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My Secretary

  • desipapa
  • September 29, 2015

Hello to all. I am Wersa and this is my first online tale. Its real and recent .all those who want to share views and sentiments are welcomed. Real meetings will be rewarding for shy as well as bold people. My story starts: Kareena is my secretary and, I think, even from the very first day she came to work for me, it was obvious that there was going to be a very strong mutual attraction between us. It was strange, but I think she had me pegged from the beginning.

Quite a few times, in those first months, she’d looked at me with those big, teasing, sexy brown eyes of hers and commented on ‘a woman’s place’ in the scheme of things, or said something to the effect that she liked ‘masterful’ men. Not unnaturally, being the way I am, the thought intrigued me and, after one such thought provoking conversation, and feeling in a ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ sort of mood, I decided to call her bluff, or rather, find out if it really was a bluff. Finding a suitable moment, I called her into my office to collect some paperwork. I think she already had a hint of what was on my mind. In any event, she sat very quietly and attentively as I said my little piece. Quietly, yet authoritatively, I told her that the flirting game had gone on long enough, and it was now time that she got what was coming to her. Had I made a mistake, I wondered. Would she go for it, or was I about to lose an excellent secretary? She said nothing, just looked at me seriously as I ordered her to meet me that night after work, dressed as I was about to instruct her, and have dinner with me at a nearby modern restaurant. To my incredible relief and excitement, she meekly agreed straight away. I could hardly believe my luck. This was every dam male’s dream come true.

Trying to sound casual, I arranged to meet her at 7.30 and told her that she was to wear her sexiest underwear, stockings, high heels, a tight short skirt, silk blouse and, the clincher — no bra. I stressed the last point strongly and I could perceive a certain look in her eyes as she nodded her head shyly. Was it excitement? I hoped… no, I knew… that it was. I went to pick her up at the appointed time and was pleased to see that she was punctual. Also, she was dressed, at least on the surface, just as I had instructed. Of course I would have to wait to see if she had obeyed every instruction, but I had to admit she looked just fantastic, the short skirt showing off her long, long legs to full effect. As soon as she took her coat off in the restaurant, I could see that she’d obeyed my instructions about leaving off her bra. Every time she moved, her fabulous breasts moved excitingly under the silk of the blouse. She saw me looking and blushed. I think it was probably the first time she had ever gone out in public like it. I made no comment and we sat down at our table.

The early part of the evening went well and we got along just fine. We ordered and enjoyed a really good meal and sat for a long time, drinking coffee and brandy, just enjoying each other’s company. After a while, the conversation drifted inevitably towards the real purpose of our meeting, just as I had hoped. “Tell me!” she asked me, seriously. “Are you always so dominant with women? Do you really enjoy it? Most of the men I’ve met have been the exact opposite.” I smiled. “Yes… to both your questions. But, what about you ? Are you really as submissive as you’ve led me to believe…? I mean sexually, of course?” She colored immediately at my blunt question. “I think so,” she whispered. “At least, in my dreams I am. I’ve never met anyone like you before, so I’ve had no actual experience.” I leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek, very gently. “I’ve made some preparations at my place,” I whispered. “Do you trust me enough to go with me and find out?” She gave me a nervous smile and I saw her hand tremble briefly. I leaned over and kissed her, gently. “What’s the matter? Having second thoughts, now that I’ve called your bluff?” I asked. She shook her head. “No… I’m just a bit nervous,” she admitted. “Yes, but will you come?” I pressed. She stood up. Her hands were still trembling, but she had a determined look on her face. “Yes… I’ll come,” she whispered.

On the way to my flat, she sat quietly in the passenger seat of the car, and made no protest when I pulled up her already short skirt to expose her bare thighs above the stocking tops. I kissed her again. “Leave your skirt as it is!” I ordered, taking hold of the steering wheel. “You have nice legs and I want to look at them on the way home.” “All right,” she whispered. Almost as soon as I got her in the house, I took hold of her to kiss and caress her. I squeezed and fondled her breasts and ran my hands all over her fabulous body without receiving any protest. I was hard. I had been so for most of the evening. Somewhat reluctantly, I pulled away and took hold of her by the shoulders. “Now then, Kareena,” I whispered. “This is where we see what you’re really made of!” Without argument, she allowed me to pull her gently to the middle of the room. I saw her trembling as I reached into my coffee table drawer to take out the silk scarf I had placed there earlier. “What… what… what’s that for?” She faltered. “What do you think?” I replied. “I’m going to blindfold you. Now do be a good girl and shut up!” Obediently, she became silent and I moved behind her to draw the scarf tight round her eyes, before securing it at the back of her head. “Now then,” I said quietly. “I want you to clasp your hands at the back of your neck! Quickly, now!” Her lip trembled but she obeyed. “There you are,” I said, reaching out to cup her bra-less breasts over the silk blouse. “Isn’t that a nice feeling?” She tried to speak but, before she had a chance to say anything, I had my tongue in her mouth and was kissing her fiercely. She was tense at first, but my passion seemed to excite her and, in what seemed no time at all, was soon kissing me back with similar fierceness. I continued to kiss, my tongue now fighting a duel with hers, and slowly, began to undo the buttons on her blouse.

They parted easily and, soon, I was running my hands freely over the magnificent, naked breasts. I felt the nipples harden under my touch and was encouraged enough to bring her hands down from her neck briefly, so that I could slide the blouse down her arms and off. I stepped back and regarded my prize. Oh God, she was beautiful. Without being asked, she once more clasped her hands at the back of her neck and thrust out her chest. Fabulous! The sight was almost more than flesh and blood could stand. Bending my head, I sucked and chewed on the nipples as she sighed and moaned with pleasure. Now, for the first time, I let my hands wander to her thighs, gently sliding her skirt up to her waist. Then I allowed my right hand to drift back down over her stomach to her crotch which was, I quickly discovered, very, very wet. Her French knickers were satin, as was the matching, tiny suspender belt. I pulled the knickers to one side and slid my fingers across her clit. She shuddered and gave a soft moan, opening her legs a little to allow me easier access.

The sound encouraged me. It was a moan of pleasure. Easily inserting my fingers into her soaking vagina, I moved them gently about inside her. “Oh God!” she whispered, rocking her hips back and forth. “Don’t stop… please… that’s gorgeous.” It was clear in my mind that now was the time to introduce the leather and chain bondage equipment I had previously made ready and placed in the next room. She was so turned on now that she’d obviously forgotten all about her previous nervousness. “Stay just as you are!” I commanded. She obeyed me implicitly, remaining perfectly still as I stepped back to regard her semi-nude body. “You are beautiful,” I told her. “Now be a good girl and just stay there! I shan’t be long.” With a confident smile, I then moved quickly out of the room to fetch my box of tricks. I was back within moments to find that she hadn’t moved a muscle. “Good girl… well done!” I commented. I put the box down at her feet and reached up to trace a feathery path up her inner thigh with my fingers. As my finger tips brushed her clit, she shuddered violently and groaned. “Now then,” I said briskly, taking hold of a pair of handcuffs, “hands behind your back – quickly now!” “Why… what are you doing?” she gasped, as she obeyed. I chuckled. “Just being masterful… as you wanted,” I replied snapping the cuffs around her wrists. Turning her around, I kissed her again, and began to caress her body as before. This time the difference was noticeable. Kareena evidently liked the sensation of being ‘cuffed’ and helpless. Three times I took her to the edge of climax, each time just stopping short of the fulfillment that, by now, she was desperately craving. Sighing and moaning, she begged to be allowed to climax, but all to no avail. I wasn’t going to let her ‘come’ yet. Now that I had her in my power, I was going to make her earn her release. Now I stepped back from her and removed her skirt and those gorgeous, satin, crotch soaked French knickers. I picked up a pair of elbow restraints and, pulling her arms close, fastened her into them. This, of course, had the desired effect of making her thrust out her tits even more. None too gently, I tweaked her nipples and she gasped. “Well?” I demanded, grasping her erect clit between my thumb and forefinger. “Are you enjoying it?” She was still gasping, little whining noises coming from the back of her throat. “Oh! God! Oh God… yes… yes. Please… don’t stop… don’t stop! Please… please… will you fuck me? Please…

I want you so bad.” “Not yet,” I replied, squeezing her clit between my fingers. “You’ve got quite a lot to go through before I do that.” “Yes… anything,” she gasped. “You can do anything to me. But please… promise me! You will fuck me, won’t you? Fuck me hard?” I smiled. “Oh yes, I’ll promise you that. Later… if, youre good. Now be quiet!” I selected a ball gag and, stuffing it into her mouth, fastened it tightly at the back of her head. I liked the look of it in her gaping mouth. Already, she was beginning to drool. I stepped away from her and looked her over at my leisure. She looked fabulous. Standing there wide legged, naked – except for the high heeled shoes, sheer stockings and that wispy suspender belt – blindfolded, gagged, arms fastened so tightly behind her back that her magnificent tits stood out as if begging for attention, she was all that a man could ever have dreamed about. I reached out to play with her clit again. “Nnnnnnnnngh …. Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggghhhhh,” she went, the soft noise muted by the ball gag stuffed in her distended mouth. Then I made her close her legs and, bending down, buckled on the ankle to wrist restraints. Then I undid the handcuffs and elbow strap and forced her to kneel. She caught her breath in a silent sob as I buckled the straps tightly around her wrists to hold her in position. Drooling around the ball gag, she knelt in front of me, blindfolded and completely at my mercy. I selected a vibrator from my box. It was time for her next experience. Handling her firmly, I tied a rope tightly around her waist, centering the knot on her stomach so that the free end hung down to the floor in front. The vibrator I had chosen was huge and, with her legs fastened together, it wasn’t very easy to work it into her soaking pussy. I succeeded at last, however, and, pulling the free end of the rope between her legs, I made sure that it separated her pussy lips to force the vibrator right inside, before I tied it off at the back. Then I switched on.

The effect was incredible and beautiful at the same time. Kareena, tied helpless, began to contort her nearly naked body desperately, as if she was trying to screw the vibrator…or perhaps encourage it to screw her. Swiftly she built to a climax, exploding into it with muffled cries and groans as I allowed it to mature. I did not switch off the vibrator. Soon she was coming again…and again…and again! The time passed and still she writhed, the sweat pouring off her magnificent body as she built to semi-continuous, multiple orgasms that racked her pinioned body time and time again. Slowly, as, out of control, she performed her kneeling belly dance for me, I removed my clothing. My palms were sweaty now. I could feel them, cold and clammy, as I clasped my monster erection, rubbing my foreskin slowly back and forth. It was no good. I couldn’t wait any longer. I just had to have her now! Quickly, I removed the rope and vibrator, callously disregarding her moans of protest and replacing the plastic monster with my fingers. Even this provoked another, minor orgasm and I marveled at her stamina. I removed her gag and blindfold, but left her tied and kneeling in front of me. She stared up at me, wide-eyed. Sweat had made her mascara run, but even so she looked beautiful. “Ohhhh… you wonderful bastard,” she gasped, her eyes fixed on my monster erection, wavering before her face. Before I could say anything, she had her drooling mouth firmly fixed around my cock, licking and sucking me to the most gigantic orgasm I had ever experienced.

I don’t think I had ever produced so much ‘come’. It just surged into her mouth, filling it and overflowing to dribble out of the corners and down her chin. Even so, she managed to swallow most of it, and still managed to lick the last drops from my cock. “That was good,” I said, breathing hard. “I needed that.” I looked at her and smiled. “And now you can have what you were begging for earlier.” She lifted an eyebrow as she looked at my slightly flagging erection. “Can you do it again so soon?” she asked. “If you can, it’s all right. Anything you want is okay by me.” I laughed. “Well, to be honest, this doesn’t happen to me very often,” I admitted. “But old John Thomas there is still hard and as I feel as if I could go again.What do you think? Shall we have a go?” She looked up at me with those marvelous, sexy eyes. “You’re the boss,” she breathed. “Whatever, you want!” I didn’t bother to release her wrists and ankles. Instead I took her ‘doggy’ fashion right there on the rug. After my earlier wonderful climax, I took a long time to come and, although I might have been wrong, it seemed to me that she orgasmed several more times herself, before eventually, I collapsed across her in an exhausted, breathless heap. “Oh God” You’re absolutely bloody wonderful,” she gurgled, as I released her from the straps. “I’ve dreamed about something like this happening to me. I just loved everything you did…even when it hurt. It’s so sexy not being able to resist. Being absolutely helpless and at your mercy.

Will you do it again to me sometime…please?” I was breathing hard myself, but I managed to gasp my answer. “What a silly question,” I whispered. “Of course I’m going to do it again. And not ‘sometime’. Tonight! Just let me catch my breath and I’ll show you what else I’ve got in my box! Don’t think you’re going to get off just as easy as this!” What followed was a bondage experience to end all bondage experiences. For the rest of that evening, and into the early hours of the next morning, I experimented with tying my gorgeous, willing bondage slave into positions that, previously, I had only dreamt about. Kareena loved every minute of it, and so, needless to say, did I. Well that was it. Kareena’s first real introduction to bondage! Suffice it to say that our relationship has gone from strength to strength ever since. For comments and appointments:

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