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My Sexy Cousin Sister

  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

Hi, I am 19 years old boy from delhi and my name is Rahul. Firstly from my status, I am 5’9″ tall smart boy with a 9″ longer and 1.5″ fat dick. I am always very hot and horney so this is why I have always discovered new methods for insertions. My parents are government employees and are almost out of house at day and I always used this time to be naked and fuck myself with hands, whether the hand is going to pump my dick or the fingers are about to scroll inside my ass with watching adult films. She is my cousin sister named Seema and she was 16 years old that time when I was 18. From her status, she is 5’7″ tall sexiest and innocent girl with a 36,28,36 fantastic whitest figure.

She was came to my house in her summer holidays and that day we were usually alone at home. She was dressed a streachable tight black shirt with a tightest black jeans and also black socks with black shoes. I was always had my eyes on her but was never got a chance to do anything with her. Today she was here alone with me so I was in wait for a moment to get a ride on her but was still had no idea that how she will behave or I was had a fear that will she accept me for her personals. Anyway I went to her room in underwear only and she was laying on the bed with reading a magazine and was never known that I entered inside the room. The tightest jeans was giving the impressions that from where to where her hips are or from where the division has been done between the two football sized buttocks.

Going up the tight shirt was bound and was proving that she has bound a bra inside it and hooked from where and also that where the straps are on shoulders. Suddenly, she turned while reading and I found that where her bra would be and what the sizes she will have inside it. Then I ran my eyes on her jeans and I got very hot with looking on her thighs and tightly closed zip of it. I was become too much horney because I was fucked myself ten days ago so my dick was gone very eract and I get down from the bed and began to manage my hard dick inside the pants. She looked by chance when I was managing so she turned her face to the other side with knowing that I am managing my dick. I found that this is the biggest chance which I have got so I placed my hands on her shoulders and scratched but she said nothing and I started to kiss on her neck and cheeks. She closed her eyes and I kissed her lips. In starting, she was avoiding the lip kiss but when I started to rub my hands on her boobs, she began to kiss my lips also. I sucked her lips completely then eyes, cheeks and neck and at last I started to move my hands inside the shirt and very soon I found that she is enjoying it a lot so I removed her shirt and sucked her shoulders and underarms. I found now that the bra is so much tightly closed from behind because the big boobs were about to tear it with the presure of their sizes. I moved down the left strap from her shoulder and then from the right and I sucked them with the bra a little to make her more moaning.

She turned her back to me and moved her hairs from the bra’s hook. This was enough to wait now and I unhooked her black bra and it was strealy hooked so it quickly fell down. The boobs were really very big with eract nipples on them. I sucked a lot of the skin of them and fold them but she was said nothing but her moanings were incresed when I twisted her nipples and bite them. After reducing my some heat here I sat down on knees and began to move the zip down and moved my hand inside this on her black coloured underwear. It was a hotest area and I felt now it was wet too I scratched my hand on the underwear and pulled my hand out. very soon the girl was lost the jeans. The black underwear was left on her and I noted that there was no any hair on her legs and thighs so I guessed that there will be no more hairs on the personal points and holes but she hold my hand from removing it. She said me to stand up and now she sat down on the knees and moved down my underwear and handled my huge dick in her soft and small hands and began to pump slowly. I moaned a lot when she rubbed my dick on her lips and pushed inside her mouth to suck.

I was never got a girl to pump my dick so my dick was reached at the hottest temprature. She was pumping it inside her mouth and sometimes, she rubed it on her boob’s nipples also. She was sucking it with a very lovely method to in and out of mouth but was not so longer and she lay down on the bed at last. I lifted her legs up in air and pulled the black wet underwear and through it away. The entire area was had no any single hair on it and was whitest coloured skin. She was smiling a lot when I opened her legs very wide to suck her juices. I placed my toung on her pussy and began to move it in and out with sucking her all juices which were coming out and out. It was very salty and hot and I loved it may be because I was never drunk a female’s juices. I fingered her a lot to earn more and more lubricants and I succeeded. When I pushed my two fingers together in her pussy she cried and when I pulled back she moaned a lot with giving me big juices out of her. After the pussy suck, I turned her and began to bite and suck her hips and she was enjoying it. These were the whitest hips which I have ever seen till now. I sucked their skin a lot and then opened them to reach at the point. It was a tight and almost closed hole of her body and also was wet and I never lost any time to suck it.

She moaned more this time when I tried to push my toung inside this but it was very tight and was not able to get my toung or two fingers so I inserted my one finger to get the cream out and I sucked it all from my fingers. Now she layed me down on the bed like she was going to push a dick in me but it came true a little when she pushed her one soft finger in my anis and then two together to get cream like I was did it to her hole. She fucked my hole a lot but thank to my habbit I was able to get her fingers inside me and she loved it a lot to suck with her lips. I don’t know how she sucked my anis that it reduced a lot of liquid out other wise when I had to fuck my ass, I was applied a lot of oil on it. Now the game was began when I opened her legs and entered my dick inside. She closed eyes with pain and pleasure. Firstly I entered my top inside and fucked then half dick fucking started and when I found that the seal of her pussy is broken, I entered the whole dick and with the first some strokes she was cried much but with every stroke, she started to enjoy its length and fatness with moanings and cries. I tried every position with her and she helped me to enter perfectly inside and I helped her to take it entirly. She also told me that she is feeling that my dick is reached inside her abdomen when I pushed my full length inside her. After she said enough and said that she can take no more in pussy, I started at her ass opening.

She cried a lot to get a biggest sized dick and for some first time of ten minutes, she wept many times to take it but after some deep and hard strokes, she began to enjoy also. I got more energy to do it with her because her ass was very little. I suggested her to finger her ass everytime while going for bath or toilet and she accepted my suggesion and said that she will try her best. Well! When she was completely torn from the both holes and I tried all the positions on her ass also, I began to fuck my dick in her mouth and very soon, I blowed in her mouth and on her face. She soaped my cum on her entire face and on the boobs also and also drank some. She told me that it was very salty and hot and said that now she is about to cum so I lay down quickly and said her to do it in my mouth and she did it. She was also very salty and hot to eat. We both enjoyed it a lot. She said me that she wants to piss and I gave her a bowl to do and she pissed in that bowl and I drank some of it and she filled an injection with her urine and pushed in my ass and released. I felt the hot pee going in me then It was my turn and I pissed in that empty bown because the all pee wasreached in my ass.

I also gave her a shower in mouth and filled two injections to do in ass and pussy and she took it smiling and then we went for a bath. She soaped me carefuly and I soaped her. the sexy girl was shining more sexy with a wet figure and I fucked her again for a little time and got a lot of time under shower and inside bath tub. Very soon we were back to the room and dressed each other back with the new cloths. Till we were alone we told each other the secrets of each other like why and where the girls wears the napkins etc. At night, we always goes for a walk after dinner but today she said that she is tired and not going for a walk with my parents but in really, I was known that she is not able to walk a long distance and what was happened with her in the full day. She smiled with shame when I looked her on her answer.

My uncle arrived next day and brought her back to home but she given me a gift and gone away and when lonly I opened that gift, it was a new napkin and she was written on it that she will get dressed properly in the next holidays from me and I laughed a lot and kissed this soft thing and smelled her hands on it. I am telling this secret with her permission and from her ID to you all fans of desipapa for a big pleasure on your cousin sisters to fuck them with showing that If we can, then why you can not and to the girls, Come on, give your holes to your cousin brothers to open and give you a such pleasure for what a female is made.

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