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My Servant Ramesh

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  • August 30, 2015

Hi this is Seema 27 from Kerala. I am a regular reader of desipapa stories and I like to share one of my experiences to you all. I think you all loved reading my story “me and my brother” and I got lot of response thanks for all. I am married and my husband’s name is Paveen he is 32 and he is also from Kerala and he was working in a company as a manager they have office in Karnataka also. Praveen used to drink a lot.

Many time he goes over the limit and goes to bed early sometimes we also go to party and be back home late at night some time I use to drive the car back home as he use to be over boozed. Let me tell about myself I am 5’.2’’ tall with good round ass and big boobs and a flat stomach and every one like watching me to say I am 32 30 32. I like wearing simple dress like skirt, t shirt, nighty in the day and when I go out I wear sari and chudidars.

One day Praveen told me that his company has asked him to go to Karnataka branch office as the manager from that office is on leave for 2 months and he has to join there within two days. The company gave him a guest house there so we both left packing all things which is needed after two days we went there by train and reached the guest house which was given to him. It was a big house which had 8 big rooms and the company gave him a car and a bike also.

The house was alone and no other house was nearby and it was far from his office and the were one male servant named Ramesh is around 25 years old and he use to cooks and cleans the house. It was boring for me as Praveen goes to work by 8 am in the morning and back by 6 pm there no house were nearby and only me and the servant Ramesh used to be there in the morning till evening but Ramesh was given a room near the kitchen and he stays there only.

One day suddenly Praveen and I went for a party in the club at 4 pm and I got dressed in a black transparent chiffon sari and a black blouse and I use to wear my sari below my navel after the party was over and as usual Praveen was also drunk and it was late night so I made Praveen to lay in the back seat and I drove the car home and called Ramesh for help. Ramesh came and opened the door from one side.

I was on the other side bending to pull Praveen out of the car while doing this Ramesh was helping me and while helping his hands was touching my ass we both at last we took him out of the car we both carried him to the bedroom but Ramesh was seeing me only all the time only then I realized that my sari pullu has gone one side and he was feasting my big boobs and my deep cleavage and my navel button as soon as I saw him he turned away with a smile.

The next day in the evening myself and Ramesh went for a walk and we went nearly half a kilometer. Ramesh was walking behind me suddenly it started to rain slowly and we started to run back home my boobs was jumping up and down while running and he was enjoying the show mean while I was wet and my dress got stuck to my body my black bra was seen through the dress and my panty line was also seen over my track pants.

Ramesh was looking me and enjoying the size of my boobs and ass while walking behind me and he also was wet and there was a tent on his dhoti when I saw that he closed with his both hands and we reached home this made me think of him and I changed to my nighty as this was the 2 incident and this was going on in my mind often and every day when I see him after a week I finished my lunch and about 3 pm.

I went to the kitchen to take some fruits I hear water flowing behind the kitchen I peeped through the window I saw Ramesh bathing with a towel around his hip I was looking at him for few seconds he turned this side to take the soap and was soaping his body and he took his penis outside the towel and soaped I saw his penis my goodness it was so long and thick it must me at least 8 to 9 inch long when I saw this,

I was shocked and started to rub my cunt and was getting wet between my legs after bathing he dried his body nude and wore a dothi and shirt only he did not wear his underwear. Then I went to my room and fingered myself thinking of his long penis and I started to wear some loose dress and show some parts while bending down. Then the whole night I was thinking of the incident and his penis size surely it was bigger than my husbands and this made me to see him every day when he takes bath in the afternoon.

I used to satisfy myself and this went for some days and a month passed and we had only 2 weeks more. Two days later after peaveen left to the office. I made a plan and I wore a black tight leggings and a white tight T shirt without bra and panty and myself saw in the mirror weather I look sexy my body shapes was well seen and my ass and my cunt shape and my erected nipples and boob was seen clearly then I went to the hall where Ramesh was cleaning the floor as soon as he saw me he started to stare at my melons and my ass.

I liked him watching me and my melons and my ass was moving up and down while walking here and there and purposely I was starching my ass by bending down Ramesh was enjoying my moves and I wontedly told him to do some work I front of me and I was teasing him for 1 hour. I went slowly to see him he lifted his dhoti up and was stroking his penis fast closing his eyes after half an hour I told him to clean my bedroom.

I am going to take bath and went to bath keeping my bra, panty a skirt and a t shirt on the bed and tied a towel around my boobs and went to bath room for bath I finished bath and was looking through the door hole I saw Ramesh cleaning then I saw Ramesh smelling my bra and panty and pressing his penis in his hands and when he hear the bath room door opening he went to the other room but I knew Ramesh was watching me from the other room so I purposely waked nude to the bed where.

I kept my dress and stood there to dry my body then I bend over my bed purposely to show him my big ass and my ass hole to him and my boob was shaking left and right as he was feasting the show and he was masturbating. Then I wore my skirt which was only till my knee and a t shirt without my bra and panty in the evening Ramesh was standing below the veranda and he was plucking flowers and keeping it on the veranda.

I was standing on the veranda he gave me a smile and was looking at my legs up and down I also smiled at him then he told to take the flowers I sat down to pick the flowers where he was looking at my clean shaved cunt but I was picking the flowers as if I was not aware of that I was sitting like that for few min and with a smile I got up and went inside and looked through the window he was pressing his penis now I was bit bold to show my tits now and then.

Then we had only three days and Praveen told me that he has to got his head office to report so he will not be there tomorrow and day after and he told Ramesh to take care of me. Morning Praveen left to the office and Ramesh was also happy then by 11am I planed myself and then I wore a loose sleeveless t shirt showing more of my boobs and wore a skirt above my knees and come to the dining hall and called Ramesh and asked him whether he can give me a hot water massage on my neck.

My neck is paining he told ok and made some hot water and starter to massage I was sitting on a small stool where he was standing behind me looking at my big boob and gave me a message while message the water was flowing between the melons and my t shirt was wet in front and back then he came front and was seeing my boobs as my t shirt was wet then I purposely asked him what are you staring in a high voice and got up he told sorry and caught one of my legs from back.

He was telling not tell Praveen otherwise his job will go. Then I asked to take is hands and I told him I will not say but you have to do whatever I say then he told ok madam I will do whatever you say then I became more bold and slowly I bent down my ass was near his face so I widen my legs and pressed my ass against his face he did not tell anything then he slowly kissed my ass and my cunt from back I felt honey then he knee down in front of me and pulled my skirt down slowly.

I let him to touch my cunt. I was enjoying and I removed my t shirt and became nude then he kissed and licked my navel then I asked Ramesh this is what you was looking for all these days he smiled and said you are so sexy madam. I told him to tack off his cloths he removed his dothi and shirt he was wearing nothing inside his 9 inch cock was erected and standing straight. I too smiled and started walking nude and after 10 min.

I went to kitchen and opened the back door and went out he was stunned to see my body in the sun light then I asked him to oil my full body he took the oil and started to oil my body from my head then my boobs and cunt and my legs then he went back side of me and asked to bend then he was oiling my ass and my ass hole and my cunt from behind I was in heaven I was enjoying and he was masturbating his penis and his sperms splashed on my ass.

Then he himself carried me to the bathroom and gave me a bath after bath Ramesh and me cooked nude and we was nude till afternoon Ramesh was enjoying seeing me nude .Then after dinner I was lying nude on the bed Ramesh came asking me do u want anything by seeing him I asked him to fuck me he smiled and took off his cloths and started to lick my foot and my fingers then he slowly moved up and sucked both my boobs for 15 minute then he licked my cunt for a long time and then he took his penis and inserted into my cunt it was hard and after 10 min of fucking he splashed his sperm on my cunt.

Next day I got up by 8 in the morning and by 10 am I went to the kitchen with only a towel around by body he was shy to see my face then I asked him whether he is satisfied with what he wanted he smiled at me then he have me a cup of coffee when I got it from him I purposely let my towel fall then he saw me and his cock was hard then he came near me and touched my cunt and licked my cunt then again he fucked in a doggy style.

Ramesh and me enjoyed and the time was about 12 o clock then I had a bath and changed to nighty and about 2 pm Praveen came home after reporting to the head office and we had lunch and Praveen asked me to pack the things as we will leave to the railway station by at 6 pm in the evening 5 pm Praveen went to take bath I went to Ramesh and gave him some money and said I am leaving to night and thanks when I turned Ramesh called me and asked can I touch you once.

I said ok then he took of my nighty in seconds and I stood nude in the kitchen he came and gave me a kiss on by boobs and went back and kissed my ass he put his hand in between my legs I stretched my legs and bent down as Ramesh loves my ass a lot he licked my cunt from back and my ass as for 10 to15 min then I took his erected penis and gave it a strong kiss and said thanks then

Praveen called me from the bed room then I wore my nighty and went and got dressed and we left to the station by 7 pm and came to Kerala next day but the hole journey made me think of him and the fuck of Ramesh. I am sure he would not forget my ass and my boob in his life. I will meet you with another incident which happened before my marriage. If you guys liked this mail me at

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