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My Loving Big Boobs Aunt

  • desipapa
  • November 26, 2015

Hi guys and this is Varun from Bangalore and this is my first story so please ignore me if any mistakes and your feedback is awaited any hot aunties widowed ladies interested can contact me onto
And a little about myself and I’m still 18 years old and I am doing ma 2nd P.U in a reputed college and coming to the story.

I used to stay in my uncles house which is just 30min walk from my place
my uncle had a big firm he lived with his wife Sunitha (Heroine of the story) and his daughter. He was my Dad’s Brother as I was week in accounts he used to teach me even my dear Sunitha.

She was just awesome she looked me as m her own son I don’t know when my sexual feelings over her changed her firm big boobs tight ass wow! They were just awesome her measurements were 36 28 38 and I used to watch over her when she used to do all house old works and when I get a chance to look at her big cleavage.

The home has 3 rooms my uncle and aunt and their daughter used to stay in one room but I don’t know from past 1 month Sunitha and her daughter used to sleep in a different room which is right next to mine. My uncle on a business trip had to go to Mumbai for 1 month.

I had ma exams within that month end so ma aunt started teaching me day and night while asking doubts and I used to catch her hand place ma hand on her hips and try to seduce her and I did not get a perfect chance to make the day mine.

One Fine day ma aunt had a mild fever and she was sleeping. I just asked her to go to doctor and not to prepare anything ill buy food for us from hotel. I took her to doctor and bought food from a hotel had breakfast by the time of lunch she was feeling good but she still had headache.

She told she has a headache I asked her weather I can give her massage she at first refused later she was convinced and I took olive oil and I heated it up and went to the room ma sister had gone to school and there was 3 hrs of time for me to play with her.

I thought it was my day I planned everything I went into her room she was wearing a loose nighty and she was sitting on the chair and I went behind her and first kept ma hand on shoulder. I purposely spilled oil on her nighty and I told I sorry and I’m blushed me hand on her boobs.

She told it was ok later and I told her to remove her nighty it may become dirty she dint accept for it and I insisted her telling olive oil patches doesn’t go easily so please remove it later she told ok and started un buttoning her nighty and I was damn hot my 7 inches penis stood erect.

She was in her blouse and petticoat I could not resist but somehow and I controlled and started giving massage on her head after some time and I asked her how she is feeling so she replied and she was feeling better and it’s enough and I told her ill massage her legs.

She will even feel better as I have read in some books the pressure points for head would b in legs she told ok later and I was happy and told her to pull up her petticoat because if I touch it with my hand it may b spoiled she just pulled a bit back I told pull it a bit more and I was just massaging her feet and moved up to her thighs.

She was closing her eyes I stilled raised ma hands I could see her red panty she woke up and was bit tensed and told she is ok and told me to leave and I was a bit afraid if she tells ma parents? There was lots and lots of questions in my mind later in the evening we were having tea

Me: I Am sorry Aunty

Sunitha: Why are you asking sorry what happen
Me: I Behaved odd to you today
Sunitha: That is common Varun your age does that be cool

She gave a smile and left and I had bought a horror movie and we watched together ma little sister was afraid and she went to room and slept off later after watching the movie she was afraid and asked me to sleep with her and I told her that she can sleep in my room.

She agreed and we were cracking jokes and we went to bed around 11.30 around 1:30 and I woke and saw that her nighty was raised to her thigh level revealing her Panty wow! What a scene that was I smoothly placed my hand on her thigh n started massaging her she dint resist.

I moved ma had a bit inside She turned towards me and I closed my eyes and was still massaging her and my penis was struggling to come out I pulled ma dick and started stroking it and I took her hand and placed it on ma dick awesome feeling it was.

I was going mad I right away started pressing her soft boobs She left a slight moan and she woke up suddenly and pushed me away and told are you gone mad I’m like your mother you should not do this to me and I was not in the mood to listen.

I just crushed her boobs and planted a kiss and she was resisting me but I was not in a mood to listen and I was kissing her n biting her lips and she slowly started to respond to my kisses I stopped it and told Sunitha I am sorry I cannot resist any more and I love you I need you she told m all yours baby fuck you slutty aunt.

These words made me mad I pushed her on the bed and while kissing I started pressing her boobs and I removed her bra fuck there was her tight tits and I wanted it fully in my mouth and I started licking those hot boobs and put my hand around her navel and was searching for her pussy.

She gave me full access we parted for a while I was looking into her eyes she hugged me and told make me your bitch tear ma pussy please don’t tease me and I was happy that I was going to lose ma virginity to my lovely aunt all was just a dream for me I licked Her pussy it was clean.

She was about to cum I tasted a bit of it was salty but enjoyed it and I asked her to take my cock into her mouth she bent on her knees and took a close look on my dick and she told its damn big to satisfy her to the core and she kissed it and was licking it like a kid licking lollipop.

I told I am about to cum she started licking it fast and I loaded my cum into her mouth and she told now stop teasing me and tear my pussy and she told her husband never licked her pussy and I started teasing her and she forced my dick into her wet pussy She left a big moans and started responding to and she told me.

Ohhh you fuck my bleed pussy tear it fuck me hard ohh ah! This made me mad after 10 min and I was about to cum I told her and she told me fill my pussy with your cum I collapsed on her and she was playing with my dick after 5 minutes. It was ready for another round and she sat on me and started to ride me heavenly feeling later after some time we both collapsed.

We slept whole night naked I got up late my sis had gone to school and she bought me tea and I asked her baby how was the fun she kissed me and told it was awesome dear. I told her to be nude the whole day she told anything for you dear removed her dress and went into kitchen and I went into kitchen hugged her from behind we had lost of sessions even now we have even if my uncle is at home we enjoy a lot. Guys and I hope you liked my story and send feedback please. Thanks

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