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  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

Hey readers, thanks again for searching next part of my story on my 3 Virgin Girl friends. Briefing the first story, Apple was on my right and Brownie on my left and were laying on their backs and resting their Heads over my lap, facing the roof of the car. Their Breasts were now moving up and down heavily. Apple’s Big Breasts were a treat to watch raising and falling. Brownie said, “lets see how you will your share your kiss and lip lock on us.” and before she could finish, I bent down and kissed her hard and pushed down all my saliva (I was collecting it while she was busy talking and positioning herself. She choked with rush of fluid and we laughed . Then I placed my Hand on softly on their Breasts and was massaging their roundness while still kissing.

Then I shifted my lips to Apple and sucked her hard to crave for her saliva and she gladly pushed it to my mouth and we enjoyed kissing and I rubbing her hard and round Boobs. Girls laying on my lap were in ecstasy and hissed and moaned to kiss them more and more and I had fun to kiss and lick their Face and Lips and Cheeks and Neck more and more, more they asked and when they were exhausted , we realized that Fairy was still alone in front sitting and watching us play and forgot.

She was already in tears for us ignoring her. I suddenly realized and apologized her and made these 2 get off and I crawled over to move to the front seat and I hugged her. And she still sobbed for ignoring her. I asked her to come to back seat. And she shied to say no as she is scared. I tried to console her and convinced her that other 2 were enjoying and why you are cheating yourself and more so there is nothing wrong with what we did as we all are matured and nothing wrong to know about new sensation and more so I have made sure that I am not selfish to tempt you 3 to have sex or trick you to lose your cherries selfishly.

But I respect you and your innocence. After some thinking she agree to come to back seat and I requested Girls to move to front seat. and at back seat we both sat silent for some time and Apple/Brownie watching us like watching TV. This made her more shy. So I took her and hand and kissed on her palm and I pecked on her cheek and then I made my move to kiss her ear and neck and Adam’s Apple and she held her breath now. So I tried to suck her there and she was begging to enjoy it and I asked her to hug me and she did and we remained like that for some time. Her Breasts were moving heavily now and was pressing hard on my chest. I moved my Fingers all over her Back and she did the same and now I asked her whether I can kiss on her Lips and she nodded and again I asked her whether she heard what I had mentioned about the way to kiss between Lips and she nodded again.

Now I turned my face and moved forward to kiss her and we locked ourselves and slowly I moved my tongue to push her Lips and she parted them and gave me her Tongue and I slowly and easily sucked her Tongue and I gave mine and she sucked and got excited to do it longer and longer. She breathed hard and heavy. Now I was holding her face by her Cheeks with my open Fingers and started to push my Saliva now and she did the same we now exchanged and did not stop it. I slowly pulled her over me and I leaned back on the seat. and she now had better position to hug me full. My Tongue was slicing and moving and licking and sucking her Lips and she too learnt to do same.

I pulled out and start to nibble her chin and her cheeks and she moaned with joy to have that never ending excitement. My sucking of her Lips were too much for her and she pulled back to catch her breaths and heaved hard to take in her lost breath. I began to smile at her and she was shining in her Eyes and face. A new charm was coying in her fair skin. Apple/Brownie started to clap their hands shouting and we both were surprised and Brownie loudly told, “WOWOW, what a kissing scene. It is like a move scene. Very roaming and so caring and so sensual. Please do that again and I said enough excitement for you 3 now.

Lets head back as we can save next for coming weekend. And now all the Girls were sitting behind and I drove alone and they were too busy exchanging their feeling but Apple was mostly silent and was stealing glances at me too often. When I smiled at her in the read view mirror she bent her Head smiling. I knew that I had pressed her Breasts harder than on Brownie and she was feeling new now.

After our weekend flings, Silent Fairy was now bolder and she used to call me at odd times to talk to me. This weekend I decided to pick her first and then she got in she touched my hand to squeeze it and smiled at me. I smiled back. Then I stopped the car for some time and asked her a question and she said yes and I said, ‘Baby am I right that you are in Love with me now and you are having sleepless nights and she surprisingly agreed and I said again, ‘I’ll make short as we have to pick other 2 too. Please stop thinking like that will affect her studies and her attitude and will raise her parents doubts as I am a elderly man and I know most of these kind of changes in Teenagers and only solution is tell yourself to relax and take things easy.

I also told that its very difficult to meet her alone without other 2 knowing about it and this will badly damage their friendship and it can split us all and so lets take our meetings easy. Enjoy what you get and buy and take it easy.

And then we drove to pick others. As planned we went to a movie and like planned sat in the last corner row in the Balcony. Intentionally Brownie made Fairy to sit last and shared me between herself and Apple. I now knew that she knew about Fairy’s crush and love sickness on me.

But I had no options to change anything in them and between them. When the lights went out, quickly both Girls on either side of me hugged me very tight and began to kiss me all over my Face and I had stretched out my hand over Apples back to caress Fairies face and she began to kiss my Fingers eagerly now. Now both Girls hand while kissing my Face, their hands were rubbing my chest and without my knowledge they were squeezing my chest. I felt great.

We were Lip locking one after other and now my other free fingers were hugging Brownie now and I boldly groped her Breasts from side and once in a while I slowly pressed them and she shivered in my hug and used to bite me hard on my cheek at my ever squeeze. We had torrid fun on and on and on and never wanted to end till intermission. We went out to buy snacks and while walking behind Brownie, I softly touched her Butts and she smiled teasingly turning back from corner of Eyes.

I now pressed it and she slowed her walk ahead and now I held her whole Butts and began to squeeze and she put her hand back and slapped side of my waist. by now were were in open light and we enjoyed our snacks and got back to our seats. I was sitting in the end and told them a new idea. I set my mobile alarm to beep ever 20 minutes and each Girl can move to my side and she can have fun for whole 20 minutes as I told them that I loved them all same and cannot hurt other.

They realized that it was a fair idea and As I presumed Brownie was first and she hugged me as though there was no tomorrow and was moving her fingers all over my badk and not she was rubbing my chest from inside and was squeezing my nipples and I whispered to ask how she knew that and she said “you moved your fingers all over my Breasts like that. Did you like it?” and I said yes and she told me to do it again and we were now kissing and sucking our tongues while our free fingers were restlessly exploring Breasts and Chest. Both of our Tops’ Upper buttons were open now.

My Fingers were too hot to explore her top. Once the buttons were open I reached down to prick her erect Nipples between her Bra and enjoyed every instance of pressing them softly and more harder than the previous. She bit my tongue for my every squeeze on her Nipple. It was too hot for both and I pull back to kiss her hard on her Neck and was slowly moving down but alarm buzzed and she cursed herself and pushed me back and got up to let Apple sit next to me.

I pulled Apple to me and we began to kiss hard on our lips and took no time to exchange our saliva. She began to tease me sucking and biting my tongue in her mouth and almost chewed it. My hungry fingers were too quick to hold her heavy heaving Breasts and squeeze them and she suddenly held my hand tight and pushed her Head back and she began to move my open and hungry Fingers all over her Breast area and enjoyed every cling of sensation hitting her.

Feeling her heavy Breasts was a very sexy experience to me as they were actually massive and heavy with more flesh inside because of size and width. I bend forward to say, ‘can I suck your Nipple?’ and she eagerly said please! And I took no time to push up her Blouse over Bra to pop out her Right Breast and sucked her she deeply heaved to inhale more air while my mouth was too busy sucking her Nipples.

She began to snatch my Hair and pull it to hurt me. I pulled her closer to suck more of her Nipple. They were hot and erect now and as she was falling back to her seat in delight. I licked and teased it with my tongue and she loved every bit of it. We got too hot in the dark and never wanted to end it and pulled my Head to suck her more and more. But a loud cough from behind awoke my senses as She was about to moan and I pulled back to make her surprisingly stare at me.

I went to her Ear and sweetly told her to relax as it’s a public place and her moan may alert our neighbors and she too quickly secured her open dress and I said sorry to leave her like that and she smiled at me in the dark to kiss me on the cheek for a longer time and slowly hugged once she was secure in her Blouse. Our hug was warmer as we seemed to enjoy our touches and kisses and I started to lick her Lips and she began to push Saliva out between her Teeth and I eager licked it out and we were still smiling while kissing. We felt so complete with our union a while ago and she was more cheerful now and we sat with her Head resting on my shoulder and holding our hands and tight and just them the alarm rang and we parted.

Finally my Fairy came and she was so happy to stare at me and I said that’s all you are going to do is sit and stare and she blushed and she slowly put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the forehead to say “Now?” and I said ‘Not sure’ and she hold my cheeks with her open Fingers to pull my face slowly to kiss me on the Lips and suddenly grab her pull and kiss and Lip lock her and our Tongues were like hot and thick blades slicing and touching every move the other tongue made and she quickly whispered to give out my tongue and slurped and sucked my protruding tongue like a Candy and joy was off her limits.

We took turns to suck our Lips and Tongues and I opened my Mouth wide to take her whole Lips and Mouth to suck harder and harder. I knew she was shocked and shook but I pulled her breath out and she only falls back to heave for breath. I advance to lick her whole Neck area and she began to breath with short gasps heavily and now I move down to kiss her open chest and wriggled to move her fingers through my Hair and loved me more with tighter hugs when I start to lick her throat and open skin below it. I loved the way she gasped.

She whispers to hug her tight as she felt too hot and was shaking with new excitement. I leave out my tempting moves and hug her warmly to console her to breathe normal. She hides her face on my chest and began to kiss it. I now knew the buttons were open and she liked to kiss the wet skin. I move to her Ear and ask Want to lick it and she nod and began to lick my Chest and wow! What more can a guy ask than this feeling of true lust and sweat on the chest sucked and licked.

Before the Alarm can ring the lights started to turn up and we adjusted ourselves to look decent again. We leave the Theater in silent as we all were too satisfied to talk. I followed the Girls and meanwhile Brownie intentionally fall back to come near me and smile at me and I follow her and hold her Butts pushed to me eagerly. I begin to stroke hard on her soft Hips and she used to move it around to show she enjoyed the touch and squeezes did turn her on and I now pushed my mid finger between her two Bums and began to wriggle it to excite her and I knew that when she gives a hard push with her Buts and I almost fall back and grab her Bums and we laugh. Now she put both her Hands behind to pull my shirt and pinch me on the Belly as we walk through the seats to the Door.

We approach our Car in silence except me and Brownie still playing and teasing in the crowd. I now walk to her side and I slowly hold her on her waist and to my surprise and shock, she pinches my Butts and began to pat them and caress them while still between the crowd and we leave them as we get in the car and we drove off to end up near a Drive in fast food joint. We were hungry and we eat our food in silence and leave the place and while on the way back to their pick up points and before each one got off, leave paper notes behind and after the last drop, I eagerly read them and it was as below:


Dearest dearest kiran.

Thank you for your love to me and your kiss was very sweet. I will wait every day till we meet to do it again. You tasted so salty (and a love symbol was beside)


My kiran I loved your naughty squeeze on my Hips. Uhhh. Did you like them? From next time feel free to play with them. I love your naughty Hands. Our kiss we very hot. When you touched and licked me there, I was in heaven. Did you like them, though not like apple am happy that you enjoyed them and made me feel what good I have,

And Apples note was blank and I was surprised and looked again and at the bottom of the note in the corner she wrote in small fonts as “ILU”

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