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My Sexy Colleague

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

Hi guys. I am Panda. I live and work in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Any ladies of any age from Dhaka specially divorced or widowed, who are not getting sex, are not sexually satisfied or are depressed and need friendship, can get in touch with me through this email: Your confidentiality is 100 Percent secured. I promise.

This is the story between and my horny colleague at work. I am around 33 and I am married, but my mrs. stays abroad. My colleague, happens to be a divorced lady and about 37, not very pretty, but very hot in bed. I dont go for the looks, I believe women are women, who have a heart and have lust. We work together in the same section and Department.

We were very cordial, and as we were in the same team, we happened to be good team member. It was on the month of February this year and i joined the company newly. After about a few days, me and her went for lunch together as it was not busy that day. we went to a small cafe, and ordered lunch. While having lunch I found out that she was a mother of three kids and was divorced for about 3 years. Things went on without any incidents for a few days. But we used to joke and mock around a lot. We loved our work and we were good at it.

Our boss was really happy with our team and its performance. Since we had lots of team work to do, we exchanged our numbers and had been talking frequently on the fone. One Friday, as we have an weekend on Fridays, in the afternoon I was bored and was watching a movie on my laptop. She sends an SMS asking what I was doing. I replied that i wasn’t doing anything in particular and was watching a movie. She enquired jokingly what kind of movie it was. I replied back, it was an action movie. She replied back what kind of action is it a xxx or soft… I replied jokingly that I do hardcore and I dont watch it…. She replied hahahaha. After that nothing happened. Next day we went to work, and made an expression that nothing happened. Things went on normal for a few days.

One day at work, I observed that she was tensed as well as depressed. So i took her out for lunch and and asked her what was wrong. She started telling her story, that she was depressed and was missing something in her life. I asked her what was that. She said that she was missing a male’s touch and company as well as love making. So i inquired, why does not she get into a relationship. She said that it was difficult for her to do so and she is not finding any one who she can confide in. I said may be I can help and she laughed and said that I was not serious and was joking. I said that I was serious and was not joking. She didnt respond and dropped the topic.

After about a week, she calls me and asks whether I was really interested in her. I said, if u can confide, then I was there for her. She sent me message back giving me her home address and told me to be at her place at lunch time on a friday, as she was having a party. I as usual on receiving the invitation, went to her home on a friday and was there on time and rang the bell. She opened the door. She was dressed in a very light see through saree of light pink colour and blouse. Let me describe her, she is of average looks with a good figure of 38, 32, 36 and was dusky. I am of average looks with 5 feet 11 inches height and dont a have a big dick, but i have a dick that can work and can keep a woman satisfied. Lets get back to the story.

She welcomed me in, and told me to make myself at home. She was a woman with good taste, and her apartment was done very attractively with simple things. I asked about her kids. She said that, they were at her parents house for the weekend and thats y she called me. I was now confirm that she wanted to make love at least for today.

She arranged for lunch and we started conversation during our eating. I asked her why are we alone. She told me that it was like a date and private only. I understood what she wanted and why she called me. After our lunch, we were having dessert, which she served. While eating our dessert she was sitting across and she bought an album and we were looking at it. Slowly i felt that the distance between us was decreasing and she was giving hints but not initiating. I took the chance, held her face and kissed her on her lips. She did not react back, but started responding to our kisses. We were passionately kissing each other, exploring each others mouths and exchanging salivas. I kissed on her eyes, nose, forehead, ear neck. And she whispers to me, please make love to me, Please. I kissed her lips again and we were kissing for atleast 15 minutes continuously.

I enjoyed kissing her and she was a good kisser. She breaks off the kiss, gets up, holds my hand and takes me to her bedroom. Once in the room, I took hold of her and started kissing again, and slowly I removed her saree completely, and she was in blouse and pettycoat only. She took of my shirt and started kissing my chest and slowly kissed and licked my nipples. God, it was awesome. I pushed her onto her bed and then removed her blouse and petticoat. She didnt wear nay panty and was in her bra only. I took it off, and slowly kissed her boobs and started licking and biting her nipples. Her Nipples were big and really good for sucking. She was moving like a snake under me.

Slowly, after a long time of kissing and licking her boobs, I started kissing and licking her belly, her navel and other parts her body. She was going crazy and moaning. And the more down I go, the more louder were her moans and hissing like a snake. I went to her pussy and stated giving small kisses. She was going crazy. I suddenly opened her pussy lips with my finger and put my tongue in her pussy hole, and started licking it. She was surprised and said “Eita ki Korteso?”- What are you doing?. I said that I am enjoying you. She said please dont stop…

I started licking her pussy and was fingering her pussy in the same time. She was going crazy. I took her clitoris in between my lips and started sucking it and lightly biting it. She put her hands around my head and was saying that she was coming. To make her more crazy, I stopped. She says’ You bastard, dont stop, lick me.’ I laughed and kissed her and again started it. I did it for 3 times and and at last she was coming. She came hard and made a loud scream ‘AAAAH! AMI MORE GELAM REY”, and gushed her come all over my face. I didnt stop licking then. I made her come 2 more times and afterwards i noticed that she was drained of energy. I went beside her, kissed her. She said that she could her juices on my face. I said is it sweet.

She didnt respond and started kissing me more passionately. The after a long kissing, she said that it was her turn now. She kissed all over my body and went till my dick. She took my dick in her mouth and started giving me blow job. She was a really good at giving blow job. I said that i was cumming. She said come in me. I lied her down, went between her legs, and entered her pussy, It was not very loose, but tight. And slowly I started ramming her. She opened her legs wide and was saying me fuck her hard. I put her legs on my shoulders and started fucking more harder. The more time goes, our fucking was getting more harder. I was trying to control my ejaculation. And while we were making love she came atleast 4 times.

After about 30 minutes of fucking her, I said that I am going to come. She said hug me and come inside me baby. I hugged her and fucked her for another two minutes and came. She also came at the same time. We both were dead tired and were sweating, even though the AC was on. I came, lied beside her. She kissed me for a long time, and appreciated the way I made love to her. I laughed and said it was not love, it was fuck. She pinched me and said cheeky bastard. She got up and went to clean herself. When she came back, she bought us both coffee and I lit a cigarette and was smoking. She took the cigarette and started smoking and was saying behind her ex husband, who never satisfied her urges. her best friend was her fingers and satisfied herself for a long time.

We made love again that day, and it was a longer session and she came at least 15 times that day. I stayed over her place that night. We stayed on bed and watched TV and we dont know when, we hugged each other and gone to sleep. Suddenly I wake at 6 Am on Saturday. I started kissing her and we made early morning love. The we had breakfast and we got ready. We fondled each other and we made love on her bathroom. She loved each and every moment of our love making. She had to gout to pick her kids up from her parents. When we were leaving her house, we kissed passionately before we left her house.

We had more love making sessions. Our affair lasted for 6 months, until she emigrated to a foreign country. Before her leaving, she wanted to spend a long time with me, We went to a resort and we were fucking like rabbits for 4 days and nights. We didnt leave the room nor we opened the curtains. We were just fucking.

I miss her, and sometimes feel really lonely. I loved the way she was. We respect our relationship. I dont know how she is? But I hope she is fine.

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