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My Mom Gave Me A Meat Feast

  • desipapa
  • October 17, 2015

I am 20 years old and recently my sister got married. Father is doing business. By nature of profession, he used come late in the night and go to other places twice in a month r so.

After sister’s marriage, her father in law used to come to our home for all functions. There developed a relationship between mom and father in law. One day when they were enjoying, I entered the house and went to my room. I heard moaning sounds from my father’s bedroom. The door was not locked. I just went and tried to slowly open the door. My mother was beneath and my sister’s father in law was riding sitting on her top. My entering the room, mom noticed but he was riding very fast sucking her jumping breasts, Mom could not get up and I returned to my room immediately. The scene aroused a kind of feeling in me.

After sometime, my room door was knocked and I opened the door. My mom was standing there with a cup of tea in her hands. She quietly entered the room and kept the cup on the table and left. My father all the time was thinking of business and my mother quenched her sexual desire through my sister’s father in law. I took the tea slowly sipping and thinking. Next within few minutes Mom came in my room. She was saying this with tears coming in her eyes “ your father is always after business, he has not spared sometime for me and my feelings. This will not happen again” It was not difficult for me to realize that mom was afraid of being the matter told to my father. I said “mom I will not reveal anything to father” She smiled happily and came near and kissed on my forehead and cheek. She left for kitchen for preparing lunch.

The fucking scene was coming before my eyes and disturbing. I decided to go out and come. I said “ Mom, I am going out and come for lunch”. I went to a bar and took a beer spending some time there. Then I returned my home. To hide that I had drunken, I put a mouth freshener and went home. The door was locked inside. I pressed the call button. Door was opened after sometime. Mom was looking asleep. I went to bathroom, freshened up Mom called to take lunch.

After lunch, mom brought a DVD and told “ with this only, your sister’s father in law seduced me” Giving it to me, she went to bed. I was also feeling drowsy and slept. In the evening my called me to go for shopping. I returned home around 7 PM . Mom said “ tonight I am going to the dishes you like most” I said “thanks” I switched on TV That time only the DVD given by mummy came to my mind I wanted to play the DVD So I put in my computer and played it. It is a blue film DVD and by seeing it my sexual feelings heightened and rose. I was watching the scenes without moving my eyes. Mom came and told “Dinner is ready, come”. She went out smilingly. “Why Mom gave this DVD to me” I started thinking. Is it to seduce me? Is she afraid that I would tell her affair to him? With the thoughts I went for dining.

Mom was serving dinner. I could see smile in her face while serving. Her saree was only half covering her breasts. One side was open and looking at her was different to me after seeing the film. The dishes were what I like and I tasted them fully.

I was sitting in the hall watching TV. Mom also after finishing her dinner came to hall and was sitting by the side of me. Her face was full of smile. Her saree slipped from her chest. Both the big boobs were protruding. The scenes I saw on the bed and in the film were disturbing me. I thought Mom had planned to seduce me. I was helplessly looking at MOM’S boobs. Mom is naturally beautiful. Everyone used to say “ she looks younger than her age” Mom smiled and pulled me putting my head against her breasts. She whispered “ do you want to play the game you saw in bed room” Without replying I started sucking her nipples with blouse. She smiled “ let us go to your room” She switched off the TV and we went to my room.

Mom pulled me towards her hugged me and kissed my lips whirling her tongue with mine. She asked “ tell my son, have you ever experienced kissing a girl before” I said “ Mom, this sweetness I am enjoying and getting for very first time from you” “ Son, Parents are good teachers, your father is away for business and will return after two days, I will teach you different sex lessons” Her words were aroused and I tightened my grip hugging her I kissed all over her forehead cheek and lips.

She started unbuttoning my dresses and kissed over my body and pinched and bite my nipples. She asked me to undress her. I unhooked her blouse hooks and bra. The breasts jumped out like rabbits. I held them, pressed them and put one in my mouth and started sucking. She liked it. The other breast she herself pushed in my mouth and I was sucking with utmost enjoyment. She moaned and whispered “ Son, how are my boobs, do you like them, now they are yours, massage them, suck them” I sucked them to utmost my pleasure. Mom moaned in pleasure. Her boobs were enlarging. She undressed her inner brief and took my hand her down to her hairy pussy.

She gently rubbed my hand against her pussy and I was continuing. I felt some liquid was coming from the treasure and wet my hands. Mom pulled my hand and kept in her mouth tasting and licking the liquid. She went to bed and laid down spreading her legs. Her pussy was looking like a lawn with hair. She pressed my head against her pussy. I started licking her clitoris, put my tongue deep inside licking. She was moaning in pleasure. She released a liquid second time and I licked it She got up from bed “you are really giving me a real pleasure”

She held my cock in hand and started sucking I got aroused very much Holding her hair, I pushed my cock front and forth. Mom was sucking it very fast. I could not control I released white hot cum in her mouth She swallowed and pulled me towards her and started tasting my lips She kissed all over my body My cock enlarged She laid on bed again spreading her legs and asking me “ son, push your cock in me, show the heaven”

When I was pushing my cock in her pussy, I had a heavenly pleasure, it aroused me, I started banging her for 15 minutes continuously She was lifting her butts up and down in rhythm with my banging She felt I am going squirt She held my back with her folded hands and crossed legs I pierced deep squirting my hot cum till last drop and filling her well I leaned over her She hugged with smile and kissed my forehead in a sense of satisfaction We were lying on the bed for some time and went to bathroom took bath together and changed our dresses Mom hugged me and whispered “ how is my flesh treat, henceforth you are my great lover, Enjoy your Mom the way you like, take me” She put my hands on her breasts again.

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