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  • desipapa
  • September 21, 2015

Hey this is bobby back again thx for the women to right in again, i love too know what women want keep writing, I was dreading the thought of going to work. Normally I enjoyed my job but for the next two weeks I was going to have to work with the companies auditors. Great, I thought, instead of flirting with the attractive women in the secretarial pool, I got to work with a couple of stuffy accountants. I arrived at work, dejected, dropped my briefcase off at my desk and went to the boardroom to meet the auditors. When I looked through the window into the room, I stopped. In the room were two of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. Must be the wrong room I thought ruefully as I opened the door, expecting to confirm my fears. “Hi, I’m bobby. Are you the auditors?” I tried not to sound too hopeful. “Yes,” replied the man in the room, I hadn’t noticed him earlier, “My name is bobby, I’m the manager on the job, this is Lisa, she’s the audit senior, and this is Julia, her assistant.

I’m just here for the morning to fill you in on what we need from you, then I’ll leave you in Lisa’s capable hands.” Lisa introduced herself, she was around 5′ 10″ tall, with long straight black hair, dark blue eyes that seemed to see right through you, firm full breasts, with pert nipples visible through the tight black sweater she was wearing. Her legs were long and slender, ending at a nice tight ass. “Michael, I glad you’ll be working with us. I always enjoy working with clients.” Something in the way she said that made my dick twitch, I noticed that Julia raised an eyebrow when it did. I’m a fairly attractive guy; I’m 6′ tall, 200 pounds with little fat anywhere to be seen. One thing I have going for me is that women seem very comfortable with me, and tell me things they normally keep to themselves. Being a typical male, I exploit this to my benefit, and theirs. I by no means have a huge dick but it’s bigger than average, but when it comes to sex I can go all night, and through the morning too. “This is Julia, she’ll be helping us how ever she can.” I shook Julia’s hand and noticed she glanced down at my swelling cock again, quite obviously. Julia was shorter than Lisa; maybe 5’6″ but she had larger breasts. Her ass was firm and full, just the sort the begged to be fucked, hard. My cock continued to grow as these thoughts raced through my mind.

“Well, let’s have a seat and you can take me through things Mark.” I said, thinking I better sit down soon before I’m completely hard, it’s one thing for Julia or Lisa to notice but I don’t want it to be obvious to anyone. I also thought the sooner I get Mark started the sooner he’ll leave, and then I’ll have these two lovely ladies all to myself. For the next three hours Mark went through the work for the next two weeks, it was fairly simple stuff, and pretty boring. About half way through the briefing I felt a foot caress my leg, I glanced towards Julia. She was looking at her notepad, pretending to take notes, then I felt a second foot caress the same leg. Lisa glanced at me and winked, then returned her attention to Mark. My poor dick was now straining against the fabric of my pants, begging to be let out. Mark finished around lunch and suggested we go out to eat. We headed to the restaurant across the street. Lunch was fun but uneventful. There was no more flirting from Lisa or Julia, and my cock had returned to normal size. Mark left us after lunch and we returned to the office. The afternoon went by fast, Lisa and Julia were focused on work, and so I decided to do the same. I was starting to think I had imagined everything earlier when I noticed what time it was. “Wow, the afternoon went by fast. It’s almost six.

I bet were the last ones in the office.” I glanced out the boardroom window and noticed most of the lights were out. When I turned around I noticed both Lisa and Julia were standing, stretching after sitting all afternoon, it was quite an enticing sight. I felt my cock start to stir again. Lisa walked over and closed the boardroom door; Julia moved to the window and closed the blinds. My cock went instantly hard. “I thought the afternoon would never end,” said Julia as she moved within arms reach and lightly touched my rock hard cock through my pants, “I’ve been waiting to get at this since I noticed him this morning.” She knelt down in front of me, unzipped my pants, and freed my cock from its prison. She stabbed at the head with her tongue, and then licked it slowly from top to bottom. A soft moan escaped my lips. Without warning Julia engulfed the full length of my cock in her mouth.

I felt it hit the back of her throat as she took it all in. She began slowly bobbing her head up and down, sucking me into her mouth all the time. It was the most amazing blowjob I had ever had. As she continued working my shaft I suddenly became of Lisa. She had removed her sweater to reveal her firm breasts, the nipples poking through the sheer fabric of her bra. She began to dance for me as she removed the rest of her clothes. She removed her skirt to show a thong, her neatly trimmed bush clearly visible through the thin fabric. There was a definite wet spot already visible. She slowly removed her bra and panties in a seductive dance, her show combined with Julia’s talented mouth were driving me crazy. I start to speak but Lisa shushed me. “Let Julia have her fun, she loves getting a mouthful of cum. Don’t worry though, I’m sure we’ll be able to get you up for some more fun.” Lisa continued her dance; she moved behind Julia and cupped her breasts. Julia rose up from the floor, she was bent over in front of me, her mouth never stopping on my dick. Lisa began undoing the buttons on Julia’s tight blouse; Julia moved her hands from my balls and let Lisa take off her shirt. Her mouth never came of my cock. Julia’s bra quickly followed.

I reached out and pinched a nipple, it cause Julia to suck in even harder. I knew I was going to blow my load very soon. The suction on my dick was incredible. Lisa continued her undressing of Julia, soon her pants and thong joined Lisa’s on the floor. Julia continued working my dick as Lisa began to rub Julia’s clit. The effect on Julia was immediate as she began to orgasm. That was enough for me; the orgasm caused Julia to pull me fully into her throat. With a loud groan I exploded in her mouth. She kept milking me, it felt as if I released a gallon of cum down her throat. When I finally stopped spurting and she was sure she had everything, she stood up, letting my softening dick fall from her mouth. She smiled and turned to Lisa. The kissed passionately, then Lisa leaned back and opened her mouth, Julia had not swallowed all of my cum after all. She passed half my load to Lisa who swallowed it and then kissed Julia again. “Thanks” was all Lisa said. Julia smiled at me and then straddled me in the chair. She planted a deep kiss, our tongues playfully exploring each other. I could still taste the salty traces of my jism but I didn’t really care. Lisa was behind me and started to unbutton my shirt. Every time I tried to say something one of them would shush me, or place their fingers on my lips, or fill it with their tongues.

If they just want to play, then we’ll just play, I thought to myself. Julia rose of me, my cock was already starting to harden again. She grabbed my hands and pulled me too my feet. Lisa moved behind me and pulled off my shirt. She pressed her erected nipples into my back as her hands reached around and undid my belt and pants. Julia pulled my pants off and sat me back down. “Julia and I will put on a little show for you, to help you get hard again. Feel free to join in whenever you think you’re ready.” Lisa gave my semi-hard cock a tug and turned to Julia. The two women kissed deeply, I could see their tongues darting between their mouths. All the while their hands were exploring the hidden crevices of their bodies. Julia reached down and began to rub Lisa’s clit, pinching the hard nub, causing Lisa to gasp. “My poor Lisa, I’ve already cum once and you haven’t gotten off yet. Well, I’m sure there’s something I can do about that.” Julia moved Lisa towards the conference table and eased her back onto it. Lisa pulled herself back and spread her legs on the table, exposing her cunt to Julia, and me.

It was beautiful to see. Julia began to tease Lisa’s clit, alternating between rubbing and pinching. It was having an immediate effect on Lisa, she was moaning, begging for Julia to suck her clitty. Julia obliged. She attacked Lisa’s clit with the same enthusiasm she showed my cock earlier. Julia was bent over at the waist, her legs spread, exposing her pussy to me. She was rubbing her pussy vigorously as she devoured Lisa’s cunt. My cock had long since returned to rock hard status, so I decided I had to get in on the action. I positioned my self behind Julia, kneading her ass and basking in the sweet scent of sex coming from between her legs. Her furious assault on her pussy continued as Lisa came closer and closer to climax. I reached a hand to her cunt and took over the rubbing, bending down further I lick her from her clit to her asshole. It was the sweetest pussy I had ever tasted. I began to attack her pussy with the same vigor she sucked my cock earlier, her moans increased as she continued to work on Lisa. Lisa suddenly let out a loud cry, singling her first climax; it was followed by several more of increasing volume. I maneuvered myself so I was under Julia, as I sucked fiercely at her clit, I suddenly shoved three fingers deep into her cunt, curling my finger to reach her G-spot. She reacted immediately, she arched her back and let out a growl, Lisa grabbed Julia’s head and shoved it back to her pussy.

I continued to work on Julia, who came shortly after. My mouth filled with her sweet cum, which I drank down, reveling in the flavor. I kept working at Julia’s succulent cunt and was rewarded with two more explosive orgasms. Lisa was lying breathless on the table, spent from her multiple orgasms, the table was soaked with her cum. I moved out from under Julia as she stood up, having released her grip on Lisa’s clit. I spun her to face me and gave her a deep kiss, tasting Lisa’s juices on her lips and tongue. It was heavenly. Lisa was now sitting on the table, gazing longingly at my rigid cock. Lisa slid from the table and joined my embrace with Julia, she reached down and grabbed my dick in her soft hands, slowly pumping it. “Julia got to have some fun with this earlier, I think it’s only fair that I get my chance.” Lisa dropped to her knees and slowly circled the head of my cock with her tongue, flicking the sensitive opening gently. Without warning she engulfed the length of my cock and began sucking like crazy. She wasn’t as good as Julia, but I didn’t really care. “Lisa doesn’t usually suck cock, she usually sticks to pussy. Every now and then she likes a nice piece of meat.” Julia said softly into my ear. Lisa continued to work my cock as I turned my attention to Julia’s tits. They were larger than I first thought, but they were very firm. Her large nipples were as hard as rocks. I licked and sucked first the right and then the left.

We continued in this manner for several minutes when Lisa came off my cock and suggested we try something else. Lisa slid back onto the table, spread her legs and motioned me forward. I gave Julia’s breasts one last lick and stepped between Lisa’s legs. The conference table was the perfect height. I slid her ass just off the edge and positioned my cock at her hot entrance. “I haven’t had a good cock in me for a while.” With those words I slowly entered her steaming hole. She was incredibly tight, one benefit of fucking a lesbian I guess. I moved in and out slowly, enjoying the tightness around my cock. The head had been nice but nothing beats a tight hot cunt. Lisa propped herself up on her elbows, looked me in the eyes and said “For god’s sake fuck me man, I want you to fuck me hard, now” I eased out of her slowly, she frowned her disapproval, I smiled back and the rammed my cock deep into her cunt. The unexpected thrust caused Lisa to groan out loud. I began to pound into her, as far as I could, again and again. Lisa was beginning to come, her groans were increasing, and her cunt was clamping down on my cock. “yessss, that’s it, fuck me harder, harder, my God, I Cumming again.” I continued to pound her. Julia moved behind me, she reached between my legs and began to fondle my balls. The feeling was amazing.

I increased my thrusting, feeling my ball sack starting to contract. Julia obviously noticed as well, she continued to fondle my balls and thrust a finger in my ass. The sensation of her finger up my shit hole was enough. “I’m going to cum.” I yelled, Lisa was screaming, lost in the throws of another orgasm. Her pussy clamped down on my cock, milking me for everything I had. I let loose and incredible blast of cum deep inside of Lisa. “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. I’m Cumming again. Oh my God. I’ve never had so many orgasms.” Her pussy continued to milk my cock, pulling every last drop from me. I pulled out of her slick cunt and fell back into a chair. Julia caressed my hair, “poor Michael, all worn out.” “Not yet, when I get up again I want a shot at that ass of yours.” Julia smiled and bent over Lisa, she clamped her mouth over her cunt and sucked my cum from Lisa’s pussy. Lisa groaned again, but barely moved, exhausted from her orgasms. Julia moved from Lisa’s pussy and hovered over her open mouth, she slowly let the cum she sucked from Lisa’s cunt fall into Lisa’s waiting mouth. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen and it instantly made me hard. Julia turned and saw my cock spring to life once more. “I thought that might get you going,” she came back to the end of the table, reaching out and grabbing my cock. It throbbed in her firm grip. “I believe you mentioned something about getting a shot at my ass.” She turned and bent over conference table, “well, take your shot big boy.” I didn’t need any further encouragement.

I positioned my self behind her; I slowly slid my member up and down her slick cunt. “I should oil this bad boy up first, don’t you think.” I thrust forward, impaling her cunt with the full length of my cock. I thrust hard into her pussy, again and again. She wasn’t as tight as Lisa but she was just as hot. I kept it up for a couple of minutes, when Julia let out a cry, I could feel her cunt contract in orgasm and a torrent of cum washed over my cock. Julia was panting as I withdrew from her sopping wet cunt. “Now that I’m well oiled I should look after you.” I reached a hand to her pussy and shoved four fingers into her and she let out another cry. I played around for a minute and pulled out my fingers. I rubbed my slick fingers over her tight ass. I slowly pushed one, then two finger into her ass and worked them around. She had obviously taken it up the ass before because she relaxed her muscles, allowing better access. I began to build a rhythm as I worked my fingers in and out if her ass. Julia reached her hand back and began to rub her clit and her moans were building.

I worked a third finger into her hot ass as she continued to frig her clit. Lisa had recovered from her thorough fucking earlier and slid off the table. She knelt besides us and took my cock in her mouth. She was coating me with tons of spit, making sure I was good and slick to enter Julia’s ass. Julia climaxed and her ass clamped down on my fingers, holding them in place for a minute or so. When she finally relaxed, I withdrew my finger, which Lisa sucked clean. Lisa then gave Julia’s ass a good licking and coating of spit before I positioned my self behind her. “Let me help you with that.” Lisa said as she guided my cock to Julia’s back entrance. I pushed forward slowly until the head of my cock popped through her ring. Julia let out a slight cry at the intrusion but that slowly changed to moans of pleasure as I worked more and more of my shaft into her steaming hot ass. She was incredibly tight; the feeling on my cock was amazing. After a minute or so I was buried to the hilt and began to build a rhythm as I fucked her ass. I pumped in and out, slowly increasing my speed until I was pounding her ass with everything I had. Lisa moved between our legs and was working away at Julia’s cunt. Every now and again I could feel her tongue on my cock as I slid in and out of Julia’s incredible ass. Despite already having cum twice, I soon felt another load building in my balls. I increased the intensity of my thrust and Julia cry out as she came. Lisa was going crazy on her cunt and I could feel Julia’s cum spray on my leg. Her sudden contraction was enough to push me over the edge. “I’m going to fill your fucking hot ass.”

I yelled between gasps of air. “No,” said Julia, “I want you to spray us with that tasty cum of yours.” I pulled out of Julia quickly, causing her to shudder; she quickly recovered and joined Lisa on the floor. Lisa grabbed my cock and began to pump it. I exploded another massive load, hitting Julia in the face and then Lisa. I continued to spurt for what seemed forever, covering their faces and tits with my hot cum. When I was done, Lisa sucked my cock into her mouth to give it a quick cleaning, then left the rest of the job for Julia. After a good tongue bath I sat back on a chair, exhausted from the best fucks of my life. As I sat back Lisa and Julia began to clean each other off. They slowly lick my cum from their faces and tits. My limp cock began to fill out again in reaction to their show. Both Julia and Lisa looked at my hardening cock and began to laugh. “My God, he’s ready to go again.” Lisa exclaimed, “If all men were like that maybe I wouldn’t have switched teams.” Julia chuckled and said “I’m afraid that’s all for tonight, I don’t think my poor body can take any more.” I obviously looked dejected but Julia quickly replied, “just remember, your suppose to help us out for the next two weeks.” I smiled and the thought of two weeks of this made me instantly hard. The girls chuckled again and decided they could leave me like that.

The moved towards me and took turns sucking my cock until I gave them one more drink of cum. This time they were careful not to get me worked up again so they just got dressed, gave me a kiss good-bye and left. “Now this is the sort of overtime I like.” I thought as I got dressed myself. “It’s going to be a fun two weeks.”

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