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  • August 22, 2015

But there are times and happenings which overtake all thoughts and actions.I faced the same dilema- but the events over-rode all such thoughts of incest being bad. I have read practically all the stories and find them quite entertaining. It also gave me an incentive to write my own affairs that have changed my life. Let me introduce myself first- My name is Rohan and I am 25 years old. The first incident(sex) in my life happenrd when I was 13+ years old. It sounds strange, but stranger things happen in life.

My family consists of my father-38 years, mother-32 years, doesnt look her age(Kanta),sister- 11 years(Sonia) and my Bua-25 years-my father’s youngest sister(Kriti)Average looking lady , with good boobs. We lived in a bungalow, which had 2 bedrooms on the ground and 2 bedrooms on the first floor. I and my Bua were on the first floor. Since very young age I have been very reserve type and spent most of the time(other than studies)going to the GYM and running. I was a good boxer too. As a result of all this I had a good mascular body. In school I had very few friends and they introduced me to sex knowledge, whatever little they new, and we used to read “Mastram” porno story books and soon I desired having a good fuck. Once I went to my Bua’s room when she was in bathroom, and saw a book on her bed. It was a KAMASUTRA book.She was probably reading it and just left it on her bed when she went to the bathroom. I read few pages and felt my blood going faster and I was becoming hot.

My Lund started getting hard and long. I quickly put the book down and ran to my room. Bua came to know that someone had seen the book as it was not in rhe same place but did not say anything. Next day I brought a mastram story book to read. It was on my table with other class books.Next day I went to school and when I came back I saw rhat the book is in a different position.My Bua must have read it as she is the only one who comes to my room. The following day this happened again. Anyway to cut a long story short- this is what happened— On the 4th night after dinner I placed the book on her bed when she was not there. I kept track and later when all had gone to sleep, she came to her room and saw the book. She quitely took it and started reading it. I waited for some time and when I saw her place her hand on her pussy and slowly massageing it, I knew the time has come to act as I was by now interested in having a good fuck with her. I slowly went inside the room and very quitely placed my hands on her fairly good size boobs and started massaging them. She was taken aback. I then turned her towards me and started feeling her face- tracing my fingers all over. She started relaxing and did not say any thing. I was by now becoming bold as there was no resistance from her.I then started kissing her face all the while kneading and squeezing her lovely breasts.

My lips touched hers and I took my tongue inside her mouth. At first she was hesitant but soon responded and she brought her closer to her and atarted kissing me back. Our tongues met and started playing with each other. Very soon we were both very hot and eager to have a good fuck. I then got up and pulled her up too. I then started taking her blouse off, she helped in that. Off went her bra.Her naked boobs were making me made but I controlled my self and removed her saree first and then her petticot. She was absolutely naked. I kept on looking at her as she was the first women I was seeing totally nude. Kriti- Ya kya, mujhe to nanga kar diya aur khood kapra phehane hua yo. I replied that I took you clothes off so you take my clothes off. She then slowly took off all my clothes- now both of us were naked. She saw my Lund and put her hand on it.She was alsop by now hot and wanted a good fuck. ” Arre ya too bahut lamba aur mota hai”. ” Kya mera lund pasand hai”. “Han. Kya mujhe chodo ge, kya ya aachi baat hogi, mai tumhari bua hoon, hame aisa nehin karna chahiya.” . “Jaroor, isileya to tumhare kamre aaya hoon. Bua huyi too kya hua, aap ko mere lund chahiya aur muzhe aap ki choot.aur kisi ko kya pata chalega. Is therah hum dono apni aag bhujha lenge.”

We then again started kissing with our tongues playing with each other. All the while I was massaging her boobs and squeezing her nipples. Her tits soon got hard and stood up. I then took one boob in my mouth and placed my hand on the other and caressed softly and slowly. Her eyes were closed and she let out a soft moan- “aah, bahut accha lag raha hai, aur chooso, khoob masalo.” I then slowly moved my hand downwards and covered her hairless chut.I started using my finger to slowly play with the chut lips. I then played with her clit. She was really enjoying and was really hot by now. She caught my lund and started moving her hand up and down the entire length. Her moaning increased. As both of us were new we didnt know what else to do so I parted her legs and got on top of her. She spread her cunt lips and I placed my hot lund on her cunt hole(it was paining by now)and got ready to enter her. Kriti- Rohan, ab jaldi karo, raha nahin jata. Apna lund ghusao mere chut me. I pushed and pushed. Soon a knob of my lund entered her hole. She felt a little pain and said- karo, dalo. I again exerted pressure and now nearly one third was in her chut.

She almost screamed but controlled herself. I took a deep breath and withdrew a little and then again got ready to push hard. This time more than half of my lund was inside her. She caught me tightly and wispered in my ears- bahut dard kar raha hai. Thumhara lund bahut mota hai. Likal lo ishe. I kept my lund in her and started playing with her boobs and kissed her- Bas thora aur. Phir pura ghus jayaga. She calmed down a little bit. I again prepared to push my lund fully inside her hot chut. I pulled my lund completely out and again placed it on her cunt hole. I gave a good and hard push- again almost my complete lund went in. I had put my hand on her mouth to suppress any noise. She struggled a little and then guitened down as her cunt became adjusted to having my lund inside her chut. I again pulled a little bit out and pressed hard. This time the entire lund was inside her. It was heaven. I then slowly started pumping her chut. With each stroke, my lund started going in and out without any resistance. By now even she started enjoying and started encouraging me-” Aah,Bahut maja aah raha hai. ab achha lag raha hai. Aah, ooh, aah, pura lund dalo aur chodo’ I continued the slow action and then increased the speed. We fucked like this for about 15 minutes and we were on the verge of releasing.”Rohan-aah-aah-ooh- mai gharne wali hoon”.” Maibhi gharne wala hoon”. Soon she exploded with a loud groan” mai gayee”. A few strokes later I also exploded and filled her chut with my juice. a little trickled out on to her thighs. We both lay exhausted in each others arms. Kriti- Mujhe bahut maja aya. Tumko. I replied-” Mujhe bhi. Pheli bar tha, agli bar aur maja ayaga”.

We rested for some time and then both of us were getting hot again. We started all over again. This time it was better than the first time. That night we fucked 4 times. We became lovers and were togather each and every night- kissing, fucking and learning more about sex from each other. This continued for 4 days and then I said- ” Kriti, kal se hamlog kamsutra aak sath parhenga aur nay nay tarika chudai ke shekhange. She readily agreed and soon we learned different poses and love making acts. We learned what will make each other happy, what will take us to the extreme sexual pleasures, how to last longer.We fucked at least 4 times each night. She started giving me blowjob, I tongue fucked her.We had sex in all possible manner and not only at night but also whenever we got chance. She had started behaving like my wife/lover. Our love making continued for the next 6 months.Unknown to us we were caught in our fucking session by my Mom, but she kept quite( she told me later on). My mother now decided to get my bua married soon. The marriage day arrived and we were both very sad. I fucked her on the marriage day(in bathroom) and just before doli(again in bathroom). She went away leaving me all alone.This didnt last long. soon I had another partner.I will write all about that in my next episode. In case any one wants to interact with me, exchange notes,share their experience and want to have me can contact me at –

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