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  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

Dear Friends, I have been an avid fan of desifantasy for the last year and a half and I have no shame in confessing that desifantasy and the stories here have been inspiring enough for me to loose my virginity at 19.This is a story which happened a year back and I m presenting it after a lot of introspection as I believe now I can share this with other readers. I m 19 yr old from Kolkata, the most celebrated and happening city on earth and this story is about the adultery that I committed with my friend, SOMA. SOMA is a 18, unmarried virgin, who used to address and treat my SIS as a FRIEND and we used to call her SUMI till I was 18.I never had any thoughts for her till two years ago. 

SOMA used to stay with her family in a nearby society and was a frequent to my home in the evenings. In fact there has been a couple of instances wherein I have seen her in awkward scenarios but I never thought much about it until this happened one day. In fact she has given me some hints that she also wanted me. Soma’s family had gone to native and she was staying alone that week as she was studying here in 12 class and had her exams. My mom used to visit her house in the evening and their family used to have dinner either at my place or we sent it to her place frequently( with mom going there mostly). But this evening of Saturday, mom had to go out and she asked me to take the food to her place at 8 or call her home for dinner (as no one was in her home also) and left. I always admired Soma’s beauty who is 34 D boobs with a round protruding ass, which fascinated me. But she was never a center stage of my wildest fantasy till somebody changed the plans for me. 

I reached her home at 8, but had to curse her because it was locked. I thought of waiting for half an hour and the goddess arrived at 8.30pm.She was so apologetic for making me wait, she asked me to sit and went in to fetch some water. by the time I informed her that mom had left me to have dinner alone at home. She suggested we could have dinner together at my home and she’ll accompany me after changing so that we have each others company. She went inside saying that and there was no noise for 5 -10 minutes with the noise of just water tap opening. By the time the bell rang and there was this vendor who sells bread and egg regularly in our society enquiring for the same. I asked him to wait a sec and went in to find and ask Soma. I didn’t see her in the bed room, the bathroom was open and the tap I heard was on.. I went in for put in the tap off to my shock so Soma in there dressed in nothing but her bra and panties, a white bra and red panty with her mellon protruding out. Dumb found I was, the voice leaked from firm throat as I spelled unknowingly Soma, she turned around with no fuss asked what happened, who’s at the door? and when I said who it was she said to convey no to him. 

I obeyed to what she said totally dumb found at what I had seen but was surprised by her reaction. My dick had already started leaping out of the elastic within. I was even more surprised when I heard a voice calling Ranjeet and I went in. I was tempted to have a hearty look at her mellon and so was grabbing guts to peep in . Then she asked me where had my mom gone.. when I peeped in to the bathroom to answer, I had my face on her red panty with her ass facing me and moving up and down. She was washing her face facing opposite to me with her wonderful round buttocks swaying around giving a glimpse of her cunt hair and her hanging mellons trying to free themselves from the white elastic. As she was washing her face and talking I was massaging my tool which was loosing direction and fighting itself out from where it was meant to be. With a minimum of fuss she came out , adjusted her bra and dressed in front of me chatting to me and we both left for home for dinner.. 

I made up my mind that day that my only way to Nirvana is the hairy cunt which had left me breathless that night. I masturbated two times and went off to sleep plotting my adultery move. The next morning I asked mom whether I could take the breakfast for her and not knowing what was behind my innocence asked me take idles to her place. I was so excited this time.. when I rang the bell I saw the goddess who was right in front of me in a black t shirt and khaki shorts fresh from sleep. I asked her to freshen up and have break fast and invited her for lunch as stated by mom. She said will I wait so that she had my company back home and I agreed promptly. We started chatting about all the stuff that goes around in college when she was finishing of with her work in the morn. She said she will have a bath and come and went in the bathroom. As our convoy was till going on she didn’t lock the door and I got a good peep from the sides when she was washing her sari and the previous day dresses in the same outfit, a red panty and a white bra. She asked me whether I had a girl friend and to answer this I went to the door of the bathroom looked right in and said not so far. Sensing that she didn’t have any problem I said u have a nice figure, she looked back at me and laughed. 

I still couldn’t gather courage to make a move. I thought I would give away the best chance of my life to have the goddess. As she washed the cloth I kept watching her ass and boobs with want and desire. I was surprised when she asked me whether I could apply soap on her back if I didn’t mind. I said to myself I have got an opportunity that I have waited all the while. I agreed as I closed the door removed my shirt so that I doesn’t get watered. She was in a bra and all wet under the shower , I told her she will make home bath again to which she replied.. Y not? That was I thought the signal and I started applying the soap. I asked her whether I could remove her hook for which she promptly agreed and here goes the mellons free which have been held arrested for so long. Now the only person arrested in the entire room was my tool which was struggling all long. She enjoyed the massage a I moved my hands down. As I went near her waist , I gathered courage and put my hands in her panty and in between her ass. I put a lot a foam in between her ass and massaged hard with fingering her asshole in between ,as I saw her biting lips and closing eyes. I was adjusting the tool continuously as it was getting wet and harder. She suddenly said stop.. and a current went thru me. I thought I had committed a grave sin . She opened her eyes , turned towards me and said— now from the front. I was delighted with joy as she closed her eyes and guided my hands to her juices. I took a taste of her round mellons when she moaned .aaaahhh. I took her hand and guided it to my tool which she plucked free from all the cotton around. 

Here we are bare and naked under the shower. There was guilt in both of our eyes but we knew we had succumbed to the art of nature and by no means did we want to let it go away. She guided my tool into her unshaven pussy. With half a dozen breathtaking and moaning jerks I had cum , removing my tool out spread the cum on her boobs which she was licking and applying in her arse. She asked me to go rear fingering and front jerkin. We did round of that sweating jerks under shower with much fun and a lot of pain. We came out rubbed each other, but the thirst in our eyes was desperate. We got on to incessant smooching for 15 mins, then got into each other all nude for the third time, this time she was lying on the bed with her legs facing skywards and I was getting into her valley with 6 and half hard on with ruthlessness. 

There was blood (as both of us were virgin) there was pain, there was anxiety, there was madness , there was fun , there was above all a never ending thirst. We have made love since then more than 3 times, but every time we get an opportunity we are as wild about each other as we were the first time. I have been an admirer of wild sex for long but having it was the ultimate ecstasy. Any lady wishing to have avid love is what is my taste no matter 20 or 40 as the language of love and ecstasy is an art confined to not many but very few on earth. Anybody there for taking, give me a feedback at Looking forward to your comments, ranjeet

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