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My Lust And Love For Chachi

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

My name in Abhi. I am 24 years old. This happened two years back.This story is about my chachi(pinni in telugu), my father’s brother’s wife. My pinni got married during my 12th class. They live in village. Whenever I go to village, we stay at their house.

Coming to my pinni, she got married when I was in 12th class. She got married at very young age, 18. She is now 32. She is really hot. She doesn’t have shapes like models, but she really had very cute face. She is some what short. She has nice boobs which every man would love to caress and nice ass. She is white in complexion. She would some what look like meera jasmine.she is having two children studying 1st and 3rd class. Coming to her life, she loves watching movies, visiting places.But my chacha is not interested in all that and also he doesn’t have money to spend.

So, she loves talking to me whenever I go there. She asks about city life, enjoyments. I had grown feelings for her since she got married. At first, there was just lust. But, she respects me so much for my education. She loves talking to me. I love making her smile and laugh. I realized this is not just lust, this is a growing desire for her which can only be vented out through sex. She used to touch me a lot. No one would bat an eye as she was my chachi. But, it used to boil me. Every summer used to be very exciting for us both. Our bond has grown stronger and stronger. But, I didn’t have a clue of what is going on in her mind. I fantasized about her many times during my masturbation.

I got job in Hyderabad.I had pretty good salary of 50000 per month.I went to my pinni’s house in village that summer. This is when all hell broke loose. My cousins had gone to their grand parent’s village as it is summer holidays. My chacha is busy with his business works. He has to go to different fields and collect and distribute mangoes. He is going on that work for 1 week with his business partners. So, I had to stay there. I had a long weekend and using all my leaves then. I don’t want to spoil my relations with pinni by proceeding quickly. I took time to think. but, nothing strike my mind. My love and lust towards her is so much that all things happened my way.

After my chacha left, the next morning I woke up late and from the side window, I saw my chachi washing clothes. Ohhh god, that is one hell of a sight . She was wearing a red saree with red blouse. As she was washing clothes, I had a clear view of her navel area and her buttocks were swaying. I didn’t think of anything else and was watching without even caring about any one. My early morning erection is getting harder and harder. She turned to my side and saw me, I was still oggling at her. She was normal and just said,

Pinni : “Ohh, you woke up.Get up and brush. Just 5 mins, we will have break fast.”

I got to my senses and got freshened up and ready. She coked good break fast and we chatted about many things. She was doing all er work and I am just watching her do all household works. I never knew ladies are this beautiful while they work.

Pinni : why are you just staring at me. Are you that bored.

Me :(instinctively) You are so beautiful.

Pinni: Thank You. But, you will get more bored watching my work.

Me: No way. A man can never get bored seeing you.

Pinni: That is just your age speaking. After two years, when you get married. You will also have a wife. You will enjoy everything for 2 years and then you will be bored.

Me: Are you bored of all these after these many years.

Pinni : No. But, we won’t find time to just stare at each other.

( I can’t believe I am actually speaking some thing very personal.)

Pinni: We didn’t go to a movie in years. All we have now is children. I love them

Me : but, the inner you likes enjoying. right?

Pinni: stop this abhi, I have work and you watch TV.

The rest of the day went by and she is in deep thoughts. I got an idea and planned everything out. Next day, I woke up at 5:00. Just when she wakes up. She was surprised.

Me : we will go some where today.

Pinni: where?

Me : surprise.

Pinni : why?

Me: How long can you stay here. you need some exposure.

Pinni: No need. I am happy here.

( I forced her too much and promised that we would return by evening).

She wore a purple party wear saree. She was really looking like angel. I took her to Hyderabad airport. She was shell shocked. I took her to Bangalore all the way. We watched a movie first day first show. I took her to restaurants. I asked whether she is happy.She said she wanted this all her life.But she is not able to believe. I got a feeling that she is really in love with the moment.It became so late that we have to take a double room in the night and stay in Bangalore.

Pinni : I am still in shock that I enjoyed so much today.

She came and hugged me so tight and gave a peck. It was all in good sense. But, I am very much aroused. We sat there and she started telling her hardships. We are sitting on same bed. I started soothing her and said we will have this kind of roaming now and then. She also opened up.After all I made her dreams come true. She said that she is still young and likes to have all types of enjoyments.

She is resting on my shoulder and telling all these stuff and thanking me. I lifted her by holding her chin and hugged closely and said I love you. This is not my age or hormones speaking. You really are very nice and I really love you. She also responded immediately. She also said I love you. But, I never thought we can actually hug each other like this. Our breaths are touching each other. I immediately kissed her. She was also kissing me. We are passionately kissing each other. I am moving my hand over her back on blouse, mid riff, butts. I grabbed her right butt with my right hand and pulled her up towards me.

Then we broke kiss after 5 minutes. We jumped on to bed and again started kissing. I slowly started removing her blouse hooks. She was very aroused and she started removing my shirt. We were unable to remove each others dresses. I backed down and got off my shirt.

I removed her blouse and then bra. I got on top of her and kissed her fore head, Both eyes, cheeks, the hair behind her ears, then ears, kissed her on the lips.,On her chin and slowly started kissing her neck.I caressed both her boobs with my hands and slowly moved my lips towards her right nipple. It was erect and black. I sucked it very hard. I sucked it for very long time. All this time she was catching my hair with her hand and pushing and pulling me towards her boobs. I sucked both her nipples and came up and kissed her lips again.

She got on top of me while kissing only. She started to kiss me on cheeks and then she started biting my nipples. It was painful. She then kissed my upper body and removed my undie and started sucking my dick. Then I removed her panties and started fingering and kissing her lips and sucking boobs. We then went into missionary position.

All the time I was fucking I was looking in her eyes and showing immense love. I am getting the same thing back. We were both moaning each other’s name.We both lied side by side with dick inside and I caught her by neck and started fucking her.We kissed in that position only.She and I are getting into climax, I increased my speed and we both came at same time. We are pretty satisfied and relaxed. She put her head on my chest and slept. When we woke up we were still in a cuddle. That morning we didn’t come out of bed. We both fucked each other in all positions.
From then, we had sex every now and then.

My Lust And Love For Chachi

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