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  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

I am a married handsome man with athlete body. I very much like extra marital sex, and of course, I have had sex with some real sexy young women and girls. Here I am writing about my the sexual encounter with my subordinate’s wife. That time I was working in Lucknow. One of my subordinates in my office had committed blunder in the office and that might lead to the termination of his job if I really had taken a stern action by reporting all that to our head-office against him. He was very much upset.

After a couple of days he along with his wife came to my flat for apologizing about his activities and conduct and ask for forgiveness. Ohh… his wife was a real smart attractive woman. Her name was Mrs.Nupur. In her late twenties she looked beautiful and slim with awfully tempting figure. If not so slim she was not over-weight as well. Her complexion was fair. She possessed an attractive face with delightful eyes, pouting lips and soft squashy cheeks. Above and beyond that, the most noticeable feature of her charismatic young body was the shape and size of her pair of swollen fleshy fully ripe breasts and over-sized gigantic hips. I couldn’t restrain myself to have a glimpse of her bulging breasts. Her chunni that hung to her back through her neck facilitated me have an open look of  her succulent looking breasts well. Uufff…. I was in a complete daze to notice her full-grown shapely breasts. For few moments my eyes were fixed on them. She very well noticed me staring at her breasts so lustfully. Ooohh…. I was really allured to see her pair of appealing tempting alluring breasts. I really like such firm looking squashy breasts and love to have them completely in my palms and press and squeeze them well. Wow….her fleshy, round, breasts with pointed nipples stood too straight and shapely in her tight fitted chudidar-suit as if they were pressing hard against her bra and kurti and struggling to be free piercing and tearing apart her bra and kurti. I could very well see the upper parts of her breasts and sexy cleavage peeping through the neck of her sexy kurti. Her magnificent hips were also clearly revealed by her well-fitted kurti. One could very well estimate the wideness and size of her swollen round hips sloping sexily down her narrow waistline. Her hips were too much protruded to her back with curves….. making the look enormous and awfully inviting.

And as she walked in her pencil heel sandle her hips swung sideways provokingly that added to her captivating appearance. I was stimulated and stirred by her presence. Oohhh …. I strongly felt strong urge within myself to fuck her. But I had to pose to be indifferent of all these realizing the fact that my position was something else before her husband. I had kept full control on myself. I didn’t try to show much interest in her. Seeing me in no mood to forgive him, Mrs.Nupur took the initiative to talk to me about letting him pardon. But I didn’t assure any thing to her nor did I say any thing upon that. They went away and I closed the door.  I was alone in the flat as my wife with my kid had gone to her parents for a couple of weeks. I was left with the recollection of her stunning sexy beauty.  I kept thinking about her.

The very next evening Mrs.Nupur came alone to my flat.  She rang the call bell. I opened the door and saw her standing there alone. She was giving charismatic smiles. I enquired about her husband. She said that she had come alone. I pretended to be confused to see her alone, but the fact was that I was very overjoyed and thrilled within myself to find her all alone. Uuufff …. She was looking stunning and gorgeous. Her face looked much more scintillating and shining than I saw her previous day.  Her and hands and other exposed parts of her body looked more silky, glossy and lustrous. My nostrils sensed the fabulous fragrance her young sexy body was giving off.

The way of dressing up made her look too much sexy. Her hairs puffed and locks prettily hanging down her sexy smooth neck-line.  She was clad in yellow chiffon sari and matching sexy blouse that was too small and specially designed —– sleeveless, almost backless with very wide neck and very low-cut in the front.  The shoulder of her blouse was like thin straps —– slightly wider than the straps of her sexy bra —– that had hung on the edge of her smooth shining sexy shoulder. The upper curves of her bulging boobs jutting straight out of her sexy blouse were very much in my sight through the pallu of her yellow sari of very thin and fine material (chiffon). I could very well see her sexy cleavage that looked like a deep valley with curvy slopes.

To add more appeal to her dressing up she had wrapped and tied her sari much below her navel. A great deal of her smooth shining back was left uncovered. Below her scanty sexy blouse, the exposed sexy narrowing slopes down to her waistline and subsequent widening slopes further down to the upper parts of her sexy swollen wide bulging hips from where she had tied her sari were very much in view. She appeared enchanting and captivating.

So in all, her appearance was making me uncontrollable and wild within myself. I welcomed her. She appeared in a different mood at that special moment —— somewhat playful, naughty and mischievous. We sat in the drawing room. She was sitting in the sofa kept right-angle to mine. I was well aware of the purpose of her coming. But since she had come alone and that too in such sexy attire, I guessed some definite risqué plan with her. I was delighted and thrilled to be with her when I was alone in my flat. But still I was a bit careful about my action.

We started talking. The pallu of her sari was still on the right place, hanging through her shoulder. The roundness of her sexy breasts and deep cleavage were being revealed more clearly to me from such a close quarter. That was rousing my mind and body. I intensely felt like having her breasts in my hands. She, by the by, again placed the matter of her husband before me, and requested me modestly in her soft sexy voice to give a chance to him so that he might not lose his job. All her movements and uttering were seducing effect on me. She told me that her husband would certainly loose the job if I don’t listen to her request, and ultimately she would be in great trouble.

And during the talks she deliberately let the pallu of her sari off her shoulder down to her arms and evidently showing her reluctance in readjusting it in repeatedly. That way she exposed her the roundness of her boobs generously to me. After a couple of these instances I was very much sure that she was doing it intentionally. She was definitely luring me with her succulent boobs. I didn’t mind it at all. Rather, I was getting animated by her move. I was just not able to restrain myself from staring at her boobs even in her total awareness. She was smart and bold enough to seize my attention to her exposed breasts. That had an really arousing effect on me. I instantly yearned to mouth her succulent breasts. Although I was not at all in a mood to yield to her request as also on the previous day, but at the same time I didn’t want her to be disappointed and let her go back soon, as I was already stirred and shaken.  I was now thinking what the harm was if I yielded to her request and take advantage of the situation if she really meant to have sex with me in lieu of my favour to her husband.

Reading my condition she got up and took out an application that she had brought from her husband apologizing and begging for pardon, and she sat just beside me —– very close to me in sofa so that her side was touching my side. I was feeling her softness and warmth. Her body seemed to be hot one.  She gave me the application in my hand and requested me to have a kind consideration. And she held my hand with her soft sexy hands. The pallu of her sari had again fallen down. She was caressing my hands warmly. I also did the same to her. Her facial expression was getting sexier and lustful. I was losing my control. I asked her to be patient by further caressing her hands more fervently and passionately. She also continued with her actions. I didn’t want to lose the opportunity of advancing further. I held her placing my one arm around her smooth back and caressed her all round her shoulder and back. I was caressing her hands with my other hand. I moved my hand all round her back. I was feeling the softness, silkiness and smoothness of her exposed back and pulled her closer. She looked in my eyes and gave sexy smiles and expression on her lovely attractive face. That filled me with immediate sexual urge with her. I held her closely with my both hands and caressed her all over her sexy body, especially her exposed and uncovered parts. I planted passionate and hot kisses on her cheeks, neck and shoulders. She appeared to be more lustful. I moved my hands on to her fleshy breasts from over her bra and blouse. I was now kissing her smooth, silky, soft back that was left exposed and bare by her small backless blouse. She was getting great pleasure in it which she expressed with her sexy utterances ..”….iiiiisssshhhhh……. uuuuuffffff……oouch….”…  I was now caressing her ample spongy breasts well taking them in my both palms. I pressed her breasts and squeezed them. In fact I was very much craving for the same ever since I saw her. I enjoyed pressing and squeezing of her spongy breasts for quite some time. She looked at me sexily. I uttered looking in to her eyes ..”…Nupur….you have got real tempting breasts….yess Nupur …. I liked your breasts too much…..yess Nupur….your breasts are really marvelous ….”.. She thanked me sexily for my utterances about her breasts. She had slowly placed her hands on my thighs and gradually moved to my torso and LUND that was enclosed within my pant and underwear. She was trying to caress my LUND from over my pant and underwear. She was trying to hold my LUND.

As she was gearing me up and seducing me to have sex with her I caressed her thighs and explored her CHUT from over her sari-petticoat, and of course her panty as well. By her moves and her facial expression I could gathered very well that she was all prepared to be fucked by me.  Taking the advantage of the situation, still sitting in the sofa, I lifted her in my lap completely. I couldn’t find it difficult at all to take her in my lap, as she herself seemed to be waiting for this move of mine. I felt the pressure of her ample plump hips on my torso and LUND. I started kissing her. I kissed her soft lips, pulpy mushy chicks and silky smooth neck. She breathed heavily and was hissing and uttering sexy words …. “…..uuuuuufffff… …..uuuuuffff……” She asked me in her low sexy voice ….”…Sir…please .give a chance to my husband…..please give him pardon …….. I would really be highly obliged to you…..for that I can do any thing for you……Sir…today I came to you for this only……Sir…please do it for me…..”.  Then I soothed and appeased her assuring that her husband would not be punished. She gave me matchless, exceptional and exclusive thanks by kissing my lips and face while I was pressing her boobs gently. She showed her happiness and uttered in the same way ….”….oooohh Sir….main jaanati thi aap meri baat nahin talenge…..oooohh Sir…..aap kitne achchhe hain….and…Sir…. in turn I am offering myself to you ….haan Sir….main iske badle aaj aapko apna saab kuchh dene ko taiyyar hoon……Sir…I am sure you won’t mind….”…. And she again and again kissed me to stimulate me more and more giving me all comfort and fervor. That was too much for me. I was caressing her thighs and gradually sliding her sari petticoat up her silky smooth soft thighs.  I moved my hand all over her legs and thighs. I caressed her thighs up to her CHUT from over her panty making her more hot. Wow…. sssoo smooth thighs silky she had. I told her in a low tone “….Nupur….your thighs are soo nice…ssoo smooth ….ssooo silky….wow…I really liked it….” She looked at me with her half-closed eyes giving all sorts of sexy expressions on her lovely face while she herself was holding me and caressing here and there.  I caressed her thighs for some time and then moved my hand to her CHUT sliding away her panty and slowly inserted my finger in to it.  She parted her thighs a little in order that I could make more of it. I was slowly inserting my finger into her CHUT and taking it out and was continuing with the action so as to fuck her with my finger. She came a bit closer to me and joined her hot pouting lips with mine. She was kissing me passionately.  I also did the same to her and started sucking her lips. Now I was fucking her with two fingers. I started kissing the much exposed parts of her boobs. I kissed all around the roundness of the boobs. She was caressing my head in excitement. . We enjoyed it well.

Then with one hand I started unhooking her blouse. She helped me to complete the job and co-operated me well in taking it off my shoulder and arms. She herself threw the blouse on the floor. Wow…too smart a woman she was. I took off her sari also. She helped me doing so by lifting her body and hips up and up. Then I untied the string of her petticoat. She again lifted her sexy hips and she herself slid it down her thighs and further down by the work out of her thighs and legs. All through she kept on looking in my eyes and making all sorts of sexy expressions on her face. All her moves and expressions were rousing and aggravating my sexual desire. She was left in her sophisticated costly nylon netted bra and panty only. I again started kissing her. I kissed her all over her body. She was enjoying and involving herself playing a part in every act of mine. She hissed and moaned continuously “…uuuuffff…. uuuufffff…… ….ooooooffffffoooohhhh… …iiissshhhh….. uuuummmaahhhhh…. …wow…..ooohhh…Sirr…”  That was making the atmosphere sexier. I unhooked her bra. She was smart enough to slide the straps down her smooth shoulder and took it off her body completely. She threw it down also on the floor. She was now in her panty only and her breasts were now totally bare.  Wow…her breasts were really fantastic. They looked extra-ordinary even without any bra —— bulging, round, firm looking, perfectly in shape, with brown pointed nipples, etc. She proudly looked at her breasts and then in my eyes. Her gestures provoked me a lot. I placed my hands on her bare boobs and started caressing them. I did it gently. She looked in to my eyes with her half closed eyes and parted quivering lips. It was a great moment for me. I so easily got what I wished to. I was feeling the smoothness and softness of her firm spongy breasts.  I kept in caressing like that. Then I slowly pressed them within my palms. She closed her eyes in pleasure and uttered sexily  ..”…..uuuuffffff…….uuuuuufffff……”..  I increased the pressure of my hands on her boobs. The firmness of her boobs incited me to do it harder.  I was now squeezing her bare breasts at my will and she was moaning and sighing sexily …”….. ooooohhh Sirr…..uuufffffff…Sir ….aaaaahhhhh.. iiiissshhhhh…… ouch…uuufffff….Sirr…you are great….I like it Sirr… it hard Sirr…yess Sirr…I like it…”.… I continued to do it and she also responded by encouraging me to do so more and more.

Then I started kissing her breasts all over their roundness. Meanwhile I pulled her panty down her hips which she co-operated me in taking off her thighs and legs. She was now totally nude in my lap. Now I licked her breasts. I started sucking her nipples one by one, as if trying to suck her milk.  At the same time I was also fucking her CHUT with my fingers. She was again moaning and sighing sexily ….”…..ooooooffffffff…… uuuufffff…… Sirr…. .. aaaaaahhhhh……yyeesss…. Its fine…. I like it Sirr….. yess Sir…. ..suck them more….. yess Sir suck my nipples more ……it’s a great feeling Sirr…..  oooofffooooohhhhhh……. iiissshhhhh…. “.. I also pulled and bite her nipples with my mouth while sucking them.  I said to her …”….Nupur …..let us go to bedroom…we will have more actions there … now I will fuck you Nupur…..”.. She replied sexily ..”….oooh …yess Sir….please Sirr… take me to your bedroom Sirr… and fuck me…. I am ready for that……yess Sirr….I am ready for fucking….haan Sirr…aab chaliye naa….meri chodai kijiye naa… aaaj aap jam kaar meri chodai kijiye Sirr…”..

She got off my lap and sat in the sofa and said to me …”…. Sir you are still in your clothes….please remove your clothes Sirr….aap apne kapde khiliye naa….aap bhi aab meri tarah nange ho jaiye naa. ..”.. I said to her in reply ..”…Nupur…now you take off my clothes by your hands. ….come on Nupur….”.. I got up and stood on the floor. She also stood there and started taking off my clothes. In all her nudity, her fleshy ample breasts looked too well-formed. Ohh yess…  that was great to see. Her fleshy breasts stood so firm to keep their shape ——- straight and round. In a couple of minutes she made me completely nude. She was now playing with my tool (LUND). She caressed it and moved her soft hands on it to amplify my excitement as much as possible.  The erection of my LUND was full.  I held her from behind and placed my hands through her armpits on to her both breasts. I was now pressing and squeezing her firm spongy breasts at my will. Oooffff….I was feeling the tightness of her well-developed breasts. She lifted her hands and placed it back round my neck. I was enjoyed pressing and squeezing her fleshy firm and tight breasts. She also enjoyed it very well as she was all through encouraging me to press and squeeze her breasts more and more, harder and harder. After that I kissed her young sexy smooth shining body from tip to toe —– each and every part —— making her sigh sexily all the while. Then I sucked again her nipples in standing position.

Now I was not in a mood to waste time. So I lifted her in my arms and came to my bed-room. I laid her down in my cozy bed. I came over her I kissed her lips, cheeks, neck, breasts, belly, naval, crotch, thighs and legs. Then changing her position I kissed her back, hips, thighs, legs, etc. She was getting much excitement out of it. She herself changed her position. She was right under me. She kissed me and said sexily …”….ooohh Sir…please fuck me now…..I am too hot now….haan Sir….please aab meri chodai kijiye naa….”.. Ohh …really, she was too smart to say all this to me. She herself parted her soft thighs. I positioned my LUND right in front of her CHUT and started pushing my LUND into her CHUT. One…two…..three pushed and I was completely inside her. I had pushed my LUND deep into her hot wet CHUT.  I started fucking her by moving my torso to and fro in a rhythmical manner. Initially slow gentle fucking…while she had encircled her thighs and legs round my waist. I kept on fucking her like that. She was moaning and sighing in pleasure .”….aaaaaahhhhhh….. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh… uuuuuuuuuffffffffffffffffffffffffff…….. uuuuuuhhhhhhhhh…… ooooooofffffffff…”.. But I gradually increased my speed. She had become wild and animated.  She was also asking me to fuck her faster and deeper . .”…oooooohhhhhh ….yess… fuck me….fuck me Sir….fast ….fast……aaaaahhhhhhh….. yess Sirr…… come on Sir…..fuck me fast…..Sirr plese aur zor zor se chodiyae naa…..Sirr apna LUND mere CHUT mein aur deep push kijiye naa….Sirr… please…..ooooohhhhh…..haaannn….aur….hhaaannn…..aur…… aur….. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh……. Sir iisssi tarah chodiye naa mujhe …aur chodiye….aur chodiye…..aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh… “…  All the time she was encouraging me to fuck her and I was obliging fucking her hard and hard, deep and deep in to her CHUT. I was romping as if to win a race. She breathed heavily. I slowed down when I felt like ejaculating. And thus I continued to fuck her. Finally I ejaculated in her CHUT. We both were exhausted and were gasping heavily.

We remained lying in the bed. We took a sleep for about an hour. Then I got up. Went to the kitchen and brought two glasses of hot milk. Both of us took it. We were again recharged. And we enjoyed the second round of fucking. That time in a different posture. I fucked her in doggy style, in the bed, holding her round sexy hips.  She was co-operating me well in every action of mine.  We enjoyed the second round of fucking well.

We got up. I put on a half pant while she put on my wife’s nighty that I gave to her. We both prepared our food in the kitchen together. We took the dinner. Then I told her that I wanted to fuck her at least once before she goes. She said naughtily in reply ..”….oooohh Sirr….I am not going back tonight….yess Sir……I am staying here with you this night…..we will enjoy fucking the whole night……haan Sir….aaj sari raat aap meri chodai kijiye naa……main kahan jaa rahi hoon…..”.. Then I asked if her husband started searching for her in the night then what would happen. She gave a naughty smile and said ….”….Ohhh Sirr…my husband would not say any thing……why do you worry Sirr…..I have made this programme myself …….and I have made him agree to it. ..”…  So we enjoyed fucking together for 6 (six) rounds.  We got up in the morning by 8 am. We took bath and took break-fast.

I tore before her the show-cause to be issued in the name of her husband.  She was relaxed. Her eyes were beaming with relief.  I again assured her that no action would be taken against her husband. She thanked me saying that she was highly obliged with me. I told her that I should, rather, feel obliged as she gave me the chance to fuck her. I said to her that she was too good in bed and I really enjoyed fucking her. I again said to her that I would love to fuck her more and more.  She gave sexy smiles upon that and left with the promise that she would come again give me chance to fuck her. And indeed, I fucked her many more times also after that very day. Mrs.Nupur really proved to be a very very smart woman.


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