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  • desipapa
  • September 18, 2015

Hi Desi papa plz sumit this story yaar bcz u sumited my first story i very happy wel but when i see that my story is not on list so i dishearted so plz with lots of hope i send u again this story plz sumit is plz Subject( Fantasy Of Fucking Reema ) It is my Second story for the readers of Karachi/Pakistan thankxx to desipapa and i get lots of replied from my first story I hope friends will like it. This a fantasy. First of all I would like to tell about my self I m a Zeeshan fake name this Fantasy i m going to tell u its abu ( Fantasy Of Fucking Pakistani Film Star Reema ) I am doing 2 year so as our collage finished i walk to bus stop i sit on bus wel i sitting on bus so just i see out from bus there is shooting going on at Quaid-e-Azam mazar so i just get down from bus there only i see Shan and Reema dancing ufff when i see her her breast is just going up and down in every move and there only my lund stand up.She have huge tits and big ass.

She was very beautiful and seductive also but a reserved person. When I see her she said call me and said that why u looking me like this with open eyes u don’t have shamed then i say her that sorry wht to do urs feagure is like this old sick man will also getup from there bed so she laugh and tell me that this is my address if u like to come at my home so i will be happy soon i take her card and tell her good bye she also tell me bye and tell me again plz come to my house i say yes ofcouse i will she then again give me naughty smile and again start his work. So before going i ask her when urs shooting will complete she tell me that in two days i get happy and tell her that i will meet u tomorrow here only and from her u take me at urs home she soon aggreed.She contiue her shooting. It was the Second day when my luck smiled on me.

I was waiting for her in the Quaid-e-Azam mazar and never go to collage also just after waiting of one hour the film unit come again there and start there sitting of camera etc but i not see her so i get worries and think in my heart that she make u gr8 fool as i set my leg to go at home so i see civil come and stop close to me. And i seeeing Reema my dream gal open the door and become happy when she see me near to her car and give me naughty smile there producer shouting where is reema so i tell her go there all calling u she tell me that ok i will plz wait for me i say madam i will so she say don’t say me madam only Reema i say ok It was already 2 pm and i was still waiting for her at 2.30 she come to me and said that sorry for lond wait i say its ok Reema. So she tells lets go i become happy and tell yes then she sit on car and i at side of her ummm wht a perfume she putting i m very close to her and i can’t see her breast line bcz she wearing very low neck kamez she tell me i give u nice treat i think that abu lunch but its word its difference i never understand her.

Then she stop her car on five star so i can’t belive it i think that i m dreaming that Reema with me and in 5star Hotel then she take one room on hotel when we both when to room there is two room in so tell me become fresh i say ok soon i become fresh and when i come out wht i seeing that Reema change her cloth and wear nighty in which i can see her breast clearly and then call me at her soom and Than I went to her room. She said please sit down i sit far from her so she tell me come closer i then when near her and she ask abu me that wht u doing? where do u live ? etc etc then in last she ask me do u have any gal friend i say yes so she tells me be friendly and talk and i say ok she ask me which type of friend u have i say in which gal or boy she tells in gal i say they all r decent so she laught in say very funy how u enjoy urs life i say wht u means she tell me decent guy i telling do u fuck any one before i can’t belive it she ask me this type of question i say in slow voice no she tell me if any gal tell u fuck me so what u do fuck her or give her nice slap i can’t say any think she say wht happen r u ok i say yes i m. So she tell me give me the asnwer wht i ask u then i say i will fuck her so she tell so wht r u waiting for come on start urs work i say r u ok she say don’t miss this chance just say wht ever i order u i say ok so she tell me first let me take bath i say leave bath start now only yaar its say wait i say ok so she went to bathroom.

I quietly sat down on a chair all of sudden she screamed Zeeshan please help me Please Zeeshan mujhey bacho I rushed towards the bath room she said there is a big Ant here on the floor. Who buri tarah chilla rahi thi meri kuch samajh mein nahi aa raha tha meiney Darwazey ka handle ghumaya to Darwaza khul gaya. Ohhhhh my god that scene on can not forget for the rest of the life. Reema was totally nude with a pale face. Her milky boobs were inviting my cock to fuck her she had a hairy pussy which was a surprise for me She was standing on the upper sides of the bath tub. Showing me her hairy pussy and white milky boobs but she was not in her senses. She was telling i was just joking Zeeshan please come and start urs work i say wah wah kya baat hai app ki so i go near her. Then she jumped into my arms I took her in my lap and went up to the bed. She was holding my neck from one hand and keeping another on my shoulder.

When I dropped her on the bed she said thanks Zeeshan sahab you u r soo sexy. I sat near her and just Start pressing her Breast I saw her light brown nipples are hard then i suck her nipp and press its on between on my teeths She said I never thought of extra marital affair with any body I said I hope today you will say that you were missing some thing. She looked into my eyes asking what? She laid down on the bed I told her to suck my cock she said meiney kabh yeh cheez munh mein nahi lee meiney kaha try some thing different. She took my Lund into her mouth reluctantly I asked her to move her tongue around my cock. Later I took a 69 position and started licking her newly shaven pussy she was making lot of noises she was telling ohhh Zeeshan sach mein yeh bhut mazey daar hai aur zubaan andar daaloo please merey choot ko khoob chatoo ohhh tum mar dalogey aur raja aur all of a sudden she got her orgasm.

Her pussy had become like a River. Than I came over her and put my hard Lund on her choot she was badly wet I rubbed my Lund over her pussy she said ab mat tarapao Zeeshan meri jaan bas andar Daal do apna jalta huwa Luara. Meiney apna hard Laura uski choot mein Dala to who zoor zoor sey chooter hilaney lagi usney ajldi sey takiya utha kar apni kamar key nechey rakh liya. Phir booli please lick me more than fuck me. Mainey phir Laura bahar nikal kar 69 ki positon li is baar who mera laura ek professional sucker ki tarah choose rahi thi aur kah rahi thi ke tum ney sach kaha Zeeshan yeh merey liye bilkul naya experience hai. She sucked my cocked with her wet mouth like hungry bitch and all of a sudden I poured out my cumm in her mouth but she did nit swallow it but released it on her boobs and asked me to rub my Lund on her boobs I started again and after some time my Lund erected again this time fucking was wonder full.

I fucked her I doggy style she said it also new to me After this nice fucking she became to lazy and tired also and asked me to Stop wel this is my fantasy i sure u like it and soon contract me specailly gals, ladys and married woman i like to help that woman who not have child from here hansband and plz don’t be shy and turst on me plz i will give u child from my sperm and gals also u like sex and not try it before but much have place also bcz i not have any place lots of gals mail me to arrange place but i not have it and plz reply only much come from karachi only ok this is my mail or and i promise i give u my real name on msn when u and me chat specially gals and plz give me chance to sumit me realy stroy with any u gals and woman aunty also welcome bye and reply me soon.

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