra was hang back side of door to see it my shaft head moved i kiss her bra and discharged my urine and clean my lol with her bra.

I came back and now my eyes was fonding her body, her black bra was seen i haret vibration was very high now pc was on i ask her problem she told me wnat her hotmail add and how to use the MSN chatting i start but my mind were not with me .befor i loose my self i decided go back now her body smeel was running in my blood .i wna go now i told her , how can u go rain is out side and i wana some more about iternet system S he ask me r u right, i sy yes i am ok.S uddenky she went in her bathroom and after 5 min she came back i saw and feel her boobs were movind fast now in her kameez and doopta was also nove now.

She came near me and ask more tea isaid no thanks . she came near me and sy wana u fuck meoh my God i cnnt u stand. she came near me and ask wana u fuck me .it was shocked for me i cannt reply she again wana u suck these and she put up her kamiz wow her white boobs .she came near me and told today she is waiting her boy friend but he not come noe pl fuck mei say no pl any one came at any time .dont worry i have arrangedall my moom will came at 8pm pl pl come noe she bit on my ear tip ansd kiss my lips i also wana thisso i could cntrol my self and lockd the door and start kissing on her boobs pressing hardly. i suck ker boos freely she took my hand in her salwar i touch her pussy small hairs feel on pussy.

I kiss her lips neck suck her boobs she start moaning OH,,,,,,,,PL cut my boobs oh ,,plplplplp more hard pl my shaft fully stand , I remove her kamez and lydown at her bed and love her fastly.I put my hand inside her shalwaragain she opend her leg i press my hand and finger in her cunt she loud and took up her hips in air, I remove her shalwar wow small black hairs on her white body and pussy giving a sexy impretion. I now remove my drees also now she was on my and suck my lips kiss on my chest puutts and came near my lol. she saw my lol and sy equal to her boyfriend,she took my lol in her mouth and start cut wih teeth the cap of my lol , my lol came fully erected.
Now i laid her on bed she was completly nude in my front her nak body was so sexy i suck her stomach hole she moans now . After kissing at her putts i open her leg and put in my toung in her pussy OH OH O H not do it i cannot bear bu t i contiue my lips moment in her pussy PL NOY NOY NOY NOY she moved her legs fastly and with a heavy jerk she loose her body her cum was now out i lck he cums,She say what u do i nevert t hink about it u pull out m my jan from her body her boyfriend never do itN ow i nsay i want entr my lol in her pussy but i have not condom she said me dont worry i take tablets daily and not pregy,I open her pussy and pit my lol on her pussy and enter PL OH SLOWLY PL I FEEL PAIN ,,,,,,,,,,, BUT I COULD NOT CONTROL and enter full eith one push OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,,,LLLLLLLLPPP

PPPPPPPPLPLPLPLPPPLP ……………ony ony o ny nouy ………………………..
she tight me with her legs due to this my forse becamne fast and push my lol ih out fastly .she is feeingl pain , but i push hardlyand complete 7inch put in her pussy in and out slowly she say in my ear it is to hard than her i start jumping and she moaning oh yes ome on yes uye………fastly pl more….
come hardly ispeedly jumping i ask her i am cuming she say cum after15min i load my cum in her pussy and tight her in my arms,now my breath is too high she closed her eyes and feeling well with this, she was happy that her in the absence of her boyfriend she avail the time today we were nude nowi said i wana lay.on her ass she say no her ass is intouch and no entry done so fare due to heavy pain. Isay no my lol is not standing i wana only touch with my boby she say ok she lay and i on her sweet soft hips were thuching with my joints and start rub my lol mon her bach ass line afte some time my lol startrd erection after some moments it fully come stand i took my lol cap on her ass hole and push in but dry not go in she crry come down pl i cannot take it in dry pl come down,i say ok ok i not enter it but i wana kiss ur hipsshe say ok only love not any more, i start kissing her hips and ass hole .i wana entr my lol in her ass but dry is nit possible i think some and said i am goinh in bath room for piss and lone her again.

I went in bath room and my lol was fullystand i open her body lotion and fully applied on my lol thick layer of lotion was on my lol. I came backher face was other side i went on bed and start kissing her ass slowly i kiss her bach bone her kamar her neck she closed her eyes and feeling well,suddenly i put my lol cap on her ass holeand hold her shoulders with my arms and push my lol in her ass AAAAAAAAAAAAAA………….NOOOON PLLLLLLLLLL MY MAR GAOOGY PL NIKAL LO MERY MORY PHAT GYY HY PL…………..AAAAAAA my cap was in lol was oily but her ass hole was dry, i hold shr beg PL BEHR NIKAL LOL LOLO MUJH SY BARDASHT NAHEE HOTA PL PL P……

i tink i never got chance hence do it i pushed my remain length in her ass she now shouting
OHHH MAA MY MARRA GAYE PL PL BAHER NIKAL LO she tried to stand but i hold her body with my weigt PL PL 4GOD SY MEARI SANS RUCK RAHA HY
PL NAA KAROher this beg became meanimel now i srtart the pumimg in side and out side
she contniue cyring after come storcks she loose her body and lay i fell her ass is also moving op down wtih my lol moment.OH OH OH OH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,YES PL PL YA P[L PL ,,,,,,,,,,,
After 10 min i came in her ass and when i pull out my lol she again cry slowly pl now she is breathing hardly i ask her how to fell she said when u pull in i feel i am deid now but when u start momnent i feell it too much but this tast is to pain full i will never do it again
i cannt bear this hard pain
After this i fuck her mny time now i leave the tutionbut huma is still under contact with me and i go her home when she got chance be cause her boy friend is now in usa
mfkhmc@hotmail.comwaitng ur mials

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