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My Mom Best Friend

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  • September 9, 2015

I am a young and I am 23 years old and in great shape. I want to tell you about an experience of mine when I was still only 19. It involves my mother’s closest friend, Rabia was then 40, I call her aunt by the way, because she is my mum’s best friend, and has watched me grow up. This is how it all began. One day I had been to my grandma’s house for a family lunch. I had just returned from the cadet academy for a brief four-day break.As was always the case, Rabia and her family were also included in all family events.

After spending a boring time surrounded by cousins and uncles and aunts, I wandered into the garden and sitting under a shady tree, lit a cigarette and started to smoke. After a minute or so, I heard a noise behind me and turning my head, I saw Rabia walking across the lawn to wards me. Rabia was a woman of around 5ft 5inches in height. She had a pair shaped figure with a nice pair of tits. Her ass was well rounded and her hips were wide. Whenever she walked, her hips and ass would automatically swing from side to side. By now it was late afternoon and there was a cool brisk breeze blowing. It caught the bottom edge of Rabia’s Kamiz (long loose shirt) and lifted it. For a split second, I saw the usually secret top of her shalwar (trousers).

You have to live in a society, which values public modesty to appreciate the erotic pleasure that such things can stir in a man. After months at school, I was horny as hell. As she adjusted her cloths I studied her with lust in my heart. She was wearing a Green suit that made her look so sexy and as the breeze gently blew against her cotton Kamiz I could see her White Bra or at least thought I could. I hesitated about standing up as she neared me. The hard on in my trousers made me pause.She had bought some coffee for me and as she bent to give it to me saying “hiding from us?” I could clearly see her Lovely breasts as the round low cut neck of her Kamiz fell away from her breast. Her 34′ breasts were clearly being held in place by a lacy white bra. This made my eyes widen. She noticed how I was staring at her tits. I could not take my eyes off of them. As I continued to have the pleasure of her lovely 34″ breasts, inches from my face. She never said anything and didn’t even try to cover them; she just gave a smile to me. Someone called out and broke the spell. Rabia immediately stood up and walked back to the house. I watched her walk away with a sense of longing.

A few days later, I was sent back to the academy A week later, my mother wrote to me to tell me that Rabia and her husband would be in Murree for a few days as Uncle had some work there. She told me that I should take my weekend leave and visit them. I left early Saturday morning on the bus to Murree. I had already telephoned Rabia and finalised things with her.As planned, Uncle was there at the Murree Bus Depot to pick me up. he always had a few racy jokes to tell about how stupid air force pilots were. The 15-minute drive out to the guesthouse they had rented was therefore very amusing. As we drove through the gates of the guesthouse, I was delighted to see Rabia standing there on the veranda to greet us. She looked as sexy as ever. Her hair cut short in a bob and thin cotton Kurta (Thin Kamiz) over a white bra. Her white dupatta (long neck/ head scarf) was draped over her shoulders in the fashion of the day. She took me in her arms and kissed me on my forehead and embraced me pressing her breasts against my chest. My cock was hard and pressed against her lower stomach. I was in heaven. She must have felt my erection but made no sign that she felt uncomfortable about it. We went into the house and I was shown a room to freshen up in. I felt unbelievably horny. I unzipped my trousers and stepped out of them. Next I stripped my briefs off and took hold of my throbbing man meat.

The blood engorged head of my cock, already sticky from pre-cum. I wanted so badly to masturbate just like I did on the rare occasions I was alone at academy. I has been dreaming of her taking off her clothes and fucking her for years. Since that day at grandmothers, it was all I could think about.My plans of jacking off were abandoned by a knock on the door. The servant had been sent to call me to take some tea and snacks.Having quickly pulled my briefs and trousers back on, washed my face and hands, I went out into the garden where the tea things were laid out on the garden table, with 4 lounge chairs arranged around the table. We had a beautiful view of the mountains and valley. Uncle and Rabia were very relaxed and cheerful.

I kept noticing that Rabia seldom took her eyes off me.We talked about academy life. That her daughter was in Karachi at a renowned Convent School, staying with her Maternal Grandfather and Grandmother, Most of the year round.About ten minutes after we had finished our tea, a phone call caused Uncle to leave urgently.Rabia and I sat in silence for a few moments and then Rabia invited me to stroll a little way down the garden path to see a spectacular view.She led the way. My eyes watching her firm ass sway from side to side. We progressed into a slightly wooded area and then Rabia stopped, turning to wards me she seemed to check that we were unseen from the house or the road that wound down the hill, she told me to come closer and as I stepped closer, she pulled me into her arms and planted her lips on my mouth. Instinctively, my lips opened and my tongue probed her mouth seeking access.

My arms went around her body, pulling her tightly against me.She backed me against a tree and I felt her hands grope the bulge in my trousers. I kissed her back and we slowly smooched.I could feel her sweetness in her saliva and I put my tongue as deep as I could, into her mouth. Breaking the kiss, she told me that she knew that I had wanted to have her for very long time. She had noticed the way I used to look at her all the time and how big it made the bulge in my trousers. She told me how my continuously looking at her all the time. Used to make her hot and get her panties wet. She said she wanted to fuck me. She needed a Young, Hard Big Dick like I had to satisfy her. She asked me to put my thrust in her today and never betray her trust in me by telling anyone. She undid my trousers and kneeling down tugged my trousers and briefs down to my ankles. She saw my rock hard cock and took hold off it with her left hand. Of it and started to suck it. I was in heaven. “What a sucker, she is,” I said to my self. It felt like she was sucking the life out of me. She was sucking me like a porno star in a pornographic hardcore movie. This was not the first time I had been given a blowjob.

(College girls all tend to forget themselves when a cadet is around) But compared to what I usually got, Rabia was a magician. After five minutes of her expert tongue action, on my cock, my control was gone. And before I knew it, my balls dumped a load of my boiling cum in her mouth and believe me; she did not waste even a single drop. She was the best cocksucker in the world.She wiped and cleaned my cock with the end of her dupatta; and pulled my briefs and trousers up for me;Standing up, she straightened her hair and told me to fix my clothing and follow her back up the path incline, through the bushes and trees to the garden.The servant was there almost as we sat down, fresh pot of tea already on the table. Rabia and I made small talk in English. We never for a moment forgot that the servant was around and also never made the mistake of assuming that he didn’t understand English.As she sipped her tea, Rabia suddenly uttered the word “Delicious!” and gave me a wink over the rim of her teacup. I had no doubt that the delicious was in reference to my cream so recently swallowed by her.Uncle returned home in time for lunch and then insisted on taking me for a brisk walk to Kashmir Point and back.Rabia stayed at home.By 7 pm, uncle and I were casually strolling back up the lane to the guesthouse when we saw Rabia walking towards us with another lady. It was a friend of theirs from Lahore, who had driven up with her children to spend a few days with them. Needless to say, these uninvited guests destroyed the rest of my leave.Sunday afternoon, I began my trip back to the academy, having been unable to get Rabia alone long enough to fuck. As I had said my goodbyes, Rabia gave me a few things to eat on the bus and slipped a note in.As I sat on the bus I read the note. It read, ‘A good start ruined! But we will met again soon in Lahore”.The next time I saw Rabia was in Lahore during the Eid holidays. I had received many cards and notes from her at the academy. So I was in no doubt that things were still on with her.The first day I reached Lahore, I met Rabia at my Grandmother’s house again.It was Chand Raat (The Eve of Eid-ul-Fitre) and there was a lot of activity as people prepared for Eid. I still don’t know how we managed to do it but we found a quiet corner and smooched like high school kids on a date.

My hands managed to get down inside her shalwar and panties and finger her juicy hot cunt while she tugged my prick through my Shalwar. I managed to get her to cum over my hand and I shot my own load in my shalwar. (By the way, the male Shalwar Kamiz is a great piece of clothing for this type of sex. It is loose enough and baggy enough to hide a great many things. It is also very easy to get on and off)We managed to rejoin the general confusion without anyone noticing that we had been gone 30 minutes. I purposely held my cunt fucking fingers up to my nose whenever Rabia looked in my direction. I even put my index finger tip in my mouth and winked at her on one occasion. She blushed and busied herself at such times but I always saw her smile. The scent and taste of her pussy drove me wild.Around 10 pm, everyone decided to go for a drive and see the Eid illuminations along The Mall, Liberty Market etc. They would also do the last minute shopping that always seems to be part of Eid.Rabia and I were squashed up in the back of Uncles car with four children. I took advantage of this to slip my hand between Rabia’s knees and moving my hands to her crotch, played with her covered cunt for nearly an hour. The children who were ignorant of what was going on shielded my activity. I was hard as a rock and in desperate need of a fuck. I tried to coax Rabia into giving me another hand job but she was unwilling to push our luck.All too soon, we returned to Grandmothers house. Rabia and the members of the party said their goodbyes and left. My parents and I returned to our town house in Gulberg, where I showered and fell asleep, my prick still throbbing at the thought of Rabia being fucked hard by me.Eid came. All the greetings and exchanges of visits took the whole day up. By the Second day of Eid, everyone was more laid back and relaxed.

Over a late breakfast, still sleepy and horny, my mother asked me to go over to Rabia’s house and spend the night as Uncle was off to Karachi on some urgent work Rabia’s children were spending two days with their paternal grandparents on their farm, just outside Lahore. As Mama put it ” you can’t trust the servants”.I was later to find out that Rabia had arranged this all once Uncle had announced he had to go to Karachi.I was with my aunt in her house by lunchtime. The servants were given the day off to visit relatives and Rabia and I were finally alone.She said she would take her bath and asked me to join her. I didn’t need to be asked twice. As she entered her bedroom, I followed pulling my Shalwar Kamiz off as I went. I was naturally naked underneath, my cock and balls on proud display. Now at last I would fuck Rabia. Fuck her till she screamed for me to stop. Bang her till my body ached with the pain of sexual exhaustion. I saw she still had not taken off her clothes completely she asked me to remove her bra. I did as she said. Pulling her close after her pink bra fell to the floor, I embraced her and rubbed my erection against the smooth cool skin of her tummy. She was in the mood and groaned as my hands took hold of her beautiful Sexy white tits. I could feel her nipples getting hard and began to lick and suck them. I kissed her lips and then her boobs.

I started to squeeze them as hard as possible mercilessly as she pulled my hair and called me a “mother fucker”. While I was doing this to herI had got her to move backwards towards the large double bed in the bedroom. As she reached the edge of it, I pushed her down, falling on top of her. I continued my sucking and squeezing of her tits. First her left breast then I shifted to the right side breast. She was panting and calling me all the good Punjabi abuses she could think of.”BehanChord!” (Sisterfucker)”Ma Di chord!” (Mother fucker)”Haramzadi!” (Bastard) Words I had never heard a lady utter. And other abuses I cannot hope to translate into English. (For all you Pakis out there, you know that Punjabi beats all other languages where abuse is concerned).She ran her hands over my back. Her nails gently digging into my shoulders as I toyed brutally with her tits. Then I moved down her body, my lips leaving a trail of hot kisses down her torso and tummy. Then finally, there I was face to face with her panty-covered pussy. I could see that her White panty was wet with her juice and began to lick the soaking crotch of her panties as I took hold of the waistband and tugged them down. I now could see her cunt. The hairs neatly trimmed and the scent of pussy filling my nostrils, I moved to mount her for a fuck.But she said it was my turn to do something for her.”I sucked you off in Murree” she said pushing my head down to her crotch ” Now you suck and lick my pussy. BehanChord”I had never sucked a cunt before. The prostitutes we cadets sometimes were able to arrange were there to get us off. As for the college girls, they had never let me get their panties off. Finger them all I wanted but my cock and lips never said hello to their cunt holes. I didn’t know what to do then I remembered all the xxx movies and started go to work on her cunt.

I really got into it as she called me a BehanChord, Maayaavay! Ma di chord Harami”.She began to press my head harder against her cunt. MY tongue lapped all the way up from between the base of her butt crack, over her hole and over her pelvis. The taste and smell of her was mind blowing. Her pussy was bathed in my spit, her cunt juice and sweat, My tongue probed down between her butt crack and as I lifted her legs up and apart I tickled the tight rosebud of her anus with the tip of my tongue. She went wild! And panting whispered “I’m Cumming! I’m Cumming! “My mouth went immediately back to her cunt hole as she came. I sucked every drop of cunt cream I could into my mouth and swallowed. It made my head spin with pleasure. I continued to suck her pussy, even as she then she told me to stop and put my cock in her hard and fast.I moved on top of her sweaty body, her legs thrown wide to receive my throbbing man-meat.I eased my cock into her as her cum served as lubricant, I started to push my cock in and out slowly moving from deep inside her hot hole out to the lips of her cunt placing it on her clit and then shoving it back in to her. My pace became faster and faster as she was moaned and panted for more and faster fucking. This only excited me more, as she pulled me as close as possible and wrapped her legs around me, holding me around my neck, her breasts sandwiched between our sweating heaving bodies she pleaded almost in tears for me to ” fuck her harder and harder” until her Choot (cunt) burst. I felt that I was about to cum. I asked where to leave my spunk. She said” In my choot” Let me feel it in my pussy”.

I felt a sudden hot wetness wash over my cock. She had cum again and I could smell her womanhood fill the room and as she pleaded and moaned “uu!! Ahh!! Ooo!! Yes! Yes! Harder and Harder! Please don’t stop” I spewed my baby batter into her pulsating cunt. I went rigid as wave after wave shot into her cunt. After this we were too tired to even wash up, we fell into a deep satisfied sleep, naked on the spunk and sweat soiled sheets.About an hour later, I awoke to find Rabia astride me easing my hard cock into her cunt. She told me that she had woken up feeling hot and horny, seen my prick was hard as a rock but as I was tired, she had decided to sit on my cock and ride me. She sat on my cock and started to push her pussy up and down on my shaft this continued for some time until she was too tired. I then flipped her over onto her back and fucked her. Once again she came and I shot my load a few seconds later.Then we got into the 69 position and I finger fucked her, sucked and licked her, as she sucked my cock to another orgasm. Then as I lay panting, she finger fucked her itself and told to me that she had taken care and would not become pregnant. We then showered together and smooched as the warm water washed over us.

We had sex three times after this in the remaining 1 and a half-day. There would have been more sex but the servants were around. Since then, We still meet for sex whenever we can,. I regard sex with my aunt and extremely sexy for her age, one of the best parts of my life I have had sex with her many times and in many positions. She has a copy of the Karma Sutra and together we practice the positions shown in it. But that is for another story.Any aunty or house wife in Lahore ,islamaabad ,quetta , Sargodha or rawalpandi want to have sex or friendship mail me on.

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