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  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hi, this is sanjay from bangalore. I am 27 today . This story is about 2 years back, when I had just come out of my Engineering. I was looking for a job, and my neighbor one floor below me, offered a freelancing opportunity to me. He was working for some manufacturing company and had to make some machine. He wanted some person who can design the machine for him. I accepted the offer and started working with him. As his office was far off from our place, he offered me to work at his home. He was about 35 and his wife megha was of about 30, they had a child of 4 that time. Many times I use to work at their home till late night, and myself and her husband use to discuss a lot about the job. During daytime megha use to give me a good cup of tea at least twice a day with some nice tasty breakfast. She was very sweet looking with very well boobs of about 36C, beautiful skin texture, with a beautiful pair of legs carrying a nice tight round ass. Normally she use to wear sari, but sometimes she was wearing dresses also.

One day in morning when I was working at their home, she said that she is going to drop her son to the Nursery school and will be back in 10 minutes, so I said ok, and again concentrated on work. It was about 9:00 am and her husband also left with her for his office. She returned around 9:15 am and asked me if I want a cup of tea. I said that I would be glad to have it. After about 10 minutes she came with 2 cups of tea and we drank it chatting about general happenings in our area. Than she said that she would have a bath and asked me to have lunch with her at her home. I agreed to it, and she went for bath. Normally she goes to bring her son from school at 12:30 pm and take lunch, but today she said that her sister is going to take him from school to her home, and will drop him in evening. So she went for a bath and I again started for my work. After the bath, she just walked out of her bathroom with blouse and petticoat on her. I just kept on looking at her beautiful figure as she passed from front of me, and of course it reflected immediate on my cock. After she passed from there, she looked back and asked me slowly whether I enjoyed looking at her.

I stammered at first and said HA, TUM BAHUT KHOOBSURAT HO, so she asked MUZAME TUMHE KYA ACHHA LAGA, and saying this she again came in front of me and stood, as if she was posing for me. By this time I was rock hard and was trying to hide it. I was not able to explain so I said TUM TO SAR SE PAON TAK SUNDAR HO, ITNA SUNDAR BHARA BADAN KISE ACHHA NAHI LAGEGA. She than again posed in front of me and went to her bedroom. After couple of minutes she called me, sanjay JARA YAHA AA SAKATE HO 2-MINUTE KE LIYE, the door was closed, so I pushed it slowly, and went in it. She was still in same dress. She asked me TUM MUZE AUR JYADA DEKHANA CHAHOGE, I was just zapped and sai d HA, so she called me closer to her and said AAB TUM MUZE PASS SE DEKHO, AUR TUMHE JO ACHHA LAGATA HAI USE TUM CHOO KAR BHI DEKH SAKATE HO , I was quite hard by this time, so as I was going closer to her, she was able to see the tent on my pants. When I reached closer to her, I slowly kept my hands on her breasts and started moving them, she started moaning, and asked KYA MAI BHI TUMHE CHOO SAKATI HOON, and with my answer yes, she kept her hand on my tent and again moaned. Than we hugged tightly, her breasts were pressing directly on my chest and my prick was on her pubic area.

Than she started kissing me on my lips and face, and with her hand she was continuously massaging my LUND. We kissed for almost 10 minutes. I think till date that was my longest kiss, which we both enjoyed. I was also busy squeezing her boobs and moving my hand on her round tight ass. She than said KYA TUM MUZE BINA KAPADON KE DEKHANA CHAHATE HO? I just nodded my head and she pulled my hand towards her blouse hooks telling me to remove them. In few seconds her blouse was out and her round breasts were more visible to me. I kissed them above her bra, and while kissing them, I untied her bra. As soon as bra was out, they sprang out and were just ready for me to squeeze, suck and bite. They were just superb. Than I untied her petticoat and she was just in her nice black panty in front of me. I was able to feel the warmth of her body and cunt by now. Her panty was also slightly wet by now. She than held my hand and stopped me from removing her panty.

She started to undress me slowly, an d when she removed my pants, she was shocked to see the cock jumping forcefully. She went on kissing me again from my face and came down. Finally she started sucking me, so I pulled her on the bed and we were 69 by then. JAYA TUM BAHUT ACHHA CHOOSATI HO, and while saying this, I slide her panty down. She had just shaved her pussy in bathroom and was very smooth. I also started to suck her cunt, and she started moaning. sanjay JARA JOR SE CHOOSO, MAI TO BAHUT GARAM HO GAI HOO, and really in a minute, she came moaning loudly. Than she said sanjay TUMHARA LUND BAHUT JADA HAI AUR LAMBA BHI, KYA TUM MUZE CHODOGE, MUZE MERE ANDAR BADA LUND HI CHAHIYE, and as saying this, she turned and positioned her cunt in front of my cock. This was going to be my first fuck, so I never new before what it feel like. I told her, MAINE TO ZINDAGI ME PAHILI BAR LADKI KO BINA KAPADE KE DEKHA HAI, AGAR TUM CHAHATI HO, TO MAI TUMHE CHODUNGA BHI.

She said that in that case she would guide me about what to do, and she guided my LUND in her. OOOHHHH, what a great feeling my LUND got that time. We both were totally naked and I was laying on her soft and beautiful body feeling her everywhere. As my prick went in fully she said AAB AHISTE THODA UPAR NIKAL KAR PHIR ANDAR DALO , and I got the rhythm of it and started enjoying it a lot. She was looking at my face and asked, AAB KAISA LAGATA HAI TUMHARE LUND KO, BAHUT ACHHA LAGATA HAI, LEKIN TUMHARI CHOOT KO KYA LAGATA HAI, she said MERE PATI KE LAUDE SE JYADA ACHHA LAGATA HAI TUMHARA LAUDA, so I kissed he again passionately and was giving wild jerks with my cock to her cunt. She was squeezing my ass and scratching my back. Moaning loudly and shouting CHODO MUZE sanjay, MUZE SHANT KARO, MERI CHOOT ME BAHUT PYASI HAI, USE TUM TUMHARA PANI PILAO OOOUUUU, we both were moaning with pleasure and finally I leaked in her cunt. She also came same time and we were just lying on each others body. It was really a great experience with her, and she also said that AAJ TAK MAI ITNI SHANT KABHI NAHI HUI, TUM TO BAHUT ACHHA CHODATE HO, MERI KISI SAHELI KE PAAS BHI TUMHE MAI LE JAUNGI CHODNE AUR HUM TINO BAHUT MAZA KAR SAKATE HAI. After some time she went in kitchen and prepared lunch for both of us.

We had a lunch and both of us were feeling sleepy, so now naturally I also went to her bedroom to sleep. As both of us were SHANT now, we went to sleep and in 2 hours I got up. She was wearing her dress, which was slightly shifted up, and her nice silky thighs were visible. I slowly moved my hand on them and went up to feel her cunt. She was again wet, and as I entered my finger in her cunt, she said YE NAHI MUZE WHO CHAHIYE, and she got up, and grabbed my LUND again. We fucked again and again till late evening. On my first day of fuck, I fucked her 6 times till 8:00 pm and than finally went home.
Now she left bangalore a 2 months ago.
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