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  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015
Hi this is lucky. I am 23 years and currently residing in delhi. Now let me introduce to my girl. her name is riku. she is one hell sweet girl. she belongs to a upper middle class family. she seldom has any idea about sex. we first meet at college. our story started somewaht in filmi style. we both hated each other. but we had common friends so we had to come across each other every day. 

One day it so happened that we had gone to picnic and after returning she took her bike and started for home. we don’t live in same locality but we take the same road. she went first then i came after half hour or so. I saw her standing in middle of the road as she meet an small accident. she was alright but was not able to walk properly and her bike was also damaged. i insisted her to take my bike as it was already quater to two in te night. hesitently she took my bike and went home. and i somehow managed to take her bike to my place. my parents are in mumbai and i stay here. i have rented a flat. the very next day she came to my flat and returned my bike. i said i haven’t repaired yours, she said ok i will do that. and from that day we started to talk and within a year we were in love with each other.  

now the final date, she came to my flat on sunday morning. i was in deep sleep, somehow i managed to open the door, the moment i saw her she was looking like a sweet angel in white tops and white jeans. i welcomed her in and said please feel comfortable as i am gong to sleep. she said how can you sleep the dream is standing in front of you. i smiled and slipped in the bed. i was only wearing my shorts and i have a average body. and very quickly i was dozed off. after an hour or so i got up. to my surprise i found her t-shirt on top of me. i got out of my bed and literally ran towards my bed room door and slipped on something. it was her jeans which was lying on the floor and i didn’t see it. i heard her laughing. i turned to find her watching tv in drawing hall. she had wrapped herself with a white shawl. i had never seen her in this stage before. We have kissed each other may be billion times atleast. i have pressed her boobs above her dress millions of time. but never in this scene. i wrapped her in my arms and started kissing her. we 2 lay on the sofa she lying on me. my rod was already rock hard. she turned towards me and without saying any thing kissed me gently on my lips. and slowly came down to my chest and then travelled further south. she stopped on the very edge of my shorts. she looked at me and said my parents are have gone to meet there relatives and i stayed back to as not to miss the college. and for the next three days i am yours. i was very thrilled. i thought she just came here as it was a sunday. so any plans. she said its your house, i am yur guest you should know what to do. i said no dress for next three days. She smiled with shy. and i gently placed a kiss on her cheeks. and again she moved towards my shorts. she said lucky was waiting for this moments from the very day you told me every thing about sex. now how do we do that. i said its like animal instinct. you don’t have to teach a fish how to swim exactly the same way your body will tell you what to do. follow your body and enjoy. she smiled and inserted her hands in my shorts. the touch thrilled her. can i take a look go ahead its all yours for next three days. she pulled my shorts and i was laying with nothing left on my body now. i then told her whatever you feel like doing go ahead. and she touched the tip of my penis with her tounge. a shiver ran down my spines. want to take in your mouth she shyly said yes, go ahead. she moved her long hairs to one side and took the cock inch by inch. i closed my eyes and laid there still. i was about to cum when i stopped her. i didn’t want her to get her messed up with my cum. i pulled her on to me and with that her panty got brushed against my thighs, and got pulled down now i was kissing her passonately and was breathing heavily. her naked vagina was lying on my penis. she asked me why are you breathing heavily, i said i will let you know within a while.

I said aren’t you feeling anything. she tried to get up but holded her tightly. after few resistance she buried her face in my chest and whispered please help me out from that. i was waiting for the line and slowly i inserted my hand inside her panty on top of her ass. she had a very slippery skin and very fair too. i pushed her panty, she lifted her ass a little to make it easier and then i pulled down her panty with my legs. she was now so shy that i couldn’t even look at me. she said i have given you the most precious thing that a girls has in this world.i said trust me i will never let you down. still she was hiding her face in my chest. my hands we fondeling her ass cheeks and we laid there for atleast one hour or more. i tried to move her but found that she was sleeping. ahe was looking so cute and lovely while sleeping some how i managed to move her and carry her in my arms to my bed-room then i slowly placed her on to the bed bed and then unhooked her white bra. and that scene is still in front of my eyes. i stepped back to look at that gorgeous body and that cute face. i stood there for 5 mins. a smile ran through her lips and said with her eyes still closed why are you staring at me like that. i came to her placed a gently sexy kiss on her cheeks and started giving her a french kiss. i slowly started south, i reached her neck then her boobs. i kissed in the middle of her boobs. a low moan escaped her lips. then i kissed her navel button. then i kissed her clean shave pussy, then her thighs, knees and finally her toes. and after sucking her feet i started north. she was rubing her legs in escatasy. i reached her vagina again she covered it with her hands.

I removed her hands and placed a gentle kiss there and slowly started sucking it. i moved my tounge on every milimeter of her love hole. then i moved further north and reached her boobs and started fondling like a small baby and then sucked them. she was pushing my head deeper inside them with her hands and was moaning and saying ” SUCK them HARD, Please Suck them, harderm harder harder harder, and she was moving her pussy upwards. i was trying to get to the love valley while sucking her boobs and it happened. my penis touched her hole and she simply surrendered. lucky please do something┬á i cannot hold it any longer, let that in and with next thought i pushed my penis inside her hole with little pressure. a loud moan escaped her mouth. she caught me ” it hurts “, just a moment, i moved down and started lubricating the love hole with my tounge and i sucked her hard and finally she blew on me her jucie. Swalled that whole and she laid there still. i didn’t tried to force her as this was her first time. she pulled me up and holded me tightly in her arms. i said relax. this is called orgasm and there is nothing to get fear you won’t get pregnant. she raised her face and i could see tears at the corners of her eyes and innocently she asked ” is that true” i said ” yea “. she laid there in my arms till evening. we took dinner naked she was sitting on me and my penis was in between her thighs rubbing against her vagina. and finally she managed to over-come her fear and allowed me enter her hole. i sucked her for atleast one hour every inch of her body. and then enter her hole cm by cm and watched her getting aroused on my every strok.

She was responding by raising her pussy to get my penis inside as deep as possible. since we both were virgins it was very painfull for the first 5-10 mins but slowly it was all gone and there was a joy n pleasure around us as we were inside each other. and was going slow and then raised my pace but not very fast. i was sucking her lips n boobs all this time and finally we both came togeather inside her. i was still inside her hard and strong. i retrived after only my size shrunk to normal. that night we entered each other three more times and the next two days it was best of my life. and then on every sunday we enjoyed each other. we had very good sex life untill last year when she went abroad to pursue higher studies. And i am still hungry for a cute untouched angel. Any girl between 20-30 please mail me about what you think of my story and any body who wants to enjoy with me. only love and sex, in your own loved way. no commitment, Only Friendship.
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