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My Servant Chaitra

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hi to all DesiPapa readers and this is my first story please does reply me by mail. My mail id is I was a regular reader of DesiPapa and I thought of posting of mine. I was studying in Bangalore staying in a room and I was of age 18 and had a good physique and a tool which can make any lady to feel lust when my friends made a room and we used to clean ourselves and cook but later we felt it’s better to appoint a cook cum maid to take care of our food clothes and cleanliness of our room.

So we informed our owner regarding this then on 1 Sunday our owner has sent chaitra to our room. Chaitra knocked the door then I went and opened the door. My damn chaitra was of 20 in age who recently married and searching for a job as maid. She was 36 32 34 having milky boobs with a damn hot fucking ass when she came inside she felt very disgusted on seeing our room as it was so dirty. I asked her that she has to cook twice for us and wash weekly all of our clothes and clean the room daily.

She was paid enough and agreed to start the job from tomorrow. Now coming direct to the story, I never had any feelings towards her when she joined but as the days passed I developed a fantasy and on seeing her ass, I am feeling erect. I used to masturbate by imagining her. She used to smile on seeing me daily on my boxers as it was sem holidays all my friends had gone home. I too planned to go but as my family has gone on a tour I had to stay in room.

We had a laptop in our room that day at 8 am I woke up and watching titanic movie in my laptop then suddenly the door bell rang then I opened the door and found chaitra there today she was looking so hot than daily as she was in her blue saree so sexy having hair below the waist. She asked me where are our friends I said they had gone home and I was alone in room then while sweeping room she saw my laptop.

The story begins and she watched it and asked what this TV is then I laughed and said it’s not TV its laptop. She asked me whether can and we see movies in it. I said yes and she asked to show me the movie which I was watching then suddenly some hot scene has come in the movie, she sat beside me on bed and watching movie then suddenly she smiled on seeing me and I felt this is the chance to get her and I asked her whether you are married then she said yes.

I asked her how your hubby is is he taking care of you well then she said he is a drinker and beats him for money and started to cry. I went near to her and placed my hand on her shoulders for my pleasure she did not obstruct then my mind made clear that if can get her now and slowly I placed my another hand on her face and rubbing her tears and she had a soft face. She too caught me in pleasure and I slowly placed my hand on her lips, my god she had a so soft lips.

I hugged her by standing, she too hugged me so hard and took my hand and placed it on her right boob and she said that she never had sex. She wanted to have now. This made me to get erection in my boxer and I planted a kiss on her lips, we had been kissing for more than 20 minutes this is the first time I was kissing a gal as I don’t have a girlfriend and I removed her saree and make her naked in couple of minutes.

I was shocked by the body which she had every boy wants to have such a type of girl. She asked me to get naked and my tool was trying to come out and then I hugged her and kissing all over her face and my hands playing with her boobs and my hand later invaded her pussy and she had a hairy pussy and on seeing it and I got erected my rood trying to fuck her and I placed my tongue in her pussy and making her to feel like heaven and she said come on faster.

I placed a finger in her vagina and playing with her clitoris with my tongue then she begged me to fuck. I was sucking her boobs and her nipples became erect. I pressed her waist and placed my hands on her hips and started to beat them in pleasure. I then took my tool and placed on her vagina and teasing her, she is begging to fuck her then I slowly trying to insert my tool my god her pussy is so hot and tight and I was trying to insert my tool only the tip was inside and with my full force and my tool entered into her vagina completely and she screamed in high.

To my pleasure she is a virgin and blood came out of her pussy. I then fucked her in her ass and then she came on me and riding on me. I tried to fuck her in all different angles like doggy style and many. I loaded heavy loads of cum in my chaitra’s pussy. She thanked me for the wonderful day that she ever had. I was so happy that day we fucked for 5 times. Now she left the job as she has to go with her hubby to Chennai. Please give me your suggestions and comments to my mail id and any hot gals and aunty can contact me at my mail id.

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