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My new friend

  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

Hi I’m Ritchie this is something like a dream come true. I have always wanted to have sex with a woman much older than me. I realized this wish recently when I met my friend’s Mum who worked in the Gulf as an office administrator. I was in Mumbai on some work and got a call from this friend of mine whose Mum was to arrive from Dubai that night. She asked me if I could join her to pick her mum from the airport. I had never met her Mum before so this was our first meeting. She finally arrived and introductions done we were on our way back to their residence in Bandra. We finally reached and I decided to leave after sometime.

On my way out her mum asked me to help show her around Mumbai if I had the time, I readily agreed and said that I would meet her the next day. I never realized what was on offer till I met her the next day.

She was about 47 years old with an extremely trim body with a figure that was 38-28-37, 5’6” tall, with a wheatish complexion and quite attractive. I am 33 years old, 5’9” tall, have a decent build and have a 6” penis with an average thickness.  We met at her place the next day and took a taxi I asked her were we were off to and she just said to have some fun and that her daughter had left for work. We went straight to a Hotel in Juhu and she led me to a table near the back and we began chatting she asked me if I was comfortable with her and I said yes offcourse. Next she wanted to know if we could indulge in sex to which I almost choked, I replied with a stammer that I was up to it. We went to the reception and booked a room.

Both of us were now ready and seemed very comfortable in the room. We become more comfortable with each other as we talk. We ordered some coffee and biscuits and chatted for some time telling each other about ourselves. After about 15 minutes of conversation, She suggests that maybe we should get started. I agreed and said that I would like to undress her as I found that a big turn-on. I told her that I needed a few minutes to have a shower to which she agreed and asked if she could join me. I agreed and we headed into the bathroom she started kissing me and we are running our hands over each other’s bodies. I move between her spread legs and run a finger the length of her slit. I gently part her lips and slide a finger into her. She is wet and I begin sliding my finger in and out of her. I then offer her my penis which she begins sucking I move my hand down to her clit and begin rubbing it. The she asks me to lick her pussy. I begin running my tongue from her clit to her opening. I taste her juices. My fingers are soaked and I can feel her tightening her vagina as I thrust my fingers into her. I continue running my tongue in circles around her clit she just loves it and is nearing an orgasm. She begins to ride my tongue as her orgasm nears. I lick hard as she completes her orgasm. As I feel her orgasm, I suck her clit into my mouth and continue to thrust my fingers into her pussy. I feel her waves of orgasm as spasms in her pussy. I watch the pleasure reflect on her face as she moans. When her orgasm completes, I remove my fingers from her pussy. I am totally aroused and need to fuck her now I mount her and before long, the waves of pleasure overcome me and I begin my orgasm.

As I begin to recover, She suggests we take a break and then if we want we can play more. While I have had a great orgasm, she is still horny and ready for more. She reaches over and begins stroking my penis. It is soft so she strokes it up and down and then reaches over and runs her tongue around my penis. I can feel my dick starting to lengthen. To speed matters up, she moves closer and starts sucking on the crown of my penis. After a few minutes, I am hard and ready for her. I push her back onto the bed and straddle her. I hold her and rub the tip of my penis along the length of her pussy. I can’t wait any longer and position my penis at the entrance of her pussy and push it into her. I greedily begin humping up and down until I am fully inside her. I take her  breasts into my hands and begins to roll her erect nipples between my fingers. I continue thrusting and with each stroke go deeper into her. I make sure my penis rubs against her sensitive parts with each thrust. We are both close to another orgasm and try to hold it off. She is now thrusting up and down on the full length of my penis and begins to moan loudly. We are both exhausted and begin to come. I continue thrusting deep into her making my orgasm more intense. I become limp as I collapse onto her breast and empty my semen into her.

After about an hour she moves to me and we begin kissing. I am like a total bull on heat and ready for more sex. As we kiss, She reaches down and begin stroking me, I am fully erect and ready, she breaks our kiss and sits on my lap grabs my penis and starts rubbing the tip along her slit. My penis starts sliding easily along her pussy she releases my penis and wraps her arms around my neck and continues to thrust her hips against me and starts kissing me. Her rubbing against my penis starts arousing me, pushing me more to the point of no return.  I begin thrusting deep into her and try to delay my impending orgasm but to no avail I have yet another orgasm. After a few minutes, she begins moaning and convulses into another orgasm. We rest together for a few moments, and then I get up and begin dressing. She invites me to spend a few days more with her and I readily agree. We met again a few times before she left for Dubai.

Any ladies in and around Pune / Mumbai above 30 are free to contact me for a similar experience and your comments. My email is

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