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My Mother In Law

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

Namaste to Fans. I’ve been married for the past 3 years to Neela, after a divorce of my previous marriage which lasted for 9 years Neela a very pretty and shy girl, who used to live in the same neighbourhood in Bombay as I. Although shy by nature, it sure was a pleasant surprise for me to find out after marriage that she has a never-ending appetite for sex, which ensured that we end up having it at least 10 times a week; and 2 years after marriage, we’re still going great guns. But hey…. this story isn’t at all about myself and my wife, is it ?

Some months after our marriage, I sold off my house in Bombay and shifted to the city of Pune. The only relative that we left behind in Bombay was Neela’s mother, i.e. my mother-in-law, who had been widowed 12 years ago.

And she, my friends, is the heroine of this story – Salima. Although it’s not considered polite in the Indian culture to refer to your parents-in-law by their first names, looking at the extent to which I’ve got close to my mother-in-law by now (as you’re soon going to find out), you’ll agree that the word TABOO doesn’t exist in my dictionary anymore.

Although I’m presently running my business from Pune, I still have to travel to Bombay quite often for business purpose. And since my mother-in-law still lives there (all alone), I prefer living at her house whenever I’m in Bombay, instead of spending money on hotels. My wife is also happy to accompany me on my trips sometimes, so that she also gets to be with her mother from time to time, although she doesn’t do that every time.

This happened (or rather, started) during one such trip to Bombay, when I was traveling alone, and was required to remain there for 5 full days. Whenever in Bombay, it’s my regular routine to finish all business matters by 6:00 in the evening, then to come back home, freshen up, and then to go out with some old friends for a couple of drinks, then to get back home, take a light dinner, and then straight to bed.

At this point, I must also tell you about another routine, which I and my wife enjoy whenever we’re together. Before going to bed at night, we both like to take a hot shower (sometimes together), dry ourselves, which is followed by a special ritual: My wife makes me sit on the bed, and then brings some fragrant talcum powder (usually, lavender – the most exotic fragrance of them all). She sprinkles it all over my naked body, and then spreads it over my body with her loving soft hands.

She almost massages the powder into my skin, using not only the palms of her hands, but eventually her feet and breasts, too. After this, I take over. I use my strong and sturdy hands to give her the same powder massage, caressing and fondling with her whole body – especially her well rounded breasts and her soft and full ass.

Needless to say, this fondling and caressing ultimately results in such great arousal in both of us, we end up having some fabulous sex every night. Well, I don’t know about it’s benefits in terms of aromatherapy, but this sure works as a great foreplay for the both of us.

So… back to my mother-in-law, Salima. This particular trip to Bombay was in the summer months, when the weather there is very hot and sultry. On the very first day, I went through my usual work-followed-by-drinks routine, and got back to my sasuraal (in-laws’ home). After having dinner with my mum-in-law (I call her ‘Mummy’, since that’s what my wife calls her, too), I decided to take a shower before going to bed, since I’d been badly sweating it out throughout the day.

I took a hot shower, intensely wishing all the while that my wife should’ve been there, too. I got out of the bathroom with only a soft Turkish towel wrapped around my waist, and stood on the doormat outside the bathroom door for drying my feet, still fully lost in my earlier thoughts, missing my wife very dearly.

That’s when my chain of thoughts was suddenly broken by the voice of Mummy, who was standing at the bedroom door. “Missing Neela, aren’t you?” she said looking at me with a mischievous smile on her face. “Yes Mummy”, I said, “I wish she’d been here, too. She’d also have felt glad to be with her Mummy,” not daring to reveal the actual reason why I was missing her daughter at that moment.

Mummy smiled warmly, took a few paces towards me, and said, “Naughty you! You think I don’t know why you’re missing her right now? I know all about the ‘powder ritual’ that you both enjoy in the evenings after taking a shower. Neela has told me about it already.” “And you know what?” she added after a short pause, “Neela just loves it! It sure is a very innovative idea that you two have come up with to enjoy your married life. Neela always tells me what wonderful lover you are”.

All this had left me blushing red in front of my mother-in-law. I’d never imagined my shy-girl Neela to be so free with her mother to share these intimate things. I just didn’t know how to reply. “Don’t feel shy, Tarun. Most mothers are always anxious about their daughters’ sex lives after marriage, whether they’re leading a satisfied one or not.

And I feel myself a very, very happy mother today, to know that my daughter is so happily married to a fine and handsome young man like you”. She was by now standing next to me, patting me on the back of my shoulder affectionately. Then she let her hand rest on my shoulder, gripped it slightly, and said, “Come. Sit there on the bed. I’ll put powder on you today. You will sleep feeling more refreshed”.

I sure loved the idea, so I followed her to the bed. She gently pushed at my shoulders and made me sit down on the bed. I still had only my towel wrapped around my waist, which I adjusted properly, and sat on the bed with my back to her. First, I felt a generous amount of cool talc being sprinkled onto my shoulders.

And then I felt Mummy’s hands spreading them, very gently, all over the top and back side of my shoulders. Mummy’s hands, just like Neela’s, were quite soft and supple, but much firmer. The same can also be said about her whole body, as a matter of fact. Even at 48, she possesses a body that could put any 30-something woman to shame.

She has maintained not only her voluptuous frame, but also all her curves, which are in the very right places. In fact, in my college days, when I had just started courting Neela, the mother-daughter pair used to take an evening walk together everyday. Anyone who didn’t know them could have been forgiven for mistaking them for 2 sisters walking together, one elder than the other by just a couple of years.

Mummy continued with her gentle powdering and chatting about trivial things in-between.. I have enough hair on my chest to be called hairy, but my back and shoulders are as smooth and hairless as a silk saree. Therefore, I could feel the whole surface of Mummy’s palms caressing my skin, moving in wide circular motions.

When the powder was well spread over my back, she kept the container away, and started a semi-massage on my skin. The caressing got a little firmer, and I could feel the strength in her hands now. Being from the older generation, and hence being used to doing a lot of physical work in the past, Mummy sure was a strong lady.

She now shifted her attention to the top of my shoulder, and started working on them like a professional masseuse. With her exceptionally sturdy hands, she was pressing, kneading, rubbing and squeezing my shoulder muscles, and man, I loved the feeling! It was such a soothing sensation, I was feeling more and more relaxed with her every stroke.

She rubbed the whole of my back in this manner for about 2 minutes, and then asked me to fold my hands above my head, with my crossed palms resting behind the neck, so that she could powder my underarms and the sides of my chest. There, she continued for another couple of minutes, and in such a gentle yet firm way, I was feeling like I was in heaven.

Then I sensed her pouring some more talc in the palms of her hands, rubbing them together, and the next thing I knew, she had taken me in a half embrace from behind, with her powder-smeared hands moving over my chest.

She was now caressing my breasts, moving her slender fingers through the thick hair on my chest, just like her daughter loved doing every night, massaging the powder into my chest skin. I could feel both her breasts pressed against my back, and even through the saree and the blouse she was wearing, I could feel their tender softness.

By now, I was feeling a little excited myself, half because of the erotic memories involving my wife being brought back to me by this ongoing ritual, and half because of the things my wife’s mother was doing to me at that very moment. And to tell you the truth, I didn’t feel guilty at all about getting excited by my own mum-in-law’s groping hands. On the other hand, I secretly longed for her to embrace me even tighter, so that I could feel the full softness of her breasts against my back.

I must admit here that even though Mummy was my mother-in-law, I had often fantasized about her back in my younger years. Her breasts had always been much larger than her daughter’s, and although it was her daughter that I used to flirt with out in the open, it was the mother with that enviable cleavage and a perfectly round ass, who filled my teenage fantasies in those days. I had often dream of sleeping like a baby with my head in Salima Aunty’s lap, sucking on her melon boobs.

It was just a couple of minutes before my earlier secret wish became a reality. She held me even tighter from behind, and her hands were now not simply rubbing, but fondling my breasts. She was trying to grab as much of the flesh in her hands as she could, and was giving it a firm squeeze. I also heard her breathing get a little heavier as she did this. She continued this for another 2 minutes, and then stopped abruptly.

She must be getting some more powder,” I thought. Well, I was right. However, it took her a little more time to do that than it should have. But I didn’t bother to turn back to see what she was doing, and waited for her to continue, when she hugged me from behind once again.

But this time, there was something different in her embrace. It was not only its tightness that was different and more intense, but also what I was now feeling against my back. I could feel her breasts pressed tightly against my back, but only this time, they were BARE. It seems, within that short pause, she had pulled down the pallu of her saree and taken off her blouse before returning to massage my chest again.

Well, I wasn’t so sure whether that really was the case, but I didn’t dare to turn back to check. All the same, I could feel the bare skin of her breasts fully pressed into my back, her hard nipples brushing slowly against it with her every movement, while she continued squeezing and fondling my breasts from behind like mad.

Her squeezing had got a little harder now, and was hurting me a little. She was now also playing with my nipples, twisting them with her fingertips and pinching them gently. Her breathing was now even heavier, and I could feel her hot breaths down my neck and near my ears. , this was driving me crazy! This went on for another 2-3 minutes, after which she stopped abruptly once again. ”

Tarun,” she now said in a soft – almost seductive – voice, “Why don’t you lie down on your chest, so that I can also do your feet and calves?” By now, I was so very overwhelmed by the way Mummy was ‘manhandling’ me, I was ready to do whatever she wanted me to do. And I did just what she’d asked me to do. I lay down on my chest letting my body loose on the bed and spreading both my arms sideways. I rest my head on the right side with my eyes closed, never once daring to look backward.

I could feel Mummy rubbing powder on my feet now, and slowly, she started moving up my legs. She caressed the whole length of my calves, right down to my heels, with the same gentleness with which she had massaged my shoulders. When she had thoroughly powdered both my legs (below the calves), she suggested something that made me jump. ”

You can remove that towel now, so that I can massage your thighs,” she said, waiting for me to respond. But I didn’t. “You’ve walked quite a lot for the whole day, haven’t you? Your leg muscles must be paining. Let me soothe them out for you.” Well, true that I’d done a lot of walking during the day, and true that my leg muscles could do with a light massage.

But at the hands of my mother-in law? Surprisingly, I saw nothing wrong with it. But still, I felt hesitant to remove the towel, the only piece of garment I had on at that time, and expose my butts to my mother-in-law.

“Come on, don’t behave like a school boy,” she said, her voice almost a whisper now. “You know I’m so much older than you. And besides, you’re lying face down anyway. So I can’t see your ‘that’ thing, you know” she added giggling. Well, it sure sounded like a convincing argument to me, so I just pushed my ass upward, pulled the towel from under my body, but didn’t remove it fully. I just let it lie loosely sprawled over my hips.

My excitement was growing with each moment, so I really had to struggle, keeping both my legs pressed together, in order to keep my half erection hidden from Mummy’s view. I now felt Mummy’s soft hands working over the back of my thighs, with the same gentleness, which later gave way to some powerful squeezing and kneading.

She stopped briefly to take some more powder, and the next thing I knew, she had slid her hands under the towel lying loosely over my butt, and was now gently caressing my ass with those heavenly hands. She then removed the towel and threw it away, baring my whole backside to her view. She treated my butt meat in the same manner as she had done with the rest of my body, and now I’m running short of words to describe exactly how I was feeling at that time.

I could feel my organ tighten under my body and pressing hard into the soft mattress, struggling to achieve full length. When she had given my hips a thorough massage, I could feel blood and adrenaline rushing through not only my ass, but my whole body like an overflowing river. That’s when I heard her say in a low, but stern voice, ”

Time to turn around now, dear Tarun.” I couldn’t believe my ears. “What?” I asked, quite shocked by the idea of baring my naked front to her. “You heard me. Turn around!” she said. “You DO want your facial massage in the usual way, don’t you? You think Neela hasn’t told me about that?”

This was just too much. Was Neela really sharing all our secrets with her mother? ALL of them? I shivered at the thought. “Now stop acting so shy, and turn around my dear son-in-law,” she said in a more gentle and mocking tone, which sounded more like a challenge to me.

While saying this, she slid her right hand over my right thigh and tucked it underneath, while her left hand found its way below my right arm. She tugged at my body with a little force, and now I had no choice but to oblige. I turned slowly, trying in vain to hide my cock between my legs, which had now receded back to its half-erect position due to the anxiety of the moment. It was only when I was finally lying on my back that I dared to open my eyes and face

Mummy for the first time, who was sitting right next to me on the bed. Yes, I’d been right all this time. She was actually sitting there topless, with the pallu of her saree hanging down from her waist, and her blouse nowhere to be seen. She sure was a great sight to behold. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her breasts.

They were so astonishingly firm and large, it would be hard to believe that they belonged to an almost 50 years old woman. Her nipples were dark and large, and standing fully hard. I just kept staring at those enormous globes of tender flesh for a few minutes before I realized what I was doing, and then turned my gaze towards her face.

Mummy was staring down at my body with the same affection which she always had in her eyes. But this time, there was an additional twinkle in her eyes, which I know from experience, is something seen in the eyes of only a hungry woman, who is soon going to have that hunger fulfilled. “Just what I’d thought,” she said, smiling at me warmly. ”

What? What do you mean?” I asked. “You were having a half erection while I was massaging you, weren’t you?” she asked in a teasing voice. There was no point in lying now, since she seemed to have noticed my penis still standing half erect. So I said, “Well Mummy, I sure felt excited by the way you were massaging me.” ”

You really are a very fine young man,” she said, moving her gaze down my body and fixing it on my penis once again. “And I am so glad for my daughter that she has YOU to give her the pleasures of womanhood,” and with this, she slid her hand down my chest, over my tummy, directly to my cock. This sent thousands of butterflies fluttering inside my body.

She briefly curled her fingers through my pubic hair, tugging at a few strands, and within a moment, she had grabbed my cock in her right hand. I could feel the organ zoom back to full erection in an instant, right inside her fist.

Mummy smiled at me again, and started stroking my cock gently, and I could feel every single drop of blood throbbing inside there as it passed through. Mummy picked up the powder can again, took 2 handfuls of the powder and applied it right on my cock, now using both her hands to cover its full length.

She started slowly moving both fists up and down, while keeping her grip firm on my cock. She spread the powder all over the cock, and also over my balls, and my whole pubic area was now bathed in fragrant white powder. She stopped again after a few minutes and said, “Time for your facial massage. Don’t you want to sit up now?” She sure knew everything that my wife and I did inside our bedroom. I sat up from my lying position, sat upright on the bed facing her.

Mummy sprinkled some more powder, but this time, over her own breasts. She spread the powder evenly over them, and then stood with her knees on the bed, right before me. We looked longingly into each other’s eyes for a few moments, and then she pulled me towards her with her hands behind my neck, so that my face dug into her cleavage. She held my face in the palms of her hands, and then started rubbing both her breasts on my face, just the way my wife does every time, too.

She kept smothering my face between her massive boobs, barely letting me breathe properly. Yes, that’s the way I like getting my face massaged by a woman, dear folks! And there just can not be any better way than that, I can bet. Mummy’s breasts were so damn tender, so very full and yet, so amazingly firm, even Neela’s breasts don’t feel so nice against my face. With Mummy treating me to this massage, my face was fully submerged in an ocean of meat, and ohhhh I’d have sunk there to death most happily.

After my face was fully smeared with the powder transferred over from her breasts, Mummy stopped and pulled a little away from me. She again held my face like a mother holding the face of her own beloved child… very, very lovingly. Then, I saw her face coming down on mine, slowly but longingly. At this moment, I just couldn’t control myself. All this time, I had been playing an absolutely passive role in the whole episode, not daring to do what I felt like doing so badly.

But from here on, I decided to play the man and to return all those pleasures to Mummy, which she had been giving me all this while. With that, I grabbed her face with both hands, pulled her towards me, and planted my lips onto hers. We kissed deeply for ages, first only lip-to-lip, but later with our tongues darting into each other’s mouths to lick and suck at everything possible.

I can swear over my 29 years of life that I’d never received such hot and wet kisses from ANY woman before that. Mummy was so full of passion, it was hard for someone like me, about half her age, to keep pace with her fiery smooching. She fully stunned me with her mastery over the art of kissing during those 15 minutes that we kissed, showing me just what tongues and lips are meant to be used for.

We again sat on our knees facing each other, looking into each other’s eyes with such love, such passion, and such eagerness, as if we had been lovers for ages past, but separated for some time. Then we kissed again. With more fire oozing out of every smooch and getting wilder and crazier with every passing minute.

We must have thus kissed for another 10 minutes at least, before pulling away. Then, not taking her eyes off me, Mummy picked up the powder container again, and handed it over to me. “You know what I want you to do now”, she said, smiling slyly again. I didn’t need any more instructions. I sprinkled some powder in my left palm, rubbed it over the right one to distribute it evenly, and then with those palms covered with powder, I grabbed Mummy’s breasts.

First, I held them gently, caressing them slowly. I could feel her thick nipples harden again beneath my hands, and that was enough to drive me crazy once again. I started pumping Mummy’s breasts with whatever force I had in my hands, not caring that it might hurt her. But her breasts were so large in their girth, they just wouldn’t fit in my full palm, however wide I stretched. I was grabbing, fondling, crushing and playing with her massive boobies like mad, not caring to be gentle anymore.

Mummy was moaning loudly with my every squeeze, from either pain or pleasure. But whatever it was, I can bet that she was enjoying it thoroughly. For as I did this, she clenched the hair on the back of my head and started grunting “Ohhhh…Tarun! TARUN! You’re so strong! You’re such a strong young man! Squeeze me! Squeeze my boobs harder. I want to feel a real man like you enjoying my boobs. Squeeze! Squeeze! Aaaaaaahh!” I not only fulfilled her wish by squeezing, harder, but later also by licking (almost eating out) her breasts.

The way I was molesting her breasts, one would’ve thought that it was the first time ever that I was setting my hands on a woman’s melons. All this time, Mummy kept showering me with her wet and wild kisses, of which she seemed to have an unlimited supply. Mummy had not had any opportunity to have sex for the past 20-odd years, so she was apparently making up for all those missed pleasures today.

“Well, it’s been routine stuff for you until now,” she said finally, “But now I’m gonna give you what you’ve been pining for all these years, but my shy little daughter has always been reluctant about.” Not that I was fully clueless. But I wasn’t quite sure of what exactly she meant, so I waited for the explanation to come from Mummy’s own mouth.

She indeed used her mouth to answer my curiosity, but not by way of words…by way of action. Mummy went down on me again, groping my body all the way down to my cock, and before I knew, I saw it disappear inside her mouth. My God! She was giving me the ORAL! Yes, that’s the truth. Although I have shared lots of wonderful sex with Neela, she has never given in to my numerous suggestions of having oral sex.

She doesn’t mind me eating her pussy, which I relish more than any cuisine on the face of the earth. But she always flatly refuses to suck me. Due to this reason, I’d been missing the pleasures of having my cock sucked by a woman for all these years. But now, Mummy was there like a God-sent angel, ready to fulfill all my unfulfilled wishes.

It was the first time ever that I got to feel my hard cock taken in by the soft and tender mouth of a woman. The sensation was far more superior and ecstatic than any other thing I had experienced in my life. The way Mummy moved her mouth up and down along my shaft, the way she sucked on it, the way she fondled and played with my balls, the way she kept nibbling at my cock teasingly, the way she kept jerking it,

And ultimately, the way she brought me to one of my most tremendous ejaculations…everything was simply out of this world. It took me right into heaven. Even after I had cum and felt myself fully spent, she seemed to be in no mood to stop. She just kept sucking me, sucking hard, to bring out even the last tiny drop of my cum.

I finally collapsed in the bed in a state of daze. Mummy moved up again towards my mouth, and gave me such loving kisses all over my face, I couldn’t help hugging her tightly again, and reciprocating to them with the same passion. She then lay in my arms, and we spent some speechless minutes cherishing those blissful moments we had just spent with each other.

After a few minutes, Mummy again went down on me and within seconds, she had once again ‘erected’ my once-spent cock back to a full hard-on using her expert hands. I’m telling you folks, she is a true magician with a man’s cock. Needless to say that we engaged in a few more minutes of fiery sex before collapsing in each other’s arms once again.

What was remarkable was that we had both shed all our inhibitions, not caring a damn about our familial relationship and the rules of the society. All we knew was that we were perfectly comfortable with whatever we had done with each other, and had no regrets about it. And heck! Why should one regret doing something one has derived such divine pleasure from?

This was the start of our (what the rest of the world might label as incestuous) relationship. Goes without saying that my whole stay in Bombay was the most memorable. We lived those days just like a newly wed couple, curious about everything related to sex and each other’s bodies, quite adventurous about trying out new things, and always hungry for more.

Mummy never refused to fulfill any of my wishes, and the number of positions we experimented within those 5 days must have far surpassed those described in the Kama Sutra. After wild sex each night, we used to fall asleep in each other’s arms, only to feel myself being woken up in the middle of the night by Mummy’s groping hands (and/or mouth) to pick up where we had last left off.

Our relationship continues even today. In fact, I nowadays try to ensure that I get to travel alone to Bombay, without my wife accompanying me. But I can’t keep preventing her from coming along forever. There will surely come a time when I will HAVE TO take my wife along, too. But…am I complaining? No way! Because I already have plans drawn out for what I’d like to do at that time.

You guessed it right, friends. I’m going to have the mother and the daughter together – in the same bed. That’s my next fantasy in life, which I’m dying to see come true pretty soon. And guess what? Mummy has already agreed to it. I once made the suggestion to Mummy – very, very hesitantly. But like always,

Mummy astounded me by giving the most enthusiastic response. With her consent, I don’t think it’s going to be very difficult to convince Neela for the threesome, since as per our plans, it’s her own mother who’s going to seduce her into joining us in bed. With a wife like Neela and a mother-in-law like Salima, I’ve already had ample luck in my life. But I still need some more of it. Ladies in Mumbai willing for a Discreet & a Confidential Relationship can mail me i am 43 years.

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