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  • September 13, 2015

Hi guys, I am a frequent reader of sex stories on internet. I am 27 years old. This is the 2 nd time I am writing a story of my sex encounter with my tenant’s wife. We lived in Delhi. We have a house which has two floors. We live in the upper floor and the ground floor we had rented out to a family, which consist of husband and wife with two kids 10 and 8 years old. They are living in our house for last two years so I have good friendly relations with both husband and wife. Husband is a banker and Shobha (changed name of my tenant’s wife) is house wife, she is always at home taking care of the kids. I used to call her Shobha bhabhi.


Shobha bhabhi is 5’4″ tall, she has ripe round breasts and lovely shaped ass. She is about 35 years old although she had given birth two kids but it’s seemed it had not affected her physic in anyway.


I have a desire of fucking from the first day I had seen her but I don’t get chance till one day. I was coming back from my office. I rang the bell of my house 10 minutes but nobody responded so, I rang the bell of shobha bhabhi’s house. After two or three bells she opened the door. She was wearing a shalwar-qameez, fitted to her body in such a way that every part of her body is become more visible, she was wearing a black bra inside her qameez. The moment is saw my cock become erected. I told her, I am ringing the bell of my house and no one is answering. She said my family is gone to some relative’s house and they will be back in the evening. If I want to sit at her home I can come in. I entered her house. She was cooking something in the kitchen so, she told me either I can sit in the tv lounge or come with her in kitchen. On our way to the kitchen I asked where her kids are. She told me they are at there grandparents house.


She start preparing something as a lunch, I asked her can help her in anyway. She said yeh she is unable to get some dishes from the top shelf. So, I bring the tool and climb on the tool she was holding the tool. We were standing in such a manner that I can see her breasts from the top and her cleavage is clearly seen and my penis is right in front of her mouth and getting this in my mind to full her mouth with my penis I was becoming crazy. At this moment I decide to fuck her. While taking out the dishes I juggled a bit and tool beneath me slipped. Shobha bhabhi in manner to save me from falling down hold me from my waist but it was deliberate so while falling down I also took her with me on the floor. We were lying on the floor in such a position that I am on top her and my cock is between her thighs and right on the top of her pussy. I thought for a moment and decided to go for it and fuck her.


I put my lips on her lips and start kissing her. At first she was shocked what I am doing she tried to resist but I keep on my pressure on her mouth and trying to penetrate my tongue to get in her mouth. With one hand I was squeezing her left breast and with the other I was rubbing her pussy. Soon I realized, she is also enjoying the fun and taking part in kissing me and she parted her lips give way to my tongue to enter her mouth. Her one hand holding my head pushes it more deep in her mouth and the other is running on my cock on the top of my jeans. We were lying on the floor in same position for 10 minutes kissing, squeezing breast and rubbing each other’s body kissing each other in a passionate way.

After 10 minutes she broke the kiss, holds my hand and took me to the bedroom. I was in just fire to fuck her I don’t want to waste a single second as we entered the bedroom I grab her from the back start kissing again on her neck and slowly moving down to her back, waist, ass and thighs. On the other hand I was play with her breast with my hands. She was holding my hands on her breast and moaning in a lower voice, aaaaaahhhhhh, oooohohohoohoho. I slide my one hand in her shalwar and start rubbing her phuddi. She was becoming out of control and shivering with pleasure. I entered my one finger in her pussy and start pumping it in and out. I felt that I had put y finger in fire, her pussy is burning and I was felling the inner membrane of her vagina. Her wet juice starts flowing out. She was breathing heavy and moaning ohohohohohh “chodoo mujhey” “aisey hi aur chodoo” After sometime I take out my hand from her shalwar and grab her qameez with my hands from the front and with a jerk I torn off the qameez. She released a big moan from her mouth aahahahhahahhaaaaaaaaaah. She was now standing wearing only bra in front of me and I was still kissing on her bear back and squeezing harshly her breasts and playing with her cunt with my hand in her shalwar. I turned her around and looked her milky white breast trying to jump out from the black bra. I unhooked her bra and kissed on her breast and start sucking her breasts, her nipples is light pink colors and erected like an iron rod. I put her right nipple in my mouth and sucked, I bite on her nipple, she cries with pain ooohohoohohoh. She said to “janoo aur zoor sey chhoosoo”.


While sucking her breasts and I move down and start kissing her pussy from the top of her shalwar. I opened the knot of her shalwar. Her white skin was glittering; her eyes were close with pleasure. Quickly I open my belt and pants buttons and my 9″ cock swing in the air. I bent her to my cock and said to her ” Is ko apney moon main ley kar chosso”. She opened her eyes and said” main ney is sey pehley kissey kaa cock nahin choosa hai”. I pushed her head forward and put my cock in her mouth. I feel her teeth are rubbing against my cock from side and than her warm tongue take the place with her hot saliva. She starts sucking my cock. I was holding her head and pumping it in and out of her mouth. She holds my ass tight I was pumping in and out my cock in her mouth. My knees were shaking. With in 15 minutes with this blow job of her I was ready to cum. My ball are going to blow out the cum and she seems to know what was going to happen next. She tries to take out my cock from her mouth but I forced her to keeping doing sucking. I exploded my whole load in her mouth. Her mouth is full of my cum up to her throat. Few drop of cum are dripping from the side of her mouth but she swallowed the whole thing and lick her sides of mouth and swallowed the remaining part.


I took her to the bed and lay her down on the bed and I start eat his her phuddi and with hands I was pressing her breasts. I parted her vagina lips and I entered my tongue in her pussy start licking her phuddi. She was shivering with joy and moaning ooooooohhhhh aaaaahahhaahha. Her juices were flowing out. I was licking her pussy like mad. The smell of her pussy juices were making me crazy. She was holding my head in her pussy and pressing it deeper and deeper. After 5 minutes her body starts shaking and she had her orgasm.


I put her legs on my shoulders and placed my cock on her pussy and rolled it on her pussy few times she was holding the bedsheet with her both hands and shivering. Her head was pounding right and left. Shobha Bhabhi said “Jaldi Sey choddho mujhey aab aur bardasht nahin hota”, Meri phuddi main apna daal doo.” I placed the head of my cock in her pussy and push it a little deeper she start screaming with pain “mar gaaaaayeyeyeye” “meri padh gaaaeeyeyey”and I felt that I had put my cock in a vice. Her pussy was very tight. Slowly I entered head of my cock, she was also cry her tears are running out of her eye. I take out my cock from her pussy, and put saliva on it. She feeled relaxed but with no prior notice I ramped my cock in her pussy. She screamed with pain and pleasure. I start pumping my cock in and out of her pussy and first it was painful for her but sooner she also start enjoying and start moaning ohohoohoohohoahaahhahahh She was screaming “aur zoor sey chodho” “haan aur teaz” “oye maan meri tu pussy hi padh gaeeyyeeeyyeeyye”. We fucked for almost 15 minutes than I exploded my load in her pussy and she has orgasm at same time. I fell down on her and start kissing her on her lips.

This is the 2nd experience of mine pl. let me know do you like it or not. Any girl or aunties from Dlhi want to contacts me pls e-mail me, my e-mail address is no guys pls only Delhi girls and married women also welcome to contact me,  becoz I like ladies with big boobs and big butts

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