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My Sexy Love With Ajita

  • desipapa
  • October 2, 2015

Hello Desi Papa readers. I am going to tell you my experience with Ajita our family friend. Ajita is a divorcee and of age around 48 but very sexy having 38 D breasts and very attractive. I am retired and of age 56. Ajita visits us very often but only when my wife is at home. She always describes me as a wonderful Husband. Once when I was working on computer and checking my mails, Ajita came and stood behind me.

Ajita has a computer at home but does not know how to operate. So she requested my wife whether I can teach her to work on computer. And the love story started here only. Once in the afternoon, I heard a knock on the door. I was watching some XXX sites on internet and hence having bulge in my shorts. It was difficult to immediately open the door. It took some time. After opening the door curiously looking at the bulge she asked me what you were doing. I fumbled for a moment and said I was working on computer. She came and sat on the couch.

I offered her a glass of water and leaned over her to switch on the fan button. While in leaned position my bulge was near her mouth. She immediately caught the bulge between her lips and pressed and started laughing. She was wearing a low cut transparent shirt over the tight jeans. She said I have come to learn the computer operation from you, as her son does not teach her. I took her to my computer and made her sit in the chair, I explained her how to start and shut down the computer. Then I explained her how to operate the keyboard. While instructing I was standing behind her and I took her hands in mine from behind and was teaching her. In that position my face was very near to her cheeks. She moved a little and kissed me passionately and took my hands and pressed them on her breasts. An electric current of heavy volts passed through my body. I pretended that as if nothing has happened and started further explaining her. However, she had become very hot. After few minutes I asked her to get up and stand near by me and observe.

She stood behind me and put her hands inside my shirt and started pressing my tits. Slowly she went down and played with my zip of the pant and put her hand inside through the slit of my shorts and caught hold of my manly hood. It was impossible to teach her further looking at her sex desire. I was also very much excited. I took her in my arms and carried her to my bedroom. I put her on my bed and switched on the AC as it was very hot and I was sweating because of her aggressive attack. I went to the kitchen to bring some juice to offer her. As I entered the room I was astonished looking at her. She had removed her jeans and the shirt and was only on bra and panty. I offered her juice glass. She took the sip and called me near and with the intention of kiss she put her lips on my lips and passed the juice. It was very much thrilling. We finished our glasses like this only. She pulled me towards her and removed my pant and underwear. I took out my shirt. I was fully naked in front of her. I took her in my arms.

Slowly unhooked her bra and slid her panty. Her pussy was clean shaved and very marvelous. We took 69 position and sucked each other till she had enormous orgasms like showers on my face. I too loaded my cum in to her mouth. We slept in each others arms caressing and kissing each other. After about an hour my monster again started to become hard. I kissed her passionately and asked whether she is ready for having a great fuck. Off course she shouted and again started massaging my monster. I laid her in position and applied some baby oil to my member as well as in her pussy hole. I slowly put my member on her clit and started rubbing on it. She was shouting loudly with joy. Pulled me over her and bite my cheeks and said put that inside and ram hard my pussy.

I am very hungry for your member inside me. I slowly slid my member completely in her pussy and started jerking it with enormous strength. She also raised her waste up and down in the same rhythm and shouting calling me ‘ SALYA , BHADAVYA KITI CHHAN KARATO AHES, PHADUN TAK MAZI PUCHCHI ‘ though it was little vulgar I enjoyed her calling me like that. After about 20 minutes both of us released our orgasms and slipping near by holding each other. Later on she started responding every time even when my wife was at home but little away and we were caressing or rubbing each other as and when we got opportunity. She phones me and requests me to spare time for her in the afternoon at least once in a fortnight. We meet either in my house of her house suitably. This is still going on keeping secret within both of us. Next time I will tell you the story of my love affair with Smita to whom I taught scooter driving. I stay in Pune. I am a very descent lovable person. Those who would like to learn the computer or scooter, the way I taught to Ajita and Smita or even make friendship with me, may contact me over e-mail Secrecy is 100% guaranteed.

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