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  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

First of all I’d like to introduce myself to you, my name is kiran,not my real name i will tell you later .I’m 25 and living in the coatal andra town guntur, . We are two brothers living in a combined family system. My brother is older than me and married, he is also living with us with his wife, her name is swathi and believe me she is a dynamite, Anyways, this incident occurred when my brother got a job abroad and he left for US just after one month after his marriage. Since he was being offered a handsome salary, he had to go.since he only had visa he left alone.

As I already told you that we were living together, we have two portions in our house upper one is where my brother and his wife use to live and we have our rooms down stairs. My vadana (wife of my brother) is very beautiful, cheerful and nice lady, she was very frank with me and use to spend time with me chatting , or watching movies sometimes and all that, it After the departure of my brother for two months Divya spent time very normally, but after that I noticed that she use to stare at me and started giving me mysterious smiles, I thought it was my doubt, but then one day I noticed that she is taking interest in me in a special way, she use to call me upstairs very often, and use to offer me food , drinks and other such things and love to sit near me , and tried not to miss any opportunity to have physical contact with me. I started getting aroused by such gestures from her and started looking her in a special way, she was gorgeous with a beautiful 36C size pair of tits, very tight and nice ass and tanned complexion with long legs and flat tummy.

Most of the time she use to sit in front of me wexposing her breasts .Even when she wore saree’s she would wear sleeveless blouse. I wish I could lick that navel. I started masturbating a lot thinking about her. One night my parents were out to attend a marriage. I was all alone with my vadana[Bhabhi]. I went to the hall when suddenly power went out. My bhabhi asked me if I were afraid if I want I could go and sit next to her. I was very much aroused thinking that I could at least try to touch her lovely breats.I slowly got up and went towards her when I suddenly tripped and luckily she held my hand. The lights came on. I was thanking her when I noticed she started to caress my hand, I was a bit nervous in the beginning, but then I also got confidence and grabbed her from behind and rubbed my now hard cock on her ass, she was also hot now , and she forced back, to get more contact, I silently kissed her neck from behind and put my hands on her belly , and she turned her face and kissed me on lips , I got out of control and started kissing her neck, face , lips like mad.

She started moaning and placed my hands on her rock hard tits , it felt so good that I threw her on the sofa and started moving my hand from her face to her legs and when I tried to touch her inside her thighs, she placed my hand on her pussy , from above her shalwar. It was the greatest feeling of my life, and I placed my hand under her kameez and touched her tits above her bra, I was about to remove her clothes ,she stopped me went to her room,i am too horny by this time i directly to her room but I could not find her. I could hear someone in the bathroom and I found my bhabhi washing her face. She was looking really sexy with her open hair. I could see her round ass waiting to be fucked. I went and caught hold of her from behind and she let out a moan. AHH. She turned and we started smooching. I splashed some water on her Kameez. I was shocked to see her huge tits.She wasn’t wearing any bra. I removed her kameez and those beautiful tits were in my hand , I felt her nipples getting hard by the touch of my fingers and her moans kept getting louder and louder. Ahhhh. I began to caress her body and pressing her soft breasts.

I then began to suck her boobs, she pressed my head towards her boobs and sucked them some more hard. She was moaning, AHhhhhhhhh, SUCK IT. UMMMMm. She began to lick my earlobes. I moved my hand down to her shalwar, and I opened her shalwar too, she was not wearing anything underneath. WE went towards the shower and let the water out. I soaped her whole body, feeling every part of her body. I placed my hand on her pussy lips, she opened her legs a bit to give me full access to her pretty pussy, I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and placed a finger inside , she stooped kissing me and started moaning, she closed her eyes and gave me a huge hug, pressing my chest against her bare tits , I felt her hard nipples against my chest. By now she had already undressed me. She grabbed my hard cock in her hand and began pressing it. she then sat down on her knees and started sucking my cock, It was my very first experience and I was on seventh heaven. I placed my hands on her head and she started giving me a great sucking , then I after some time she asked me to kiss her pussy lips I had no experience but have seen in movies , so I stared kissing and sucking her down there, she was out of control now , screaming and asked me to lick her pussy and to put my tongue inside , I did the same and she was calling me bastard, and abusing me I was enjoying her language.

Then I placed my rock hard cock on her pussy lips and rubbed it on them , she asked me to fuck her quickly, and to give all my cock to her, I put it in, with a strong thrust and it was very tight, I knew she was desperate to make love as she had not experienced sex for a year since my brother had left. I had to thrust even harder to enter her pussy, she was screaming loudly, oh, aah, han, she told me she is comming she started to shout comming and I was enjoying all this, then suddenly I felt that I was coming i told her she told me go on give her full big stokes i stated to give her full strokes after 10 stokes i cummed in her butiful yoni i cummed like jet ,. She opened her eyes and gave me a big smile and said ,you are good fucker.We completed our shower and put on our clothes. We went again in the hall and I kept playing with her tits. after that i liad her on bed, my rod became again hard i stated to chew her yoni she is moaning loud ha ,um,then i parted her legs wide ,i kept my rod on yoni again entered this time i fucked her30 mintes fulltime.

After that day I made love to her on quite a few occasions but I can never forget the first time I fucked her . she even intraduced her friends [two],we even enjoye tfour some group [3girls and me]It’s been a year since then and my brother came back some days . They have now left for Delhi and I will miss her a lot. now some times secretly i used to do sex with her friends with out my vadana[babhi] Any suggestions , questions are most welcome. If any lady could tell me what arouses her the most, I would be thankful. Any horny ladies out there who want a hot with a young handsome guy from guntur can feel free to contact me at with your contact place means address or phone no; or else don’t contact shall be waiting for ur e-mails 🙂

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