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My Maid Reeshma

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hello Friends, I am Amit and this was my experience with my maid last year when I was working in MNC. It was that time when I was very excited to have sex with any female. My roommates decided to move in big house so that we can accommodate new partner and share less rent, I immediately agreed. Paras who was doing MBA belongs to Gujarati family and need my help every time but as I was busy in my office.

I could not help them in our house hunt. So he called his mom and dad from Gujarat for help. Finally they found one 2 Bhk flat in posh area. I was happy that I did not have to look in this and can concentrate in my work, Paras mom was keen to setup our house and was making sure that everything is proper so that we can live comfortable life in that process she found a maid called Reshma, Let me tell you about Reshma She was from poor Muslim family from south India, her husband was working as caretaker in nearby building which was under construction.

She was 32d 34 32, but her face was pretty and she was not at all like other maid servants she had very clean and tidy dressing séance. She use to wear saree tight fitted blouse and hair little scattered but tide in right way. I Firstly I was not bothered who is she and what she does, but latter when aunt left I started noticing her, I use to have night shift and had a habit of sleeping whole day she use to come, work and go. It continued for around 15 days.

One day while coming back from office I bought Maxim with hot pictures and articles about how to improve sex life between couples while reading I fallen sleep and kept that book next to my pillow in afternoon Reshma came and knocked on the door as usual I opened door in half sleep, and went to bed. She entered in my room with broom and switched off fan and started sweeping I got annoyed with this and since it was summer it was very hot, I started shouting her, but she kept mum and continued her work.

Since I was disturbed I got up and went to have something in market when I came back from market I saw that magazine was not there, I thought ohh holy god she saw that, what she must thinking about me, how pervert I am? but next that when she came at same time to my surprise there was no reaction from her I became bolder by this incident and started leaving magazine open on my bed and go out and she keep on putting that in my cupboard.

I show this to Paras and other two mates that and I am playing a game with her and she is responding to it another day I forgot my cell phone in office and I came to room and slept without realizing it when Reshma came on the door I opened door and I went to see if any calls on cell I missed my stroke of heart “Holy god, I lost my cell phone both of us started searching in entire house including my room, but couldn’t find it.

She was scared that I will blame her and handover to police but I told her are aap ke aane se pehle hi wo nahi tha,aur aisa aap kyo karoge? Jub ke kai baar main apna purse khula chod deta hoon tub bhi aap badi imandari se luata dete ho immediately her expression changed and she advice me to check in office, I remembered may be I forgot on my desk. I went rushing to office and collected from there when I came back.

She met at the gate and told me that take care of my things and she is not coming for 2 days. Those two days was like 2 years for me, I was waiting on third day that she will come and I will do something to get close her and but even after scheduled time she didn’t report I was bit worried. Due to backache I was lying on floor suddenly half closed door opened and I saw Reshma with smiling beautiful dress. I smiled at her she smiled back,

She immediately inquired why am I lying on floor? I said wo kamar dard ho raha tha isliye then I asked her where where she for 2 days, Mera bhai beemar tha,use dekhne usake ghar gayi thi,kyo aap ko to bataya tha na maine? She replied.

Me: haan par do din se ghar main bahot afra-tafri machi hain tum jo nahi ho dekho kaise behal ho gay hain?

Reshma: To aap shadi kyo nahi kar lete ye sub sambhalnewali aa jayegi to aap ko bhi accha lagega.

Me: Haan,sahi keh rahe ho par shadi abhi nahi karunga aaaahhh, I cried in pain while getting up.

Reshma: Kya hua?

Me: Kaha Na kamar main dard hain.

Reshma: Ohh,Chalo utho muze kaam karne do and she started sweeping floor. I got up and slept on bed, little hesitantly I asked her can you rub balm on my back?

She giggled at me and came in my room. I immediately Lied on my bed and took my shirt off. Reshma Sat next to me and started rubbing balm on my back and I started asking her about her family why is she working and all? After some time our conversation went to my girlfriends and girls in my life I told I don’t have any girlfriend. Next day she again she came on time and started her work again.

I kept magazine on floor with pages showing some intimate scenes but that day. I was so excited I started rubbing my cock and started playing with it. She was sweeping floor she saw that magazine as usual she kept in my locker, then she saw me that I was rubbing and cock she hurriedly left room and started working in bathroom after sometime she came with bucket to clean floor with wet clothes. I was in too much that day.

I took out my cock and started playing without any fear while lying on the bed again she saw my cock but this time she didn’t took her eyes off in my life first time I was masturbating in front of female. She saw my complete act and I cum on my blanket. I was fleeing shy that I cum, but to my surprise when I looked at her she said its ok give me that it’s dirty now I have to clean it. Kitana ar diya baap re agar mera mard ka intna nikalega to ek hi baar main baccha theher jayega.

She nicely took my blanket and cleaned my cum from penis. I was fleeing ashamed, but happy too that I shown some courage about my sexuality. This became routine that I will be naked in front of her whenever she is at home, since all my partner were studding and working in day nobody used to be there to check what is going on. I got amazing happiness when she is around me. I used to tease her by showing my erect cock & she use to smile at me.

One day I was in sleep and did not realize that she is in the house. She came to me and pulled my blanket and took my pants off and ran away. I woke with shock, but soon realize that it’s Reshma and I started rubbing my cock and started playing with it, she came near me and kept hand on my check and looked at me. I took her head in my hand and I kissed on her lips, Kitana Dhadak raha hain aapka dil,itana kya darr rahe ho?”

She responded in low voice Mera First time hain na? Pehale kisiko pappi nahi di kya? di hain par aise nahi then I took her on bed and started playing with her boobs, started kissing her passionately and removing her cloths.

Reshma: Zzzz ahha nikalo na mera bra

Me:itani utawali ho kya? Kitana bada aur must hain tumhara lund kya tarsa rahe ho dalo na jaldi nahi abhi to bahot kuch karana hain kya maro ge kya dalo na jaldi,

I started sucking her boobs and fingering her pussy at same time aaaaahhhhhha bus na dalo na and she was keep on begging to fuck he, but I wanted to hold myself till she gets ready to steamy encounter I was pressing her boobs till actually milk flowed out, I started dinking like baby. I asked her how she has that she said I have child which is 6 months old and it’s sold by her husband to owner of that apartment where he is working.

She is angry on her husband but because of me she is happy. I continued while she was telling me all this. She holds my cock and started rubbing on her pussy. I was too close to cum, but I holed and controlled her and started sucking her boobs passionately, Jaldi karo na,chuso ,zor se chuso sub tumhra hain.aaah she left her first orgasm, I saw fluid coming from her pussy and now the right time I went on top and spread her legs apart she was naked looking with desperate eyes

I kissed her and smooched her before I enter in her, the smooch was so hot that I felt my cock became hot rod. Damn now I have to fuck her in one thrust I made it I was totally inside her aahhh mar gayi re she started biting my shoulder jaldi nikalo,kya dala hain lund hain kuch aur? maine kaha lund hi hain bus bahot ho gaya,nikalo aaaaah nikalo na.dukh raha hain.kya hua jub se to badi mari ja rahi thi ab kya hua? bus bus bus nahi hoga muzse nikalo na please maine kaha tumhara to first time nahi to?

Arre chodna hain fadana nahi hain nikal haramkhor. I started laughing and started doing in out,ahhh ,ufff zor se karo na, le lo jaan ,zor se aur zor se aaaahhh aaah aha ahha ahha aha codho muze tadap rahi hoon tere lund ko dekh ke kub se nalayak choosane de muze and suddenly she took reverse turn and took my cock in her mouth I was in heaven, wow what a feeling was that and she was sucking my cock like chicken lollipop.

I took control again, hold her bums and putted my lund in her hole and started banging her like dog in doggy style, she was screaming in plain 7 pleasure ahhhhhha buss abhi chodo na bus na she was making all king of moaning sounds but I was controlling like anything and I continued around 7 more min and finally cum in her love hole. She said its ok she is taking pills so no worry. I got up and went bathroom, she followed me we had bath together.

We used to be naked all the time whenever she uses to be in house it continued till and I got girlfriend one day she saw me with my girlfriend. She was happy that I got someone to fuck officially. I had sex with my girlfriend when she was working in my room, when and my girlfriend objected she told her that I am a perfect man for sex and she must take care of me later.

I she told me that, she enjoyed most with me more than her husband. She wanted to have my baby but I refused. Any interested females or working professionally ladies, Specially married ones in and around ahmedabad, can send their interest via comments I will contact you trust me no blackmailing total secret relations guaranteed and my mail id is

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