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My Sexy Neighbour

  • desipapa
  • September 15, 2015

I would like to share my true experience with you. Now I’m a 20-year Old. I have a dick 8- 9 inch and a nice athletic body but this was my first experience which I can’t forget. I am from hyderabad India. I have a very high sex urge from my child hood.

I have Got my first erection from my 7 or 8 year and at from that time my mother Insisted me to wear underwear. From that age I had started to play with my Tool. At the age of 16th my tool as well as my physic develop greatly by regular exercise, Now return on my first experience, One day all my family went to out station to Attend to marriage of our relative for three days, I can’t go with them because My final exam was there. My mother gave my responsibility to our sexy Neighbor, named Anita, age 32, 5.2″ tall, Fair looking with 36-29-38 sexy figure, She was married but they don’t have any child. She always were low cut blouse and silk saris, Which always get me arouse, whenever she came to our house, after getting her close look, I had to visit bathroom and have to cool down my tool by masturbating. Now first day morning she came with breakfast and tea for me, she were as usual silk Red sari and matching low cut blows. She served me food on our dining table while this I have clear and constant view of her marble white valley from her low cut blouse, while giving me food, two or three time her soft boobs touch on my shoulder, which passes 1000w current threw all my body to end at my tool which start awaking and started growing.

As it is morning I hadn’t have bath, I am in only T-shirt and half pant, and I think she can get clear view of my erection because now she started to rub her boobs on my back and her warm breath feel on my neck and ear, which get me more excitement. Suddenly she told me, by putting her hand on my erection “Munna ye tume yaha kya huva hi” I got shocked and told her nothing it is nothing, but by one hand catching my erection and by other hand holding my west band of short, she told me that ” nahi muje dekhne do tume yaha sujan hai lagti he” and before I gave any response she started to open my short and take out my fully erect tool, by looking the size of it sparks appear in her eyes, By rubbing her soft hand all over my shaft, she told me ” dekho kitni sujan ai he, tum chinta mat karo, me iski barobar massage karke or isko barobar chus ke iske andar ka jahar khich lungi to ye sujan chali jayegi” and without taking my permission, by pulling me by my shaft she took me to my bedroom and by pushing me on bed she told me that slip here I would do the rest, I am that much excited and shock that I can’t give any reaction and do as she told me.

As soon as I Sleep on my bad she sit near me and took out my short and start to play with my 8″ long shaft and Told me “dekho is me kitna khun bhar gaya he, isko barobar massage karna padega tub iska jahar bahar niklega or tub iski sujan dur hogi” and she started to pump my shaft by holding by both of her hand, some time she also pump and squeeze my balls also by one hand, to co operate her I had spread my lags, her soft and silky boobs are rubbing on my bare thigh, it fell so good to me that I had closed my eyes and started to mooning and shivering. She had increased her activity and after Ten minutes I had fell her soft, worm and wet mouth on my shaft, she had took half of my shaft in her mouth and started to suck it very hard and with one hand pumped the remaining shaft, with other hand she still play with my balls, now I can’t keep quite my hand is on her head and on her back and I told her to suck it very heard it gives me lots of trouble very frequently, she had increased her sucktion and speed and pressure of her hand.

I started moaning loudly and told her that something is coming, she had continue her activity very strongly and faster and at last I came in her mouth, she had drunk all of it, and by sucking it very hard she had took out every last drop out of my shaft and as soon as she got up from me I had Hug her and told her that” thank you very much Anita aunty, muje ye sujan dur karne me ghanto nikal jate hai or mere hath bhi dukh jate he” She told me that any time it happen it again I will take care of it but now I have to go, I will came at noon and if it happen again I will give you something different treatment. It is very hard time to pass till noon for me, and at last at 1.30pm the doorbell rang and I rush to door and as soon as I open the door my dream women at frunt of me and looks more beautiful with light makeup and perfume. She came in with naughty smile and locks the door by her self and as soon as she put my lunch on table, from behind her I had put my hand on her boobs and started to squeeze it and told her ‘Aunt you have also swelling over here I have to give you same treatment which you given to me. Now my shame is disappear and became more courageous.

She turn her face and by kissing on my chin and told me “Munna ab tum sayana ho gaya” and she started to press her buttocks on my crotch, now my shaft is again getting erect. She had open my short which falls on floor and my erect cock start to massage on her silky ass. I had open her blouse button which is front side and also she had wore front hook bra, which also I had unhook, now her large boobs are free but now it is in my hand and I had started massaged it and hardly rub my palm on her erect nipples and also I suck her ear and kissed on her neck, she had started to breath heavily and little mooning , so I had lifted this little sexy doll in my arm and took her to my bed, lay her on bed and started suck her one boob and squeeze the other one and bit her nipples she said A..H… Aram se karo na. I again squeezed her boobs very hard and she screamed AAAAA HHHHHHH. She had the most beautiful boobs, perfectly round and black color erect nipples. I began sucking and biting her nipples all the while she was moaning and groaning and saying YES!YES! this is what I wanted, for about 10 minutes I did this and slowly moved to top on her my swelling dick is between her legs and on her silk sari it rubbed on her pussy in few minutes her sari got wet by her pussy water.

I have pull her silk sari and found her clean shaved pussy, there is no panty, her pussy is small and quite like her and ready for further treatment I started to rub her soft and clean pussy with my palm. She had make her legs wide open and made enough space for me, I had gently pull and twist her pussy lips, she had started to moan and shivering, after few minutes I can’t resist to take this sweet rasgulla in my mouth and I got her hole pussy in my mouth and suck it very hard and push my full tongue in her hot hole and my both hands is on her boobs and my both hand was busy in squeezing her big boobs and pulling her erect nipples. Her moaning sound was increased and told me that “munna where did you learned all this beautiful thing in this very small age, my pussy Ahh… me herder, I haven’t get this beautiful feelings before, do it harder ….Ahhhh.Ohhh., when her sound became more louder I was afraid that the neighbor can hear that so I had Changed the position became in 69 position and give my 8″ prick in her mouth, she took happily it in her open mouth and start to suck it very hungrily and she gave her hot water in my mouth.

Now I had started to concentrate on her clit and took it between my teeth and with pulling it and started to rub my tongue on the top of it She had started to jump in bed by lifting her buttocks and making more and more erotic sound, And within few minutes, once again she came, she took out my wet and swelling prick from her mouth and told me ” Ah..Munna ab or mut tadpao apna ye bambu meri chut me pura gusa do meri chut ko puri fhad do, apna pura andar gusa ke ise puri khich dalo, or aisa jor se andar giso ke meri puri khujali shant ho jaye, ye khujali ne to mera jina haram kar diya he, ab tum bhi is pe jara bhi daya mat karna, is ke apne musal se chithade uda dena” So I had change my position i came between her legs and put my jerking prick on her wet cunt, you don’t believe her hot cunt suck my head of prick, as soon as my half prick went in, it will touch the end of her cunt and her pussy was swelling just like small kid stuff full banana in his mouth. She said”ahh Munna maza a gaya or jorse dalo itani andar tak aj tak kuch bhi gaya nahi he, ahh.. ohh maja a gaya, aj to me mere sab hole is dande se kodvaogi” her body was shivering and her pussy was sucking and milking my prick by giving her few strong stroke I had slam my full length in to her willing cunt, her chut was stretch to her maximum limit, at every stroke she lift her back just like she won’t miss my single mm length.

This pleasures event goose to for half an hour and at last I had fill her cunt, meanwhile she came two three time, when I lift from her she was slipping just like she was half-conscious. By continues friction and incredible pleasure, my prick was still in his full swelling condition, even after my discharge. I had started to play with her boobs, for taking few minutes rest she turn around, so her delicious ass expose to me and it arouses me more. I came on her back and put my Lund between her lags and started to rub my prick on her wet chut and asshole , She also felt it good because she had spread her legs and make it luss for my work, my hand still working on her boobs, I don’t want to lose any thing because I was getting more then I had dream or think about. My prick make her asshole proper lubricate by her cum, after few minute she had lifted her gand and told me “chal ab tere ye dande se meri gand ki khodai kar isse bhi fhad dal, me chahe kitni bhi chikhu tu ruke bagar apna pura andar dal dena, jarabhi baki mat chodna.

Then I had lubricate my lund properly by her chut ke pani se and pressed it on her asshole, she make moan and pressed her head on the pillow, after few efforts my thick prick head went in it is feel like my prick was in heaven and squeeze just like my all veins and mucsles of it will burst of, but I had continued the pressure and after few heavy strokes my full lund went in her gand. Due to her face was in pillow, her scream won’t make to much noise but still I can hear it clearly and I put both of my hands on her balls and squeezed them and pulled her nipples At the same time I had started to pushed my prick in and out her completely and began pumping and she was also cooperating by pushing her ass fully back to me. I put two fingers in her cunt and was also finger fucking her. She was screaming Ahhhhhhhh..Ohhhh..or jorse Ahh..fhad dalo meri gand ko Ahhh..and in half an hour she came two time in my palm and at last at the speed of 100kpm at last i burst deep in her gand and collapse on her and went to deep slip. I don’t know when she left me but at evening, by sucking my prick she woke me and my lund both and once again our chudai session started.

For three year our relation continue and in this time she taught me all she knows. Ok. Friends let me know how did you like my first experience. My E-Mail Add. is b4u194@yahoo.comany females, auntues,bhabhi or any widow (only from hyderabad ) want to have some sexual fun mail me . Safe sex and secrecy guaranteed comments are always welcome.

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