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My Lusty Wife

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

My wife Malvika loves to fantasize during sex. In the first few years after our marriage there was no obvious indication from her that she enjoyed fantasy. She is very attractive and has an innocent look about her. Friends who know us will never imagine that my wife is capable of such exploits because everyone thinks she is very simple and conservative. Well to me, she always was a very erotic woman as far as sex was concerned although it’s true that she was extremely conservative in routine day to day life. It all began in Bangalore when we lived there.

Malavika had just returned from work and went into the bathroom for a quick shower. She looked a bit preoccupied and quiet, but I just thought she was tired that day. Soon afterwards I went to have a shower and found Malvika’s panties on the railing which was a bit unusual. She does not normally change her panties in the evenings and I assumed she had her periods that may have stained it. Instinctively I picked it up only to be shocked in a way. Her panty was dry all over apart from the crotch which was completely sodden wet. I sniffed it became aware that the crotch was smelling of the usual musky genital odour and soaked with her own juices. It was not a case of accidental soaking with water or anything else. She always had a yellow brown staining on her panty crotch but this time the stain was much more than usual. I was thoroughly intrigued. Just before bed time I drew Malvika close to me and ran my hand over her buttocks. She had a new panty on. Then drawing courage I asked her why she changed her panties in the evening today.

She paused for sometime and asked me if I will get angry if she told the truth. I promised her that I would not. The story was that when my wife was returning home in the bus it was very crowded and jam-packed. Someone standing behind Malvika leaned excessively on her but she could do nothing about it in the crowd. Later she stared realising that a hand was groping her buttocks. She could not even turn and look. She stood still but the hand continued to gently feel around her bum( Malvika has a liberal curvy bottom and I can imagine the bastard’s delight in exploring it). He was apparently feeling her panty lining first before getting a feel of her flesh. Though Malvika was shocked and irritated at first she told me that the gentle groping and massage started to make her feel nice and excited soon. Realistically as this was harmless she started to cooperate with the guy ( he was about 20 –23 years old according to Malvika. She was 31 at that time). The probing hands then started feeling along the cleft between her bum cheeks and came all the way down to try and feel as much as possible. At this point as the gentle thrusts were becoming more and more stronger, Malvika had only one choice.

That is to part her thighs and make it easier for him. Unlike most days when she wore a saree that particular day she was in her chudidhar. This made things easy because the probing hands were masked by her chudidhar tops making it difficult for others to see. But the best part was that she could separate her thighs well enough to give his fingers maximum access. The guy seemed to know what to do and quickly moved his fingers to my wife’s crotch area. By then she was ecstatic and very very moist there. They could not do anything more apart from this masturbatory exercise. As Malvika is very bushy around her cunt it took the guy some time to feel her pleasure lips beyond her clothing and hair( In fact it must have been a bit easier especially because her cunt lips swell up, become engorged and separate a bit whenever she is sexually aroused). The most shocking but erotic thing for me was when Malvika told me this,” The guy was a bit fumbly around my cunt and I so much wanted to put my own hand to help him to get a good feel. My clitoris was throbbing so badly and wanted to be touched.” Still she experienced 2 orgasms in the bus itself and ended up drenching her panties. I told her that it was no wonder her panties were so wet. The prominent yellow staining in her panty was obviously due to the 15 or 20 minute rubbing the guy gave to her crotch and also to her anus between buttocks.I ended up getting very horny when she replied to this saying that even her chudidhar had become drenched between her thighs and that she felt awkward to walk home after getting off the bus. Throughout Malvika’s description of the event I was gradually aroused and I was rubbing her body, boobs, buttocks and crotch while she was lustily describing the story.

Her body was warm and nipples erect on her big breasts. I felt between her thighs just to realise that that this panty also was completely soaked wet as a result of her recollection of the erotic moments in the bus. I massaged her breasts and uncontrollably proceeded to her panties. I sniffed at her panty, licked it a few times and slid it to one side. Her thick cunt lips were peeking through dense bushy hair. As the lights were on I could clearly appreciate the dark colour of her labia and the pink slit in the middle. Her clitoris was looking like a small dark penis and was very erect. The whole area was glistening with wetness of her flowing juices.

I lapped at her labia, then rolled her clitoris between my lips and tongue. She could not wait any longer and begged me to fuck her soon. I can remember how stimulated we both were because our sexual session that night went on for nearly 5 hours. We fucked about 5 or 6 times till it was sore and painful. Such was our lust that night. Then it became regular for us to discuss a fantasy. It was usually some sort of sexual encounter between Malvika and a stranger. To make things more exciting and thrilling, Malvika on occasions started involving people we know well(friends,relatives etc) in the fantasies. It is 3 years since our sexual life got spiced in this way. During this time there have been many erotic real encounters for us,especially my wife some of which I will certainly share with readers in the coming days. They are sure to give sexual satisfaction to many of you. Mail for me or my wife welcome at

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