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  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

Hello again everyone,

I am from Chennai as you all may know. Thanks for your replies to my previous stories.this experience happened in the work place along with my co-worker. Her name is Sangeetha. She is a senior software programmer working/developing in the same institue. There were 2 other male teachers and 3 female teachers in it. She is married but with no kids and must be around 29 years of age with a milky white complexion. Her hands are so smooth and milky and her face is always fresh and everytime I go closer, I can get some fresh smell from her body. She is little bit on the bulkier side with heavy ass with nice foldings on her hips. She is somewhat shorter than me and comes to work either in saree or chudidhar. Her bra will be usually visible on her shoulders (comes out of the jacket) and she adjusts it every now and then to hide it inside. Her boobs are heavy too and the roundness of the boobs is one heck of a sight to watch.

We usually sit on a dining table well inside the office to take tea during break times. And she has a tendency to keep her left hand above the table. Everytime I sit on her left side, I can see the nice & round globes from the left and also the snowy white, soft hips with foldings. Sometimes she keeps the hand above the table and writes something. She even sleeps (rather takes rest) in that position itself. I take every opportunity during that timings to watch those treasures. Her boobs will be pointing downwards and the full roundness will be visible. Her left side hip upto the mid portion of her tummy will also be visible. Her navel will be visible if she is standing and that too if we look really well. She doesn’t wear below navel or anything but may be right on the edge. For guys like me who knows how to explore every inch of an adult woman, these things are pretty easy to idetify. I often feel like feeling those globes preventing it from falling down due to gravity. I am pretty sure that these boobs are bigger than my athai’s even though she is a lot younger when compared to my athai.

Since she is senior to me, I can ask her anything related with her subject and she explains them to me in her sweet voice. She doesn’t hesitate asking me for any help in my subject as well. We have a lab full of computers for students and 5 class rooms with computers too. Ours is a growing institute, so we don’t have a full load of students all the time. There will be plenty only after 5 pm until 9 pm but a few during the day time. In one of those days, she was working in her computers in the lab and I went and approached her for a question. I purposefully go to her left side, since not much I can see from the right side.

“Hi geetha, are you in the middle of something?” I asked
“Not much.” she stopped typing and looked at me “Do you need anything?”
“I can’t seem to find an output for this query.” I extended my notebook and shown her the query. She must have noticed something strange in my pants and with that face looked at me and said, “Your pants..!! Your zip..!!! is not locked.”
“OOPS!” I said, “I am so sorry.” I just stood there itself and in one swift motion zipped it. She just turned and pretended to look somewhere. I even felt so embarrassed for doing this. I promise you guys I did not plan this. It was really an accident that I went there like that.

“That’s ok. It happens.” She smiled and told not to make this a big deal. I apologized her again and we concentrated on the question. As she started running that query in her computer, my eyes were all over her again and naturally my cock has started growing from its normal size. I thought to myself what would have happened if I sat there unzipped with stiffened cock. She probably would have seen my underwear with stiff cock. I smiled within myself and thought what would have happened if I didn’t wear underwear. Man..I cursed myself for my day dreaming and started listening to her.
The very next day when I walked thru the lab, I saw her crossing me. We smiled as we crossed, and right at the last moment, I saw her eyes right on my tool. She didn’t see I was noticing her as I saw straight and then looked at her without turning my face. I laughed within myself thinking that she must be checking if I am unzipped again. For quite sometime after that, several times when we crossed, un-intentionally her eyes will go there and immediately will look somewhere. I didn’t ask anything or joked anything about that to her but since she keeps noticing involuntarily, however I was getting really turned on.

I started coming to work without my underwear from that day and we usually have to wear format pants. If I get turned on, I am sure my bulge will be visible to anyone. So, I had to be careful while I have students or other staff with me. But there is no reason for me to get turned on other than she being present, so I stopped worrying about that. It worked well for few days and I didn’t have any problem with that. So, I continued coming to work without wearing underwear. And everytime I am working with her, my bulge will be visible over the pants. And I can easily tell from her facial reactions and stammering voices that she keeps looking at my bulge every now and then. I keep my keyboard over the lap so even if someone comes I can hide it with my keyboard.
She is more of a naturally spoken, soft-natured, no-fight, no-harm lady. She must have found little bit odd or may be scared about my recent behaviours, which I can notice from her change of behaviours. She started maintaining some kinda distance from me and when I ask her something by approching her, she answers them without even looking at me, just by looking at the monitor (as if concentrating on her work). Her fear has given somewhat advantage to me and I never hesitated shown my bulge only infront of her. I wasn’t worried about her reporting about this to the management because I was pretty damn sure that she won’t do it. Even if she wants to tell the boss, what can she say? –that this guy is always showing his bulge to me– I guess everyone will be laughing at her. However she pretected herself from me by simply ignoring me and avoiding any physical contacts or even nearness.

In one of those days, I was sitting in the break room and having my tea. She was sitting opposite to me and sipping her tea with her eyes on the book. Just the looks of her body and the sexyness turns me on. I slid my hand underneath & quietly unzipped my pant and took my cock out. My cock was rock hard and standing perpendicular like a pole. No one walking by, can see me in that position, unless they bent down the dining table and look. I don’t think anyone is going to do that.
Confirming no one is around, I asked her, “Do you have the lab exercise papers for VB 5.0?”
“Sure I do.” with her usual look on the book and replied.
“Can you give it to me so that I can take a copy of it and give it back to you?”
“Where is yours?”
“I didn’t realize my students would need it today. I kept mine at home.”
“Ok..but be sure to return it now..I need it too.”
She took her copy of the excercise papers from the file and started giving it to me one by one. After getting the first two papers from her, I slipped in the those papers in between the partitions of the wooden dining table without her knowledge and they fell underneath the table.
“Oops!” I said as if being sorry.

She meanwhile without saying anything just bent down the table and started collecting those. I was just waiting for this to happen. I just expanded my legs and since I took my cock out completely, she can now see the entire length of the perpendicular shaft. “Wow!” I thought to myself..”Come on baby! Take a look.”
I slightly slid down as if trying to help, bent more in the same sitting position. I can now see her underneath trying to reach out for one of those papers on my side. Now, I slid down with my erect cock, reached for the paper and took it. She from underneath itself, looked at the huge pole and looked at me in the eyes. There was only a few inches of spaces between us (if you can imagine the situation) and I can clearly see her becoming really nervous as if hit by a 1000 volts of electric shock. She got up with that face and sweating a bit. I extended my hand casually as if nothing happened and hiding my expressions entirely. I didn’t know what was running thru her mind. She simply handed it and in one quick motion, without even looking at me, cleared that place. I was laughing to myself and stroke my hardened cock for 2,3 times and zipped it in. I didn’t know if that was the right move with her. But she is the one who started it. Had she not kept looking at me there, I wouldn’t have gotten the urge to show my bulge and ultimately the whole naked cock. It’s all her fault.

I had atleast some hope in the very deepest part of my mind that this chick would definitely fall to me some day or other. I never get tired of trying. In one of those days, my boss came to the office with her daughter Swapna, who was around 15 yrs of age and introduced her to all of us. I wasn’t sure what grade she was studying then, but I couldn’t believe when she said she was in her 8th grade when she told. The reason is she didn’t look like it. She really looks well developed, fair-colored with developing tender buds, a cute ass & and nice long legs. Whenever she comes to work, she wears a knee high skirt and a t-shirt. The short skirt is above her knees & would be revealing her inner thighs a lot and the t-shirt will slightly project those tender rosy buds as well. My boss specifically told me to teach her all the basics about computers whenever she is there and when I have free time. She became nice and friendly with me within 2 days. She started playing pranks & other activities with me including punching me in the hands, pinching my thighs & cheeks & sometimes hitting me too. My boss never used to care about anything nor had the time to look after those things.

She has been a quick learner in everything but she had more interests in playing games than learning. I taught her how to play the game Dave (the arcade game that has 10 levels). I have completed all the 10 levels and when she saw me playing once, she got completely mad after the game. After that, she never leaves me for anything. As soon as she comes, she calls my name loudly in the lab and takes me to one of the class rooms. I never miss the opprtunity to keep my hands in her hips or thighs, or gently pinch her in the cheeks, rub her smooth hands etc., I learnt in quick time that this young girl is playful with a carefree attitude who doesn’t know anything about sex, but wouldn’t mind trying it or being tried. So, everytime she comes and stand near to me (while I am sitting infront of my computer), I keep one of my hands behind her & she puts one of her hands around my shoulder. I gently pull her closer to me by caressing her back and also keep my hands on her cute ass. I gently rub her ass cheeks, while she watches my computer. This has been going on for a while.

The class room is a single room fitted with a/c and a table with a computer. The computer table is well inside the room & facing the entrance of the room. We sit behind the monitor facing the entrance so I can see if anyone is entering. Due to a/c, the glass door will be locked. The glass door is in such a way that we can see people outside, but they can’t see from outside.
That afternoon, there was no class for me and I was sitting bored. I could see that Sangeetha is getting bored too. I wasn’t talking to her for quite some time after *that* incident unless there is some work-related issue. However I noticed lately that she seemed to recover from that and trying to talk to me normally and started smiling at me. Swapna was in her summer holidays as well and so she was coming to our office almost everyday. As soon as she entered the lab, she just grabs my hand and pulls me to go to the class room. I turned and looked at sangeetha as I got up and she was looking at us too. As usual we both were inside the class room and started the game. If anyone comes, I will as usual change it to something else & she knows that too. She really liked me very much and we share lots of tiny secrets & gossips between us too (like what other students or staff are talking & what her dad used to talk about me etc.,). That day, she was playing sitting on her chair (on my right) and asked me to clear one of the hurdles in the game. I went behind her and with the keyboard on her hand, I helped her to cross the level. I was holding her fingers & held my other had on her left shoulder. I intentionally brushed her boobs with the back of my palm to find out how big they are.

Those weren’t smaller as I imagined and I could feel the developed tender projections over the soft t-shirt.After somtime, she stood up and kept the keyboard in the table and started playing by slightly bending forward in the standing position (now the ass is projecting backwards). I was sitting closer to her and watching her playing and simultaneously watching her cute ass and also the smooth thighs. Her lower hips were slightly brushing my right shoulder and if I lean back a little, I can clearly see her inner thighs inside her skirt and the bottom of her cute ass.
“I am operating the keys faster. It’s easy for me playing in this standing position.”

“Sure will be. Your daddy is going to question you one day about what you have learnt so far.”
She laughed and said “I will tell him, so far you have only taught me 5 levels of dave.”
“Then he will kick me out of here.”
“Hehe..good good..Thats what I want.” She laughed again and slightly pinched my cheeks.
“I won’t teach you next level then. I am going to delete this game from the computer.”
“Come on..I was just joking.” she pinched me gently again and continued “ me with this level.”
I could see her losing 2 lives for shooting a monster. I moved closer in my sitting position & gently extended my hands around her ass and operated on the keyboard infront of her. She stood up erect infront of me (without hiding the monitor) & now my face was brushing her hips & feeling the warmness. My hand was slightly pressing those soft ass cheeks over her flimsy skirt.
“Here ya go! Don’t lose another life. Then we have to start all over again.” I handed it to her and when I took my hands from there, I gently caressed her ass cheeks with my palm on the way. What a soft & cute butt cheek she has! I kept my hands there for sometime & she was in full concentration of the game. She bent again making her butt project backwards. I leaned back every now and then (and also making sure no one is outside) to see inside her skirt. She had a rose colored panty over her pinkish ass cheeks. And now, I was getting really turned on by the situation. And my little master was becoming big inside the pants with no underwear.

Every now and then, when she makes any mistakes in the game, I started gently pinching on her ass cheeks. My hands will continue to remain there even after pinching.
“’s paining” she cried and rubbed her ass cheeks with her left hand.”Ok. I will make it less painful hereafter.” saying that I rubbed her ass cheeks as if helping her. Slowly I kept my fingers in the partition of the ass cheeks and sligtly gripped one side of the ass cheek. It was really soft & warm. Every now and then, I gently separated the partition with my fingers and felt down in the middle with my fingers. I purposefully dropped a pen and while I bent down to get it, I kept my face over the ass cheeks and felt them in my lips. Slowly, it didn’t take much time for me to keep my hands in the back of her bare thighs too. The thighs were reallllyy smooth & warm. I also kept talking with her (rather directing her moves on the game) every now and then making sure that my interest too is on the game she is playing. I gripped her thighs gently (as if trying to warn her) whenever she closely escapes from one of the hurdles in the game. By now, I was freely caressing both her thighs and kept raising towards her bare ass cheeks. I was really closer to her in such a way that her short t-shirt revealed a small gap between the hip area as well. As I was inclined to her, my right side portion of the face was feeling the gap between the t-shirt and the skirt. Now my hand was perfectly on top of her ass cheeks and I gently placed it over her panty. It was just then we heard a knock on the door and immediately followed by the opening of it. It was Sangeetha!

“What are you guys doing?” She asked by standing at the entrace.
I slowly took my hands from inside swapna’s ass. Meanwhile swapna pinched and asked me to close the game. I signalled her it’s ok.
“Do you want to see what we are doing?” I asked sangeetha smilingly.
She entered inside without replying, closed the door and came behind us.
“So, this is what you guys have been so far instead of learning?”
“Sangeetha aunty! Don’t tell anyone. This game is really nice. Do you want to play too?”-Swapna.
“I don’t want to play. And you..” She turned to me and said “Why are you spoiling a small kid?”
I replied “She only wanted. Moreover she has learnt what she needs to know. Thats why I thought of spending some time in games too.”
“Ok..whatever! The reason I came here is to tell you that our boss called now and said that we both have to go to a training program in the main branch starting next week.”
“Next week! What time? And for how many days?”
“It’s for 3 days from next Monday. And it’s from 9 to 5 pm.”
“Ok. Fine with me. What about you?”
“I don’t know. What do you mean?”
“I mean if it is ok for you to go to the training with me?” I asked her with a hint of smile.
“I guess so.” She replied with a smile too.

I thought to myself that this is going to be fun to spend some alone time with her. Of course, there are going to be some other guys from some other companies as well, but I would be the only one familiar to her. So, she needs to interact with me and me only. I was delighted more. But from her smile and the recent behaviour over the past few days, I found that she has been missing my company with her. I could feel that she is sort of jealous about me spending more time with boss’s daughter rather than interacting with her. But why is she running away everytime she sees my bulge or naked cock? Why is she ignoring me? I then thought to myself that may be she was some sort of nervous or may be scared. I couldn’t come to any conclusion by then, but couldn’t wait for the next week as well.
Sangeetha, during her presence inside didn’t fail to notice my bulge again with her wandering eyes. This time, it’s not because of her. She probably would be wondering why is his cock erect now. She could have easily guessed that this guy has not only been playing games but also playing with this young & innocent girl too. She stood there for sometime and watched swapna’s playing by standing behind her chair. I was sitting with my bulged cock & couldn’t guess where she was looking then, since she was standing behind us. She left after few minutes saying that she soon has a class to take. I looked at her eyes when she closed the door and she looked at me too and closed.

“Huhhhh!” sighed swapna with a relief and asked me “Why didn’t you close the game when she entered?””That’s ok. She won’t tell anyone.””How can you be so sure? What if she tells to my dad?”I thought to myself that she won’t. If she would, then she would have told a lot of other things as well. But she hasn’t.”Don’t worry. I know she won’t.” She continued playing & I placed by hands and gently squeezed both her ass cheeks. I drew my chair more closer to her and gently lifted her skirt by caressing her bare thighs. This time, it didn’t take much time to keep my hands over her ass cheeks. I ran my hand & rubbed smoothly over the panty covered butt cheeks and ran my finger thru the middle intersection. I then slowly inserted my hands thru the sides of panty and inserted it completely. Her bare ass cheeks were completely full in my hand and I started massaging it slowly. What a cute, firm ass cheeks they are! I then flipped the sides of the panty and slowly brought the sides of the panty to the middle (just like a bikini). Now, both her ass cheeks were clearly free as if she is not wearing any panty. I continued caressing and gently squeezed them every now and then. It felt really warm and smooth down there. I ran my fingers down in the intersection and felt the warmness in her crack too. I just wanted to pull her panty right off and feel the smooth ass cheeks with my lips. Kissing & gentle biting of an young & cute ass cheeks is a real turn on for me. But I just waited for the right time and opportunity.

I knew for sure that I can accomplish my desires within a matter of few days.After few minutes of caressing those fresh, smooth ass cheeks, my desire towards seeing them increased tremendously. My cock was also becoming rock hard and I desparately wanted a release too. So, by gently caressing her ass cheeks, I gently lifted her skirt with the same hand. I slid back a little and took a closer view. Wow! What I saw was terrific. Her ass cheeks were slightly reddish (combined with a milky whiteness) & was really smooth. And since I had moved the panty towards the middle, her projected ass which is almost naked, looked cuter than ever. With my hand still operating on the ass cheeks, using my other hand, I dropped some coins from my shirt pocket. She turned back and smiled at me saying “ dropped something again! Come on..take it.” and contiuned her playing. I smiled and gave a little more pressure in her ass cheeks and squeezed them a little. Then, I bent down & collected those coins. And when I got up, I gently brushed my lips starting from the upper portion of her thighs and ended perfectly on one of her ass cheeks. The monitor on the table is clearly covering me & even if someone enters suddenly I can get up as if collecting the coins. Now I used both my hands to keep her mini skirt raised upto her hips and placed a perfect kiss on one of her ass cheeks. She meanwhile slightly adjusted herself by moving right infront of me. I kept my face right over her ass and kept brushing with my lips over the warm ass and started gently kissing. I kept increasing my pressure with my lips and gently licked and bite those tender cheeks with my lips. The softness was amazing. I gently pulled her panty down and saw the entire ass and kissed it completely down the middle & extended my lips all over.
And there again, there was another knock on the door followed by a quick opening. I immediately got up and pulled the skirt down. And Swapna adjusted & stood straight. It was Sangeetha again.
“What happened? No class for you now?” I asked her.

“huhh..!” replied with a sigh..”No.. It’s just was for one student and he didn’t show up today.”
“Did he call?”
“Yeah..he did. He said he has some college exam tomorrow & he needs to prepare for that. Do you mind if I come in and sit here with you guys?”
“Absolutely not. Come on in. She is almost finishing 6th level.”
“Oh..I see!” She locked the door and pulled another chair from the student’s side. She sat right next to swapna on her right.
“Geetha aunty! You won’t tell my dad ..right?”
“No ma. I won’t. You have fun. I am just going to read my book.” She turned and looked at me in a meaningful way and smiled.
I asked “What happened? You seem a little tired.”
“hmmm..May be! I am just bored.”
“But I can see from your eyes that you are tired.”
“That might be becoz I didn’t sleep well last night. And I am feeling sleepy now. Afternoons are always like that.”
I wanted to ask why she didn’t sleep well last night but decided not to.
“Just lie down with your hands on the table & also with a book on your lap. If anyone comes, I will wake you up.”
She again smiled at me in a meaningful way and did what I told her to. She held her head sidewards with both her hands above the table and was facing me. She had her eyes opened and was looking at me every now and then. Her saree wasn’t enough to cover her left side boobs hanging down and also her velvette smooth hips and tummy. I just got double turned on. I continued watching her and the game simultaneously & pulled closer to swapna again. My cock was tremendously hard by then and was standing perpendicular like a pole over my pants. I was sure sangeetha had already noticed it and even now I was pretty sure that she is watching me and my every move with her partially opened eyes. I decided to play a game of my own.
I kept my hands over swapn’s bare ass by not lifting her skirt and gently started rubbing it. I also kissed her left side hips from the back. Meanwhile, my eyes were clearly on sangeetha and her exposed assets. The fact that she is watching, turned me on thousand times more. Whenever I kissed swapna on her back, I looked longingly towards sangeetha’s eyes (as if indicating that I want to kiss her like that). I looked on her breasts over and over again while she is looking at me. She wasn’t trying to cover nor trying to expose. She was just lying there with her partially opened eyes & trying to sleep. May be ..she is really sleeping. I can’t tell. But I continued my activities hoping that she is watching & getting excited. This was too much for my cock. With my left hand, I started stroking my cock over the pant. Then, I slowly unzipped my pant, I took the cock out. Damn! I was really hot and my cock as if coming out of a jail, just grew into a monster size. I started stroking it with my left hand slowly. I didn’t know what I was doing; I was so much turned on and my mind was ready to face any consequence out of this. Sangeetha got up and looked at my face as if wanting to tell me something. I covered my naked cock by extending my shirt out (but still was out of the pants).
She whispered to me “I have to tell you something about what I heard from the management guys.”
I said “What? I can’t hear you.” I leaned towards her as if trying to hear what she says and she did the same. She repeated what she said in her whispering voice. I could understand why she is whispering becoz she doesn’t want swapna to hear what we are talking, since she was talking about her dad & the management. I pulled my wheel chair closer to sangeetha in an attempt to hear her and moved swapna to my left. Sangeetha pulled her chair too, closer to me. Now, me and sangeetha were sitting close to each other, with swapna on my left. I had my left hand over my tool with my shirt covering it. Sangeetha came closer to my face and she said in a very slight voice “I heard in the morning that they are going to fire 3 of our staff this week.” Our thighs were touching each other and faces are too close to each other. I kept looking at her juicy, poulting lips while my shoulder is touching her left exposed areas.
“What?” I said. “Are you sure? Do you know who are going to be fired?”
“As far as I know, it’s not you & me and also one more girl. The rest of three staff are going to be fired.”
“Do you know why?”
“They were saying that they want to expand this as a development center. So, they are sending off only those who are faculties.”
“Oh..Ok! As long as we are not fired, I am happy. So, that’s why you were so dull?”
“hmm..I was worried if I might get fired as well.”
“Don’t worry! You are an experienced senior programmer. They need you.”
I gently kept my hand over her hand & pulled my chair little more closer. There wasn’t much gap between us.
“My worry is…the company is still not stable. That’s why I am worried that we are not safe too.”
“Come on..they can’t run the company with nobody. They need atleast you and me…right?”
We were whispering with our faces so close to each others (both sitting bent down on the table) and I kept looking at her lips all the time we were talking. I gently ran my fingers over her back, shoulders & fingers. Her left hand were automatically on my thighs and I kept my right hand on her thighs. With her sitting position, her boobs were pointing down, so when I keep my hands on her thighs, my hand touched her big left boobs slightly. And with the back of my palm, I kept brushing her smooth foldded hips.
She now asked “What were you doing before?” (still both whispering)
I asked her back with a smile “When?”
“Just now.”
“Nothing! We were just playing the game & I was just encouraging and also helping her.”
“Is that all? I thought I saw something else.”
“Tell me what you saw.” I wasn’t giving up. I wanted her to say it. She didn’t reply anything. My mind was on rubbing her thighs and also thinking about how to get my hand over her breast (which is just above it). I kept my face on her left hand & smoothly brushed her bare smooth hands with my face. I looked down and kept my hands on her thighs more and asked “What’s this that you are reading?”
She looked down at the book on her lap and said “This book is about network programming.”
I turned few pages in the book by keeping both hands on her thighs and my right elbow was touching her boobs. Her left hand was never moved from my thighs as well. It was as close to touching my nake tool under my shirt. I slightly adjusted myself so that her left hand is more closer to the tool. I gently pulled her hand also towards me more and the book slipped from her lap and fell down.
“Sorry” I said. We both bent underneath the table to get it and our heads hit each other. My hand now being pressed by her boobs a little.
“Ssss..aaahhh!” she lifted her head with a little pain.
“I am so sorry..come here..I will rub your head.”
She came closer to me with her head down on the table and I gently rubbed the area. I stood up now & now my bare tool (under the shirt) was brushing her left shoulder.
“It’s ok. I am fine now.”
And I sat down by holding her hands which is when the tip her fingers brushed against my tool. Wha a feeling! I pretended as if nothing happened and sat down with her hand still on my lap and almost touching the tool. Now I alone bent down to get the book. Since I moved down, her hand adjusted a bit and now was on top of my cock. I held on to her hand gently by preventing her from not moving. I get the book back on her lap by again brushing her boobs with my elbow. I continued turning pages again, becoz in this position my elbow keeps touching her boobs again & again.
“I am also reading your book.” I told her with my elbows touching her boobs.
She in her bent position opened her eyes & replied “ it and tell me what you’ve learnt.”
“It’s hard for me to concentrate on reading.”
“May I ask why?”
“I don’t know.” I bent down again and this time I moved her saree and saw her hanging boobs very clearly. She streched herself in her sleeping position and yawned. I was getting really tempted to feel my palm on her boobs but didn’t quiet get the chance. So, I remained in that position for a while which is when Swapna turned this side.
“huhhh..I finished 7 levels.”
“hmm..good job..”
“I am going to get some water. I will be right back. Don’t close the game.”
She went out and we were left alone. Sangeetha got up and curiously looked at the monitor and said “Hey! Teach me also. I want to play too.”
“Ok.fine..I will show you the keys & how to operate.”
We then turned closer to the monitor & I told her the procedures. She started from level 1 and by now her chair is almost infront of me. I sat slightly inclined to her & had my my left hand moving from her thighs to hips. She smelled great and was curiously looking at the monitor. I had my eyes all over her lips and was so close to her face. Everytime she loses one life or shoots somebody or when something interesting happened in the game, she turned and looked at my face for appreciation. Since I had my face so close, when she turns her lips will be so close my lips. I started moving my left hand on her foldings on the hips and started feeling it. I patted her head and slowly put my right hand around her right shoulder. And next time when she turned and looked at me, I went closer to her face and slightly hit my forehead with her forehead. “Good job!!” I said. I was rubbing her right shoulders and placed my left hand over those firm boobs. She completed the first level & turned again and looked at me. I gently gripped her and said “It’s next level now.” She looked at my eyes & my lips simultaneously. I gave more pressure to her left boobs and gently massaged her right shoulder. She looked at me and asked softly by looking at my lips “I don’t know how to play this level.”
I said “It’s easy. Same as the first one. Keep going & I will tell you what to do..Ok?” And our fore-heads met again. She smiled and kept the poulting lips open and licked them. Now I was moving freely all over her soft hips and it felt electric. Every now and then, after caressing her soft tummy, I kept my hands on those cushionly boobs and gently exterted pressure. I was feeling more and more romantic the way this is going. So when turned and looked at me next time, by looking at her lips I went closer and rubbed by nose with her. My left hand was feeling the full roundness of her left boob. I now pulled her left hand and placed it on my thighs again. She moved her left hand over the thighs and when I pulled her hands closer, it landed right on my tool. Her fingers right on top of my naked tool and I gently adjusted myself and expanded the legs. I held her fingers and guided it thru the length of my shaft and she gently gripped it with her left hand. She kept looking at door every now and then and whispered “She is going to come now.” I told her to keep playing or keep doing whatever she is doing. Then the door opened. I took my left hand from the left boob but didn’t let her hand slip away from my tool.
Swapna came and asked “What sageetha aunty? You are also playing now?”
“Hmmm..I am just learning ma….here you play!”
We both moved right side leaving the keyboard for swapna and since her hand is underneath the desk she can’t see what’s happening there. She started playing as she was before. I thought even if she sees, that wouldn’t be too big of a deal. When we moved to right, sangeetha’s book dropped again and this time she alone bent down. When she bent down, I pulled her head softly closer to my lap and I made her face so closer to my tool. She still had her hand in my tool and when she bent down, she lifted the shirt and saw the full length of my shaft. She wasn’t there for a long time. But within a few fraction of seconds, she brought her face closer and brushed her nose and lips over the entire length of my cock. I held her head and expanded my legs so that full portion of my cock can be accessible. She gently stroke it with her left hand by kissing along the length. She pulled the foreskin gently and with her poulting lips, kept the front portion of the cock into her mouth and tasted it. Both saliva juices and my precum juices got mixed up there and she sucked it for 3 or 4 times and got up immediately. WOW! Amazing! Nothing in the whole world is better than letting a hot woman suck your exploding dick. As she got up, I squeezed her heavy breasts and inserted my hand over the top naked portion of her jacket. She bent down immediately thinking that someone might come inside and I continued caressing her boobs with both hands. I was able to get my hands inside her bra and place it over her naked boobs. I turned her head towards me and kissed her hungry lips. We kissed for 2 minutes and with my hands inside her jacket felt her nipples and piched it softly. Her boobs were too big for me to handle. But it was really spongy.
She now stood up and got ready to go..”Ok..I got to go now.”
I wasn’t willing to leave. I held her hips and pulled her close to me & kissed her tummy. She caressed my head while standing and I kissed all over her saree even below her hips..
“Ok…” she whispered again..”I have been here for a long time.. I will go now and after some time..may be I can come back..ok?” and turning to swapna she said “Bye swapna!”
I left her and she departed the place. What a wonderful day this has been so far! I can’t believe my luck today and was about to burst my cum anytime. She just sucked 3 or 4 times and went away, making me rock hard. I needed a release. I had to go to the bathroom atleast to masturbate. I didn’t know what to do but thought to myself why should I be stupid enough to do it myself when swapna is here. I then turned my attention to swapna.
“So, how is it going swapna?”
She turned back from her deep concentration and replied “Look at this..I can’t believe I have come so far.”
“Wow” I fakely appreciated “Thats too good, swapna!” I pulled my chair closer and had her in my right side as before. I kept my hand on her ass again and lifted her skirt.
“hmm..atleast you are watching now..You didn’t see it before.”
“ok..I am seeing it from now on. We’ll see how you cross this one.”
After few min, she got struck in one tackle and asked my help.
“Hmm..I will do it for you only if you promise to take a break from this.”
“Fine.. What do we do?”
“We’ll go upstairs to the roof. Our building construction is going on there right..we’ll go there and see for sometime.”
“Ok” she immediately agreed and we both went to the top floor of the building.
No one was there. I knew those guys would have gone by then. We used to go alone all the time and watch the traffic from the top floor and sit in the stairs. Sometimes we go to the balcony andd watch from there too. So, that was not unusual for us to go there. All the time, I used to just rub her body and ass but not like the way I did in the class room. We went to one of those rooms & it had some brick on one side and sand on the other side for construction. I stood leaning on one of the walls and pulled her close to me. I hugged her from behind and kissed her neck. Meanwhile I talked to her showing someone walking down the roads and the traffic thru one of the windows. “Did you see that bike?” I kissed her neck and asked. “Hmm..they are always fast like that.” she replied. I lifted her skirt from behind and caressed both her ass cheeks. I pulled her panty down and gently caressed her ass cheeks with my rock hard tool. I unzipped my pant and took my tool out too.
I gently told in her ears “Let’s take this off”
She agreed “hmm..” she gently slid the panty down and I threw it into the sand. I kept rubbing her hips and brought my hands over her cute breasts. I massaged her firm breasts over the t-shirt.
I asked her “What are these?”
“You don’t know?”
“huhmm..I don’t know. why are they big there only?”
“I don’t know..but when you do like this, it feels good.”
“Ok..I will keep doing it then..” I inserted my hands thru her t-shirt and massages both her boobs. Her boobs like I said before weren’t smaller like I imagined before. They were a handfull and I was squeezing then gently. I kissed her cheeks and turned her face towards my lips. I kissed her lips and with my tongue I parted her lips and extended the kiss. She was very involved and co-operative. I ran my right hand down and kept it over her pussy and rubbed it over there. I parted the pussy lips and inserted my finger into the pussy lips and started moving it back and forth. She closed her eyes everytime I rubbed her pussy by inserting one finger and I continued my kissing on her lips. I got deeper with my finger into the pussy and she kep shrinking her thighs and leaning forward. I held her from falling down and rubbed the pussy lips with my finger back and forth. Her ass cheeks were being crushed by naked cock and was in the middle of her ass crack. Her pussy lips were so soft & wet and everytime she shrinked her thighs together, I got more grip on my fingers and finger fucked her more.
We both sat on the sand and I held her on my lap. I kissed her lips and fondled her breasts. I pulled those tiny nipples and made her moan a bit. With ther lying on my lap, I extended my hand towards her pussy and parted the pussy lips again. It was wetter than before and this time, I inserted two fingers into the tiny hole and moved it back and forth. Her pussy was so perfect, smooth & soft with no hair on it. She expanded both her legs and alllowed me to penetrate more with my fingers.
“Wait..something is happening there.” she stopped.
“where your fingers are!”
“hmm..what’s happening? Do you feel like urinating?”
“It’s not like that..moreover I just went.”
“hmm..may be it’s something different then. Is it good or bad?”
“Ok..I will then see what’s the problem there.”
I moved down and expanded her legs. I kept my face on the pussy and smelled it. It was perfect! So smooth, soft and no hair. I kept kissing it around the feathery lips and she expanded her legs more. I now penetrated her pussy with my tongue and with my upper lips pressing the top, I sucked her pussy to the fullest. I took my tongue out and licked the pussy lips again. It was a perfect view from there. I felt like inserting my cock right there itself. She kept giving hissing sounds and continued moaning a bit. With my both hands, I extended the pussy lips & lifted her kundi & sucked her pussy. She was full of pleasure and almost starting to scream. I slowed down and kept my fingers and watched my fingers entering back and forth for a while. And then I came to the top and squeezed her nipples and kissed all over her cute breasts.
We then stood up and I hugged her by lifting her skirt. My tool was directly poking at her pussy and I caressed her bare kundi with both hands. I asked her now “If I give you something in your mouth, will you suck it?”
“What are you going to give me?” She looked at me with a puzzled smile.
“You will like it..Say yes or no.”
“Are you going to put some stone or sand in my mouth?”
“No.” I laughed “Close your eyes and I will tell you.”
“Now bend down with kneels down.”
“hmm..done.” She was now infront of me with her kneels down. I took my cock out, held her head with my left hand and with my right hand guided my tool towards her mouth. I parted her lips with my tool and gently circled around the lips. She had her eyes closed & tasted the precum. She hesitantly opened her mouth and I slowly pulled my foreskin and inserted my cock upto half-way of her mouth. “ you can open your mouth.”
She opened her eyes and looked at it in surprise. With my cock on her mouth she blabbered “Ohh..this one!! I can’t believe this would be bigger like this.”
“So you have seen this already?”
“Yeah..with kids playing around in the streets.”
“Oh..Ok but not from a grown-up like me?”
“hmm..This won’t be usually this big. You have to make it smaller.”
“Just hold it gently with your hands & move your mouth back and forth. Keep licking and suck it..Ok?”
She moved her mouth back and forth gently by not touching with her teeth and sucked my cock. She kept a steady pace and licked almost to the full length of the cock. I held her head with both my hands and gently moved my hips too back and forth in a fucking motion. She quickly understood what it means to me and handled it very gently. She took her mouth every now and then and licked the bottom. I adjusted my foreskin and penetrated her mouth. I touched her nose, chin and eyes with my cock too. She caught it and kept it in her mouth and sucked it again. I held on to her hairs with both hands and asked her to increase the speed & use her tongue too. She became expert soon and started using her tongue and increased her pace. The grip of her mouth was almost like the grip I got from the pussy lips. Her mouth was warm and as she keeps generating the back & forth motion, the warmness kept increasing more and more and I can almost feel my cumming.
I stopped for a while and told her “You see this white color liquid over there?”
“That will come more now. Is that okay?”
“hmm..what am I supposed to do then?”
“Just keep doing what you are doing and don’t take your mouth out from it…You don’t have to swallow it the liquid. Afterwards you can spit it out…alright?”
We then started again slowly & generated full speed. My cock was moving back and forth vigorosly and it almost kept touching her throat too. She stroke the wet cock with her hand again and swallowed the cock and sucked it to the fullest. She started moving back and forth again and this time I sure was cumming on her mouth. Terrific! She remembered what I told her and kept licking and sucking with her tongue too. It was unbelievable to watch her doing like that. I cum came rushing & rushing a lot. I just held her head tightly closed and kept moving my hips as if fucking her. WOW! What a great feeling. Fucking in mouth also is more or less same as fucking the pussy..even though pussy is the best. I almost finished my entire cumming and slowly drew it from her mouth. Still it was coming out piercing and it fell on all over her face, her nose & eyes. That was a beautiful sight to watch.!!! She kept waiting there in that same position and waiting for my direction. I wiped my cock with her t-shirt and zipped it on. She spit some of the cum still in her mouth. I took her panty and wiped her face and my pants too. We soon were normal and were ready to go downstairs.
My luck with both of them continued for a long time. Both swapna and sangeetha knew about what others were doing but they won’t talk about it between them. I went to training session with sangeetha next week and in one of those training sessions, we both scooted for a movie theatre. I asked her to remove her bra in the theatre bathroom. I fondled her naked heavy breasts and sucked them both in the dark theatre itself. I finger fucked her hungry pussy & allowed her to suck my cock too. Until now I have never fucked either sangeetha or swapna; but we did everything else whenever we got the opportunity.
I hope you guys enjoyed my experience and I will continue my writing my other experiences whenever I find time. This one was delayed a bit due to both personal & official work. Once again, thank you for reading my experience.reply me at

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