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  • desipapa
  • September 18, 2015

Hello friends this a nature woman from Pakistan who wants to narrate her life story to al of you.

I am 43 years old lady and have been married since 17 years but still not any children. We tried for it but couldn’t get any child I have fantastic figures, which gives me marvelous looks either from front or back. I have big firm breast and wide soft ass.

My husband loved me very much. This story begins before 8 years. When we were living in Lahore. Due to my illness my husband arranged a boy named gohar for house works. He was a young boy of 17 years at that time. He was normal boy neither no bad nor much cute but He was very attractive personality. . After some time I got full recovery and I asked my husband to vacate the boy as I am all right and can arrange my house works. My husband said me that, why I want to remove the boy, as he is very nice, honest and hardworking. He asked me that I should keep him as my helper as he knows all the work and even he can cook some regular dishes. So we decided that he would be there. My husband has garment busyness so he usually went to Karachi or other cities for tow or three days. My sexual life was not too satisfied but an average.

Gohar was really a good boy, he kept my care very heartily and he always trying to give me rest while he did all the works. I was now felling like I am a free woman and have nothing to do. Only the cooking was my duty and gohar also helped me in cooking. He helps me in kitchen. I have never thought about him like a young boy but always treated him as innocent and poor hard working boy. Once he was in his room and I want to need some thing so I called him so many times but he was not answering. So I went his room to chick what is the problem. When I was going to chick him on my way to his room I saw him through the window. He was laid in his bed on his back and he had grabbed his penis. I became stunned for a while that what he is doing? But I didn’t move from there and stood in window from where I could see him but he can not see me. He was moving his hand up and down on his cock and was masturbating. He has really the big one I think not less than 8’’. It started to give me pleasure and my hand went to my cunt he was masturbating in his room while I was rubbing my cunt, suddenly he exploded his Simons in his hand and I also cumm and drenched my shilwar. When he raised and tied his shilwar so I ran to my room, as I know he is coming to my room.

My all thoughts changed about his after that day and when he use to come before me, naturally his long and thick cock was dancing in my eyes. As I have told you my sexual life were not too good but I have never thought about it. But now I was thinking that I should take advantage from this situation. Now I was observing him and found his thirsty eyes on my body, he used to watch my mountains and depths. Once gohar was helping me in kitchen and I was cooking. I asked him to take some thing from the upper portion of the cupboard. He climbed up the stool and told me to hold him. I stood besides him and hold his legs. When I hold his legs I felt some thing in my body and his touching made me horny. I became so excited and due to my excitement the stool got a bit imbalance, he asked me to hold it properly. Suddenly he fell down from the stool and I tried to hold him but couldn’t and doing so I also fell down with him. During this whole process my breasts touched him so many time. When we both fell down I was up on him and we both were laughing. In this position I touched his cock with my hand but he didn’t notice. As he was busy laughing. After some moments he realized my weight on him and he told me, get up please begum sab. Your weight is crushing me. But I didn’t got up and I determine to ask him for sex as I was too horny at that time and from the day when I seen him nude. As my hand was on his cock, I don’t why and how, but I rubbed his cock gently. I put my lips on his lips. He became stunned for a moment and was looking me very strangely. Ohh begaum sab what are you doing? He said me.

Shut up, you little man I am going to do that which I should have done it before. I am very unlucky that I am missing cock like this you have in one home. This is my right to use it. I was rubbing his cock which was now became hard rock. I was also touching my breast with his chest. Now this was his turn he wrapped his hand around me and pressed me to his body. He was too hot even I was feeling his hotness in my body. We even French kissing and he sucked my lips and tongue and all my mouth for a long time. After the kissing part, he put his hand slowly inside my kamiz through my neck and started pressing my boobs. He told me that he always wanted to have sex with me even though we were like brother and sister. I was surprised to hear that. He was not looking a young boy but was a n expert gay. He started kissing with me, he took my upper lips in his mouth and started sucking it slowly. After some time put his tongue in my mouth and started playing tongue fucking. We got aroused fully by that and he asked me to take off my cloths. He was kissing me very passionately and then untied my shilwar and took off my kamez. He was kissing me from head to toe. I started moaning, I also opened his shilwar hurriedly and then he unhooked my bra. My huge pair of voluptuous breasts was in front of him and he was squeezing my tits and nipples. They got red by squeezing. Then he put his mouth on my tits, he kissed, licked and after that he sucked my tits. He took almost half of my breast into his mouth and squeezed it with his lips.

I gave a soft little cry and began to stroke the back of his head as he suckled me. I was delighted to fell his lips around my nipple and it increased my excitement more. I was moaning an asking him, suck me off. Suck my tits. I love you. Then he came to my belly circling my navel and I pressed his head so firmly. After that he come down to my pussy that was wet enough by then. He started to lick my juice and I asked him to insert his tongue into my pussy. He inserted his tongue in my cunt hole deep as e could. Now I was moaning like a hell. Ahh ooo ffffff oooo hhh I was not in my sense and was saying to him, my husband is really done nothing to me and I am really dying for some fuck. Oh god you are great, fuck me, suck me, and tear me. Now I am wonder that how I said all these to him as I have never think like this. Then he stood and hugged me tightly. I could feel his cock touching with my cock and its also wanted to come out of his shilwar. I untied his shilwar and it went to the floor, and there came a big 8-inch cock all for me. I took it in my hand and rubbed it gently, I wanted to take his cock in my mouth and suck it, as I had never taken a penis in my mouth before in my whole life. But I bent and took it into my mouth without any hesitation because I knew that it wanted a suck badly. I sucked that for a lot of time while I was fingering my cunt.

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