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My Servant’s Wife

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

Hi i am sudeep 22yrs old from the city of thrissur in the state of kerala in India, I am 5’11” with a nice body, well this incident took place around a year back.Iam from a very well to do family & we have some plantation estates & i used to go there especially during the harvest season.

Last year after final exams i decided to go to our estate & stay there for about a month or so at most till my results came. We had a servant Rajan there who was around 32 yrs old & worked there from his childhood (even his father worked for us during his whole life who was now dead) he took care of our estate house there & also worked,when i reached there he welcomed me & told me he was going to get married day after tommorrow & invited me to that ceremony which i accepted as it was a custom that we tried to attend those sort of ceremonies just to please our workers,i gave him Rs 1000/- as a special gift which i was sure he will drink off as he was a heavy alcoholic so next day i bought a good sari & gave that to him to be given to his wife.Final his day came & i went to his marriage where i met lot of other workers & their families & also saw his wife my god !!! she was a beauty,probably around 20 yrs old with a nice figure having voluptous boobs,flat tummy & protruding ass that will make any top notch model shy of her body she was also on the fairer side,i was becoming lustfull towards her & wanted to fuck her. I gave another Rs 500/- to Rajan so that will get drunk & i might be able to get her virgin cunt. Next day Rajan & his wife Shubha came to the estate house to show their gratitute towards me & my family at that time i asked them whether they’ll shift to the outhouse since iam alone here & the caretaker wanted leave to go visit his family to which they agreed whole heartedly since the outhouse was very leisurely compared to their house & Shubha was even more happy since she can view tv of which she was very found of(my luck),so they shifted & Shubha started cooking for me & i would praise her now again for each & everything & also made sure that Rajan was fully intoxicated & out by night even Shubha was happy with that since she could watch tv late in the night obviously with Rajan sleeping near her & she’ll drag him afterwards to their home.

Now i started my game i’ll call her to my room for even small things,i weared shots in the house, i’ll call her to get hot water checked before i took my bath at that time i would wear only a towel around & one day when i was getting dressed she to came to my room so i gave her some talcum powder & also applied perfume(both imported variety) which she liked very much & she would wait daily for this.Since she was around 20 yrs old she was quiet frank & playfull,i used to talk to her a lot telling her about my friends, college & trips to various places which she enjoyed very much.One day she prepared a dish even though it was just ok ,i tasted it & praised her a lot suddenly i grabbed her right hand kissed it(oh my god what a feeling when i had skin contact with her,i could also sense a shiver running through her body)& also gave her Rs100/- as a special prize in the evening i bought her a new salwar which she liked very much.In the evening as usual we watched tv,an english movie a kissing scene she exclaimed “yeee” i asked “y what happened”? she said “r’nt these people ashamed to do such things openly”, i asked y don’t u like kissing or getting kissed she blushed oh my god that was so erotic so i glanced towards Rajan who was already out after having another bottle from the estate house supply. I suddenly advanced forward grabbed her hand started stroking it “she said what r u doing sir,this is not right”,i knew its now or never so i jumped up & started kissing her lips she started to wriggle but i had my hands firm against her hips so she couldn’t move,after a bit she relaxed & started to enjoy kissing so i relaxed my tight grip against her waist,suddenly she pushed me aside & said”Sir this is not right what if Rajan wakes up or comes to know about it”,i said he won’t wake up tonight he has had a full bottle of high alcohol & no one would know about this if u keep your mouth shut”. She said “even my husband hasn’t touched me as he was enjoying drinking himself out for all nights from my wedding”,i had a wicked smile so my crude plan has suceeded.

I could sense a strange sort of feeling from her eyes i said fullfilling your masters wishes is the duty of a servant & more over consider me as your husband for now ,i’ll fullfil all your wishes.I didn’t give her much time to think,i planted a quick kiss on her lips & then started sucking her lips,she was all tensed up but slowly started to relax & then opened her mouth now i could go to the full extend my hands suddenly grabbed her ass & started to press them a slow moan escaped her mouth aahh!!!!.Now she was fully hot, my hands slowly moved towards her big voluptous bbobs & i started to massage them over her blouse. I slowly guided her to my bedroom,gave her a big smooch & dropped the pallu of her saree exposing her deep cleavage,i couldn’t control myself planted a kiss on her cleavage & inserted my tounge into it wow what a feeling it was.My hand slowly moved towards her stomach caressed it a bit then slowly entered into her saree & suddenly pulled the part of saree which she had inserted inside,her saree was open which i removed quickly,now my hands slowly moved towards the string of the pettycoat which i yanked open in a go,now she was only in her blue blouse with a pink printed panty ,i pulled open her tied up hair which came down wow what a sight she was really erotic.I went towards her back a pushed my tool against her ass & started nibbling her earlobes then kissing her neck from behind,i took my hands up & pressed her soft boobs oh my how soft were they,i slowly started to unhook her blouse,my tool was really poking & trying to tear a hole in my undies,in no time i threw away her blouse then i unhooked her bra & her boobs spranged out like released from captivity i then removed her panty revealing her hairy cunt,in no time i removed my t-shirt,shorts & VIP.

I then laid her on my bed & started kissing from her forehead then her eyes then cheek then her lips ,neck her boobs & took her left boob in my mouth while my hand moved towards her thighs to massage it,she started moaning slowly,then i interchanged the position right boob in mouth.Slowly i moved down kissing her navel then started licking it,i went down & started to play with bush,she was already wet,i inserted my index finger into her pussy slowly a soft moan escaped her mouth ahhhhh!!!!!. She was tight & hot i started to move my finger in & out of her pussy slowly,she had closed her eyes & was enjoying it,i then searched for her clit which i began to tease then i caught with my index & thump finger,now i inserted my 2nd finger into her & slowly gave her the motion she began to maon ahhh ohh & hen uhhhhhhh god!!!she had climaxed & smashing orgasm & then she laid back.

I now took out my 61/2 inch tool & started to rub it all over her body,then slowly i rubbed it on her cheeks & then her lips which i slowly opened with my hand & thrusted my tool into her mouth, which she resisted but i coaxed her to let it remain there & asked her to suck it which she started to do reluctuntly oh my what a feeling it was her hot & lucious mouth sucking me after sometime i shot a big load of cum into her mouth which she spit out but i was satisfied with her effort.We laid there for about 5mins then i began to feel her body this time she was waiting for me,she gave me a big kiss,i felt her pussy & began to finger it she took my tool in her hands & started to massage it,it was up & gunning within no time.I got some creame(Nivea) & applied it on my tool then i took some & applied it throughly it on her pussy now we both were ready for the final act.I took her legs & placed them on my shoulder then slowly place my dick at her entrance & started to rub it she started getting excited & shouted c’mon fuck me ,i gave a small push & a screame came out of her mouth ,i placed my mouth on her lips & started sucking it while my hands played with her boobs & all of a sudden i gave another push & almost half of my cock was inside her also her hymen was shattered her face showed me a sense of pain but i didn’t leave her,another push & i was fully inside her,now i stayed like that for some time to allow her to get accomsted to the situation now i began to give her small thrusts after a while she started to enjoy & responded by moving her body accordingly,i increased my speed slowly,it hurt her but she was also enjoying it & began to moan ahhhh oooohhhh uuuhhhhh….i kept on pumping her after some time her body started to get tense then she had an orgasm hot juices started to fill her cunt making it more viscous & a plop plop sound was created when ever my dick went in ,but i wasn’t finished i was approaching the last lap & then finally i shot my load deep into her pussy aaaahhhhhh!!!!!, after sometime i removed my tool from her pussy out came a big load of my juices mixed with her juices & blood creating a big mess on my bedsheet.In the morning i didn’t know when she got out from my bed but she came to my room with my bed tea at around 8:00 am.From then on i fucked her on all nights till i was there for almost 2 weeks,we tried all the poses oral,anal,doggy etc…….Now iam back still cherishing those days!!!!!!!!!

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