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My Married Friend

  • desipapa
  • September 29, 2015

I am Farzana Khan from Karachi (Pakistan). I was getting bored sitting at home when the phone rang. It was a pleasant surprise to hear Reshma’s voice after such a long time. She was my childhood friend who had gone to the States after getting married to Jameel. She had come to Pakistan for a few days. She had decided to surprise me by not telling me about it beforehand. We decided to meet in the afternoon.

Now, Reshma and I had shared a lot; right from secrets and money to even the bed. We had learnt about our tendencies in college when we had shared the same hostel room. We had a lot of fun together until she got married and went away. Her phone rekindled a lot of memories but I wondered whether we still had a chance. I wondered if she had changed after her marriage.

I reached her house at 2pm. We met like old friends did and sat and chatted about the past. After some time, Reshma got up and walked down the hallway. She made me a gesture to follow her. I got up to go behind her. Reshma quickly disappeared down the hallway and into the darkness of her bedroom.

As I peered into the bedroom, I could not see her anywhere. There was no noise or movement in the room, so I eased the door open and begin to walk inside. Just as I stepped into the room, I heard a faint giggle. Reshma had already undressed down to her panties and tee-shirt. She took me by my hand and lead me toward the bed.

Reshma was very attractive, she has short dark hair and a full figure with very nice large all natural breasts. I still had not said a word, as I sat down on the bed. She wasted not in pulling off my shirt and bra, revealing my bare breasts and now erect nipples. My breasts are not nearly as large as Reshma’s, but they’re nice, just about a hand full. She then began to run her fingers through my long dark hair and gently kiss my shoulder and neck. It felt so good to feel another woman next to me this way. My entire body began to shake with excitement. The build of my body is smaller than Reshma, but I am well developed in every sense and I am very young looking.

After hesitating, I could not longer restrain my desires. I began to reach out and caress Reshma’s beautiful full breasts. They felt wonderful, I could not seem to touch them enough. Her nipples were now tall and erect as she gave a pleasurable and inviting moan. She took a step backward giving me room to remove her shirt and expose those mammoth breasts. They were even more attractive in the flesh and suddenly I wanted them on my mouth. I hurriedly began to kiss and suck each nipple as I held one breast in each hand. Her skin was soft and warm, we had waited a long time to experience this pleasure. Still we said nothing. Reshma continued to run her hands through my hair, her head now leaning backward with sexual joy.

I could think of nothing else but her body and the satisfaction it gave me. My tongue swirled around each nipple leaving a trace of wetness with each gentle lick. I pulled her closer by locking my legs around her thighs, her knee now lodged between my legs. An overwhelming ache now began to take over between my thighs. I could now feel my panties beginning to get quite moist. The smell that only an aroused woman can make, now began to linger in the air. Reshma glanced down to me with a naughty smile as I removed my right hand from her breast and placed it down into my pants. My fingers now begin to probe the moisture of my aching and starved pussy. I had never been so horny in my entire life. Reshma leaned into me with a passionate kiss, our tongues intertwining. Her hand now pressed against my crotch, pushing my fingers deeper into my pussy.

Wasting no time, Reshma quickly pushed me onto my back and removed my pants, revealing my moistened panties. I was even wetter than I thought. My panties actually clung to me as she slid them down. I could feel the dampness across my legs as the panties were removed. Reshma finished undressing as well, the rest of her body was gorgeous. She maintained a nicely trimmed dark bush, just as mine. I could see that she was very wet, her lips glistened from the dampness. Her hand now began to explore my tight pussy, the feeling was incredible. It was such a turn on to look her in the eye as she stroked my pussy. Occasionally, she would place a tender kiss on my stomach as I held my legs wide. She leaned to me and told me it was now time for the present that she had got for me. She gave me a wrapped present. On opening it I found a 12″ dildo having the perfect appearance of a man’s penis.

Reshma reached out and took the dildo within her hands. She licked the head of the dildo, preparing it for me. Two of her fingers were still buried deep inside of me as she sucked the fake cock. Soon she removed her fingers from my sweet treasure and begin to strap on the dildo. I had never taken such a large cock, but I was up for the challenge. After strapping on the enormous cock, she positioned herself behind me and told me to get on all fours. She wanted to fuck me like an animal which was fine by me. I was now facing the bedroom door and could see into the hallway. Reshma gently ran the head across the length of my slit, teasing my pussy and covering the dildo head with my sticky juices.

Suddenly, she inserted the large cock into my awaiting pussy. At first there was a little pain, but the pain quickly turned to pleasure. She began to stroke me, slowly at first, but every stroke grew with intensity. I was surprised at how well my pussy engrossed the dildo. I could think of nothing now, but my pussy. I loved the feel of being fucked, I felt like such a dirty whore, but I liked it. She pounded me harder and harder, I could now tell that the dildo was completely covered with my essence. My sweet juices now began to drip from my cunt and run down my thighs. My eyes were now closed as I just enjoyed the feeling of being fucked by another woman. Just as I felt myself nearing climax, I opened my eyes to see Jameel walk through the door with his erect cock in his hand. Reshma and Jameel had planned this whole thing. He walked straight to me and placed his throbbing cock into my mouth. I gladly began to take the length of his tool deep into my throat. I was even hotter now to think that I was sucking Reshma’s husband’s dick while she fucked me from behind with a strap-on. I ran my mouth up and down the shaft of his cock, kissing and licking his head every few minutes. Jameel was already fighting off the desire to shoot his wad. I was ready to explode and so was Jameel. Reshma just continued to ram that dildo home. I was so very wet; I could not believe it. The feel of taking a real cock in my mouth and a dildo deep in my pussy was finally too much for the both of us. Jameel removed his cock from my mouth and spewed his load onto my face.

The warm cum covered my mouth and cheeks. I could taste the salty liquid on my lips as I licked a little off of my fingers. My focus quickly went back to my pussy as I neared climax. Finally, with a shattering final stroke, I lost it. My pussy exploded and released a river of cum onto the dildo. I moaned pleasurably as she inserted the dildo back inside of me to cover it with my fluids.

I fell onto my back, tired from the torrid session. Reshma straddled my face and told me that I was not quite done yet. She placed the cum covered dildo at my mouth and demanded that I lick it clean of my own nectar. I happily obeyed. I must admit I tasted pretty damn good. I licked the dildo dry. Reshma removed the tool and put her soaked pussy on my mouth. I loved the taste of Reshma. Her pussy was so tasty, bitter but yet so sweet. I attacked it, licking it with reckless abandon. I wanted my face covered with her cum as well. Some of Jameel’s cum remained on my face, the taste of Jameel and Reshma would mix at times to make a savory treat. Reshma began to thrust her pussy across my face and I knew she was close. I began to suck her clit and that was all she could take. I spread her lips wide and awaited the flow of cum. Finally it happened, she released her love juice, it dripped directly into my hot mouth. I relished the taste and then swallowed it down. I wished that she had more as I finished licking her pussy to get every drop of the remaining cum.

Reshma and I embraced in a sultry kiss and asked Jameel to leave the room. Soon we were at it again, I came three times that day. We stayed at each other throughout the vacation, allowing Jameel to join at times. I can’t wait till next time when they shall be back and our orgies shall continue. Send your feedback at Please don’t send attachments.

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