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  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

It was late in the night when I finished my work at the office and was returning home. My wife and kids were away visiting her parents in Dubai. This was the first night of the 3 months, when she would be gone and I was already feeling lonely. As I rode my motorcycle into our compound, I saw our neighbor “Menon Sir”. Everyone called him sir, because he used to be a teacher in a school somewhere and the name stuck. Menon Sir’s own house was attached to the one we were renting from him. After I parked my bike, walked over to where he was standing. “Namaskaram Menon Sare” “Namaskaram Mone. You are so late coming back, that Rani and I were worried about you.” Rani was Menon Sir’s very-young wife. Menon Sir was almost 60 years old, but his wife (2nd one), was only about 30 years old. Rumor has it that her father married her off to Menon Sir because he paid off a huge debt of her father’s. “Thanks for the concern.

I will be working late for a few weeks. I have to finish the project I am working on.” “That is not good for your health.” I smiled at him and almost bid goodnight, when Rani came out with a big tiffin carrier in her hand. She smile at me and thrust the carrier towards me and said “Take this. It is something we saved for you for dinner.” I readily took it, because Rani must be the best damned cook in the city. Even my wife admits to that. “Thank you Chechi. I will return the pathram tomorrow.” Menon Sir then piped it. “You should sit on your terrace and eat it. The fresh night air is good for a hard working boy like you.” I smiled at this statement. Menon sir sometimes makes these nonsensical comments. I had enough fresh air riding my bike. Not to disappoint him, I said.” “Menon sare. I will do just that.” With that I opened my door and turned around and waved my goodnight wishes. After taking a shower, I sat down on the sofa, turned on the TV and proceeded to eat the excellent dinner. After about half an hour, Menon Sir’s idea did indeed seem like a good one and I went upstairs to the terrace. I opened the terrace door and stepped out into the cool clear night. I walked to a parapet and was about to sit down, when a voice startled me.”So you decided to listen to Menon Sir?” The owner of that beautiful voice could be none other that Rani. “Chechi! You startled me! Yes, this night air is quite refreshing.” “Why didn’t you eat your dinner here?”

“Oh…I just decided to watch a little bit of TV.” “I was waiting for you to come up here, so I could watch you eat the dinner I cooked.” “It was excellent and I cleaned out the pathrams!” In the moonlight, I could see her beautiful smile. We then proceeded to sit down and just chat. Menon sir was sound asleep (according to Rani Chechi). We did not realize it, but after an hour of chatting, we found ourselves sitting close to each other, leaning on the parapet wall, sitting on the floor of the terrace. I still don’t know why I did it, but I did. I put an arm around her waist and pulled hre close. She stiffened at first, then relaxed and scooted even closer to me and leaned her head on my shoulder. I slowly massaged her waist and slowly moved my hand up. I was soon cupping her blouse covered breast and she contentedly sighed. I was not wearing any underwear and my free cock was tenting my mundu. She saw that and gently parted my mundu and placed her hand on my erection. I gasped at her soft touch. She looked into my face and smiled. “It has been a long time since i’ve seen and touched a cock. Chettan (her husband) does not have sex with me at all. He is just not interested in it.

The last time we did it was two years ago on our wedding night, and that too, it was so quick that all I felt was pain.” I was flabbergasted by her revelation and asked in a surprised voice “You mean you have not had sex for two years?” She shook her head “No, I had sex once last year, with an ex-student of Chetan’s” “What happened to him after that?” “Unfortunately he died in a scooter accident, two weeks after we had sex.” She was now stroking my cock and I was kneading her breast through her blouse and bra.She looked at me and we kissed. Our tongues were dueling each other in blissful ecstasy.” My hand slipped inside her blouse and was now kneading her naked breast and tweaking her erect nipple. She suddenly stopped kissing me and bent down to suck my cock. I was in heaven as her warm lips sucked my cock into her mouth. I moved my hand on her back and slipped it into her pavadda, under her saree and came in contact with her panty covered ass. I caressed her ass, then slipped my hand under her panty and rubbed her naked ass. She lay down on her stomach and kept sucking my cock. My hand was between her ass cheeks. She spread her saree clad legs further apart and my finger found her slit. It was soaking wet. Suddenly we heard a voice call out her name. She jerked up with a look of fear on her face. “Chettan is awake! Oh my god…he is calling me to fetch his medicine. Sorry, I got to go!” With that she stood up, hastily straightened her clothes and went downstairs to her house. I was dumbfounded. My saliva coated cock was still throbbing as I grabbed it and started jacking off. I woke up late, at about 10:00 Am or so, the next day. As it was a Saturday, I was off from work. After my daily ablutions, I went back up to terrace to read a book. After about half an hour, I heard voices below. I got up and walked over to the parapet and looked down. Menon Sir was getting into an auto rickshaw. Rani was asking “Do you have your tickets with you? “ Menon sir nodded yes and happened to look up and saw me. Hw waved up at me and said“I have to go to my village for a couple of weeks. There is some land issue going on and I have to straighten it out. Rani is not going, because she will be totally bored there. Also, she can probably help you by cooking your food for you!” I smiled and said “Thank you! Have a safe trip.” After the auto rickshaw drove away, I went back to my book.

After about forty five minutes or so, Rani;s terrace door opened and she stepped out. When I saw her, my jaw dropped. She was dressed up in the most beautiful green kasavu sari, with fragrant strings of jasmine adorning her hair. Her lips were ruby red. She walked over to where I was sitting, and I smelled her perfume, which was quite intoxicating. She stretched out her hand. I quietly took it and she tugged on my hand indicating that she wanted me to stand up. I did that and se started walking back to her terrace door and I dumbly followed. My eyes were riveted to her swaying backside. The sensuous moves were further exaggerated by her to create quite a strring in my loins.

She went downstairs and I followed her to their master bedroom. There was another surprise waiting for me. The bed was covered with rose and jasmine petals. She pushed me gently into a sitting position on the bed. I opened my mouth to ask her a question, but she placed a soft finger on my lips and shook her said. I kept my mouth shut. She then swayed out of the room and soon returned with a glass of milk. She handed me the glass, from which I drank the milk greedily. She took the glass out of my hand and placed it on a night stand. She then came over and stood in front of me. She pushed herself between my legs and pushed me flat on the bed and lay on me. Her breasts were crushed on my chest as she hungrily kissed me all over my face. She then lifted her head an looked deeply into my eyes. “This is like a first night for me. Please make me your wife, atleast sexually.” I hugged her tightly and buried my nose in her hair. She then propped her self on her elbow and looked down at her chest. I followed her eyes and was treated to the view of a luscious cleavage. I unhooked her blouse and her bra, and her beautiful breasts swung free. She moved up slightly so that her dark, stiff nipples were close to my lips. I greedily suckled on her nipples as her moans filled the air. She suddenly got up and took her clothing off. First her blouse and bra, which were open. Then went her saree and pavada. All she had on were light green silk panties, with a huge wet spot in front. I hastily removed my mundu, banian and underwear.

My cock jutted out in all its hard glory. She slipped off her panties and surprised me with a neatly tripped bush, which left her slit wide open and clear. She crawled back over me and panted into m ear “Make love to me….NOW!” With that she straddled my hips and with one hand held my cock and guided it into her vagina. I was in sexual heaven as my medium sized cock slowly entered her sex. I am not endowed like a porn star or like some characters on other stories. I had a normal 6 inch, uncircumcised cock, which was soon completely encased in her cunt. She groaned in pleasure, so did I. She started moving up and down furiously. All I could do was hold onto her hips and watch her beautiful breasts shake and swing. We kept at it for almost 5 minutes and I am sure she had atleast two orgasms, when I felt myself ready to explode. “Rani Chechi….I am cumming…” “Come inside me….please” I obeyed her command and did just that. I let og of my load deep in her. She collapsed on me and our sweat soaked bodies hugged each other as we drifted off to sleep Comments to

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