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My Sister And Me In Chennai

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hello everyone I’m jack. This is my first post, so if you find any mistakes please correct me or for any feedback please send me an email to

I currently reside in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. If any aunties, housewives, couples who are interested please contact me through my mail id. The story is way too long and I thought I can split them into different episodes. I wish to narrate it slowly so that you can actually feel the situation so please be patient reading this story.

Now coming to my story it happened very recently between me and my sister. We reside from south part of Tamil Nadu. Father and mother still reside there. My sister works in a well-known call centre office in Chennai and I recently came to Chennai to join a software firm both my sister and I completed our studies near my hometown. My sister is 6 years elder to me but hasn’t been able to get married yet due to issues in her horoscope.

So it’s been 6 years she is living in Chennai. I don’t know if she is a virgin or not (which she told me am the first guy to touch her) but I liked her a lot especially when she was with me on bed. Even I don’t know about her this is my first experience with a girl but now it has gone to a different level. I will explain them in the upcoming parts of this story. I’m a very composed type boy.

I usually maintain a distance from girls but I used to watch a lot of porn movies pictures and used to masturbate over hot/naked printed pictures of actress model when I used to stay alone in my hostel. I never know the meaning of the word incest until I had my first encounter with my sister. I had completed my studies and got campus recruited by a famous software firm and they called me to join in Chennai to start my job.

Chennai is a very new place for me and of course for any young guys like me it’s scary too to come from a small town to a big city. I said mom that I don’t want to go and most of my friends found job in other cities or near my hometown itself. I don’t know anyone in Chennai except my sister who was residing with her friends here. My mom said she will work on it and she talked to my sister.

I thought they are arranging me some paying guest house to stay initially, but later learnt that she had other plans. On a weekend I was leaving to Chennai. My mom told everything was taken care when I reached Chennai my sister came to the railway station to pick me up. Since I was carrying a lot of luggage she arranged for a call taxi for a comfortable ride.

We reached a house. She told me that her roommates have gone home for vacation and we are staying in the house for a day and next day both my sister and I are shifting to a new house. She told me that mom suggested it would be better if we both stay to gather in the same house as am new to this city. I was happy for that and for that wrapped my hands around her arms and thanked her for helping me.

Till that moment I did not have any feeling for her but once after entering the house I was kind a started feeling weird? The house was not well arranged. Everything was misplaced. It’s the first time I am entering a house occupied only by girls when I entered the house I found that lot of things were spread across the house clothes, books, slippers, newspaper and a lot of other stuffs.

I usually know that only boy’s room will be a mess and here it’s in a reverse case. My sister asked me to please excuse. Since the girls were going home for a vacation they left all the things as such. I had even seen bras and panties hanging around being dried inside the house itself. It’s even not an arousal stuff for a guy like me and

I feel a bit embarrassed even for being inside the house. I just had a slight hard on seeing those inner hanging over the room immediately I came to my consciousness and I am sure my sister would have watched my excitement. It was a 2 bedroom furnished house. Usually all her friends used to sleep in one room and the other is used just for bathing and drying cloths.

She asked me if I can use the other room to stay there for tonight as we are shifting to a new rented house the next day. I went to the room, kept all my bags and got settled. She asked me to bath first and then she said she will bath and prepare food for me. I went to bath and came back in my lungi and sleeveless shirt.

I usually don’t have the habit of wearing any underwear at home as I would feel a little free without them. Next my sister went to bath. She has a habit of not taking any underwear inside for bath and change only in room before her friends as they are all girls with the same habit she went to bath while bathing she came to the consciousness that am here with her.

She has no other choice to get dressed before coming out after bath. So she just called me to get her dress and pass it on. I was easily able to locate her salwar but not able to locate her inners. I told her my problem. She told me it will be inside a shelf in the other room. I went there and opened the shelf and found a lot of inner ware of my sis. I was able to get her a panty but not able to find her bra in it.

I shouted from that room the same and asked her which panty I need to choose. She with a fury shouted, why are you shouting like this and she called me. I went near the door and she told me to get only one panty of my choice as all her bra were not yet washed. I went inside the room and searched for a panty. I don’t know why but I got interest in touching them and analysing them.

One of the panties got my attention. It is a yellow panty and it has got a stain in it. I know it’s certainly not blood and through my vague understanding I thought it’s a female ejaculation. Oh My Gosh my sister must be wet wearing this panty or she must have been masturbating wearing it. The thought of it made me real hard. I passed the panties through the door.

I was getting various thoughts about my sister and for some short time I forgot that she is my sister and was imagining her in a way a brother should never imagine his sister. Thinking of this I lied in the bed. There were few cloths spread in the bed, thought they were washed and I just moved them to one end and lied 8 hours of journey through train made me feel a bit tired so without any control.

I got a quick nap but I failed to tie the lungi so tight before I slept. Moments later my sister came out and went without noticing me to prepare food after sometime she came to wake me up for food but she has got the surprise. I was dreaming of her and her panties and I was sleeping with my erect cock half exposed. Usually I used to trim the hair near my penis when it had grown to enough length.

She had seen the upper layer of my penis along with a portion of my big fat penis. I don’t know if she has got embarrassed as she had seen my cock in the same position when I was young when I woke up I saw a large cleavage of hers as she was bending to wake me up from bed. I was half awake and without realizing I was awake I told her yen di adhukula un mulaya maraicah, kalati kaami (why are your hiding your nipples so soon, open it and show me)

She got highly furious and started shouting at me. Suddenly I realized I wasn’t still dreaming. She told she will inform my parent of this and but I started to shed tears telling her sorry for how I behaved. I told her I have never behaved to anyone in that manner and I pleaded her to forgive me. She got cooled somehow and she went outside. I was still weeping and slept again without eating.

I don’t know what happened then. Later that night she called my name near the doors and asked me to eat. I realised what happened and I also realized it’s almost 8 PM. She was still having some anger but also was kind of different emotion which I could notice from her face. We had dinner and she went inside to wash utensils and she came out at about 9 there was a famous serial running in the TV.

I passed the remote to her. She sat in the other corner of the sofa and we were both silently watching it. I thought of breaking the silence and I said am sorry for what happened. She told me in a soft tone how could you ever ask or dream of your sister such a way. I told her that I have never had that sort of feeling before. She asked me what I felt. I told her the entire story of how her panty turned my cock big?

She asked me why I was turned on touching sisters panties. I got a little irritated this time and told her and I really don’t know sis May be if I let her do it again maybe we could find out. This time I was sure am going to hell but for my surprise she was a bit exited and laughed out loud. I don’t know why. She asked me seriously? I don’t know where I got the courage and I told her u cud test it.

She asked me were you hard at the moment when I woke you? I said I still am. That’s the turning moment for both of us. She asked me can I see it. I did not say any words but raised my lungi and showed her my not so big (7”5, 2”5) cock to her. She was having a smile on her face. I could see her nipple is erect and she was still not wearing a bra.

She asked me “shall I touch it?” and without me speaking of it she held my cock with her hands. Her hands were wet and I could feel the chill from her hand and she could feel the warmth of my penis. I hold her hand which was holding my penis and started giving strokes. I removed my hand I found that she was still jerking me. I totally forgot she was my sister within a short moment I was feeling that I was about to cum.

I again hold her hands not letting her take it off my penis and started shooting sperms. A warm flow of freshly ejaculated semen flew through both our hands even though it lasted for a short time I felt it was the best hand job ever at that moment. I asked her are you still a virgin? I hope you are not. To be continued in the next episode Please post your comments and feedback.

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