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My Revenge Over My Aunt

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

I was a typical 18 yrs old gavawala when I arrived Mumbai (Ghatkopar). It was actually my Sangeeta Maushi (my mothers sister, 35 yrs, 36breasts 34 waist and 38 hips height 5.4 and had motiyaa colored skin ) who convinced my mother to let me come to Mumbai to earn lot of money. Even my parents got convinced as my Sangeeta’s husband had become rich after leaving the same village from where I was and started his own business in Mumbai. So the day I arrived to my Maushi’s House I was welcomed very happily. As the days went I understood the exact purpose of my Maushi’s calling me to Mumbai I ended up being the Naukar of that family. As I didn’t had enough money to go back I had to stay behind. But the day I understood this tragedy, I had developed a cold rage for Sangeeta Maushi and some how wanted to teach her a lesson.

She always used to scold me on my small-small mistakes and even had once or twice slapped me. I use to keep num as I was waiting for the right chance to teach that bitch a lesson. My kaka was a Garment Merchant and always used to remain out for the whole day. Sangeeta had turned into mod-lady and often was engaged in some mahila (woman’s) social work, but only with a difference that she use to operate from her house and all the meetings and parties use to be in her house itself. She often used to wear deep neck blouses which used to turn me On. I used to gaze her exposed skin whenever I used to get chance.

One day as usual I was washing utensils in the kitchen while sangeeta was cooking. On that day she was wearing newly brought nighty, it was deep neck, skin tight , sleeveless and also was a little short from the bottom though hiding her knee but much above her ankles.

I was really feeling Horny that day looking at her. Suddenly a utensil from my hand fell down and she turned her head towards me and saw me looking at her in such vaasanaa bhare (Horny) looks. Though I immediately turned my head she understood and shouted at me but not for that reason but for the reason that I droped her utensils.

But from that day onwards her vision towards me had changed drastically. She had started wearing her saree below her naval and had started flaunting it whenever I use to be near her, but this only happened from morning 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. In front of her husband she used to dress in her old style. I had understood her behavior, and this was the perfect chance for me to teach the slut a lesson.

So few days later one day when Sangeeta was engrossed in watching TV I interrupted her.

I said : Maushi All the utensils are washed and kept in place.

Sangeeta : ( changing her posture so that I could get to see her ups and downs easily) Ok ! you Jeevan you can rest now.

I said : Maushi can I sit and watch this movie.

after I finished washing utensils at about 1:00 noon

Sangeeta : offcourse

I sat down to watch the movie. After about 5 – 10 min I turned to Sangeeta and said.

I said : Maushi can I ask you a question.

Looking straight in to my eyes

Sangeeta : yes certainly….is it anything personal (giving me a silly smile).

Accepting her smile

I said : yes but from your side…..should I ask you now?

Nodded her head, still continued to give that smile.

 said : Maushi ….. its been 16 years after your marriage and still I do not have any brothers and sister. Why is it so ?

I asked her very innocently. Sangeeta’s faced had changed, her smile had turned down.

Immediately I said : sorry if I had touched your feelings, forget the question I asked you. But turning to a smile again she said

Sangeeta : Aare nahi I am used to such question and I always say that I am impotent.

I said : are you really ?

Sangeeta : Please if you promise me that you will not let anyone know I can tell you the actual reason.

I said : I swear my parents.

Sangeeta : actually ……. [she trembled ] you kaka is the one who is impotent and even that son of a bitch doesn’t agree to this fact.

She immediately put her hands on her face when she called her hubby son of a bitch.

I said : Maushi I can understand your calling him that. [She showed me a sign of relief. So I continued]. You must really show him that you are not impotent; c’mon after all you are a member of Mahila Mandal. Why don’t you teach him a lesson?

Sangeeta eagerly bend down towards me and said : I tried that by showing him the reports but he turned them down saying they are all fake…. No luck…do you have any other bright ideas.

I said : Why don’t we prove him by making you pregnant.

Sangeeta : How is it possible…are you mad …. How can I get preg……

She stopped as if she understood the we word in my previous sentence.

Looking at me in surprise….

Sangeeta : you mean to say that….. me and you … and me……no no that is not possible.

You are my sisters son…..I can not commit that sin.

I stood up and sat besides her looking straight in to her eyes she also responded me in the same manner

I said : so what aunty you are a woman and I am a man …. I can satisfy all the needs that your husband couldn’t in last 16 years ….. c’mon aunty I know we can do it……

I started to towards her…and as I was doing so she continuously stared me deep into my eyes as if she was lost in them totally. I gently brought my lips in contact with hers. She closed her eyes and parted her lips further to except my kiss. I started massaging her thigh with my hand and slowly started moving it towards her Vagina. Soon we began to moan in each other’s mouth. As our passionate kiss continued, my hands went past through her stomach to her back holding her tightly in my arms, while she had already grabbed my head.

Sangeeta tore her mouth apart from mine….but as I leaned forward to continue the kiss,

she said : Let us go in.

she led me to her bed room. Now we stood besides the bed.

Her hand riched her palloo and with few seconds she undid her saree. Then looked up towards me while I was engaged in pulling out my tshirt.

When I did so she said : Do you really want this to happen.

I ran my eyes over her body and said : Yes

She started to unbutton her blouse, one after two …. Once they were undone she continued until finally her blouse was completely unbuttoned. I removed her blouse from her shoulders and she stayed unmoved. The blouse fell on the floor. My eyes were not convinced as I had been expecting a bra of some kind but instead the delicious motiyaa-white flesh of her riped breasts stood before him. I bent to reach her titties and moved my tongue on one of her tits, and then suddenly pulled it into my mouth. As I started to suck, Sangeeta gasped. She eagerly pushed her chest forward. “OOOHHHHH.” she moaned from within her throat. Her hands clenched up around my head as a ecstasy went past through her body. She held me tightly. I sucked her nipples while she moaned “Ooooomm Jeevan… mmmmmm, ohhhh its feels so good….aahhhhh…”

While my mouth was engaged in her tit, My hand reached her petty coat and pulled the knot of it up. I bend down on my knees and gently pushed the last remaining piece of clothing down over my Maushi’s legs to the floor. I started softly massaging her pussy through her slit. Sangeeta gasped and moaned, the direct contact that was what she needed. I made her sit on the edge of her bed and pushed her legs apart … erotic heat was rising between her thighs as the passion continued. Slowly I inserted one of my fingers moving into the tight opening of my Maushi’s cunt. Her inside of her pussy was wetter and hotter, than I imagined. I then continued to insert one more finger. I moved my mouth over her clit. My God! Her clit was so Delicious.

When he began to ran my tongue over her clit, she stopped me and said “Ooooohhhhhh Jeevan ye tum kyaa kar rahe ho…..meri chut na chaato wah gandi baat hai tumhare kaka ne to kabhi ye nahi kiya” over which I said….” Maushi kuch gandi baat nahi hai deko tumo kitna mazzaa aayegaa” ….she answered by a simple moan. The smell of her pussy was truly enchanting. By now she had laid on her back and Slowly and gently I began to lick her very wet cunt lips and clit. While I was doing this, my fingers continued to move inside out of her Cunt.

I was now clearly able to see that my Sangeeta Maushi was building up her first orgasm. Her body stiffened as I continued to suck, lick and finger the inside of hers. I could feel her pussy burning. Her body was turning into a slight arc. As I was licking her my tongue eventually reached her g-spot and by now she was moaning very loudly ” ooooooohhhhhhhh aaaahhhhhh Jeevan mmmmmm” her Lips were tightly shut. It was my turn now as I was not able to control my sexual ecstasy. I removed his pants and move up between her legs. I gently touched my plug lips over hers, Sangeeta opened her eyes to see me above her and looked down to see me guiding my 7″ huge cock in between her cunt lips.

Seeing the size of mu dick She said ” jaaanuuu tumhara lund to mere husbund se twice bada hain please aaraam se nahito meri chut phat jaayegi”. I slowly began to push the fat knob of the head into her cunt. And suddenly she shrieked “oooohhhhh yyyeaaaahhhh !!Jeevan aaahhhhh ooohhhh bahut mazaa aaahhh rahaa hain!”, she was literally screaming as her body shivered. Her hips began to push and move against me. Sangeeta’s cunt was giving me the most magnificent feeling of pleasure that I had ever experienced. I thrusted deep into her and I felt her hot legs grab around mine as she moaned and push back as I began to fuck her towards her climax. I thrust in and out, sinking deeper into her pussy with every push until finally my entire shaft had adjusted her inside filling completely.As my dick grounded flat against hers, I felt a sudden wetness inside hers…..oooohhh GOD!!! She grunted and exploded in her first orgasm. My massive cock was sliding smoothly in and out of her wet slit.

She whispered in to my ears : “Ooooohhhh Jaan !!! My body is finally getting what it had been waiting for all these years”. She was moaning, as I slammed into hers, bucking with the pure pleasure that she was experiencing. As I was thrusting I realized that I was about to cum. I lurched my whole body forward and I groaned loudly and shot the first spurt of my semen deep within hers. “Oh..Jeeevaaaann ……I..can feel it.. your cumming…inside me…oh yeaah…..oh Yeahhh ….oh, good.. I’m cumming…..ooohhhh. aaahhh ooohhhh GOD!”. As I continued to thrust , she grabbe me and pulled me into hers further.

She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her deeper as the last dropped drenched deep inside her pussy. My dick had gradually softened, I rolled off her body and lay on her and said. “How was it”…….still catching her breathe she said ” ooh Jeevan that….was ….. the most intense orgaaasm…… I’ve ever had……… “

We continued to have sex almost each and every day, when one day she came running and clinched to me and said “I missed my periods. Yes I am pregnant”. My Revenge had come to an end.

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