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My Real Eposide In Train

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

This is the episode while I was coming from Kishanganj to Patna by NewJalpaiguri-Danapur Capital Express. I did not have any seat or berth reservation so I had no option rather than to enter into a general compartment. Most of the seats were occupied by other passengers – both males and females. Three to four passengers were sitting with ease in a seat a seat. Most of them had theirs legs folded up in their seats in their seats. So I had to request them to accommodate me by putting their legs down in order to make space to sit. Wherever the train stopped more and more passengers entered and after two stoppages the whole compartment was full. All space for moving around within the compartment was packed with standing passengers.

As the train reached Barsoi many more passengers managed to enter. Among them, I found an old woman along with a young woman struggling to move towards seats. They managed to approach near us for seats. They were struggling to remain standing in that crowd of passengers, and could hardly hold their luggage. The young woman requested us to provide seats to them as the old woman was sick. I took the initiative and asked other co-passengers sitting with me to accommodate her. Well, the old woman sat right beside me. I arranged their luggage. I was sitting on the edge of the seat. I offered the young woman also to sit in place of me, I got up and she sat in my place. I had a bag in my lap which she took from me and kept in her lap.

That young woman looked quite charming and appealing. She had pretty face. She had juicy lips and soft cheeks. The most striking thing was her good attractive figure. She had well developed round and straight looking boobs and projecting wide plum and fleshy hips. In all she was a sexy looking woman. I guessed by their looks that they were Bengali. All through I tried to peep into the wide and somewhat low neck of her blouse. In such situations I always make a try like that. I could very well see the upper portions of her fleshy breasts. The curves of her straight looking bulging breasts looked too much inviting.

I was waiting for the train to reach Katihar Jn. whether I hoped to get seat. And yes, two passengers sitting there got down among other passengers in Katihar Jn. The young woman slid aside to provide me seat. I thanked her. She smiled with a nod in reply looking in my eyes. That was enchanting. I was happy that I got a seat right beside such a young charming woman. The touch of her soft warm body was like an electric current. That stirred me up and I was stimulated. That had an arouse effect in my body. I asked her if she would like to have something to eat which were being sold on the platform. She just smiled and asked me to take two boiled eggs and potato-chop giving me a hundred rupees note. I refused to take and got down to buy eggs and potato-chops. I took four boiled eggs and four potato-chops and also a bottle of two-litres cool mineral water. I handed it to her. She again smiled and thanked me for taking so much trouble for her. I just said that it was my pleasure.

The train left Katihar Jn. It was running two-hours late. After a while we started eating together the items I had bought at Katihar station. By the by I asked about her name, about the old woman, and also about their destination point. She told her name as Aparna Sarkar, the old woman was her mother-in-law and they were going to Patna for her Chemotherapy treatment. She told me that her mother-in-law had to go to Patna every month for Chemotherapy treatment. Since her father-in-law and her husband were busy with their works and were not available to go along with her, she had to accompany her. She told me that she had accompanied her mother-in-law to Patna earlier also for a couple of times.
I and Mrs.Aparna Sarkar had eaten eggs and potato-chops and took cool mineral water one by one, directly from the bottle. She thanked me again with charming smiles looking into my eyes. That thrilled me again. I again said it was my pleasure. After two-three stoppages again the rush of passengers increased. Again the whole compartment was jam packed after a couple of stoppages. There was no space to move around in the compartment. That was much to my advantage. I had taken my bag back to my lap. She had her large size ladies purse in her lap. I held the bag with both hands such that my left arm and elbow was touching her breast. She didn’t mind it. I dared to press her breasts gently. She did not move away at all. I was encouraged by that. I had put more pressure on her breasts. She just saw me from the corner of her eyes but didn’t say any thing nor did she move away. The feeling of the softness as well as the firmness of her breasts aroused me. I enjoyed it. I again and again I put some extra pressure on her breasts with my elbow and arm. Her silence was encouraging me to do much more.

By the time it was 11 pm each and every passenger felt fast asleep in tiredness. Standing passengers also sat down somehow and were sleeping. Mrs.Aparna slid close to me so that her mother-in-law could get much space to lift her legs up and sleep. In that situation I could touch her both breasts. Seeing every one sleeping I started pressing Mrs.Aparns’s both breasts with my elbow and arm. I became sure that she was also enjoying what I was doing with her breasts. She moved a little, facing towards me. In that posture I was able to feel her both breasts with ease. I started rubbing and pressing her breasts. She half-closed her eyes saw me. Her look was sexy. Now I was pressing and elbowing her breasts at my will. She held my elbow. She had closed her eyes. Then Mrs.Aparna placed her hand on my lap. I readjusted my bag and placed it over her hand that was in m lap. Her hand was touching one of my thighs. I was still pressing her breasts like that. I asked in a very low voice in her ear “.. Are you alright Aparna .?? .“ She whispered so that only I could hear, with her eyes closed “…uuunnn …huuumm …“ So it was a clear signal from her that she also was enjoying it too much. I was excited to hear it from her. I continued to press and give massage to her breasts.

While doing that I slid my hand upon her thigh. I caressed it to give her more pleasure and excitement. Then I further moved my hand down and under her large size ladies purse. I started exploring her CHUT. That stirred her. She took long breath. I continued to move my hand around and over her CHUT. She writhed and shivered her thighs a little. She then moved her hand in my lap on to my torso to have a feel of my LUND. I was feeling like fucking her. She caressed my LUND from over my pant and underwear. In response I tried to finger her CHUT. So that condition for both of us was the same. I was fondling and pressing and rubbing her breasts and at the same time I managed to explore her CHUT and also inserted my finger a little bit. She had become too hot by then. She had unzipped my pant and inserted her hand inside the flap of my underwear and held my hard erect LUND. She was pressing and caressing my LUND. I quietly slid her sari so that I could actually insert my finger into her CHUT and I did it. I was carefully doing it so that no one could watch us.

The condition of both of us was getting out of gear. I was now intensely wiling to fuck Mrs.Aparna, and she also appeared to have a strong urge for fucking right at that moment. I said in a very low voice in her ears “….Aparna .. you are very hot and sexy….” She whispered in reply “…..uunn huunn…you have made me so… you are too naughty…” And she smiled sexily looking into my eyes. I asked in her ears upon that “….Aparna… kya aap bura maan gayin …aapko yeh saab achchha nahin laga kya Aparna …??…” She again whipered “…nahin yeh baat nahin hai…in fact I liked it….” And again whispered boldly “… you are too smart… aapka tool baut hard aur long hai…” I saw her as if it was an admiring comment from her. I instantly expressed my delight “…wow…to aapko acchha laga …??..” She nodded in affirmation playing with my hard erect LUND. Mrs.Aparna whispered in my ears “let us go to toilet …” I instantly said naughtily in her ears “…you are also too bold and smart …” She just gave sexy smiles. She readjusted her clothes and shook her mother-in-law and said in Bengali language that she was going to toilet taking my help. Her mother-in-law also asked me to help her reach the toilet as the floor was full of passengers fast asleep.

I made way for Mrs.Aparna and myself to the toilet. She was following me holding my hand fast. There were too much luggage around the toilet. I managed to make way into the toilet. Mrs.Aparna got into it She was still holding my hand fast. I also got into the toilet along with her. She hurriedly bolted the door fro inside. Without wasting any time I took Mrs.Aparna in my ams and started kissing her – her lips, her cheeks, her neck, her back, waistline, her hips, her thighs, her navel and then her breast. I mouthed her breasts well. She was hissing “….uuuffff ……uuuuffff….” I unhooked her blouse, took it off her body and unhooked her bra, took it off and started kissing the roundness of her firm looking, straight, shapely 36” fleshy bulging breasts. I licked them. I started sucking her hard pointed nipples. She was whispering sexily “…. oooffff ooohhh ….. do it more… oooohhh … oooohhh …aabaar koro … oooffff ooohhh … aabaar koro….. uuuuffff….. you are too naughty….. “ I admired her for her for such excellent breasts “…..Aparna …. You have superb breasts… so well developed…. Soo round… sooo firm … sooo straight….. soo shapely….” She whispered “… you really liked them …. oohhh ….. thank you…” I enjoyed sucking her breasts and nipples and she also responded me well giving all indications that she wanted it too much.

Then I lifted her sari and petticoat with one hand and unzipped my pant with the other. She unhooked and unbuttoned my pant, let it fall down, took it off completely and the pulled down my underwear. My LUND was hard erect stood straight. She saw it and whispered sexily “….wow….. uuufff….. really sooo hard… uuufff …..sooo long…. wow ….. “ I helped her spread her thighs resting with one wall of the toilet. I started fingering her CHUT. I did to and fro of my finger into her CHUT for at least 100 times. She had shed all shyness. She had become too hot. She whispered “…. ooofff …please come on …. chodai koro na…. ooohhhh chodai koro na…. “

I took my hard erect LUND in my hand and placed in front of her CHUT. I pushed my hard erect LUND into her CHUT. I started fucking Mrs.Aparna gently. At the same time I was kissing her lips, cheeks, her neck, her breasts and her nipples. I was fucking her and also sucking her nipples. She placed her hands on my shoulder while my hands were busy holding her sari-petticoat up and also caressing her heavy hips. She was giving all sorts of sexy expressions. After a while she sexily whispered “….. uuuffff ….. hard chodai koro naa…. aro deep koro…. aro hard….. fast chodai koro….. aro fast koro…. “ I stated fucking Ms.Aparna fast and deep. She was now moaning sexily “……. uuuufffff …ooooofffffff…haan like that ….. aaaaahhhhh… aro faaast chodo aamaake … oooohhhhh…khoob bhaalo laagchhe … aaaaahhhhh… aro chodo …aro chodo aamaake…khoob chodo …uuuuiiiiiimmmaaaahhh .. tumi to onek bhaalo ….. aami aeyi rokom hard choda chaai … ooohhhh… khoob zor kore chodo aamaake …aaaahhhh….aur ghusao LUND …bahut mazedaar LUND hai tumhara… khoob chodo …aur chodo …aaahhhh…aaar chodate chai… ooohhhh …bahut mazedaar LUND hai … ooofffff …faast chodo… faast koro faast…aaro faast ….aaro…aur andar ghusao LUND ko ….haannn…aur fast …. ooohhhh…“ I was getting excited to hear it from her. The train was running fast and my piston was going in and coming out of her hot CHUT. I continued to fuck her hard and fast. And she continued to moan and encourage me like that. I slowed down or even stopped when I felt like ejaculating in order to fuck her as lonf as possible.

Finally I ejaculated taking out my LUND from her CHUT. We were gasping fast. We washed ourselves. We put on our clothes back. I asked her caressing her softly “…Aparna …how was it … kaisa laga tumko mera LUND ??….tumhari choochiyan bahut mazedaar hain…I really liked them too much….tumaharaa hips bhi bahut sexy hai…“ She smiled sexily and whispered naughtily boldly looking into my eyes “…. Wow…. you liked them .??…you are great … you are an expert …I really liked it …“ And with a pause she continued to whispered sexily and openly “ …you are very naughty …… tumhara LUND bahut mazedaar hai ….aami airokom hard and long LUND aage dekhlaam naa…. aisa LUND mujhe kabhi nahin mila…. tumi aik young boudi ke bhalo kore satisfy kore jano… “ I quipped instantly “ …achchha to tum pehle bhi apne husband ke alawaa aur kisi se chodai karwaa chuki ho…..” She smiled sexily and whipered naughtily and boldly “… huumm … I had sex with four other young men …aarr tumi …tum kitne ko chod chuke ho abhi taak …lagta hai bahut se boudi ki chodai kaar chuke ho tum …“ I instantly said “…. Haan maine more that 20 young women ki chodai ki hai abhi taak aur kuchh young girls ki bhi …” She in reply whispered “… wow …you naughty …you are really great …” I asked her to go back to our seats otherwise people might get suspicious.

We came out and went back to our seats. We rested there for about one hour or so. She pretended to sleep over me. I laid her in my lap. Seeing others still fast asleep I made her hot again. I dared to press and squeeze her breasts taking in my palms. She enjoyed it too much. We again planned for the same act in the toilet. She laid her mother-in-law on our seats saying that she was again going to toilet. We again went inside the toilet. I kissed her all over. She whispered naughtily and openly “….tumi aamaar choochi abaar dekhte chai…!!!…” And she herself took off her blouse and bra. I pressed her breasts at my will making her moan in pleasure. I kissed her breasts, licked them, sucked her nipples to make her moan sexily. She whispered straightforwardly and boldly “.. tumi apnar pant ta khole dao naa … aabaar chodai koro…apna LUND hard nikalo naa …” I took off my pant and underwear.

She took my hard erect LUND in her hands and stated caressing it too passionately giving all sorts of sexy expressions. I suggested her for a doggy style fucking that time. She smiled and whispered naughtily “…wow …yyou… iiisshhh…..” I made her stand resting with the wash basin. She was leaning forward. I lifted her sari-petticoat and held my LUND that had again become erect and hard. I inserted my LUND into her CHUT and again started fucking her. I was holding her heavy fleshy soft hips and was caressing them all the time while fucking her from behind in doggy style. I was fucking her with ease. I fucked her hard. I fucked her deep, and went on encouraging me moaning and whispering as in the previous round of fucking. She gave full co-operation in fucking. She uttered all dirty words openly to encourage me more and I fucked harder and harder. Finally we both exhausted and gasped heavily. She admired me again for my LUND and my fucking ability. We came back to our seats again.

We had third session of fucking at around 3 am in the running train’s toilet. Then we sat quietly in our seats. She looked satisfied.

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