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My Mom And My Wife Helping To Fuck My Mil And Cut Her Long Hair

  • desipapa
  • December 21, 2015

Hi friends my name Ronny this story happened recently just six months back which I want to share with you. This story includes my mom lakshmi, My wife pavani and her mom (My MIL) parvathi.
Mostly I wrote in before stories that I have hair fetish and like to cut long hair of women and like to have sex with them and how I seduced my mom to fulfill my desire and how I used to cut my mom long hair when ever I want to cut and daily used to have sex with her. My mom saw a beautiful long hair girl and got married to me because of my hairfetish. Mainly because I didn’t let my mom grow her hair below her shoulders when I started cutting her hair. I always used to cut her hair and play with her hair. I have done mostly bob cut, shoulder length bob, long bob, chin length bob, undershave bob, boy cut, bangs haircut etc on my mom and always make her look beautiful and sexy with different looks.

I got married to a girl where she and her mom also so beautiful and have good amount of hair. Mostly they both look like sisters rather than mom & daughter. Pavani have long hair below her butts and her mom parvathi have waist length hair. Both of them have silky, smooth jet black hair. Once I saw pavani I agreed for marriage bcz of her hair even also her mom hair.

After one year of marriage with pavani she came to know that I have hair fetish and also saw me and my mom having sex and cutting her hair and playing with her hair. She also joined and we three used to have beautiful nights with one side short hair mom and one side long hair wife.

One day after having sex and while trimming my mom hair she asked why I didn’t cut my wife pavani hair till now. Immediately my wife also asked me the same question why I didn’t cut her hair till now. After few minutes I replied that I want to cut my wife hair and also want to cut my MIL hair also and also I want to have sex with her that why I didn’t cut her hair. My mom smiled by looking at my wife face. My wife said “my dream was to see my mom fucked by you because after seeing you and your mom having sex I always used to dream of my mom fucked by you in front of me and also want to see her in short hair. Me and mom laughed and told her to seduce her immediately.

Then she said I will call my mom here so we all can plan to seduce her. So next day she called her mom and told her to be with us for few days because she always be lonely at home. Bcz my wife dad was a business man and less bothered for family. My MIL agreed and she came to our house.

After two days we three planned and having sex in the night, MIL heard noises of moans and woke up and came to my mom room where I was fucking my mom ass and my wife was licking my mom pussy. We saw her that she was watching but we acted as we havent seen her.

She lifted her nighty and rubbing her pussy watching us. After fucking my mom ass I cummed in my wife mouth and she drunk it. I made my wife sit on the chair and combed her hair and trimmed at the ends while trimming I asked her I want to fuck your mom and want to cut her hair badly to very short. We observing her mom reactions and talking. My wife said if my mom agree I don’t have any problem because she was starved for sex for many years she just fingered her pussy and satisfied her urge I saw her many times. If she agrees I am so happy we all can enjoy more sex like that we are taking and observing her mom feelings. We saw her expressions and observed that she was sooo erotic. After some time I combed my mom hair and kept some amount of my mom hair in my wife mouth and fucked her mouth and cummed on all her hair. Then I got exhausted and went to sleep.

After taking some rest my mom and my wife took bath and fallen asleep. Even my MIL saw all our actions and went to sleep. Next day morning everyone acted normally. But we found some change in MIL she was not like before she was some what disturbed and tensed. I observed that and told my mom and wife to do shopping with MIL and take her to show the city and I went to my office by telling in both their ears to make her ready by evening I will come early.

In afternoon around 3 clock I got a call from my wife that her mom agreed for sex and she was ready to give anything to satisfy you. I am very happy and made my work finished by 5:00 and went to super market and bought a pair of nice scissors 2 sets, Gillette razor with foam and went to medical shop and bought Viagra tablets, condoms and also went to sweet shop and bought some sweets and also some flowers. I called to my wife and told that I am coming in few minutes and went to my home.

At home I havent seen my MIL my mom and wife welcomed me and took all items and kept in bed room and arranged all things in it and told me fresh up. I took my wife to bath room and asked her how your mother agreed with anxiety. She told that while we were shopping she asked me about the yesterday event happened. Me and ur mom told her everything and she was so aroused that she want have sex with you badly.

I kissed my wife and took bath and got ready. I am waiting in my room My mom came to my room my wife closed all the doors ad came to my room with her mom. I observed some tense in her face. My wife made her sit beside me and my wife sat beside her. Then I suddenly started kissing her lips and biting her lips. While I am kissing she responding and meanwhile my mom and my wife undressed her and pressing and sucking her boobs. I also started sucking her boobs mean while my mom and wife also got undressed and took my pant and shirt off. I took my MIL hands on my cock she started pressing my cock and took out of my underwear and started stroking.

She saw my cock and said what a big cock I am starved to have sex with this type of cock. Tear my pussy like that I should not walk for a week. Fuck me how many times you want and which hole you want I am all yours. I want all the pain fuck like there is no tomorrow give me the pain that I cant bear and don’t stop fucking me even I say to stop. She was like a bitch and talking like that my mom and wife laughed and my wife said “Mom defiantly ur all holes will be teared and will be fucked even it gets sour sure u will not walk for days we three will make you satisfy and will make my husband whore” Her mom laughed and said “I am ready to be”.

I told my MIL to suck my cock she took my cock in mouth and started to suck slowly. I signaled my wife to push her head towards me to take my cock deep in her mouth my wife pushed her head and half of my cock entered into her mouth. Then I hold her head and pushed deep in her mouth till my balls touch her lips she was trying to take out my cock but I and my wife hold her head and made not to move she was gagging and trying to take deep breath. Then I took out my cock out and again pushed deep in her mouth and fucked her mouth till I cum. I cummed deep in her mouth she drank all my cum and sucked my cock clean.

Then I made her sleep and took her braid and playing with it and told my wife and mom to make her pussy ready for fuck. So they started sucking her pussy hole and fingering her. I told them to finger her till she cum twice. They go on fingering her she is moaning loudly and I am pulling and playing with her hair. I told my wife to come near me I took her braid in my hand and asked her mom how much I can cut your daughter hair? She said cut it all off.

Then I said I will put this braid in your pussy till how much length it will go I will cut that length. Mil said ok. Then I started inserting my wife braid in her mom pussy it went her waist. I tried to insert more but no use, so I took scissors and started cutting the braid still inside her pussy.

Then my mom and wife started playing with that hair and pussy. Then I removed the hair from pussy and started fucking her till I cum then I told my mom and my wife not to give rest for her pussy fuck that pussy all night finger her pussy put all insertable things in her pussy and make it sour make the cum all the night.

I took my cock near her mouth and told her to suck she started sucking mean while my mom inserted a big thick brinjal in her pussy and fucking it rough I told my wife to make her ass ready for fuck. So my wife put some oil to her fingers and started to insert one finger in her mom ass. She stopped sucking me and told her daughter not to touch her ass. I asked why? She said I am virgin there till now my husband havent fucked there.

We all three laughed meanwhile my mom said even my husband didn’t fucked my ass but my son fucked it and made to loose my virginity there so no problem you will like and told my wife to make ready for ass fuck. I took her head towards me and inserted my cock in her mouth. My wife started inserting one finger after another and lubricated her ass. My cock got stiffened. I made my mom sleep on bed I made my mil doggy style where my mom and mil are in 69 position. I told my mil to suck my mom pussy and told mom to fuck mil pussy with brinjal.

I told my my wife to sit under me to suck my cock which was coming out from her mom ass. I widened her mom ass hole holded her braid pulling it hard and inserted my cock deep with one push she moaned loudly with pain.

I took out my cock and inserted min my wife mouth took out and again inserted in her ass. My mom fucking her pussy and drinking her cum when she is cumming and me continued fucking her ass with deep thrusts till I cum in her ass. I told my wife to put the brinjal in her mom ass and fuck it till I say to stop. My wife took the brinjal from my mom and inserted in her mom ass and started fucking it. Mean while I told my mom to prepare some energy drink. She went to kitchen and brought some real fruit juice and red bull. I put two Viagra pills in one glass and gave it to my MIL to drink without knowing her. I took one Viagra tablet. We all four took some rest meanwhile the tablet started working.

I took one mobile and kept it in vibration mode sealed with condom and inserted in mil pussy and sealed her pussy with tapes without gap. Then I started calling to that number she Is feeling differently mean while I told my wife to fuck her. I started fucking my mom pussy and continuously calling to that number. I am doing this to her till I cummed in my mom pussy. Then I removed plaster slowly with one bowl near pussy a splash of cum came out of it like jet and filled that bowl. I made her and my wife to drink that juice and made both of them to suck my cock. Then we all went to bathroom took bath. I dried three of their hairs and braid my wife and mil hair and just left my mom hair loose as it Is short.

After braiding my mil hair I inserted my cock deep in her mouth and took the scissor from dressing table and started cutting her braid near neck by pulling it hard within minutes I got that braid in my hands. Then I made her sit opposite to the dressing table and took trimmer and started trimming her hair from left, then right and then to back to make one inch of its length. Then I took scissors and stared cutting top hair to boy cut. Then took razor and shaves the neck part by applying foam.

I washed her hair and then dried and combed. She was looking awesome in that boy cut I took some wet gel and applied to her hair. She was looking like a hot whore in that. Her daughter and my mom praised her for her beauty she also thanked me for that hair cut and told me to cut her hair whenever she want.

Then I made my mom sit on chair and given her chin length bob with undershaven nape. I didn’t cut my wife hair just I made it trimmed at uneven ends and made it proper and told her to maintain her hair to mid back and I will cut her hair whenever it grows more than that. My mom and MIL asked me y I didn’t cut my wife hair short I told I will cut her hair short when she reaches to your ages because that is the age to get short haircuts to look more sexy. Then I stared fucking my wife.

Like that I fucked my mom wife and MIL all night but my mom and my wife continuously fucked my mil ass and pussy continuously whenever I stopped fucking her. Like that we enjoyed all the night by taking some intervals. Morning when I saw my MIL ass and pussy it got very sore and were red in colour she was not even able to stand on her legs due to the pain she got from three of us, She was also happy and very much satisfied for the desire she got from us.

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