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My Sexy Aunty

  • desipapa
  • November 27, 2015

Hi everyone I am Vicky a 25year old guy working in vizag.How I fucked my aunt to full without any regrets..!!!
Coming to the story.This incidence happened last year when I 24.Besides my house, my aunt uses to stay.Her age is 30 married and having school going kid.Sexiest figure in our neighborhood and colony.Every dick must salute seeing on walking with that sexy ass.

The main part most sexy is her waist and she use to wear sarees down to her belly button showing her assets. I always wanted to bite near her waist and lick that belly button.Next part is her boobs like mangoes so big with a lot of juices in it.I use to go to her house sometimes when I mom ask me to help things in some works.Forgot to say uncle is my mom relatives.My uncle uses to go to different cities on work and use to stay outside for many days on work so my mom uses to take care of kid and aunt mostly.When I go to her home we use to talk some time pass topics and office and friends matters.She uses to be casual and close as I am younger to her.

I was busy in my routine and office works.After some days, I went to her house casually.She was watching tv I went inside and sat down on the sofa and started talking with her.While talking, she said that she as to go to some marriage but due to the back pain she is not going to attend the marriage. I was looking for opportunity and said massage with oil on the back can be helpful to decrease the pain.

She went inside to her bedroom to try massages herself.I was watching tv.She came out after some time and said pain had not decreased with full of oil on her waist and back I wanted to take a chance and said I will do massage if you don’t mind.She said ok with a smile on her face and we both went into the bedroom I was in full mood and tension in my heart.

Aunty slept on her stomach on the bed.I sat near aunty.She removed her saree showing her back.I took oil in hands and started to rub on her lower back.The shining back with oil on her body making me mad to fuck her.I started massaging her back sideways touching her belly button slowly and slightly pinching her skin near her waist.

She started enjoying slowly with breathing heavily I wanted to lick her belly button.It’s first time seeing aunty that close.I was enjoying to the fullest.Aunty said to do for another 10 mins it is already late afternoon go and sleep.I said ok and was doing massage I slowly started massage down to her boobs upper back sides she was enjoying my massage.After some time she said she want to sleep and asked me to go home and take rest I said ok and pressed with little pressure on back and washed my hands and left to home and masturbated for 3 times thinking on her boobs and back..!!

Next weekend it was saturday I have 2 days off I went to her house she returned from her hometown after marriage aunty said the pain was decreased up to some extent.We both watching tv and suddenly she said you are grown up vicky I was surprised and asked what happened aunty why you said like that seeing you last week during massaging me I got to know this she asked you to message me and you were pressing my belly button and pinching my waist.

I agreed to the things she said I told her that she got a sexy waist and it looks she beautiful.She laughed and asked me that’s why you asked me that you will do massage I said sorry she said ok and was asking me about my office things we were talking all d things she asked me to do dinner at her house.When I was going home I said by aunty seeing her waist.She called me back to my surprise she asked me you want to pinch it again and I said no aunty and I fear I left the house what if my mom comes suddenly..!!

My minds are running full of naughty things and didn’t even sleep full night waiting for the next morning to come again next day I went to her house.She was in kitchen cooking food

I went inside and said hi aunty what are you cooking Sunday specials she was wearing pink saree from backside she is very sexy and standing like please fuck me vicky my dick was hard seeing her low waist saree and her ass she asked me had your breakfast I said finished long back was standing back to her and wanted to pinch her waist but in fear but I was not able to control I took opportunity and pinched her waist and touched her belly button oh ahh good it’s really fucking awesome in my mind before fucking her pussy I have to fuck her belly button once and slightly pushed my dick into her touching her back.

She closed her eyes in pleasure she kept her hands on my hands and pressed with pleasure and heavy breathing.Suddenly I removed my hands may be if someone comes aunty is fully open but fear inside my missed d opportunity she was laughing and said did your wish fulfilled yesterday you were saying on wen I asked u. We both came and sat in hall and she asked me to do you like me.I said I am mad about you she was watching tv

I was getting horny she asked me what you want to do said I want to see your boobs without saying anything she went inside her bedroom I followed her I was standing back she slowly removed her pallu and asked me come enjoy why are you waiting for and asked me don’t tell to anyone keep it as a secret I don’t have any mood to listen to those words

I hugged her from back and started kissing her on neck and started pressing her boobs she was moaning ahh slowly its paining but I increased pressing more and started pressing her nipples I opened her jacket hooks and for the first time I have been her boobs oooh yummy y so goodd not saggy very stiff white softest and with little brown nipple eee sss I was getting excited and lip kissed her for 20 minutes with tongue playing lip licking gg ggg its so horny she was touching my dick and moaning ggg ah vicky…

I started licking her boobs’ and biting those nipples which are very hardd I was biting her nipples she was shouting high please slowly but horny man inside me not listening..But unfortunately my mom was calling me because I have to take her outt..So we compromised and she was not letting me go pressing my dick ok, but my mom was shouting from outside..I gave a hard kiss and left from there.In my mind was a fucking opportunity I missed….

I never got a chance to fuck her as I went to another city on office work to another city.After 2 weeks, the horny man returned back to the home looking every opportunity to fuck her.

After some days luck started to search for me and gave an awesome chance we got an invitation for marriage from our relatives due to its marriage season my mom and dad want to go for another relative’s marriage and asked me and aunty to go for another marriage which is the 45km nearby small city from my home.We have the only option going on bike or bus I asked my aunty she said I want to enjoy the ride lets go on bike vicky’s.

We started at 6:30 evening while we are almost near the city it started raining heavily so the chance to drive marriage is next day evening so we took a hotel we were fully wet as it was rain heavily.Aunty was wearing a transparent saree she was full wet d hotel people were looking at her continuously we can easily she her full sexy structure.We got d room and entered the inside I was looking at her without even closing my eyes she was smiling and said don’t worry we will enjoy to the fullest today.

I was in the full mood I slowly hugged her on wet cloth es and started kissing gag her madly she was getting horny and started enjoying I licked her tongue kissed her neck she was moaning go high hh.Slowly I started pressing her boobs on the blouse and biting her lips in full josh.

I removed her pallu boobs were coming out of her blouse as I said before about her boobs those are white round with little brown nipples. I lifted her and dropped her on bed again I started kissing her licked her lips tongue playing I pulled her to bed edge and started kissing her legs I started kissing her legs to stomach belly button area she was becoming hornier I slowly removed her saree torn her blouse and kissed her boobs fully and biting she was shouting please vicky ahh ah more hard bite them hard suck my nipples bite them shhh ahh oh my god in btw she opened my jeans and got shocked seeing my dick fully erect laughing we will enjoy today to fullest…!!

I made her sleep on bed removed her panty which is wet already there comes the entrance of heaven clean neatly shaved pink pussy juices were flowing like niagara falls just for that awesome foreplay I kept my hand on her pussy and started massaging it inserted my fingers slowly into her pussy in and out vicky do it more fast fast ga aaaa fast gaa aaa ummm, aah abb aaaa today please fuck me hard I removed my fingers and kept my tongue licking start she was liking umm aaa hh hh, oh rocky, please do it baby my husband never did in this way never before lick it ahh hh hh yeah oh to make more horny I bite her pussy lips in middle and licked hard mmmm ahhhh oh ahh oh oh oh oh full of heavy breath sounds she started cumming she looked at me and gave a pleasurable smile and pressed my dick and my balls hard..!!

She started sucking my dick like vanilla ice cream I was in heaven she was sucking soo good simian tenuously I was pressing her boobs and biting her nipples kissing her neck she asked me please vicky I cant wait more please fuck me I pulled her to edge of the bed missionary position legs full open started rubbing my dick on her pussy teasing her please insert it while teasing suddenly I inserted inside with force she shouted abb bb aa ahh started slowly and increased ramping her pussy hard gin full mood ummm aaahh vicky ohh ohh fuck k mee hard more hard dd tear my pussy abbbaaa ahhh ahh ahh

After 10 mins she sat on my dick in cowboy position and she started teasing me rubbing pussy in my dick without inserting she slowly inserted in and out I was pressing boobs hard and tickling her nipples she is in full mood after vigorous fucking gg we both at end stage cummed at same time she was tired and fall on my chest cumming and hugged me tight her hips touching my hips and pressing hard my dick into her pussy yy yy…!!

Within in sometimes I was in mood again asked her for doggy style petti full game she was shouting like hell harder hard fuck meet vicky ahhh abbbaaa more hard we tried some position as we got time till to afternoon it was most enjoyable fuck kk kk I ever had its was so fucking awesome I was fucking her till morning with little gaps if I feel all tired I use to lick her boobs and bite her nipples I gave lot of love bites.

We slept nude till morning we both were very happy.We also fucked after reaching back home whenever we got time a lot of stories will write them for you wen I get time.Hope everyone will enjoy reading my story with my aunt.This is my first story if any mistakes in English or in writing story don’t mind..!!

Thank you, people, for reading my story.!!I hope you enjoyed the story..!!

Please give me your review and suggestion at forget..!!

Love vicky 🙂

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