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MY Neighbor’s AUNT

  • desipapa
  • September 21, 2015

Hi all…dear site visitors…well this is big penis(name changed only mine) writing for the first time….and why not because recently i had one of those wonderful expericences….. I am19 years old with a long penis–6″.

Lets begin with the starting….well i am a student…….just like many others in kanpur….I have been since my growing age excited and attracted towards my neighbourhood aunty…she had those beautiful bosom and lovely titts(I could imagine) that I used to adore her like anything…whenever I visited her my breaths used to become fast and hot….certainly those were the growing years…..i never stopped masturbating on her… was u know quite exciting and refreshing….

Now when I am in bangalore still I havent forgotten that beautiful figure…the cleavage of her blouse and her sexy back..that used to give me a high….

My incidence begins when i had an off on Saturday…I was alone that day as my other family members and had gone to a relatives mariage……I was alone and had just got up in the morning…..we are living in a colony with houses attached near each other….quite close….

So I had a beautiful sleep and was reading the newspaper…the paper contained really glossy models and OH MY GOD….one model almost resembled my neighbour aunty (her name is Tanuja)….oh my…I could not resist my eyes off her and my hand went into my shorts…I dont wear underwears and I could feel my “junior” also experiencing the heat and emotion….oh my…my hands almost began their work with my eyes not getting off from the newspaper……

I didnt realise I was doing this at 9 am in the morning when most of the housewives start cleaning their houses and daily work…..near my neighbour one lady(I had by that time never even talked to that lady…and just seen her sometimes when she used to come with the electricity rent…)

So what happened was I was continuing with my hands and she was there broomingthe place and was very near to our window….i never realised when she had come to our window(she later told me that)….and started peeking me….I was in my heat …..boldly chanting “Oh Tanuja…..Aaahhhh….I like you….love you….” never realising that I was being scanned by some hot eyes from my window…..

Later when I got through(completed my act) I just shouted “AAAAhhh” and I tell you after all many days I had never cummed and enjoyed like this before…my whole body was asking for Tanuja that time…just when I turned to my right…..I saw this lady……seeing me with sweat all over her face…..oh…how could i do that I thought and immediately pulled over my shorts…….this lady was taken aback and said “Sorry”” and almost ran to her place….I could not beleive all this happened and was almost dumbmouthed….what to do what would happen….leaving all worries I went to the toilet to clean myself and just could not get over that I was caught the first time and that too by a lady….

Later that day I was almost out of the shock of the incident when the bell rang….I went and opened the door and found that the same lady had come along with her 2 year old child. SHe was going somewhere and wanted to hand me the keys, for her mother(Apparently she was staying with her mother in law). I saw in her eyes some kind of acceptance….she blushed at first and then I said Ok and took the keys…

In the evening when she returned….we again exchanged some eye to eye
but nothing much happened…..

This is exactly when I started masturbating openly with windows opened at the time of her arrival and knowingly she is there watching me…..I used to enjoy a lot……

This went on till around 4-5 weeks with my friends nt noticing it….as I used to make it sure fr this…..

I now wasnt able to resist her….One fine day when she was watching me and I was in full mood….I immediately went to the window….right to her….standing with my junior in its full glory(alomost 7.5″) I tried to put my junior in her hands…..oh she was soooos surprised that a kinda shriek came from her mouth but she gladly took it in her hands and then we had a great time ….of course we made it pretty sure nobody was watching and made it a very nice experience….
i called her in my room and then……asked for her husband to which she replied that he is on his regular tour. yhen i forcefully pulled her towards myself and kept my hand on her boobs.To my surprise she was not resisting me, and her hips were looking like grat sexual, then she herself took her shirt(kurta) off. onseeing her in this position my penis started up and down, as I had not seen a lady in that position earlier. I came in and sat besides her on a chair. She brought the oil bottle and asked me to massage slowly on hands only. I started massaging her hand. She was becoming hot and I was going uncontrolled. While massaging I kissed her hand. She did not mind, and I became happy that everything is going according as i had thought. I said her bhabhi get the whole body massaged today. She said Ok go on. I started massaging her back and and the stomach. She said ‘ Oh u r so good, Koi apna hi itna pain le sakta hai, otherwise I have been requesting my husband for the same for last 3 months. I said bhabhi, u don’t worry, consider me like your husband. I tried to open hook of her bra, she said what are you doing, complete massage bhabhiji. She smiled and I proceeded. Hi mar gaya, Uske itne sunder boobs ko dekhkar, her nipples were erect.I started massaing her nipples. Oh please don’t do like that. It is paining. I stopped, and again started at back. She asked me to massage her boobs also, I will bear the pain. I wished that she will say herself Palsat please do please do. The same thing happened. Palsat please massage my nipples, and I started massaging her nipples, she screamed shhhh. Then I took her left nipple in my mouth. Palsat please don’t do that I am getting very horny.

I started sucking her nipples. She was saying like mmmmmmm, shhhhhh, ahhhh. And I undressed her completely, I removed her panty. Her hairy pussy excited me to the great extent. Her eyes were on my erect penis under trouser. She unzipped my trouser and I slipped it out. After that she took hold of my penis which she whispered, it might me of 7 “. I said no it measured only 6.5″ she sighed thank GOD, otherwise it could hurt my vagina. Mani kaha ” Bahane mat banao, Suresh ka bhi itna hi lamba hai. No he has only 5″ long, she said. She slipped my underwear very wildly and my erect penis which measures 7″ was in front of her. She started sucking my erect penis. I asked her for 69 position, she agreed and came on me in 69 position. I started licking her choot and she was wildly sucking my cocks, Soon she discharged fluid, which tasted very good, and I pushed my whole tounge in her.

She got up and bend in doggy style and requested me to please fuck me. I inserted my whole cock in her vagina, which easily entered as her pussy was lubricated with her fluid. I started fucking her and she was ‘ shhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmaaaaaaahhhhhhh faad dalo meri choot ko, aaj asli maja aa raha hai. And she came twice, after that I showered my hot semen in her vagina. We went to the attached bathroom and washed our organs. She asked me if I was interested again, and replied positively, and we again start the same game,She lay back and asked me to relax for a few minutes. ‘ab muje choodo’ I came on top of her and pushed my lauda slowly inside her. The soft walls of her choot closed around my lund give me a feeling of unbeleiveable pleasure. Slowly I started to fuck her “harder harder.Meri phuddi phar do.Muje bahut choodo.’I stsrted to fuck her harder and harder taking my entire lund out and slamming it in her. She put her legs around my waist and pressed till our bodies were rubbing with each other. She was meeting my thrusts and my cock was hitting her pelvic region at the back of the cunt. She started to buck wildly making all sorts of noises and we both came at the same time. I spurted in her with the most fantastic orgasm and was trembling and jerking while unloading into her thrashing body. I fell on top of her and was breathing so fast and deeply that I thought I would pass out. ‘Bahut maza aiya.” I kissed her in reply.

We had sex 4 times on that day. My desires were completed only due to this site, otherwise I could not plan anything. I feel it a great occasion. Any girls, ladies wishing to have sex with me can contact at Privacy assured and expected.

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