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  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

Hi My name is vishu mukim and i am from raipur. I am 22 years old and working here as a Cinematographer in raipur film Industry, and i am full of Sex-Energy. From the age of 13 i have been having the fun of having Sex at its fullest and the profession i am in i get women very easily for my never ending desires. For me sex is a very important part of my day-t-day living,i see to it that i have sex at least 2-3 in a week. So thats about my introduction and now i am going to tell all you hot women out there about a true incident that happened in my life a year back. Believe me this woman, Lavanya,was the best female i have ever fucked in my sex-life of 7 years.She was the most amazing woman i have ever come accross,who was full of sex dripping from her lovely body. It so happened that my younger bro,who stays with our parents in Delhi came to Hyd to study and he took a flat on rent and was staying here and at the same time i also got a shooting in Hyd Ramuji Film Studios and it was going to go on atleast 6 months.

I came to Hyd thinking what the fuck i am going to do when i am out of Bombay for more than 6 months, how will i quench my thrist?Will i get women here?All these thoughts were eating me up.Even during my shooting here i didn’t come across any such women who would be ready for Hard-Core Sex.During my Off days i used to go and stay with my Bro and i was very famous in the colony(thanx to my bro)coz they all knew in the colony that i am a part of the Film Industry in Bombay and i am a young Cinematographer, they used to lok up to me,they used to come to my house and talk to me for hours.Felt good,i felt like i was a Shahrukh Khan or Hritik here(Jokes).

I had this neighbour of mine who used to stay next door and her name was Lavanya Aunty(Kids and my Bro called her so),she was a very nice lady with a perfect body and she was amazingly beautiful and looked fresh and sexy all the time.I loved the way she used to smile when she used to see me and the sexy looks she used to give me,i am was going crazy for her and i used to just dream of Fucking her atleast once.Lavanya’s husband was a soft-ware engineer who used to saty in U.S for the last 6 months,here she used to stay with her 2 year old Son and her Sister-in-Law,who looked awful,though i had an eye on her. I still remeber that day,it was a Tuesday and i had a off so i had come to my Bro’s house.My Bro went to his college as usual at 9:30 in the morning and i was lazing around,when i heard a knock on the door at around 10:45.I opened the door to see Lavanya standing in front of me live,wearing a black sari with a black blouse and white bra(i get crazy when i see a women in black sari with black blouse and she must be fair),maybe she had read my mind and she was wearing the dress just for me.I could see her big,beautiful,milky Tits(boobs) covered by the the bra and the blouse but i could see her Sexy Round deep Navel and at the first sight my Baburao(my dick)stood up like a hot rod and pleaded me to give him Lavanya’s pussy.
She came inside and sat down on the sofa saying that she was getting bored at home as she was all alone coz her daughter and her sis-in-law had gone to their GrandPa’s place and they would come back the next day,so she came down to my place to chat with me and she wanted me to take some photographs of her,she had got along her camera with her. While talking to me she could see my Baburao standing up through my Pyjama.I obliged her by accepting her plead to take photographs of her. First few photographs i took it in the hall in decent poses,then i asked her to accompany me to my bedroom if she didn’t mind.She just walked with me with a naughty smile on her face,this inspired me a lot.We entered the bed room and i asked her to lie down on the bed and give me some good poses to click her photographs and she did what i tols her.Slowly i started touching her everywhere,but she never hesitated instead when i used to touch her she used to breath heavily,i knew by then that she was mine but i wanted to paly with her for little bit long before the final action. She was sitting on the bed and posing for me when i told her that i wanted to take her photographs with only her blouse on, I didn’t want her Sari covering her blouse and she did it,she took of her Sari and Stood in front of me with olny her blouse and her petticoat,Man she was mine. Then i asked her to stand under the shower and get wet with her garments on and she did it as the way i wanted it be done.As her Blouse for getting weti could see her lovely Tits covered in the white bra and they inviting me to eat them up.

The water was dripping to her navel and it was looking damn sexy.I was just standing there and watching this amazing beauty and her ravishing figure getting wet and oozing with sex.She was watching me and smiling,suddenly she became ver serious and asked me in a really come-and-fuck-me voice “What should i do now M-A-S-T-E-R??” and i said to myself “Sidharth thats is,lets start the action now!” and i kept the camera on the table and and stood in front of her under the shower.She was looking at me and i could see only sex and sex in her beautiful eyea and she was breathing very heavily.I told her “Lavanya you are really beautiful,will you be mine?” and i hugged her.She held me tight and started kissing me and was murmuring in my ears “Sidharth i am all yours”.I took out her blouse and her petticoat and she was standing in front of me in her panty and her bra and i could see milky white boobs covered in the bra,i pressed them hard and smooched her meanwhile she was fiddling around with my Babu Rao. And then it was her show and i was having fun,she took me the bed and i lied down and she tied both of my hands to the bed and then she started licking me from up to down.She asked me to open her bra with my teeth and her panty too,and i just obeyed her,Man she was wild.She took of my pyjama and out came my hungry lion looking out for his prey.She licked me everywhere and she sometimes offered her nipples to eaten up,she went down and started moving my Dick with hand and then she licked it and gulped it inside her mouth and i was just enjoying every part of it.Again she came up and she smooched me for a long time and when i asked her give me her niples she gave it to me to be eaten up more.She came down and swallowed my dick in her mouth and i was loving it the way she was doing it,it had been the best blow-job i had ever felt.

As she was doing it i felt i was about to shoot and i told her so,she asked me to give it to her and obeyed her.I shot and she ate every bit of it,this made me wild now,i was going crazy,i untied myself and threw her on the bed and smooched her and squeezed her milky boobs and chewing her nipples and she was loving it and was screaming with fun.I went to her navel and was blowing in soft air from my mouth and she was enjoying it and was begging to me to fuck her.I went down to her pussy and i started licking it,Man her pussy smelt only sex and sex,i got my finger inside her pussy and she was just making sexy sounds and pulling my hair. By then my faithful Baburao(my dick ofcourse)was ready to explore this amazing beauty and i finally put it inside her pussy and she was screaming”Sidharth Fuck me,Fuck me,Fuck me harder” and i was pushing and pushing and pushing harder pressing her boobs and smooching her and she was making this wonderful noises and scratching my body and i was getting more heated and i was pushing more harder.

It was time for me to shoot again and she asked me to fill her pussy with my White Hot Liquid and i again obeyed her,Oh!it was wonderful,felt like i was in the 7-star Heaven.I took out my dick from her pussy and was lying besides her but i knew she was not over she needed more.She again started kissing me and licking my dick and playing with my balls and after sometime my half-hungry lion again erected and she was happy to see it and she sat on it and started pumping and pumping and i was just loving it,Oh!Baby she was the best thing that had ever happened to me.I was busy pressing her boobs and she was pumping on and was screaming with fun.After sometime she got and asked me to fuck her in doggy style and i obeyed her.I forced my dick into her already explored arse,she was shouting and begging me to fuck her harder and i did so and she was making this lovely sound which was inspiring me more.It was again time for to shoot and finally i shot and i filled her arse with my liquid.I was dog tired by then after this real Hard-Core Sex and now even she was satisfied.We lied down for sometime and were smooching each other,after sometime we got up and went and took a bath together for an hour.Then she left promising me of more Hard-Core Sex in future. After that we used to have sex everytime we used to meet,but unfortunately she left for US with her daughter in December,but she still mails me and tells me that i am still the best man in his life till date ans she has promised that when she comes to India she will make sure that she has Sex with me.She was the best ever Women i have had sex with till date,she gave me all the pleasures of life.

Now again i have started coming to Hyderabad regularly for my work but haven’t yet got any women like Lavanya. So Ladies and Girls of Hyderabad or Bombay surely mail me if you too want to have some hardcore sex with me,i will see to it that i please all of you.You can mail me in my e-mail address and my yahoo chat id is sidd_2000. SEE YA GIRLS HAVE FUN!!!

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