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My Story In Mumbai

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

Last week I went to a friends marriage – since he was a very good friend of mine – I had to do a lot of work – and my friend had assigned me to meet his very good friend coming from Delhi. After the wedding was over – they were to stay for another few days in Mumbai – and I was to see that they had no problems during their stay.

Well yesterday I went to meet the couple – they were staying at Indian Oil Nagar,Govandi. When I reached there Neeraj (husband) had gone for a Bath – and the lady (Sheetal) was packing few things in her bag – maybe had done some shopping.I went in and the lady told me to sit – Neeraj will be coming – and then she asked me – about my work and me – Anyway I gave her all the answers – and told her that I knew Neeraj from quite some time through one of my friends. The time now was abt 1.00 PM. – I asked her – from where they got their lunch. She informed that – there was a restaurant near by – which gave home delivery. So I said OK – while Neeraj is having his bath – let me go down and get some lunch – and some beer. She did not say anything – and just smiled. I went down and got 6 bottles of Beer and had some 2 varieties of chicken and salad and Roti- when I came back Neeraj was sitting there – wearing only shorts and a T/Shirt. And his wife had gone for a bath now. We sat down and opened a bottle of beer – We had finished 1 bottle – when his wife came in wearing a housecoat – with all her hair wet. She was looking very beautiful – with all wet hair. Well I asked her to sit down and have lunch first – and then can sit and chat.

Well we opened another bottle of beer and opened the lunch packets. Neeraj offered beer to his wife also from his glass – which she took it and took a long sip. We ate our lunch – and finished another bottle of the Beer. Sheetal – had also had taken lot of sips from Neeraj’s glass. And now we were having general discussions about Mumbai. Sheetal got up to take the empty plate’s etc. – when I also got up to help her clear the dishes. I carried the plates to the kitchen sink and kept there – and when I turned back I bumped into Sheetal as she was standing just behind me? I caught hold of her – for I thought she was falling down- and at this my hand brushed her boobs – I said sorry and came out of the kitchen. She also came out and we sat there talking – when,

After I came back and sat near Neeraj – he was feeling a little drousy and he said “Yaar – I have a wild fantasy – which I always wanted to fulfil – but never had the guta to tell my wife – nor to anyone else – but don’t know why – by looking at you this thought has crossed my mind.I asked him “ What is it about” Neeraj said “ I want to have a threesome. I was shocked – but regained my senses for I thought its good – this way I will also get a chance to fuck this beautiful lady. But I told Neeraj – I will do it but only if your wife agree’s to it. Neeraj said “ Okey – she will not be ready if I tell her – but lets try.

Neeraj then came and sat near Sheetal and took her hand and was playing with her – she too was massaging his hand – I was just sitting and talking to them – but my mind was on their play. Neeraj was massaging Sheetal’s hand now and putting it on his cock from time to time – Sheetal was pulling away her hand all the time and Smiling back. I saw that both of them were at ease. After some time jokingly Neeraj kissed his wife – 3 / 4 times – and she was still only smiling – I knew now everything will be all right 0 but wanted to wait till I was invited. Neeraj then started telling me how he had first seen Sheetal and how they got married – and then he said – that before marriage we had already done 6 times. Sheetal told Neeraj to stop telling all these – and went out of the room smiling. Neeraj went behind her and I was left sitting outside – I heard voices of them kissing. I got up and went to the door – I saw Neeraj kissing her on her mouth and his one hand holding her and the other hand was pressing her boobs -and Sheetal’s house coat was almost open – I could see her white boobs and panties. Then Sheetal saw me and broke away – Neeraj said don’t get scared he is our friend – and again caught Sheetal and started kissing but Sheetal was not co-operating now. I was standing there only watching them.

Now maybe because of her boobs being massaged she got aroused and now she was responding to Neeraj and was looking at me also.

While Sheetal was looking at me – I was also looking at her and smiling – but did not go near to her – was waiting to see – if I get an invitation. But no luck – I saw her winking at me twice – but did not respond as was doubting that I might have felt so – and in real there was nothing like that.

Hence I left the room and went and sat on the sofa outside – but I could hear them kissing and sucking.

After about 15/20 min. Neeraj cam out and said in a slight angry tone ” Why you did not join us” – I said no one asked me to join – then how can I just go and start kissing her or stand near you both.

But he said – ” I had called you for this only – and you stupid were just sitting outside” – I felt bad – but what could I do – as I did not want to just jump in.

Finally he said ” OK . lets have one more beer, I said the beer is hot and more over I do not feel like having more – he looked a little annoyed – but still opened the beer bottle and started drinking – then he called for his wife and filled my glass and gave it to her and asked her to drink – (this he said a little roughly) She took the glass and sat there and now they both were drinking – and I was sitting there watching them.

Sheetal was combing her hair and adjusting her gown – then suddenly she stood up – opened her housecoat belt and adjusted her gown and tied again – I could see she was totally naked now – her boobs were abt 34 in and uplifted. And she had little pubic hair – she really looked very pretty. Well she again sat down and started drinking – and laughingly said ” Neeraj, your friend seems to be a Hijra” And Neeraj replied “No doubt – I was stupid to have called him”

I got angry and said – to hell with you – I am not here to hear your insults – Do you think I don’t get broads like her to fuck – I have had a lot of girls and can buy more beautiful girls if I want too – I came here as you had called me – and you and your wife wanted to enjoy – but you took me for a gigolo – and you thought I would jump at your wife and start fucking her – but sorry Boss – I’m not made like that – Hence bye – you can try and get someone else to fulfil you fantasies. Saying all this I went out of the house.

After reaching down stairs I thought “Why I had come here – I was really stupid” – I started walking out of the compound – when I heard Neeraj calling me – I stopped and looked back – Neeraj came and said “I’m really sorry but I could not help it to see – we missing such a good chance – when she was also prepared.”

I said – ” to hell with you – you do not have the right to insult me.” But Neeraj – kept on saying Sorry – and asked me to come up again.

Finally we both went back up to the flat – Sheetal was waiting at the door – she too said Sorry – I did not mean to insult you – but I also thought that you will join us – but when you did not – I got frustrated.

Well Sheetal got another glass and offered me beer – I said “NO” but she said smiling “please for my sake”. I said OK and now we all sat down and then Neeraj got up and said that he is going down to get some snacks to eat with the drinks. Saying this he left the flat.

Now we both were sitting alone – Then Sheetal broke the silence and said ” Don’t you enjoy watching blue films? I said “yes I do” – the she said ” Then why did you go away from the room – or were we not doing it properly”. I had no answer but I said ” Look – I did not want to jump in like that without knowing your consent – for in case you do not approve and start shouting – then where do I stand”.

She smiled and came and sat near me and started rubbing my cock over my pants and said ” Now you know that I do not dis-approve.”

I felt my cock growing – I kept the glass down and put my hand inside her gown and caught her left breast – and started massaging it. She was also moving her hands up and down over my pants and was smiling at me. I then put my other hand also inside her gown and was massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples. Her breasts were hard and nipples were also hard and pointing out at me.

I then untied her gown belt and opened her gown slightly to have access to her cunt. She willingly opened her legs for me to explore more of her.

Just then Neeraj came in – We broke up and sat down – but he had seen us in the act – he stopped for a second and then came in laughing – and said ” So you both have patched up” I said “Yeah” – now I know what she wants from me. At this Neeraj said ” Then why did you stop – I certainly don’t mind – please carry on – saying this he got up and went towards the kitchen to get a plate to put the snacks.

Smiling at Sheetal I opened her gown and put my hand on her breast and other on her cunt. She came closer to me and started opening my belt – and pants. In no time she had opened my pant hooks and zip and pulled my cock out of my underwear.

Now my cock was throbbing like anything – as she was pulling the back skin up and down. I could see in her face that she licked the length and thickness of my cock – I too started squeezing her breasts harder and with the other hand inserted my finger inside her. She was trying to get up to get my finger more in her.

Neeraj had come in the room and put the snacks and started rubbing her wife’s back and ass.

Sheetal looked back and kissed Neeraj and told him to open his clothes.

All this was happening so fast that it looked as un real to me.

Neeraj stood up and went and locked the door and came back – opened his T/Shirt and pulled down his pants. His cock was standing up – but it was a small thing – compared to mine. He came and sat behind his wife and again was rubbing her back and ass. Sheetal put her other hand on his cock and started rubbing his cock.

I was getting very excited now – I put my lips on Sheetal’s nipples and started sucking her strongly – she was enjoying it very much – the way I was doing it. I sucked her nipples for abt 5 min. both the breasts alternatively. And was also finger fucking her.

Neeraj then said ” lets go inside the bedroom” – but sheetal was in no mood at all to move from there.

Neeraj again said ” lets go inside the bed room there we can enjoy in a better way”. Sheetal then got up – but did not leave my cock. I too got up and removed my pants completely and we all walked inside the bedroom.

Once inside Sheetal sat down and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking me – I caught her head from the back and was guiding her to move her head faster and with the other hand caught her breasts nipples and was pinching her – she was liking all this very much.

Meanwhile Neeraj lay down and started fingering her ass – Sheetal did not like this and brushed away his hand – but again he put his hand back and started fingering her ass and said ” please Sheetal – aasta se karange” please “. Sheetal could not speak anything as she was sucking me – but made some mourning sound.

Neeraj was now busy with finger fucking her ass. By this time ” I was very much ready to shoot my load – I caught her hear with both hands and was pushing it on my cock. Soon I shot my load in her mouth – she pulled her mouth back and started shaking my cock fast. It was really fantastic. She left my cock finally and caught Neeraj’s cock in her hands. Neeraj asked her ” Kaisa laga” – Sheetal just smiled and kissed Neeraj on her lips. Neeraj said ” do not put Raj’s semen in my mouth.. Sheetal smiled and wiped Neeraj’s lips – and said ” please suck me” – and she lay down on the bed. Neeraj went down to her cunt and opened her cunt lips and put his tongue in her.

I too wiped my cock and slept besides Sheetal and started sucking her breasts again – she was massaging my back and head – it felt great – soon My cock was standing up again and Sheetal felt the same pushing her sides. She again took my cock in her hand and was massaging it. I asked her ” you like my cock” – she smiled at me. And Neeraj said ” If your would have been small like mine then we would have never called you here”.

Well now Neeraj was again sucking her – but I saw he did not have the right know-how to suck – so I pulled him up and went down on her – I pulled both her legs and put it over my head – I opened her cunt lips and slowly started licking her and went on sucking her from her cunt to her Ass and again back up – and in between was nibbling at her clitoris and her cunt lips – she was enjoying this very much – I put one of my finger in side her cunt and started moving it – and also rubbed her ass hole – this went on for abt 10 min – finally she caught my head and pressed hard on her cunt and also wrapped her legs over my back – and was shaking – I too kept on sucking her – soon I felt her semen on my mouth – (it was a little salty ) – I kept on sucking till she stopped shaking and was quite.

Neeraj was sleeping on top on Sheetal and sucking her breasts – I could see his cock near me – a small little thing – I wanted to touch it to see how hard it was – I took his cock and gave it a hard squeeze – he felt very good – but I left his cock – for I was only teasing him – His cock was not very rigid like mine – it was semi hard. No wonder Sheetal wanted my cock.

Now Myself and Sheetal both had climaxed but Neeraj was still waiting for a response from Sheetal – but she closed her eyes and was smiling – with a satisfaction look on her face.

Neeraj had no choice – he took his cock in his hand and started shaking it – and soon he was about to climax – he sat on top of Sheetal and emptied his load on Sheetal’s stomach and was rubbing his cock on her stomach.

We all went to sleep and I woke up around 5 O’clock – saw both Neeraj and Sheetal sleeping – Sheetal was looking very beautiful – sleeping Naked – She had a black spot just above her cunt lips. I got up and slowly massaged her cunt lips and pubic hair. She did not wake up – but turned and was now sleeping on her stomach – I now massaged her ass and started kissing her buttocks – and slowly moved upwards and then I put my hands on her buttocks and tried to open it – she instantly opened her legs – which told me that she was awake – but was pretending to be asleep.

I slept on top of her and was kissing her shoulders and ears – she was now showing signs – that she was enjoying my work – My cock was straining and pushing on her back – I took it and directed into her crack – she immediately closed her legs to trap me and keep my cock there. I was pushing my cock slightly in and out – then I felt Sheetal also moving – trying to put my cock in her.

I made her get up to a doggy style and tried entering her from behind. But it was not going in – maybe my cock was too big for her. She now put some spit on my cock and massaged its head and again directed my cock to her cunt. I again pushed slowly – not wanting to give her pain – my cock went in her slightly – and she let out a “AAAHHH” hearing her Neeraj woke up to find me fucking his wife doggy style. He did not waste time and came and joined in the fun. – he took Sheetals breasts in both hands and started massaging it – and soon I was also pushing my cock in her bit by bit – but I could sense that she will not be able to take me completely – hence I was slow. I now caught Sheetal by her waist and started moving in and out slow then fast – and was moving my cock in a circular motion. She now was also moving her hips and was trying to take me in more and more – so I also started fucking her hard now and pushed my entire length in – she cried again ” AAAAHHHH slowly please ” – I slowed down again – but again she started pushing herself on me – so I also started fucking her real hard now – she was crying again to slow down but was enjoying also the hard and fast tempo set. Within 3/4 min – she fell down flat on the bed and was panting for breath. I fell on top of her and massaged her back and shoulders to soothe her.

Neeraj was just looking at us and then said ” she has never behaved in this way before – Sheetal, Sheetal are you all right” – Sheetal did not reply – I too now got scared – Neeraj started shaking Sheetal and said again ” are you all right” – Sheetal did not speak, but shook her head – that she was all right.

During this time I was losing my hard on – so I got up from the bed and went to the wash room – washed myself and came back – Sheetal was still lying down – and Neeraj was massaging her back.

I went to the Drawing room and put on my clothes – I had to leave as it was already 6 O’Clock – and had some urgent work also to finish.

I went back to the bedroom and told Neeraj that I had to go now – Sheetal got up and caught my hand – asking me to stay – I sat down beside her and patted her back and head. She would not let me go – so I sat there for half an hour – and saw Sheetal was fast asleep – I freed my hand and quietly told Neeraj that I have to go now – contact me on phone tomorrow.

Saying this I left the place – Neeraj came to see me off at the door and said ” we have not done a threesome – me from the back and you from the front”. I said “she will not be able to take it – anyway lets see the next time”. And I went away.

The whole night I could not sleep – the thought came to my mind again and again – and I was thinking that it was a dream – this cannot be true – again after so many years we are repeating the story once again – but something’s in life are like that – which you never forget.Well till now Neeraj has not called – maybe they are too tired or must have gone to their relative’s place – will inform you what is he planning next.Well there a lot of people who have some negative points – which cannot be changed – and we have to live it up – the only solution to this is to find proper alternatives – which may not harm any relations or people – this couple here found me and – fulfilled their desires and fantasies. Are you also looking for someone? Write to

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