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My Sexy Cousin Shobana

  • desipapa
  • December 7, 2015

The heroine of this story is my cousin sister Shobana.Her age is 24.She is married and her hubby stays overseas.She is a sex bomb and also a beautiful figure she looks like Tamil actress Nayanthara and her vital stats are 36-24-36 she has maintains
Herself very well. She has wheatish complexion and everyone seeing her will want her to be fucked.

This happened wen I was 18.

She is staying alone in her house as her hubby visits only twice a year.As I went to her home she greeted me with a smile and told me to freshen up and she served coffee.She asked me about any studies and we talked for many hours about different topics. She also asked whether I have any girlfriends and I told no.

Later at night she called me to have dinner.Till that I doesn’t have any sexual feeling on her but when she server dinner to me I sawed her beautiful cleavage as she was wearing low neck nighty.This aroused the devil inside me. I planned to seduce and fuck her hard within my vacation.

As she was staying alone I had many advantages like touching her boobs etc.And also I use to smell her bra and panty and masturbate . One day as there is no charge in my mobile I took her mobile to use internet.At that time many whats app messages from many num came to her. All the messages are adult jokes and in some messages I even sawed that a guy proposed her for a night.

Reading this I understood that she was not having sex for about an year as her hubby lives overseas and the guys are trying to seduce her.So I taught that we must do that first.One day as we are talking about her marriage life she became upset and I changed the topic and I understood she is sex starved and needs a cock very badly.

At night we both sleep in a same room which consist of a single bed. One night as she was in deep sleep so slowly I kept my hand in her belly there is no response from her . I proceed by moving my hand towards her boob and touched it. It was so soft and big. Her juicy lips tempted me to kiss her so slowly I went near her lips and kissed her juicy lips . Its an excellent feeling.And I start to press her boobs at that time she turned a bit so I thought that she would wake up and I slept with fear.Next day she was normal as usual so I guess that she didn’t know about the kiss.Next day while sleeping I awoke suddenly and watched my cousin lying next to me .

Her sexy figure made me to go mad slowly I kept my hand over her boobs,there is no response .Slowly I started pressing those huge melons and I can feel her breathing rises and she was waking form her sleep. Suddenly I took my hand and pretended as if in sleep. She wakes up and went to drink some water and returned to bed.

At that time she noticed my erected cock inside my pants. She became hot and bites her lips and came near to me and then she kept her hands over my cock and started rubbing over my night pants. I realised that she was in full mood and this is the perfect time to seduce her. She thought that I was sleeping so she slowing inserted hand in to my pants and giving blow job to my cock. I woke up and she was shocked to see me awake .

Without no time I kissed her lips and pressed her boobs.She responded by giving a lip kiss .We kissed more than 15 mins and exchanged our saliva. I made her nude by removing her nighty ,bra and her panties.This is the first time I am seeing an woman nude. I sucked her boobs for 10 mins and went to her pussy I licked and sucked his sweet pussy and drank the love juices . She told me that she was longing for sex for more than a year.Then she took my rock-hard cock in to her mouth and sucked like a bitch.

Then she told me to insert my cock inside her hungry pussy.I was teasing her pussy lips with my cock.She guided my cock inside and I slowly fucking her. What a feeling it was her pussy is so hot .She shouted fuck my pussy hard tear my pussy by hearing this I increased my speed and cum inside her pussy.She cummed twice while fucking.

She told me that hereafter you are my husband and again we smooched she also removed her thali and I tied to her again and she was really very happy for getting me as a new husband.Again we got ready for the next round this time I did it in doggy style and ejaculated inside her pussy . .

Now she comes to my cock and jerked my cock and I was about to cum she took all my juices in her mouth and smiled and we both lied in the bed nude hugging each other with my cock inside her pussy.I told her I love you she too said that I too love you and sucked my lips.

In the morning she made bed tea for me and she had an awesome smile on her face. I told her you looking very beautiful today to which she replied it is all because of me. I got a hard on hearing this and I dragged her towards me and kissed her lips passionately and caressed her boobs I fucked her for about half an hour and cummed on her boobs.We took bath together and in bathroom again we had a beautiful session .

She asked me to stay back for some days since she was alone .I fucked her twice a day for about a month.She took pills to avoid becoming pregnant

She told that this must be a secret and not to share with anyone

Our relationship continues now also but as I was living in chennai I cant able to fuck her .

Any girls or aunties interested in sex contact me I am waiting for a extraordinary sex experience with anyone mainly aunties of age 28 to 40 .

Contact me and also say back your reviews about this story.

Please excuse my mistakes.My email is and I am waiting for your replies .

My Sexy Cousin Shobana

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