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  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

Hi! I am Sridhar and 29 years old. I have read most of the DesiPapa stories and would like to narrate my own. This occurred when I was 17 years old and at that time my experience was limited to reading such books and a few blue movies. However I used to masturbate a lot. We had a maidservant at home whose name was Kamini (name changed) .She was 23 years and had a lovely figure. 36-25-38 and was 5’5″. It was after my 12 Th class and I was at home. Both my parents were working and we had a lot of privacy. I had my eye on her from the day she came and used to masturbate with her in my thoughts at least once a day. She used to clean the floor sitting on it and I could get a good look at her boobs, which were large and inviting.

 I wanted to fuck her but did not know how to go about seducing her .As luck would have it I was masturbating in my room and she walked in and she was dumbstruck at the site and was glued to the spot. I did not waste time and moved close to her and started moving my hands all over her body. She reacted as if hit by an electric shock. I seized the opportunity and moved one of my hands onto her boobs and started pressing them on top her blouse. She was enjoying all this but still not responding. I started kissing her on her lips and slowly parted her lips and put my tongue inside her mouth and began kissing her passionately. Now she also started responding and held on to me very tightly and also started moaning in a very low tone. I slowly removed her sari and started pressing her tits .At the same time I also removed her blouse. She was wearing a black bra and her boobs were pushing so hard against he! r bra that I thought they would burst out. I unhooked her bra and out jumped her lovely tits. I squeezed them and the same time removed her petticoat. As I was only in my shirt I took it off and removed her panty. The panty was wet inside and I smelled it. The smell was great.

 I slowly took her onto my bed and made her lie down. I kissed her on her lips and gradually moved down onto her boobs and started sucking them. Kamini was now uncontrollable and started moaning loudly and asked me to suck harder. I bit one of her nipples . I put my tongue on her nether lips and separated them. she said”ooh this is nice.” I pushed my tongue inside her pussy and she was enjoying and started to come. The juices that flowed out were nothing like I had tasted before. I asked her to suck my dick. Initially she was reluctant and I had to convince her after which she took my 7″ cock in her mouth and started sucking it . She rolled her tongue over the tip of my dick and I was in heaven. I released loads of cumm in her mouth and surprisingly she drank it all. Some of it dripping from her mouth. I licked it up and kissed her and my tongue started to dance inside her mouth. She was ready for a ! fuck.

I parted her legs and put my rod into her cunt. She said “slowly” and I put it in gradually. Once I was fully inside her I started to give strokes first slowly. She was asking for more and said”faster, faster, aah that’s it.”She was digging her nails on my back and held on tightly while I was at it. She was moaning”ooh, aah, faster” and she came again. I was on the verge of coming and at the right moment took out my dick and shot the cumm all over her tits and navel and then licked it up. I screwed her twice more that day and every day thereafter for almost a year she was with us.

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