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My Personal Experience With My Aunty Sumaira

  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

his is the story of mid March when my mom called up; my Aunty, Uncle, and their three kids were coming over to swim this afternoon. The kids are all pills, one, a small girl is very nice and cute and makes everyone smile. The other two are little pains in the ass. They cry about dropping food, anything. But, that meant my Aunty was coming over.

I had really started taking an interest in my Aunty the last time they came to visit. She is in her early thirties, very thin, with
moderate size, supple breasts that do not sag at all. She has long tanned legs, brown hair and a great voice. All of a sudden I
couldn’t look at her enough. I rejoiced when I heard she was coming over.

We have a pool in our backyard that we open every summer and it usually attracts the family to come over and use it. This only
bothers me with a few of the relatives, usually if it’s not my Aunty or a cousin I like, then I just go to a friend’s house. About an
hour before they were due to arrive, I put on my suit and went outside to get in the pool. I was floating around, when my Aunty
pulled up. My breath was taken away almost instantly.

She was wearing a black skin tight pants suit . Her hair is about shoulder length, and her long legs and beautiful arms
are perfectly tanned. I stayed in the water, with my head resting on a raft, this way she couldn’t see my raging hard cock
through the water. My uncle came in behind her, with the three kids trailing and complaining after him.

“Hey Aunty Sumaira,” I said, smiling.

“Hi honey how are you!”

She looked at me oddly. I thought about it for a minute then realized how stupid I probably looked with my head on the raft. I
tried to control myself and swam out, hoping she couldn’t see my trunks through the water.

As I swam out she looked at me in the water a minute, perhaps longer than normal, then went and sat down with her kids. She
eventually had them all ready to swim and she pulled off her little black skirt, dropping by a chair as she waded into the water.My mom is doing some work in the kitchen near to the pool. My Aunty shout and said to my mom that , “I am going to need to use your shower, sis. I’m catching a plane tonight for Dehli, I’ve got a meet a client for my loan case.”

“Well, my shower head is broken, so you’ll have to use Ram’s bathroom instead.” My mom replied.

My cock started to jump a little.

“That’s fine.” My Aunty smiled at me. “That ok with you Ram?”

“Uhm…uh…yeah, of course,” I stumbled through my response.

She just smiled and kept swimming with her children, I told my mom I needed to go upstairs a minute, and ran to my bathroom.
I quickly cleaned it up, putting out new soap and shampoo. I finished, and turned around to see the towels. I thought for a
moment, then grabbed the towels, hid them in my room and ran out to the pool.

After a few hours, the kid’s complaining started getting out of hand and my uncle started getting angry. He yelled a few times
and they actually started being nice and quiet. Then he told them, since they had been so good, that they could go to the park if
they’d like to, then come back and swim to cool off. They all cheered and clapped and my mom told me she was going to take
my brother and go too. My Aunty would be staying behind to get ready for her flight. My mom said she would be gone at least
2-3 hours at the park and that she would call before she left to see if she could pick me up some dinner.

I couldn’t believe my luck. I was going to be alone in the house with my gorgeous Aunty for 3 hours! My mom, uncle, brother
and 3 cousins took off in the van to the park. My Aunty and I swam for about 5 more minutes, just making pointless small talk
about school and her trip etc. Finally what I was waiting for:

“Ram, I need to go take a shower and get ready,” she said.

“Alright, I think I’ll come in too, then.”

We both went inside, I went into my room and she went into my bathroom (which is right across the hall to my room). I
couldn’t think what to do. I could barge in, just to try and get one look, or come up with some dumb excuse to come in and get
some paper towel or something. I heard the shower turn on, and I could hardly help myself. My cock was raging in my pants,
threatening to break the seam in my jeans. I was on the verge of just whipping it out and relieving myself when I heard my Aunty’s
voice and a knock on my door.

I almost jumped out of my chair. She said she had left her soap and shampoo in her car and needed me to go and get it for her,
she told me she wasn’t dressed.

I leapt out of my chair and ran to the door, then stopped, caught my breath and opened it. There she was. Her head was
sticking out the door to the bathroom, I could tell she wasn’t wearing anything beyond her wonderful neck that was poking out
of the opening. She looked down at my pants and stared at my cock pushing my jeans out into the air. I felt as if my cock had
never been so long, and my face flushed. She looked back up to me-her face was also red and said nothing.

After a long moment of looking at each other…

“Just come in the bathroom and drop them off when you get ’em, I’ll be in the shower.” She smiled and closed the door.

I ran downstairs, got her keys and ran outside, hoping I could maybe make it back upstairs before she got into the shower.

I ran back up, then stopped at the door. I composed myself so it didn’t look like I was in a hurry, then quietly as possible, and
slowly, I opened the door and peeked in. She was in the shower-behind the opaque curtain we have. My hopes dropped
slightly, and I walked in silently and pulled the door to. I lingered in the bathroom as long as I dared. She was humming quietly
and I could hear her moving about as the water splashed against her. The thought of the water hitting her hair, dripping down
her slim body was enough to make me cum in my pants.

Eventually, I spoke up and told her I would put the shampoo and soap on the counter and she could come out and get it when
she needed it. She said thank you and I put them down and left.

I walked over to my room and lay down on the bed. I was so frustrated. My wonderful, sexy Aunty was in the next room, naked
in the shower I used every day. I was on the verge of giving up all hopes of ever being able to be with, or even see in the buff,
my wonderful Aunty. When I heard her wonderful voice once again, then I remembered my plan from earlier!

“Ram? There aren’t any towels in here, could you grab me one?”

I couldn’t believe it, I actually had one more chance.

“Sure,” I yelled back. “I’ll bring it right in.”

I made sure that I had to bring it back in. That would be my excuse for barging in on her. The shower wasn’t running, so that
might be something for her to accuse me of knowing, but it was worth the risk.

I grabbed a towel from the closet down the hall and made it back to the restroom door. I took a deep breath, opened the door
and walked in.

There she was; in all her splendor. My Aunty was standing there. Wearing nothing at all. She looked at me oddly, and then
snatched the towel from my hands and covered herself up. We stared at each other for what seemed like forever. She glanced
down at my pants every few seconds, it was raging like never before. I got an idea in my head, a last desperate shot to make
the first move.

“I…I…I am going to go to a friends, so I probably won’t see you again before you leave,” I lied.

“Well, ok, give me a hug and kiss before you go.”

She smiled at me, faintly.

I awkwardly moved over to give her a hug, just like I had down hundreds of times before. As she moved her head to give me a
peck on the cheek, I moved my head so her lips met mine.

Her eyes grew in size as she looked at me, surprised. She moved her head back, and tried to step away. I moved my hands
around to her waist and put them there, pulling her closer to me. I kissed her again, harder this time, on the lips. I dared to go
further and I opened my mouth and pushed my tongue through her tensed mouth. One of my hands on her waist moved down
to one of her ass cheeks, I squeezed it slightly and she tensed even more. I held her tight to me, and did not let her pull back,
and as much as she tried, she couldn’t push my tongue out of her mouth. This went on for what seemed like minutes. I wanted
to explore her body more than her waist and rear, but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep my grip if I did. Eventually she
started to lose some of her tension and even started to relax a little. Her hands stopped trying to push me away and instead she
started pulling my shirt over my head. I decided to end the kiss, and as I did I lost my shirt entirely. Our lips hit as soon as the
shirt was on the floor, our tongues were violently exploring the others mouth.

Her hands started unbuttoning my pants, and they hit the ground. My briefs quickly followed, and soon I was standing stark
naked in front of my Aunty, who still had a towel tied around herself. She moved away from me, my cock standing more at
attention than ever. Her eyes never left mine as her towel hit the ground, exposing all her wonderful self to me. She went over
and turned the shower on – hot. The steam started billowing out from the curtains. She moved over and took my hand, leading
me into the tub, both of us standing as the scorching water hit our bodies. Something finally hit me, and I told her to hold on. I
ran naked into my room and grabbed a couple of trojans. I also checked the time. Only an hour had passed since my mom
left… that meant I had two hours alone with my Aunty! I ran back into the bathroom and pulled a condom over my cock, and got
back into the shower.

“Good idea,” she said, as I hopped back in.

I took hold of her waist and moved her back up against the shower wall. She spread her legs slightly and took my member in
her hand, and slowly guided it into her cunt. She moaned loudly as I entered her, moving in as far I could inside her. Once I
could go no further, she wrapped her legs around me. She had a large smile on her face. I started pounding myself into her with
all my force. She was grunting and screaming, moaning loudly with every push I put into her. I felt my climax nearing so I
slowed down to very slow small movements of my cock inside her. Once I had myself under control, I moved my head down
to one of her nipples, pulling on it with my teeth. She squirmed even more as I did this, and grunted with each pull. I took as
much of her breast as I could in my mouth, sucking and licking as much as I could.

My hands moved up and down her wonderful legs, and back on to her ass. I had wanted to feel that ass for such a long time. I
felt her there for a long time, still moving myself in and out as slowly as I could.

She pulled me up from her tits and gave me a very wet sloppy tongue kiss on the lips. She looked into my eyes, and said, in
between whimpers and groans, “I want to come, now, hard.”

I nodded to hear, and pushed myself in harder and much faster, pushing her ass towards me to get in even farther.

She was losing it quickly and the volume of her groaning and crying out was growing with each push.

“Oooohhhh, baby, push, push, push, oh, ah, ah, ahhhhhhh… oh yeah, right there, more, more, more, make your Aunty come, oh
yeah, yes, yes, ah, ah…” She was yelling and screaming with each push my cock put into her.

“I’m coming, baby, push, ohhhhhhh….” So was I.

With one long, last, hard push, we both came together. She bucked and squirmed wildly on my cock. She arched her back
against the wall and put her arms on my ass, trying to push me in even further. We were both very out of breath, and I lifted her
off my cock and we each stepped out of the shower.

Her chest was moving up and down with her hard breaths, and she said, “Thank you very much, I love you.”

I just nodded.

“I should finish getting ready now, I’ll see you soon after my trip,” she said.

I went into my room, cleaned up and got dressed. The rest of my family returned and my Aunty had already left, and I had left for
a friend’s house. They never suspected anything.

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