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My Punjaban Neighbour

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

I have been reading the episodes in this very good site.  What I find interesting is that the stories are from men only and almost all of them claim to be under 30 age. Some narrate their story to be true. I wonder?  Why do young men with such vigour, stamina and libido need to use this site in the first place?  It should be for old geezers who have past it (literally speaking) to be surfing such site to keep themselves aroused perhaps and for drooling reading.

I have spent my young life in sin and have continued to maintain close interest in sex. I do have many very interesting stories to tell. I am now 58 and live in UK (London).I am an Indian from Gujarat but from my birth time moved to Myanmar (Burma) and brought up in Yangon (Rangoon). Soon after the army takeover, almost 80% of foreigners left and we were amongst them. We went first to Kolkota and transferred to Rajshahi (Bangladesh).

Here is my first experience and sexual encounter.My sexual arousal was raised in our own house as the whole family shared the huge lounge and slept there. The married ones had their beds behind simple partitions. We all wore Lungi, men or women, and when fast asleep you lose conscious about your stature. This is when I became aware of our sexuality as I could clearly see small and larger cocks of my siblings and cousins as well as pussys. Hence, midnight into bedtime and would wake up just out of curiosity to behold such scenarios laid out in front of me. Most of the cocks would be erect ( I am told due to spare blood pressure finding its way in there) and I would imagine the measurements. I would also love to see the pussys some more hairier than other and, if lucky, one of the girls would be asleep with legs apart and allowing the sight of the lovely holes.   Around that time I also became aware of unusual but hushed noise coming from behind the partitions. So one night, I quietly got up and crept around to see what was going on and, Jeese, what a sight I had despite there being no light. Uncle on his back with aunt riding. I just got terrified first and rushed quietly back to my bed and just wondered what was happening. Next day, at school, I shared my experience with older friend who told me that they were FOCKING. The way it was pronounced is the way I have written here. All kind of secrets started to come out and we enjoyed those narrations. I was only 14 and sex was a taboo at home so I knew nothing. In Burma, in my days there, the national holidays were celebrated  and  in the night times they would shut down the streets to put on films. Everyone would join in from squatting on the street to watching from their Varandahs.   That was when my first encounter of physical touch happened. As we were all engrossed, in the darkness of the street, watching the film I felt a hand on my thigh and thought nothing of it.  The man then slowly and gradually began to move his hand up and again I said nothing thinking it was just accidental.   Soon his hand was around my penis and he began to stoke it giving me an electrifying sensation as I had never touched myself like that before. I had an erection and enjoyed it. The man then got hold of my hand and put it around his cock. It was big, or so I thought, and my mind immediately went to the scenario at home of the erect cocks of my older relatives.   I was also terrified and, at the same time, enjoyed the being stroked. So I did the same to him. I then shot my cum which was also the first time and that shocked me into realisation of what had just happened. Had the man kept my hand on his cock, perhaps, I may have continued to stroke it. But he then started to rub my bum and poked my arse hole with his finger which I found painful and not welcome. I just stood up and ran home.   That night I could not sleep. I kept visualising the masturbation given to me and the pleasure from it. So I started to do the same thing while looking at some of the exposed pussys of my cousins.   I also crept up to see what went on behind the partition almost every night thereafter, and sometime found myself lucky to behold the scenes being played out by my uncles and aunts.   We also employed sleeping in maids to help with the household chores. These were young maids carrying out whatever work was given to them. Our one also shared the beds with us in the hall. I started to take interest in her as she was very well built with the right hills and valleys in the right places.   One day, being sick, I did not go to school. One of my uncle came for lunch and afterwards went to the room next door to rest. During day time the partitioned rooms were not private as the family moved from the hall to kitchen and dining areas through them. So the room next door was used for such purpose. Its bathroom was also used as laundering the clothes.   The Burmese maid’s task was to wash the clothes. I used to wonder in there on certain excuses just to behold the wonderful sight of this girl washing clothes. She would get wet and the upper shirt would become see through. The Burmese also had a different type of under wear serving as bras. This would also get wet and the boobs would be visible. As she would wash the clothes and beat them for lather the boobs would bounce. The next thing that would happen was for me to go to the toilet and jerk off. One day, under such pretence, I went to the room but found the doors closed. I peeked through one of the glass pane to see what was going on. I knew the maid was there and also my uncle supposedly asleep.   But there was no washing sound coming. So I crept in quietly and went to the back room where the bathroom was. In there was the maid and my uncle and doing what he did to my aunt except it was daytime and everything clearly visible.   The maid was bent over the washing tub and, what bums she had, my uncle was behind her thrusting his hips. They were both naked and as he thrust the maid’s boobs would swing. My uncle had one of the boob in his hand to balance himself and another hand on his hip, perhaps, to help him thrust fully. He was grunting while the maid was saying in Burmese to hurry up as anyone could come in. My uncle was having none of that and kept on thrusting. I could not see his cock pistoning because he had his back towards me. The maid probably was not enjoying it because she kept asking my uncle to hurry up. Soon my uncle grunted loudly and made a hard thrust holding both of her boobs in his hand and biting the maid’s neck. I realised afterwards that he had cummed inside the maid’s pussy.   I ran off. An hour later when my uncle had gone back to work and the rest of the family at home took their afternoon sleep I went to the room next door to talk to the maid. I found her  hanging out all the family’s washing and that was again a sight to behold. The outstretched hands thrusting her boobs out and her lungi half way up her thighs.   I said to the maid what happened with my uncle an hour ago. She just freezed and looked at me in surprise. I told her I saw everything. She asked me what I was going to do. I said nothing. I told her I did not know what they were doing and I would not be reporting anything to anyone simply because no one would believe me and, even if they did, they would protect my uncle and the maid would be sacked. The maid began crying when she heard what I said.   I picked up courage and held my arm around her shoulder telling her not to worry and that I was her friend etc.  I also asked her if she would tell me  what  my uncle did to her as I did not understand such things. She said she was raped by my uncle and I asked what that meant. She was not surprised at my question because she knew I probably did not understand what had happened as she had seen me grow up in her time of work with our family.   So she pointed towards my legs and said that man had a thing which they put inside a woman’s thing which gives pleasure if it was an agreeable thing between them. With all signs of innocence I asked what is done and how. So she said to me to take off my lungi. I did and there was my 4 inch little but erect cock. She giggled at seeing the tiny cock. She then lifted her lungi and showed me her pussy. I was amazed at seeing the pussy of a woman so closely as the pussys of my cousin, at bed time exposure were not so clear. The maid had a triangle of pubic hair. I said why she did not had a cock like me and she again giggled saying woman did not had a cock.   I asked her if I could touch her pussy and she shied away from me saying someone would catch us. I told her I had locked the door from inside and not to worry. She relaxed and came over to me. I was only about the height to her shoulder then and my face was in front of her boobs which were quite big.   I reached out and touched her pussy and started to rub my hand over her pubic hair. She seemed to enjoy it because she opened up her legs allowing the vaginal lips to part and giving me full sight of her clit and pussy hole.  My cock was already erect and I felt tingling inside of pleasure and saw some drops come out which I learnt later in life to be the precum.   She got hold of my cock and started to rub it over while I poked my finger into her pussy. We did that for about five minutes and I could not control myself and shot my cum in her hands. That made her laugh. I asked her why and she told me that I was already finished.   Then we heard someone trying to open the door. So I quickly went into the toilet and the maid opened the door. My aunt was there and asked the maid why she had locked the door. The maid said she intended to take a bath after the laundry that is why and my aunt went away.   I came out of the toilet and ran back to our main room but asked the maid whether we could do the same later when we get the chance and she agreed.

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