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My Recent Fuck In Chennai

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

I am aged 26 working as a software engineer in Chennai, tall to 6ft, slim, worked out physique. There were times i used to wonder about my loneliness but that was until my 2nd year of engineering in chenai. at the fag end of my 3rd year, i got my first girl friend who was a marwadi girl in my neighbourhood. The chemistry between me and her was excellent though She was a bit ‘careful’ and with her i could not get more close than certain kisses and hugs. Anyhow, even now we are in contact because of the ‘excellent emotional chemistry’ and i can always owe her personally.

So i was searching for a job when i got my 2nd girlfriend who was a tamil girl and her name was sujatha, i should say, a busty one. she was 3 yrears younger to me, very fair, thick eyebrows, big cute roung eyes, 5ft tall, weight 57kgs, wide shoulders, pouting pink lips, fleshy swollen bit saggy boobs, vital stats 36-29-38, dense long hairs, slender waist, bouncing hips and therfore was a typical southindian girl. intially we started talking on the phone and our calls got lengthier and we started messaging like anything and gradually we got along and found each other wanting the sex bliss. It was with this girl my first fuck started off and we were fucking each other regularly at least once in every month. We planned out a date in the month of February in 2006 and in tat day i took her in my bike a star hotel in pondy bazzaar. I booked a room for Rs. 4000 and we had our first fuck in that room.

Actually we both wanted sex everyday but we could only get time once in a month or so as i used to be tight with my office chores and she used to be tight with her engineering. But eventhen we were complementing each other whenever we get time and she used to give me best of blowjobs. So things were getting really routine and regular that she, at times, used to call me to her house when her parents are away from home and i started fucking her in her house itself. Whenever we didn’t get privacy at her house we used to fuck each other in the 5 star hotels in the city. In the month of february 2008, on one particular dry day, it was really boring at home and i was thought of doing some surfing in the net. So i went to an internet center and started chatting in yahoo messenger. i started off with many people but most turned out to be guys in girl’s names as USUAL and i was really annoyed. Suddenly, to one of my message a girl replied. Intially i was not sure if it was a girl and i continued chatting jus to kill time. 

Her name was sheela and was telling tat she was 23 and was working in chennai. I was still unsure. we were chatting for a long time and she turned out to be a good chatter. we were chatting about our schooling and college, family, my job this that and it was almost an hour of us into chatting. so the time came for me to leave the cafe but i really didnt want to leave as my chat with her was going on so nicely. But i had to go as i got call from home. We exchanged our contact numbers thru emails later and to my surprise she indeed turned out to be a genuine girl. next 5 days we were messaging and calling each other on mobiles and we spoke a lot and knew each other so welll. Then we planned for a meet as we both wanted to see each other. We Chose Ega theater in chetpet was our meeting place. we exchanged identification symbols like i told i ll be comeing in dark jeans and tshirt and she had told that she will come in red salwar.

On one good sunday, took my car and went to the place by 10Am in the morning. i went to the place and gave her a call and she came after 10 mins. She was very gorgeous, bust, tall to 5ft 8, very very fair and was looking like a muslim girl, with big round cute face, big round eyes, she had colored her hair brownish, she must be 36,29,37. we were talking for almost an hour near a shopping center near my car. i was much excited on looking at her gorgeous figure and she complimented me that i was looking good and handsome than what i told on call. we spoke for an hour and parted that day.

after that our calls frequented and we spoke a lot on the following days and she seemed to be impressed on many things. from the day i saw her in flesh and blood, i strted to have sexual feelings on her but i thought it might be the cook up of my mind and i controlled my emotions from her. But on one evening, when i jus came back from office and had my dinner, she asked me ‘what do u think of sex?’. i was surprised, stunned didn’t expect that from her  and for a moment i thought if she too was in the same thought as i do. But then i thought she could have jus asked, as, by then we had become very close and naughty.
i replied positively to her and then we started talking much on sex and she asked me about my girlfriends, masurbation, sex feeelings and so on. From then on, in all our talks and messsages we discussed a lot about sex and i openly told about my first sex and sujatha and that i still had contacts with her and that we fuck regularly. Slowly me and sheela both  got on to a point where in we were ready to fuck each other. But before that sheela wanted to go on a romantic date and she told me about the same.

So we planed out for a date of outing. We set out as sterling road bus stop as the meeting place. On one good Sunday, i picked her up in my car from sterling road stopping and we went on a ride in the ECR. First we went to mayajaaal for a movie and we saw ‘pachaikili muthusaram’. There were heck lot of people in the theatre and we were only able to kiss each other and i brushed her thighs. Then after that we had our lunch in a resort in ECR and then we went to sea shore. There we spoke a lot, were physical a lot and i felt like she wantedly brushed her boobs on my shoulders many times and i was studying the softness of her boobs. I dropped her near her home in the evening by around 5:30PM and went back to home. Then she said she liked the whole outing and the things we spoke. I was a lot excited coz of her being physical with me on that date and i was really overjoyed.

Then after that, we planned for a date for fuck, as, by then we both wanted each other so very badly. i booked a room in a five star hotel in chennai on 15th march 2008. on 14th i bought condoms and confirmed my booking with the hotel. I had promissed her that i ll pick her up by 9:30Am in the morning. On 15th i work up with much anticipation, took bath, got dressed up and took my car and was on my way to hotel to checkin the room. I reached hotel by 8:45Am and paied around Rs. 4000, took the keys and checked in the room. Then i locked the door, came back to car and called her and informed her that i was onmy way to pick her up from ther place. Then i drove my car and picked her up from the sterling stopping and we came back to the room.

We locked the room from inside and i changed my dress to casuals and we relaxed a bit by chatting about the things that were told at our homes as reasons for coming out. i was all the while gazing at her boobs. Then stood up and went near her and pull her up and hugged her tight and kissed her lips passionately. she was very tender and was very soft and smooth. our tongues were clasping each other and we were kissing very deeper, while my hands were busy running her back and pressing her bums. she had a huge buttocks and i was not able to hold one ass cheek with my one hand. I gently held her and my hands were softly running all over her body and i made her fall on the bed and i myself lied on her.she was very big and my mouth easily came to rest on her boobs from above her kurtha. i was showering kisses all over her neck and chest from above the fabric. she was so very hot and eas hugging tightly. while kissing her lips and neck i slowly inserted my hand inside her kurtha and i felt her soft moist skin. I reached upto her bra and cupped her boobs under her kurtha while i was kissing her boobs and neck.

Then i slowly pulled her kurtha from above her head and now she was wearing only bra at the top. Her boobs were big and soft and was making a deep cleavage with the bra. i was pressing  her boobs and hid my face inbetween her boobs in her cleavage. she pressed my face onto her boobs and my hands were running under her pants inside. by then she started moaning and i undid her bra and she helped me doing so.
i released her both boobs and she her boobs were dangling. i cupped and pressed one while sucking on the other. i was hard sucking them and pinching her nipples and pressing her other boob with my right hand palm. then i slowly pulled down her pant and took it off. now she was only in herpanty and she was in the bed under me like a babe. my cock went rock hard and was hitting her thighs and i inserted my hand inside her panty and was pressing her ass cheeks and pussy.

we started sweating and my cock was hard like a rock and i felt like pumping so very badly. i pulled down her panty and made her full nude. she had cleanly shaved her pussy and it was already dripping like anything, i inserted my fingers into her hole and her hole was very narrow and tight and sensitive. she jerked a bit when i touched her inner lips. i inserted my finger into her hole and slowly moved it to and fro. Then i took my hard cock, covered with a condom and placed it at the hole. Her hole was already dripping and there was enough lubrication for me to thrust. I gently pushed my cock inside her cunt and at first it was a bit tight and she felt a bit of pain as she jerked a bit again. i then thrusted my cock further in and with much difficulty it went in and i felt like something was tored inside as she literally cried with pain and blood came out shortly lightly. i kept on thrusting and moving my cock in and out and she was crying intially but later, she too joined me as it was no longer painful and that she started enjoying it. i started pumping slowly and steadily and all the while she kept her legs wide open in the yawning with her legs wide, and i pumped for along time until i felt like cumming. i came inside her in the condom and my cock was jerking inside hard. i came deep inside and i finally took out my cock. we were exhausted and was lying naked on each other embracing and kissing each other.

we fucked thrice on that day and I pumped her thrice and at the end she sucked me dry each time i pumped her. we vacated the room only by 6PM in the evening and i took her in my car and droppped her near her place and went back to my home. So this is how it all happened with her. i still have contacts with her and there are many more that we expect so. i will write to you all more on those of my sexcapades. so thats all for now. please write to me your such experiences at my mail id

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