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My Seduction In Childhood

  • desipapa
  • September 29, 2015

Hello all readers,

I am regular reader of the erotic story section of this site and am great fan of it. After reading these stories, I felt that I should also share with you; my childhood sex experience. I am 18 years old now and living in Mumbai. I am not a great writer but I hope you will consider me.

This real story began when I was 11 years old. I was living in Pune at that time with my mom and dad. We have a small bungalow allotted by dad’s company. One room in our home, was given on rental basis, to two unmarried engineers, Anil and Pradip who were doing their probation in Telco Industry at Pune. Anil was used to go to office in day where as Pradip was used to have a night-shift. My mom and dad go to office. As I have morning school, when I was coming from school, only Pradip was used to be at home.

I was very fond of Pradip as he used to play with me, talk with me and also sometimes helps me in studying. Usually when I come from the school, I used to have my lunch, and do my homework. Then I was watching the television or going to Pradip’s room and play there Chess, Ludo, carom etc.

The story begins now. One day as usual I had gone to Pradip’s room and playing Chess. As usual, I lost continuously two games. I was very bored till now. At the same instant, Pradip asked me, “Can we play a game in which you will never feel bored?” I readily agreed. Then Pradip asked me to remove my pant. I felt very strange and ashamed but he told me, “It will feel you very nice when I saw you without pant.” Therefore, I removed my half-pant. I was not using any underwear at that time so mine very little, young penis without any hairs around and on it; was clearly open for view for Pradip. Then Pradip said me to lie down on the bed. And so I did. Pradip sat beside me near my penis. He held my little penis in his thumb and first finger and then he started to move skin over my penis up and down. Now I know he was masturbating me but at that time, I did not know any thing about sex. On the other hand, Pradip only told me, “This part, which I am shaking, is your penis or cock.”

It was all new, amazing and exiting for me at that time. Pradip was continuously moving the skin on my penis up and down and I started feeling very great. Slowly Pradip picked up the speed and within a minute, I reached to the moment when I strongly wanted to piss immediately. My legs were tightened and hardened. I told Pradip that I wanted to piss immediately.

So, he stopped and let me go to the bathroom. There I tried to piss but nothing come out of my penis except hardly 5 to 6 drops of piss. However, I felt very much loose, weird and amazing. I returned to Pradip’s room and told him my experience. He said, “It’s alright. This great experience is nothing but called as an orgasm. You had an orgasm just now. Do you like this game?” As it was all exiting for me, I answered Pradip, “Yeah, I like this game very very much!” After some time, we did another session of this game. Pradip told me not to tell anything about our game to anybody otherwise he will not play with me and thus, I agreed.

From that day, this game became a regular game for us and slowly I started improving. Now I won’t rush to bathroom after one orgasm but can withstood upto 3 or 4 orgasms. Also I started doing it with my own hand but I liked orgasm with Pradip’s hands only as it always felt me great.

After a week or two; I got an urge to see Pradip naked. If he sees me naked then I should also see him naked. So, in the afternoon only I told him that I wanted to see him naked. Pradip just smiled and told me, “I can show you myself naked but for that first you must allow me to play another game with you.” As I knew that Pradip’s games are exiting, I instantly agreed, hoping for new fun. Pradip told me, “Now also remove your shirt with your pants!” And so, I removed and was standing completely nude in front of Pradip. Then he lifted me up in his arms and laid me down on the bed. He sat beside my chest. At that time, I was very fat and had huge fat on my chest so they resembled just like breasts of a young girl.

Pradip hold my both left and right, fleshy and soft chests in his hands and said, “See, this part of your body, in case of men, is called as chest and in case of women, it is called as breasts or boobs. However, as your chest looks like breasts; now onwards, I will consider your body as a girl’s body only. Moreover, I will call your chest as your boobs or breasts and you should also call them as “my boobs or my breasts”. You are nothing but a young girl for me with whom I am going to play different games. OK?” As I was illiterate in this field at that time, I just said, “OK!”, waiting for when Pradip was going to start his fungame. Then he hold black portions on “my boobs or my breasts” in his fingers

and said, “And these black portions on your boobs are called nipples and now I am going to start my game in which you should withstand whatever I do with you. Ready?”

And before I could reply, he suddenly started holding tightly & releasing and again holding tightly & releasing my both breasts or boobs; that’s what the name, he had given them. He started pressing my breasts so wildly that they started paining. I cried with the pain, “Pradip!!! My boobs are paining!!!” But he just ignored me and shouted, “Shut up! This is nothing but a game in which you have to endure all the pain given by me.”

So, I kept mum.

But due to that, Pradip started squeezing my boobs more harshly. He was doing it so violently that all my breasts became red with the prints of Pradip’s fingers and hands.

But by this time, I started feeling nice by the pain in my breasts given by Pradip; due to something strange from somewhere deep in my breasts. I began to moan instead of yelling which I had done at first when Pradip started. I wanted it more and more.

Pradip now hold my nipples in his fingers and started pulling and squeezing them and turned them red. It felt me more nice and I started saying to Pradip, “Come on Pradip!!! Give me more pain!! I will show you enduring it all. Just squeeze all my breasts!!!”

So, Pradip started more enthusiastically. He took my whole left boob in his mouth and started leaking and biting it all over very harshly. Then he started this act of torture with my right boob. In this way, Pradip ate my both breasts one by one paining me a lot. He squeezed and sucked up my both the boobs and said, “Hey my young girl, there is liters of milk stored in your breasts, which I am going to drink all and I promise you that it will pain you like a hell. Are you ready to endure all this pain?”

But by this time; I had started enjoying the pain in my breasts so much, that I wanted it more and more. Therefore, I said to Pradip, “Yaaaaa, this young girl is ready to suffer any pain that you can give her because she loves this sweet and lovely pain, you are giving to her. And that young girl is me and therefore, I want that you should try different ways to torture me; so that I will get lot of pain from you. Drink more and more milk from my boobs and empty them! So that, tomorrow once again, I can bring more and more milk filled in my boobs for your taste.”

Hearing this, Pradip once again started to eat my boobs more eagerly. His prints of teeth were everywhere on my breasts. Pradip then started eating my nipples. He chewed my both the nipples vigorously, like a chewing-gum, which caused tremendous sweet pain. Finally Pradip satisfied with my milk and our breast sucking session is over.

By that time, my breasts had become red allwhere and were full of pain of squeezes, pinches and bytes taken by Pradip. Then, I reminded Pradip that I want to look him naked.

So, he removed his shirt and banian. Then he also removed his pant and underwear.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh my god!!!!! I felt like I am watching world’s eighth wonder. There was very thick and atleast 7 inches long, hard, erected penis with lot of black hairs around it was hanging in the air, in front of me. It is 10 times bigger than my penis. Also, there were no hairs around my penis and the skin over head of Pradip’s cock was gone behind and reddish and pinkish inner part of his cock like a mashroom could be clearly seen unlike my penis. I asked Pradip about it and he told me that it would be the same case with me when I will grow up. I asked him, “Can I touch your penis?” He laughed and said, “Yes!! Its all yours only, my sweet young girl. It is your prize of game, which we played just now. You satisfactorily endured all my tortures with your boobs. Also, it is a cost for your milk, which I drank from your breasts.” Hearing “My sweet young girl” from Pradip, I felt so shy that I covered my face in my palms.

Then, he sat on the bed and told me to sit on the floor between his legs. He kept my hand on his cock, which was enlarging, more and more in my hand. He said, “Come on my booby babe, Do as I do with you”. Therefore, I hold his cock in my hand and started moving skin over it up and down. And Pradip held my booth boobs, which just now he emptied and started stroking and squeezing them.

Within a minute or two, some white, thick, viscous and milklike liquid came out from red top of Pradip’s big cock. Pradip sprayed it all over on my breasts. I asked him, “What is this?” Pradip told, “This is the ointment, called as CUM which is to be applied wherever there is the pain in the body and the total process of taking out this ointment from my penis, which you have just done is known as masturbating.” Then he asked me, “Do you have got pain in your breasts?” I answered, “Yes!” as my breasts were paining like a hell. So, Pradip started spreading slowly all the cum on my breasts, some with his red top of the penis and some with his hands. Oh My God!!! I was feeling so nice when his cock was roaming on my boobs and nipples. Also, this time, the movement of Pradip’s hands was very gentle on my breasts. I fully enjoyed Pradip’s hot cum on my boobs and his dangerous torture game too. Then Pradip gave me two more orgasms and I went to my room.

For the next whole week, we enjoyed this terrific game. Pradip was really doing magic on my breasts with his torture tools. His torture tools consist of his squeezing hands, lips and his sharp edged biting teeth which all most tore skin on my breasts and nipples, while chewing them. It was causing so much of pain in my boobs; that sometimes I could not bear that pain. But as per the rules of the game; I had to bear all such pains, that Pradip gave to me. Also, Pradip never gives me, his hot cum flow on my breasts which is my favorite, until my boobs were completely tortured and milk inside them is thoroughly drunk by him upto his satisfaction. Therefore, I have to wait until Pradip was completely pleased by playing with my breasts and satisfied with my milk stored for him in my boobs. However, this was also true that until I did not get such a tremendous and unbearable pain, I would not get satisfied. I would be in heaven whenever Pradip sprays his hot cum flow on my paining breasts and then gently spreads it allover on my boobs with his lovely giant cock.

After a week, Pradip told me that he had invented another game and asked me if I could join him. I accepted his proposal within a second, without thinking anything. I was very excited this time, as both of Pradip’s old games were fascinating. Pradip then told me to lie down on the bed fully naked on my back and I followed him. Then, he also removed his all clothes and became completely nude. He then, came over me, leaned and slept on me. His rough body was touching mine soft one and that touch was so exciting, that it was driving me to have it maximum, by making every possible contact with Pradip’s body. To acquire that maximum touch, I rounded my legs around Pradip’s waist. His all weight was coming on me, and thus, I was not able to breathe properly and I have to inhale more and more strongly. Due to this, my boobs were bouncing and expanding like a bulloon, evrytime I inhaled and so my breasts and nipples were continuously getting rubbed against Pradip’s hairy chest, feeling me very good. Therefore, I tightened my leg’s grip on Pradip’s waist and hugged him tightly and started moving my hands on his back for more rubbing of my breasts against him.

My head was now, right in front of Pradip’s head. He held my face in his palms and asked me, “Should we start the game?” I answered, “Yaaaaa!!! Please!!!!” and closed my eyes waiting in the thrill of what next Pradip was going to do with me. Pradip took my lips in his mouth and at the same time, his hands reached to my breasts and he held them in his hands. He started trapping and catching my lips in his teeth and his hands started hurriedly and vigorously on my breasts as usual. Pradip started biting and sucking my lips, in the same manner as he bytes and sucks my boobs and nipples that means wildly and violently. Then, he opened my mouth with his tongue penetrating my lips and slowly introduced his whole tongue in my mouth. His moist, wet and stiff tongue started rubbing against my soft inner lips and my boyish tongue. His saliva and mouth juices, which are very tasty and sweet, were entering in my mouth. I was drinking them all and sucking and biting Pradip’s tongue in my mouth, to get more of his mouth juices. His tongue was exploring each and every part of my mouth and it felt very very nice. His hands were doing their regular work of crushing and pinching my boobs and paining them hard. I was really enjoying this two-way service; served by Pradip i.e. in the mouth and on the breasts. But his hands did not pain my boobs as his hungry mouth does. So, I am waiting, when Pradip was going to have his favorite lunch of my breasts and when he was going to drink my milk from them. In the meanwhile, I started feeling some hard thing rubbing against my thighs and soon, I realized that it was Pradip’s penis, which was growing rapidly between my thighs and rubbing against them continuously and that touch of his penis was making me hotter.

After 10 to 15 minutes, Pradip stopped sucking my mouth and pulled away his tongue from my mouth. He told me, “This is an English kiss and now I am going to drink all the milk from your boobs. Ok? My sweet, booby and milky young girl?” As, I myself wanted him to drink my milk from my breasts; I said, “Yes!!! Your young girl is also very eager to give all her very sweet milk from her boobs. You can have it by feasting on your booby young girl’s fleshy breasts.” And I just removed my hands from his back. Then, I held one of my boob in my one hand and hairs on Pradip’s back-head with another hand. I moved his head towards my breasts and directed his hungry mouth to my that breast that I was holding with my hand. Then, I pushed that whole breast inside Pradip’s mouth, as a treat or a feast for him. Fascinated by this, he just started eating my boobs brutally. He chewed my nipples passionately and at the same time, I kept on moving my fingers through his hairs and enjoying those painful bytes and powerful hard sucking of my breasts. I was also continuously pressing Pradip’s head on my breasts to encourage him to chew my nipples more hard. After a sufficient eating, chewing and torturing of my breasts and nipples, he ordered me to turn back and lay on the bed, on my breasts. I followed him and I felt very good to lie there on my tortured and paining breasts. Then, Pradip started giving hard slaps and hits on my buttocks. Now, I was aware that Pradip’s every game was nothing but only the torture-game in which, he was used to give me the pains and I was supposed to endure them all. Also, now I was very used to such games and loved to endure such heavy pains.

Thus, I was not wondering why Pradip was hitting hard on my buttocks. I just stayed quiet and was enjoying Pradip’s every hard hit on my buttocks. After making both my buttocks red with his slaps, Pradip held my buttocks in his hands and pulled them away from the center and my small, lovely and young ass-hole is visible to him. Then, he placed his giant penis-head on my ass-hole and gave a forceful and hard push to insert his penis in my ass.

“OOOOhhhh My God!!!!”, I screamed as shivers of tremendous devil’s pain flooded inside my body and tears started rolling down from my eyes, on my cheeks. The pain was thousand times more than I endured daily and such a horrifying and terrific that at one moment I felt that I passed out my breath and life. I felt that all parts inside my body would come out of my mouth. I started crying loudly, ” Leave me Pradip!! Its paining!! Please! Leave me!!” Thus, Pradip removed his penis from there. Still, my ass was burning with the pain like a rocket engine. Pradip turned me back and asked whether it pained much? I answered, “Yes!!” Pradip said, “OK!!” and again kissed me long while squeezing my breasts. Then, he told me, “You had not endured the pain I gave you in your ass. Now, you must take penalty for that. Sit down on the floor between my legs.”

I felt that it would be normal masturbating. Therefore, I sat down on the floor. But then, he ordered me, “Take my penis in your mouth!!” I was feeling very dirty to take Pradip’s penis in my mouth but he had ordered to do so. In addition, I was frightened if I would not follow him; he would once again give me that unbearable pain in my ass. In addition, it is also true that I must take a penalty as I could not withstand pain in my ass given by Pradip. Thus, I tried to take his monster penis inside my small mouth but it smelled so pungent that I started feeling vomiting. I removed Pradip’s penis from my mouth and told him that I could not take his penis in my mouth. Pradip said, “OK! Do like what you do regularly.” Therefore, I started masturbating him.

After a minute later, Pradip abruptly removed my hand on his penis, held hairs on my back of the head, and pulled them hard. I screamed, “AAAhhh!!!” and at that instant only; he inserted his giant penis inside my opened mouth. His penis went straight upto my throat. Pradip now began to move my head back and forth vigorously by holding my hairs; so that his penis could go in and out of my mouth. Firstly, I felt very hurted, bad and humiliated. However, afterwards feeling of being used by Pradip against my will; made me feel very exciting and crazy. It was feeling very nice that somebody who is nobody else but Pradip, was using me, making utilization of me. He was having my one body part, using my mouth; against my will and desire; only for his satisfaction and upto his satisfaction. This was like as if I was nobody and nothing and did not have any wishes and wills of myself. I was just a Pradip’s slave and had to obey my master, Pradip. I was just a cause to satisfy him and a source to complete his unhumanatory, painful and torturous needs. It was feeling very nice and I decided to tell Pradip that I liked using me against my wish for his satisfaction.

After 20 to 25 in and outs of Pradip’s penis from my mouth; cum started flowing out of his penis. Half of that cum, he splashed inside my mouth, remaining, he sprayed on my breasts and then, he asked me to swallow all his cum inside my mouth. I swallowed all his salty, slimy, creamy and thick cum inside my mouth and I liked its pungent taste.

I told him, “I like taste of your cum and also, I like the way you used me for your satisfaction. It was really a thrilling experience.”

He asked, “Really? This was nothing. I can use you in many other brutal ways. Can you face those torturous and painful ways?” I answered, “Yaa! Ofcourse yes! Your young girl can face any pain from you, because she loves it. Thus, you can use me in any way you want.” Pradip smiled and asked, “Is your ass is still paining?” I answered, “Yes!” Pradip said, “Then, let me apply ointment on it.” Then, he took all his cum, sprayed on my boobs, turned me around and applied all his cum on and inside my ass. It became very slippery there as the cum was very slimy and soapy.

Then, Pradip told me, “To use you in other ways, we will need some preparations. Are you ready?” I said without thinking, “Yes! Do whatever you want to do with me.

I declare that I am your girl-slave now and my body is no longer my property. You are my master and you own my body. I do not hold any right to interfere in any decision of any kind, which is made by you in purpose of enjoying my body. You have all the possible rights to have my body for your use. You can play with my body as you wish.” I was very much exited of being used by Pradip. Pradip smiled and said, “OK!! Let’s have some preparations, my young booby girl-slave!” And Pradip took out the candle box. In that box, there are many candles in various sizes from thin of 0.5cm, 0.75cm, 1cm of diameter and so on up to very thick of 5cm of diameter. Pradip took out smallest candle of 0.5cm diameter from the box and started inserting it in my ass-hole. “Ohhhh!”, I moaned. It was really nice and exciting experience. Due to slippery and soapy cum applied on my ass; the candle went straight away in my ass. Pradip started sliding that candle in and out of my ass and I was gone mad by the pleasure, Pradip was giving me. I become very happy for my decision of declaring myself as Pradip’s girl-slave and of giving total freedom of enjoying my body. I was feeling incredible. After 100 to 150 in and outs of the candle in my ass, Pradip took out one size bigger candle of 1cm of diameter and started driving it in my ass. Then still bigger and so on. First two candles went easily in my ass. Then the third one was pushed forcefully in my ass and it led little pain for me. Then the next bigger sized candle i.e. the fourth one required lot of efforts and force by Pradip to send it in my ass giving me lot of pain.

But who was going to care about the pain? Neither Pradip nor me. Pradip was never supposed to care about my pains contrary, he was suppose to or ought to give me the heavy loads of pain because the rules of games were like that. In addition, the situation was that I was his girl-slave and Pradip was my master and I had to obey him and had no right to say a word whatever he does with me. Because I, myself had given him these all rights and permissions, to use me in any brutal way and to attack and torture my body upto his satisfaction. And in my case, I was so fond of these heavy pains that I could not refuse them though they may be unbearable.

After very much pain, that fourth candle settled in my ass. Then, Pradip took out fifth candle and started licking it. At the same time, he was sliding the fourth candle in and out of my ass. Then, he removed it from my ass and spit inside my ass. He once again made my ass-way slimy and soapy with his saliva. Then, Pradip started to insert the fifth candle in my ass and new phases of the terrible pains started in my ass. The candle was tearing my ass-hole part by part. It was not going in my ass but with lot of efforts and horrifying pains, it entered my ass. After 100 to 150 in and outs of that candle in my ass, the candle started moving somewhat freely in my ass. But then also, it could hardly go a half-inch inside my ass unlike the previous candles, which penetrated in my ass deep upto one to two inches since their diameter size was less. Then, Pradip removed that candle from my ass and cut its one-inch piece. He again started entering that piece in my asshole. The candle of that size could go just a half-inch in my ass but Pradip wanted me, to take that whole one-inch piece inside my ass. Naturally, deadly pains started again in my ass and finally, Pradip fitted that full piece of candle in my ass. It was giving me constant pain in my asshole. Seeing this, Pradip said, “Endure all this pain, my girl-slave. You will get good results of it. Now, go to your room and this piece of the candle should be there in your asshole until tomorrow afternoon, which will make you remind me with your every feet. If you want to go to toilet, remove the candle-piece, out the feces and then, reload the candle-piece in your ass again. No matter how much it pains to you but you are not permitted to keep your ass empty. This is an order to you from your master, me.

OK? My girl-slave with the loaded ass?”

I did exactly as Pradip ordered me because I have to follow my master. It was really a hard experience. At every foot that I walked, that candle-piece loaded in my asshole, would give me the pains in my bowel and reminded of Pradip. I was eagerly waiting for next afternoon. When I went to toilet, after that I again inserted that dangerous

candle-piece in my ass with great efforts. I went to school as it is. When I returned home, I threw my bag, get rid of my clothes and went to Pradip’s room.

I stood completely naked in front of him and told him, “See Pradip, I have carried this piece of candle with me for 24hours in my ass.” Pradip said, “Very Good!! Come here! I will give you its prize. Then he removed that candle-piece from me. Oohh!! What a relief that was!!!!! I thought it was over and had a relief sigh.

But, it was hardly for a half minute. Pradip took out the bigger sized candle and I realized what the next bloody torture was going to happen with me and my ass. Also Now, Pradip increased the length of the candle-piece. He cut the candle for one and half inch piece, which was just a one-inch long before. Pradip once again spit out in my asshole and on the candle piece and started to fit it again in my ass. He finally loaded that piece in my ass with tremendous, horrifying and deadly pains. After that, Pradip enjoyed my milk from my boobs and I enjoyed his cum from his penis. Then as a prize, which he had promised me, Pradip gave me orgasm with his mouth. He took my little penis in his mouth and squeezed it with his stiff lips and wet tongue.

Next day, more bigger and more longer candle-piece was fitted in my ass and then as usual Pradip tortured my breasts for the milk filled in them and used my mouth to spray his cum from his penis, in my mouth and on my paining boobs. Day by day, Pradip was tearing my asshole and increasing its size by increasing candle-piece size and length.

But, due to this, I was used to be in the pain for a whole day. I was used to just keep waiting for the next afternoon. I was not waiting for the relief, I would get when Pradip removed the piece from my ass. However, I was waiting for the tremendous pain that would cause by the bigger and longer piece as I was fond of such pains. So, when I returned from the school, I was used to strip off from my clothes and went to Pradip fully naked. In between one Sunday came. But on Sunday, Anil, Pradip’s roommate was also having a holiday like Pradip and he was also at home. Also my parents and sister were at home. So that day, Pradip could not refill my ass with the new candle’s piece and so I lost one opportunity of that day of enjoying horrible pain due to bigger candle-piece. But, on next day; Pradip make up all the balances of pains and increased candle-piece size by two steps rather than normal one step.

On eighth day, when I returned home; as usual I became nude and went to Pradip. But that day, he did not removed candle-piece from me but he became nude and kissed me long. At the same time, he kept on squeezing my boobs with his hands. Then, he ate my breasts and chewed my nipples and had sufficient milk from me.

Then, Pradip turned me and laid me on my paining breasts. He removed the candle-piece from my asshole and buried his mouth deep in my bowel. He was licking all where around my tortured and tored asshole. At the same time, Pradip started stroking and squeezing my buttocks with his hands and slapping my butts to turn them red. Then, he inserted his tongue in my asshole. Oohh!! What a great feeling that was.

I had felt Pradip’s tongue on my lips, on my tongue, on my cheeks, on my breasts, on my nipples, even on my penis. But this experience of his tongue in my ass, was electrifying and exhilarating. Pradip then licked my butt-cheeks and ate them as harshly and as abrasively as he could; in the same manner, as he was used to eat my nipples and boobs. He again returned to my asshole and started inserting his tongue inside it. Pradip kept on driving his tongue deeper and deeper inside my ass and wetted all the assway with his saliva.

My ass was never empty for the last eight days. My ass-hole is always sealed and my ass was always filled up with the candle-pieces. So, when it became empty; my ass couldn’t bear that vacant space. Thus, now, I started dying for something to be inserted in my ass. I shouted to Pradip, “Pradip! Insert something in my ass fast! I can accept bigger and longer candle than yesterday’s, but can not keep my ass empty. Please Pradip!” Pradip stopped and removed his trembling tongue slowly from my ass. He answered, “Now, you will not have any candle in your ass.” and started fingering my ass. He started it with one finger, then two, three and then with four fingers. He kept on inserting his fingers in and out of my ass while continuously spitting his saliva inside my ass for the lubrication. Then, Pradip almost entered his full palm in my ass. No doubt, his palm was cracking my ass but it was not penetrating deep inside my ass. Now, I am in very much need of a thing that can fully occupy my ass.

I was crying and begging pardon to Pradip, “Please, insert such an thing which can quench my thirst for a item that completely occupies my ass.”

Pradip said, “O.K. I will give you such an object that will fill up and pack your ass. Today is the day for which you are being loaded in your asshole by bigger and bigger

Candle-pieces whose pains continuously charged on you. But, you endured all the pains and all the tortures played by me, with you. At that time, I had told you that you would get good results of enduring them and today is that day when you are going to get those good results. Earlier, your ass was not ready to obtain those good results and capable of receiving your grand-prize but due to all the candle-pieces those you had carried in your ass for 24hours for last seven days; your ass is ready now. I had also told you that to use you in the most torturous way, we should do some preparations and you had permitted me to do anything to you. Those preparations are over. Now, you are ready to be used by me in the most torturous and the most fascinating and thrilling way. Can I start giving you those sweet and good results, that grand-prize, and the thing that will pack your ass? Can I start to use you in the most fatal and deadly way?”

I answered, “YYAAA!!! Please be kind on me and fill up my ass with my grand-prize.

I will be very happy if you will utilize me for your entertainment and enjoyment.

As far as; using of mine, is concerned; I can not have any objection because firstly,

I myself liked to be getting used by you; for your service up to your satisfaction and wanted that it will happen again and again. And secondly, I can not have any objection because there is no question of my will. I am your young girl-slave and you are my master. I have given you each and every right to use me in every possible brutal and painful way and do whatever to me and my body. I will feel very lucky and will be very happy when you will use me in your shocking and murderous way because I consider myself as your slave or as your device whose aim is just to satisfy you and your painful needs. So, please do it with me!”

Pradip then warned me, “See my girl-slave, it will pain you like super-hell.”

I replied, “At this moment, your palm which is sliding in and out of my ass, is giving me unimaginable pain. Then still more addition of the pain. Who cares! Just go ahead and use me in such a way that I will be almost dead due to the pains. Please! do it fast!”

Thus, Pradip removed his palm from my ass. My ass is now on the uppermost tip of its fire. He hit me two hard slaps on each buttock. Then, he held my both the buttocks and stretched them away from center. Then, Pradip kept his giant, mashroomlike pink cock-head on the entrance of my thirsty asshole.

OOOHHH!!! And at that time, I realized what was the grand prize and what were the good results; I was going to receive. Pradip’s penis was nothing but the thing that was going to pack my ass and the pains, which are going to generate in my ass due to his penis, were my grand-prize and sweet results. However, now I could not step back and could not stop Pradip, because I had given him total freedom to use me in any possible brutal and painful way and do whatever to my body.

Also, I could not leave my ass empty now and hurriedly wanted him to fill my ass with his penis because his giant penis was the only one who could quench desire of my ass and could extinguish its fire. Then, Pradip pushed his hands under my body and hold my both the boobs in his palms very tightly.

And now, he gave a strong push to his cock. “Oohhhh!! My God!!”, I screamed in the pain. It was that bloody experience of dreadful and horrifying pain, I have never had before. Pradip’s giant penishead was inside my ass with that strong thrust. Pradip had torn my ass with his cock. Tears rolled down from my eyes. I felt like my body was split into two pieces. Pradip now started to push his cock more and more inside my asshole. I was stretching my legs and ass, as much as I could, to ease the pain but as he was pushing harder and harder, there was no relief. However, truly speaking, I did not want a relief. Instead, I wanted Pradip to split me wide open. Pradip was screwing his cock inside me deeper and deeper with every stroke. In addition, he kept on squeezing my breasts with his hands. I started moaning with his every stroke, “Aahhh!!!………Aahhh!!!……..Come on Pradip!!!…… Screw me more……… .More faster……. ….Knock me harder with your cock………. Use your girl-slave to her full extent……… Yesss!!!……… She can accept more of your penis………. Go deeper and deeper inside my ass………

Do not have any mercy on your girl-slave’s boobs……… Don’t stop charging on my boobs……. Pack up my ass……. Give me your full rod……… fill me completely.”

Pradip’s cock now started going in and coming out from my ass. He kept on stroking me in that way. With every stroke from Pradip, I was paining more than his previous stroke. However, I was really enjoying that pain and with every stroke, I was getting more and more fun and enjoyment. Thus, with every painful stroke from Pradip’s penis in my bowel; the urge to take him more inside my ass, kept on building in me. Therefore, I kept on spreading my ass and legs wider to make an easy way to Pradip’s cock inside me.

In addition, Pradip now started making his movements faster screwing me more deeply, giving me more and more pains and enjoyment.

At last, that moment of total satisfaction occurred and shivers of the shuddering orgasms flooded in my body. I gave a loud scream, “AAAhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!” I held Pradip’s squeezing hands on my boobs and pressed them more on my boobs to make them squeeze my breasts more harshly. I felt that all space in my ass is now fully occupied and filled up by the Pradip’s cock and he should lie there only. But Pradip was not going to stop. He kept on injecting his penis in my soft ass. he kept on blowing me deep and knocking harsh thirsts inside me. His hands squeezed my breasts more painfully. He speeded up and now started with more passion. He increased his stroking rate and finally cummed inside my ass. “OOOhhhhh!!!!!!!” I groaned as I got an another quivering orgasm. He flooded liters of cum which spread everywhere inside my bowel. The force with which he ejaculated his cum, I felt that this cum would come out of my mouth from my ass. The cum had spread everywhere in my body with my blood.

Pradip and I were tremendously tired. We laid there only. Pradip had laid on my body and still kept squeezing my boobs with his hands under me. I kept on lying there enjoying the squeezes on my breasts from Pradip and kept on holding his cock in my ass.

After 5 minutes, Pradip removed his penis from my ass and introduced it in my mouth and ordered me, “Clean off my cock nicely.” I sucked Pradip’s penis coated with his cum and my blood as a result of tearing off my ass by his cock. I drank every drop of blood and cum on his penis and made it thoroughly clean. I kept on holding Pradip’s penis in my mouth as I didn’t want to leave it. Pradip was very happy by splitting open wide his young girl-slave and enjoyed betraying her wildly. And I was so thrilled by the experience that I wanted it more.

Pradip said, “The way, I used you, my girl-slave; is known as fucking. I fucked you just now. Have you enjoyed our FUCK-GAME?” I said, “Yes! My master! I want more and more such fucks.” And I sucked his cock again which made it hot and rock-hard again. And then; another astonishing and crushing fuck started. Pradip once again started screwing me deeper and deeper………. .

This relationship remained till Pradip left our house. But in between we had many other incidents those I must tell you. But those next time. If you like my story then reply me at

Also, anybody interested to crush down me like his slave, then contact me. Bye.

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