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My Maid Servant

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

I am a permanent redder of these pages of desipapa. I decided to share one of my own first fuck story to my friends whom I have red. It’s beginning like this.

A was 17 that time and was living my parents in push area. We had a maidservant Noori. She was living in servant quarter behind our bungalow with her husband and daughter. Her age was 39 years at that time probably. She and 5 feet height and had a black big eyes with long black hairs. She was although not a white color but was a wheat color fair skin. Her big tight tits and wide firm fleshy ass was her treasure. When she was walking her fleshy ass was to be moved with a passion .she was working at our house from last 10 years and had got position like member of the family due her manner and good behavior and honesty.

Once my parents were going to a board for tow months. There was not any family member in the house as my brother and sister was living in boarding house at another city. When my parents left Noori took over the entire house. I noted the Noori behavior has changed with me after leaving my parents. She was now became more nice to me than past. I also noted that she was trying to touch with me. She was also bent before me on one pretext or other to give me glance of her cleavages.

One night after the diner I went to my room wore sleeping sot and went to bed. Was studding a book. At 11 o clock as usual Noori came my bedroom with a glass of milk as she did in routine. She put the glass on the table and asked me are you need something other. I request her that today I am not felling so well if she could give a massage, as this was not strange for us. She often gives me massage. She smiled ad said why not surely. She went to dressing and brought and brought a bottle of oil. She asked to sit in bed. She climbed on bed and asked me to take off my shirt. She applied oil on my back and started to massage me. She was massaging me gentle. It was giving me pleasure. As she moved her hand to my chest from under my armpits. Her breast was not only touching me but they were also pressing me so near that I could felt her warmth and firmness. I noted that she was trying to press me her boobs so tight. Which made me very exited. When she finished it she come to my legs. She opened my pajama string and took it off from legs. She now started massaging my legs, after a while she moved her hands to my thighs. Her hands were so soft and warm, which were giving me very pleasure. Her hands reached near to my prick and I felt an electric shock in my cock. It stared getting hard. She noted it and suddenly she put her hand on it and asked me what is happening to it? I replied her I don’t know .she was now rubbing it gentle. Then she inserted her hand in my under wear, I felt her soft hand on my prick. She removed my under wear. My cock was now in her soft hand and she was staring it with passionately. Then she asked me that might I kiss it. I told her why not surely. She sat on her knees and put her mouth on it and gave it a nice kiss, lick and then she took it in her mouth and started to suck it. Now I couldn’t control myself I moved my hand to her breast and caught her breast. I was squeezing, rubbing and even biting her tit. I sat in bed and asked her to a kiss she left my cock and wrapped her had around me and hugged me tightly. She put her lip on mine. We were kissing. She took my tongue in her mouth and sucking it. I was now made a mad. I started kissing her mouth neck ear checks. I inserted on my hand in her neck and caught her tit and nipple. I asked her to remove her cloths. She removed her cloths one by one and at last she asked me to unhook her bra. I unhooked her it and tow big boobs thrown to her chest. I was seeing first time a nude woman in life. She had very tight tits they were very big and firm. She has a black brown areola and big nipples. I put my mouth on it and was starting to suck them one. I moved my one hand to her belly, which was little fat. Her navel was very deep. Then from her belly I moved my hand to her cunt. It was too huge and big and bush hairs were on it. I carasssing, rubbing and pressing it while all this time she was playing with my cock rubbing, and pressing it which was now made hard like rock. We both were now burning and she whispered in my ear fuck me I couldn’t wait more. I asked her how? I don’t know to fuck. She said that I know that you don’t know to fuck. But I know I have fucked 20 years.

Then she laid on her back and kept a pillow in her back, opened her legs wide and asked me to touch my dick on her cunt and then she hold My dick and started rubbing on her clot. And said now come into me slowly. I inserted whole my dick in her pussy very easily. I was enjoying For me it was dream. Her cunt was too hot. I started pushing my cock out and in her pussy was lubricated by her orgasm. She caught my hip by her hands and was squeezing them, which made me more, exited and I was giving her response to increased my speed to stroking hard. Now she was screaming “ahahahahahah, holding my hips and was saying to do slowly. I started moving in and out of her pussy without caring of her shouts. I was also busy to sucking her tits, neck ear and even her armspits. After few seconds, she again really started enjoying this fuck. She started pushing herself upward for my every stroke. She was accommodating my every stroke with very expertly. Now she was shouted, saying please not to stop. I lasted for almost twenty minutes during which she came twice. I asked her Noori I am coming. She told me come in your Noori cunt. After felling of my cum deep inside her cunt, I rested on her body for a while. She covered my back with both her legs and relaxed. Then she sat and cleaned her cunt and me as our juices were dropping from her cunt. We laid naked in each other arms for a long time. We were chatting. She told me that she had never fucked like this in last 20 years. And that this will be her memorable fuck in her life.

After about 30 minutes, I started kissing her again and my cock was got hard in no times she was rubbing it. I asked her that I want to fuck her again. She replied. Yes why not. She said but this time from backside. I asked her what do you mean by backside? She replied in my ass. I want to give some gift different. But I have no any experience of that. Have you any? She said no I have not but i have heard one of my friend said that it is not bad. She said that I knew that I had very big and shapely bottoms. I remembered those hundreds of eyes that used to stare my bottoms greedily. I don’t know how many of them used to masturbate thinking of my big ass. She asked me fucked my ass but keep care and do this without hurting me.

. She got up and applied mustard oil on my dick and made herself rest on her four limbs like a dog, she asked me came behind me and apply oil on my ass hole. I did that and bent on her as to kiss it that it was so nice and beautiful. Her ass was too big, soft fair and wide. Now she holds my dick and asked me to open Her buttocks and inserted my dick in her ass hole slowly. I opened her buttocks and I wondered how such a big rod would get into her small asshole. She put my dick on her ass hole and pushed it to her ass hole, while She was also pushing her ass towards my dick. As she wanted to eat my dick. And as the tip of my cock entered in her ass. She closed her eyes due to the pain and said to stop it. I said if you are fallen paining we can leave this, but I now really wanted it because it was more pleasurable hole than her pussy hole. But she shaken her head and asked me to apply more mustard oil on my dick. I applied much of oil on my dick now she was ready to accommodate whole of my dick. I inserted my cock in her ass hole and at this time it my whole dick went in her asshole. We started rubbing each other and my dick was feeling tight ass hole. I caught her tits under her armpits and started to rub them. By thus time she asked me to rub my pussy. So I moved one my hand to her cunt and started rubbing her clitoris and inserted one of my fingers in her pussy hole that made her exited more. She was enjoying it more than first. She started pushing her hips toward me with full power. I fucked her more then 20 minutes. I said her after 20 minutes Noori I can not stop my self-more I am coming. She asked come in my ass. I discharged all my cum in her ass and she also cum with me at the same time as I was fingering her cunt. She was still in that doggy position so I laid on her for some time. After some time she went to kitchen to ring some food, as we needed it relay. We eat some food and I drink the milk. At that night we fucked four times. Now we both were exhausted. And I slept with her nude. Next morning when I awake Noori was not there I called her. She came in my room she had took her bath and seeing very happy and fresh. I caught her hand and threw on me. I kissed her and asked her for morning fuck. But she refused it saying this that her husband is near to coming from market and her daughter is also there. We will do it only in night.

We did sex regularly tow months tow or three times every night. I fucked her every possible position she knew. We did sex every time even after returning my parents.

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