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My Night With Virgin Pal

  • desipapa
  • September 24, 2015

This is Sam from Chennai, saying u an experience with a gal named chitra. The night was beautiful. The night was not the only thing beautiful, so was my date. I have not dated in about a year and a half; I have been too preoccupied with getting my degree. Also having my last three relationships go down in flames didn’t help much. That night, being one semester away from my degree made me feel invincible, and for some odd reason very horny.

My date, Chitra stood about three inches shorter than my six foot. She had pretty brown eyes and long black hair pulled back in a pony tail. She wore a knee length dress with my brown leather jacket around her shoulders. I was casually dressed up in a pair of black jeans and a grey long sleeve shirt.

Dinner was uneventful. We small talked and joked, there was a little flirting but nothing more. I was getting kind of disappointed, but she was good company. We stayed and had drinks. “I’m not much of a drinker.” I said a! s she gave me an odd look. I had just ordered a pepsi. “Why? You get all psycho?” She smiled to me . “No, I just don’t like the taste of alcohol.” I added quickly. “It also makes me a tad too confident.” She raised her eyebrow at my comment. “Oh?” After a few drinks I was feeling very good, I was no longer nervous a Chitra was great to be with. “I’m tired this place, you want to go for a ride?” I asked looking at my half empty glass. “Let’s go to my place.” She said; the sexy tone of her voice not faltering one bit. And She smiled.

The ride on my bike was nice. Chitra snuggled against me; her breath upon my neck nearly drove me insane. Chitra had a nice apartment . The stairs up to her place proved too much for her and I managed to catch her as she slipped. My hands grasping her nice ass and I got a great view down her dress. She giggled slightly and got back on her way. I kissed her soft lips at her door and lightly trailed my fingers across he! r shoulders. Once inside she sat me down on the bed and disappeared for a minute. Before she came back I heard the door close and lock. I grinned and thanked Sandy quietly. Chitra came back to the bed, my jacket gone from her shoulders. She sat down on my right side. I leaned over and began to kiss on her neck; I worked my way to her shoulders and started for her collar bone. Her breathing quickened and she pushed me back.
She quickly undid my belt and slowly took off my shirt.

We kissed. Her kisses were incredible. Her lips were so soft and yet the kisses were so firm. Our tongues shyly danced in each others mouths. Her lips tasted like cherry and her kisses were reminiscent of the drinks we had. Chitra stood letting my gaze at her. She untied her dress and let it slip to the floor. I was in shock; she was more than I could have dreamed for. Her pert breast were gorgeous. She had a flat stomach that led into defined hips and nice legs. Holding my gaze once! more she let down her hair. Time stood still. I admired this beauty and committed each inch to memory. She was perfect, from her pink nipples down to the brown little patch between her legs.

In this time of admiring she somehow got my pants off but had stopped at my shorts. She smiled shyly. “I’ve never done this before.” “Really?” I asked still in a daze. I reached over and trailed my fingers softly down her arms. At her hands I pulled her over and I began to kiss on her collar bone. Slowly I moved down to her right nipple. I kissed the perky pink button and circled it with my tongue. She pressed my head into her chest and I was in heaven. I loved women with sensitive nipples.
I managed to take my head from her beloved nipple and kiss my way down her stomach. At her crotch I laid her back on the couch and began.

I wanted to make her have an orgasm before we went any further, hell I just loving giving orgasms.I darted my tongue across her lips and fel! t her jump. I continued with my darting tongue technique until I located the clitoris. One of my good friends with whom I flirted with constantly told me a secret to great oral sex, spell words with your tongue, you should try it. I was half way through the alphabet when her legs grasped my head. I can’t be sure but I think she was moaning very loudly.
Her legs relaxed and I came up. “sam, that was amazing. Where did u learn that?”, she asked. “From movies.”,I said.
“Could we wait until morning?” She asked breathing heavily. “Sure.”With that I lifted her off the couch and led her in the bedroom were we fell asleep in each others of it 2 be continued.any gals or aunties(unto 35) can have fun and contact me at

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