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My Mom First Cheating

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Hello everybody my name is Nadeem and I like all the stories on topic of incest.  Let me introduce my self to you.  I am 23 and the only child of my parents. My mother is Shameem she is 46, She is not very flat, but a little bumpy. There is even a layer of fat which gathered all the sweat from her upper body. It is normal for Pakistani lady to have a layer of fat or two at her belly, which is very sexy at times.  She wears a bra of 40d size and she has a big gand.  My dad often stays away from house.  The relations between my mom and dad are not even cordial.  I had seen them fighting most of the time and at times dad would thrash mom severely.    And the fighting would start from trivial things which could have been ignored easily.  I rarely saw them in each others company.


One day I had just come from college and had gone to my room for changing when I heard dad shouting, mom replied in the same tone then I heard loud noise of a slap and some body falling. These were the moment I would just stay in my room coz I was very scared of my dad.  I had always thought why mom could not keep her mouth shut.  It was after she started shouting at dad when he would get more annoyed and beating would start.  Most of the neighbors knew about our family affairs. But today it seemed something was special coz dad was very angry.  Having mustered my courage I came out of the room to inquire and possibly try to save mom.  But when I closed my parent’s room, mom was lying on the floor in a corner and dad had held her hair and pulling her to middle of the room where there was enough space for him to move and none for mom to hide.  Suddenly I saw him giving 2-3 slaps on moms face and kicking her big ass.  Mom was crying loudly.  I was so scared that I immediately ran to my room.  After sometime I heard dad saying that I am going for tour to other city and slammed the main door.  I now knew dad had left.  As I thought to go out and help mom I once again heard the door opening and then closing softly.  I thought dad was back so I dropped the idea of going out, however, instead of dad’s loud voice I heard a familiar voice calling for mom.


I recognized the voice yeh hamarey neighbour Mr Shahid ki awaz thi, Mein nay do teen dafa daikha keh woh ami ko bohut kharab nazroan say daikhtey thay jaisey kha hi jain gay.  I was curious as to why he has come.  As mom was still in her bedroom, I heard the foot steps moving towards it.  Then I heard him saying ooh, u r badly beaten, I also came out of the room and moved closer to the edge of mom’s bedroom.  I actually wanted to see what Shahid uncle’s intentions are.  I peeped in the room and I saw mom was still on the floor and seeing Shahid Uncle she was trying to cover herself.  Her kameez was torn and I could see her bra from side.  Shahid Uncle immediately came close to her and holding her by arms tried to raise her from floor.  Mom was trying to cover herself and also to get up.  Since she was fatty she could neither get up nor cover her self properly, at the same time.  Shahid uncle helped her to get up; she was still crying and trying to cover herself up.  I now knew what his intentions were he thought it to be the right moment to win mom’s sympathies.  He took mom in his arms and started sympathizing with her.  First mom held herself but later started crying loudly, who bhi shayed kisi hamdard ko paa kur zor zor say ro rahi thi.  Mom’s eyes were shut and she was hiding her face in uncle’s chest.  He had held mom tightly, and then started moving his hand on mom’s back.  He kept feeling mom’s back and then moved to her hips.  He stopped there probably to feel mom’s reaction but she was unaware of what was going on.  Jub ami nay kuch nahin kiya to unhain pata chal giya keh moaka aacha hai, unhoan nay ami ki gaand pur haath phairna shuru kur diya.  Shayed ami ko bhi undaza ho giya tha is liye who aahista aahista khamoash hona shuru ho gai, lakin uncle haath phairtey rahey, phir ami uncle say alag hoi to phati hoi kameez say ami ka bra nazar aana shuru ho giya, Uncle nay muskuratey huye kaha shameem lagta hai kameez kay sath bra bhi phut giya hai.  Ami nay foran neechay daikha aur poocha kahan say to uncle nay ami ka bra pakaur kur bola side say aur poora muma dabaa diya.  Shameem sharma kur foran toilet mein chali gai.  I went to my room.  I still don’t know why I did not intrude? May be I liked the way Shahid Uncle was sympathizing with mom or may be I liked the way he held mom and expressed his desire for her body.  When I came out mom was sitting on the sofa and I came close to her and asked why she has to fight back. She said nothing just kept on sitting and thinking.  I thought may be she is reliving the past moments with uncle.


After having lunch while I was going to my room upstairs I heard phone ringing.  I picked up the phone and it was Shahid Uncle who asked me about dad and I said he is on tour and would be back in 2/3 days.  He said ok and hung the phone.  I was sleeping but suddenly I got up and found that there was no light and I was sweating.  As I left my room to com downstairs for taking water I heard Uncle Shahid’s voice.  I was astonished what is he doing here, but then I recalled what he did earlier so I thought to peep on them.  I came close to the stair case to see but then I realized I might be seen so I stayed there and listened what was going on.  Uncle was calling mom by name and saying, shameem mein tumharey liye yeh gift laya hoon, ami nay poocha is mein kiya hai.  To uncle nay kaha khud hi daikh lo.  Phir ami nay packet khola aur aik dum boli yeh .. to Shahid bola actually tumhari bra phut gait hi to mein yeh lay aaya majuhey is ka design aacha laga.  Shahid uncle bolay shameem koi baat nahin rukh lo.   Ami nay jawab diya lakin iska size chota hai, yeh 38 d hai jub keh mujhey 40 d aata hai.  Uncle bolay, ohh mujhey pata nahin tha tumharey itney barey hain, aur hanstey huye kaha aur tum nay kabhi dekhaye bhi nahin, ami sharma kur boli aap ko kaisey dikhati??  Uncle piyar say bolaey chalo ab dikha do.  I could feel sumthing strange between my legs and I had this erection.   Ami nay kaha Nadeem na aa jaye who upper soya huya hai.  Uncle boley koi nahin aye gat um sirf dikha do phir mujhey size measure kurney mein pro nahin hogi.  Ami nakhrey kurney lagi.  Uncle nay zabardasti ami kay hath pakrey aur uskey bra mein apna hath daal diya, Who boli yeh kiya kar rahey ho lakin Uncle uska muma pakar kur dabaney laga.  Phir ami kay munh say siskari nikli, hahhhhaaaaaaa, bus aur na dabao. Phir Uncle boley mein raat ko aaon ga tum naha kur tiyaar rehna.  Ami sharma kur boli kis liye to uncle nay jawab diya tumhen piyar jo kurna hai.


Mujhey paka yakeem tha raat mein shahid uncle ami ko nahin choarey ga aur zaroor choad kur jaye ga.  Bohut dinno kay baad ami aaj mujhey bohut khush nazar aayien..  Shayed jis piyar ki unhain talaash thi, who unhein aaj milnay wala tha.  Shaam ko ami nay bath liya aur make up bhi kiya. I could well imagine what she must be thinking. Raat hoi to mein nay ami ki mushkil aasan kur di aur kaha keh merey sir mein bohut dard hai is liye mein tablet kha kur soaney ja raha hoon.  Ami mujhey do dafa check kurney aayi keh main so giya hoon ya nahin.  Thoari dair guzri to kisi nay main door pur knock kiya, ami nay darwaaza khola.  Shahid uncle nay poocha Nadeem so giya hai, ami nay kaha han.  Shayed uncle nay ami ko wahien pakar liya tha, ami boli thehro, bedroom mein chaltey hain.   Mein fooran balcony mein giya aur grill cross kur kay lower terrace pur aaya jahan pur ami kay bedroom kay roashandan thay, wahan say ami ka bedroom saaf nazar aata tha.  Woh dono bedroom mein thay aur uncle nay ami ko pakra huya tha aur ami ko kiss kur rahey thay aur dono haathoan say ami ki gaand bhi dabaa rahey thay. Shameem nay aakhain bund kur lien thien aur enjoy kur rahi thi.  Uncle nay kaha, shameem kaprey uttaro, ami boli mujhey sharam aati hai, to uncle nay hanstey huye kaha tum to aisey act rahi ho jaisey tum abhi kunwari ho.  Yeh sun kar ami muskuraney lagi aur apni kameez uttari, uufff main ami kay mummay daikh kur hairan reh giya who bohut barey thay aur bra ko phar kur bahir niklana chahtey thay. Shameem ki underarms mein hulkay hulkay baal thay, lagta tha us nay kuch din pehley hi shave ki hai.  Shahid uncle nay ami ki legs kholien aur un mein lait giya.  Ami ka jism bohut bhara huya hai is liye shahid kabhi ami kay nange bazoan pur kis kurta aur kabhi ami ki cleavage mein lick kurta.  Uncle nay ami kay dono mummay pakar rahey thay aur unhain buri tarah say daba rahey thay, He then grabbed one of her huge breast which was so big and enormous in size that he couldn’t able to hold them properly. phir us ney bra pur say hi ami kay left nipple ko munh mein liya aur teeth say katney laga. Ami apna sir right aur left kur rahi thii aur uncle ko majbooti say pakar rakha tha.


Phir uncle nay ami ka aik mumma bra say bahir nikala.  Ami ka nipple hard ho chukka tha.  It was big and choclatey in colour.  Uncle thoari dair usey daikhtey rahey phir munh mein lay kur choosney lagey.  Woh buri tarah say ami kay right doodh ko daba rahey thay, aur sath saath left waley doodh ko kat rahey thay.  Phir bolay shameem mujhey nahin pata tha tumharey mumay itney tastey hain.  Phir unhon nay apni pant uttari aur unka lun aik dum bahir nikla.  I was astonished to see such a massive tool, must be about 9 in and very thick.  Shameem ki lun daikh kur gaand hi phut gai. Phunsi phunsi awaz main boli yeh bohut bara hai Shahid.  Uncle nay hanstey huye kaha tum bhi kaunsi kanwari ho, bohut lun kha chuki ho tum.  Phir uncle nay ami ko baloan say pakra aur us kay munh pur apna lun phairnay lagay.  Phir uncle nay zabardasti ami kay munh main apna lun daal diya.  Shameem sirf third lun hi lay saki, aur ussey choosney lagi. she closed her eyes in shame, and uncle slowly pushed his 9 inches boner in mom’s warm mouth.
at the sametime he was playing with her tits and she started to moan but couldn’t as uncle’s hard cock was in her mouth.   Phir uncle nay shameem ko mummon say pakar kur uttahya aur boley apni shalwar uttar.  Ami nay sharmatey huye nala khola aur shalwar neechey gir gai.  Aik dum uncle cheekhay, Kutiya phuddi ki shave nahin kurti tu. Apney kis yaar kay liye yeh baal rakhey huye hain.  Ami achanak say uncle ko change hota daikh kur ghabra gai aur boli plz shahid mera aap kay siva koi doast nahin.  Uncle nay ami ko dhaka diya aur bed pur gra diya.  Mein nay daikha kay ami ki phudi phooli hoi aur bohut hairy thi jiss ki wajha say woh black nazar aa rahi thi.  Shameem ki thighs moti thien aur tangoan pur bhi baal thay lakin kum they.  Uncle shameem kay saath lait gaye aur uskey mumman dabaney lagey.  Phir unhon nay aik haath ami ki choot pur rakha aur us kay baalon pur haath phairney lagey.  Uncle nay ami ka aik nipple munh mein dala aur ussey khaincha, ami kay munh say siskari nikli sath hi ami nay aik cheekh mari, I then realized keh uncle nay ami ki phuddi kay baal khanchey thay.  Uncle ka lun poori tarah say khara tha.  Uncle nay ami ki legs kholien aura choot kay lips kholey aur apna mota lamba lun choot pur rakha.  Shameem ki choot lun kay topey kay neechey chup gai. Phir uncle nay aik zor ka Dhaka mara aur lun aadha under chala giya. Is kay saath hi ami ki cheekh nikal gai.  She threw her head back against the pillow, reaching up and digging her nails into uncle’s back.  He now bend forward and take her big, erect nipples in his mouth. Mom’s hands fell to uncle’s bare ass grabbing them tightly. She looked at him deeply, breathing heavily.  She was very excited as uncle had griped her big silky boobs with both hands and filled her horny cunt with a full nine inches cock.


They soon fell into a rhythm as their bodies slapped against each other and the motion of uncle’s cock moving forwards and backwards in the sheath of her pussy made a soft squelching sound. Uncle kept on ramming his massive cock with frenzy deeper and deeper into her.  Shameem who was feeling pain earlier coz she was not fucked for months, had started raising her big gaand aur uncle ka poora saath day rahi thi.  Shameem kay munh say ajeeb ajeeb awaizain nikal rahi thien,   ahhaaaaaaaaa, hhhmnmmmm, oooooooooohaiiiiii.  Mein samajh giya ami bohut enjoy kur rahi hai. Uncle’s big balls slapped noisily against the crack of her gaand, and the contracting muscles of Shameem’s cunt gripped his cock so tightly, Uncle nay aab ami ko choadney ki speed barha di.  Who aik taraf to ami ko chaat rahey thay aur doosri taraf ami kay barey barey doodh ko press kur rahey thay aur kabhi shameem ki moti gaand pur zor say thapar martey.  Jiss say shameem aur ziyada upper gaand uttathi.  Shameem nay uncle ko choar kur apni legs ko pakra aur apni taraf khaincha ta keh phuddi aur upper ho aur uncle ka lun poora ka poora under jaye. Ami keh rahi thi aur zor say choado mujhey, plz aur say.  Fuck me like this forever. You won me. I have never been fucked like that before. Suddenly I saw uncle gave a massive push which rocked mom aur uska sir bed side pur laga lakin jaisey ami ko kuch hosh na tha.  Uncle ki body tense thi aur unhon nay shameem kay lips munh mein liye aur zor say unhain kata.  Ami nay mazbooti say unlce ko pakar liya aur apni tangain bund kur lien.  Mein samajh giya uncle lun ka pani nikalney waley hain.  My mom’s choot overflowed with her cum and mixed with uncle’s. All the while her pussy kept squeezing uncle’s cock, milking every last drop of cum from her lover’s sperm-filled balls. Thori dair kay baad uncle, shameem, pur say utthay aur unhon nay apna lun ami ki phuddi mein say nikala, aik dum bohut sa cum ami ki khuli hoi choot say bahir nikla aur shameem ki gaand tuk geeli ho gai.  I saw that mom’s choot was wide open and was swollen.  Shameem was breathing heavily and both were sweating like animals.  Ami kay mummay aur garden pur uncle kay katney kay nishan thay.  Uncle nay shameem say kaha aao ab mera lun choos kur saaf karo.  Ami nay uncle ka lun, jo keh aab kafi chota ho giya tha apney munh mein liya aur choosney lagi.  Uncle piyar say ami kay baalon mein haath [phairtey huye boley tumhari chot bohut garam aur tight hai.  Aaj bohut dino baad choadney ka maaza aya.  Shameem nay hanstey huye kaha bohat mazaa aya jani.  Pehley kabhi kisi nay mujhey itna zor say nahin choada daikho tum nay aik baar mein hi meri phudi ka phuda bana diya hai.  Phir dono hansnay lagey.  If u like my true story plz mail ur comments at

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