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My Sexy Cousin Tina Fucked

  • desipapa
  • December 29, 2015

Hi all Desipapa readers..this is my second submission and thanks for the response to my first story. I am Akhil from Delhi age 22. I play sports so i am fit and have a lot of stamina. Now coming straight to the story. This is about how i made love to my sexy cousin. For privacy let’s put her name as Tina. My cousin Tina is 1 year younger to me and is very sexy and appealing. She is 36c-30-38. Lovely tits and a round curvy ass. I always used to stare at her and somehow I realize that she doesn’t mind it and enjoys the attention.

This happened 5 months back in winters as we were having holidays and I was getting bored at home so i started making plans for out station and started asking my friends. So my cousin said that she would also go and then my mind started having sex thoughts and I said to her no one is going and its only u and me. First she gave a negative reply but after sometime she said ok she would go. So I messaged all my friends saying a no for trip and was sexcited to go with my sexy sexy cousin.

The day came, we took the Volvo to Shimla and we seated at the back. it was a night journey so i thought sitting in back and in night could work for my advantage. It was all going well and we were chatting about various stuff. It was cold so we both shared a blanket and sometimes out bodies used to touch to which she never resisted. I was happy feeling her fragrance touching her body. Suddenly she said she wanted to sleep as she is having headache and she kept her head on my shoulder and slept and I was just thinking how to feel her body.

Once i got the confirmation that she has slept .i started touching her boobs over her jacket and started pressing them. There was no movement from her so I got some courage and i inserted my hand inside her jacket and started feeling her lovely boobs over her bra and sometimes inserted my hands inside her bra. I was getting to hot and my cock was at its full length. Then there was a little movement and she shifted more towards me. I took it as a green signal and started moving my hands all over her body and started to insert my hand inside her jeans over her panty. She was all wet down there and I loved it.

All night long I did that and when in morning we reached shimla..I woke her up and said we have arrived. She said she had a lovely bus journey and had a good night. Then she said hope coming nights are good too. I was very happy and got a green signal. We searched for a hotel in an isolated place and got a very nice cozy room. She then told me that she knew everything what i was doing and she also said I know that u keep staring at my body all the time.

I was shocked hearing this but I was happy as well because she also seemed to like it and it encouraged me and i went closer to her and I kissed her and kissed her for 5 mins. Then after i broke the kiss there was a complete silence and our eyes were filled with lust. She told me that she loves me since so long and never got courage to say but when she got to know about this trip she got exited and she immediately said yes thinking may be this time something can happen.

I was so happy listening to this and I held her in my arms and started kissing her. She was kissing like mad’s and was very horny. We explored each other mouth with tongue and exchanged saliva. It was so hot. Then I started kissing all over her neck and was playing with her hair. She was moaning so loud and was getting too hot. She started feeling my body and started to massage my thighs and inner thighs. Then I started kissing her boobs over her top and was pressing them hard. She removed her top, it was so cold outside but still our bodies were so hot and we were enjoying every bit of it. I then started kissing her over bra and started biting her boobs, she was getting very horny and she started rubbing my rock. I unhooked her bra and started sucking her boobs and biting nipples which made her crazy and she was getting mad and moaning like anything. Then she took my clothes of and took my 7 inches cock out and started licking it like lollipop.

She was very horny at that time and she was man handling it but i liked it as she was getting crazy for it and she was licking it pressing my balls… biting them, biting my cock head, it was making me crazy and i was pressing her boobs and saying bad words to her which she liked..I was saying suck my cock u bitch, u dirty whore, you brother fucker, suck it nice drink all your brother’s cum. She got much exited listening to these words and starting obeying.

I was going to cum and i held her head tight so that i can cum inside her mouth, and i cum a lot and she drank all the cum and even licked the last drop… and it was the best blowjob I’ve ever received. I was satisfied now it was my turn to suck her. I am good at it as i got to know from girls i previously had affairs with. Tina was the first timer and was very nervous and exited also.. i started kissing her cunt lips first and she was moaning loud, it was all wet there and juices were oozing out and i get crazy with the fragrance of it and i started licking it with the end of my tongue to which she started rising and started moving as if my cock is my tongue.

I sucked her for about 10 mins and i could feel her staining and i was all ready for her first orgasm… and god she cummed like hell…she was coming and coming and i tried to drink all…she started shouting fuck me now..your making me mad…fuck me now…i was very excited and i took some oil and applied it on my cock as it was her first time so i did not want to hurt her… so i positioned myself and when i started inserting she started shouting oh no its paining please take out its paining….so i decided to kiss her and try it slowly.

So I started kissing her and again positioned myself and started to insert…it was very tight and experienced worked as I applied oil and was slowly inserting it…now I know that I have to give a jerk and I started pressing her boobs and kissing her wild so that she doesn’t feel that pain…and in one jerk I broke her virginity and my whole cock was inside…I could see tear in her eyes ..but I was constantly kissing her and kept in that position for sometime till she said fuck me now…..she stopped crying and started moaning and saying fuck me bro fuck me hard now…screw me tear me apart.

These words were enough for me to start and i started stroking her…at first it was paining a lil but later she started enjoying and was matching my rhythm….i was fucked her for 20 mins and in that 20 mins she scratched my whole back and was enjoying a lot…it was time to cum and i could feel her vaginal walls were starting to contract so i came to know she is going to cum but i wanted to cum with her so i started stroking her real hard and fast…as i was near coming i said sister i am coming so she said i want u to cum inside as ill take birth control pills…

I was so exited starting stroking real hard….and best thing was she both hit the orgasm same time…..and were onto each other kissing and hugging…we fucked 2 more time in that sex period and ill write about my other 4 days we had sex day and night in all positions and places….even we had sex in night in balcony which was so sexy. I hope u like my experience and will vote for me so that I can tell you more and more. So friends keep voting and have good sex around. I’ll be waiting for comments. Girls in Delhi if you wants a nice secret sex relationship please write me at We can plan for some vacation as well. I am waiting. Bye all readers.

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