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My Sexy Maid Laxmi

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

Hello readers. I am rohit (name changed) here to share my experience with my maid. About myself my age is 20 and of height about 5’8″ having dick of size 7 inches. My mail id is please post your comments here. Coming about the main character of this story is my maid laxmi of height 5’3″ of fair complexion and lean.Her age is 28 with 2 children and her stats are 28-30-36 which is said by her later.

Coming to the main story laxmi is our house maid since from 1 year.She comes to our house daily in mornings and evenings for doing her job.Firstly i am not interested in her.Whenever i get chance i used to watch porn and masturbate myself to satisfy imagining my aunt.One day when i reached home i noticed that no one is in our house so thought to masturbate as i ma horny.

While watching the porn the bell rang and i scolded for the arrival and when door opened it is laxmi who came for her duty. She came and started doing her job and i was watching porn by closing my bedroom door.

After finishing the porn i went to drink water in the kitchen where i saw laxmi doing her job bending down.I got a glance of her cleavage and came to my room.I thought for a while and started to imagine her boobs which are nice.So i thought to fuck her. Laxmi finished her work and going to leave and she informed me about that.I thought of a plan and called her.She came and asked “nti babu garu”.I replied”ninnu okati adgutanu avvariki chepav ga?”.She said “sare babu cheppanule adugu”.I thought for a while, meanwhile she said”sare babu naku tme avtundi intiki vellali repu gurtuvachaka adagandi” and turned to go.Sudenly i caught her hand and asked her”niku nananta istama?”.She got astonished to my question and knew my intentions stared seriously at me and left off.

I got tensed that she might complain to my parents.

Next day she came to the work as usual but looked normal with my mother and looked seriously seeing me.I felt shy and didnt talk to her.After one week of this there is birthday party of my friend and left to the party and enjoyed well but couldnt identify the party in my home.When i reached home my mother is doing her work in bedroom and i came to my bedroom.Then laxmi while sweeping came to my room and saw me.I felt shy and didnt face her.She came near me and whisper to give my cell number.I felt happy and wrote it in a paper and gave it to her.She kept the paper in her blouse in sexy manner showing some part of her boobs.I got excited but controlled as my mom is there.She left home and called me in afternoon.

Laxmi:”nanu laxmi ni”
Me:ha cheppu
L:am chestunnaru
Me:am ledu ni gurinchi alochistunna
Me:ni andam gurinchi
L:niku nananta istama?
Me:avunu.mari niku?
L:istam kabattaga number tiskunna

We thought to have fuck when no one is in home but when we get chance i used to squeeze her boobs and ass.She used to kiss me.
One fine day when i reached home my watchman said that my mom has gone out and laxmi is there doing her work.I thought its the time so came home.

I rang the bell and laxmi opened the door.I closed the door and hugged her.She went away and said”ndukanta tondara”.I said i couldnt wait and again went near her.She gave me juice and told me to get energy and laughed.I drank wholly and lifted her to my bedroom.She kissed me harder on my lips.I hugged her and removed her pallu. Kissed her and removed her saree and petticoat.She is not wearing panty.She is looking hot in blouse without bra. started to smooch her pussy.She moaned loudly uuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.She hugged me tightly and kissed me.I pressed her boobs and removed her blouse. I finger fucked her pussy and sucked it and she is moaning aaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

She told she couldnt wait any longer and asked me to fuck.I asked her to give me blowjob.She refused and said never done this before.I asked her many times but did not accepted.I took hold of her hair and make her suck my cock.firstly she tried to get out but couldnt. Later she got interested and sucked my cock.Its awesome friends couldnt explain.I cummed in her mouth.

She spitted it out and cum fell on her boobs looking awesome.My cock became limp.I caressed her choot,boobs and she took my cock in her mouth and gave blowjob.My dick got its life and inserted in her pussy.It is little tight for me but inserted fully in one go.She screamed out and i fucked her in missionary style for some time.Then lifted her and bend her and inserted again in doggy style.

By seeing her ass from back i got mesmerized to her ass and fucked her pussy harder which she moaned loudly in pain and pleasure but i ignored it.After fucking her for 20 min i cummed inside her while she cummed thrice in this time.We both fell on bed with my cock in her pussy.We fucked like this frequently and i fucked her ass which is awesome.

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